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I don’t have a full list, but I do have a single spell I’d never use.

Fireball: in way too many games I’ve played I had miscalculated the blast radius of the fireball and got myself caught in the blast. I’d rather not accidentally kill myself (to say nothing of collateral damage)

N. Jolly wrote:
Solidchaos085 wrote:
I hate to ask but, the Legendary Games site says that Legendary Vigilante is available at the Paizo store, but I can't find it. Did it get taken down?

I think Jason submitted it to Paizo, but it hasn't been uploaded yet.

It's currently available at:

The LG website
Drivethru RPG
Open Gaming Store

And we'll post when it's up at Paizo too!

I see, thank you. I'll keep my eyes peeled.

I hate to ask but, the Legendary Games site says that Legendary Vigilante is available at the Paizo store, but I can't find it. Did it get taken down?

18-19 D&D 3.5

First, ask him if he's running the adventure path Skull and Shackles. If he is, then he may be inclined to tweak the APs rules and let you get your stuff back as the story progresses as intended. If he doesn't tweak it, then I encourage you holding off on stealing it back, because such expensive items turning up missing would get the ship searched and someone keelhauled.

I wish I could help you more with that, but it's your GM's game.

Kingmaker 1st
Jade Regent 2nd
Hell's Rebels is a strong candidate for 3rd
Wrath of the Righteous is a good concept, even if horribly unbalanced in favor of players, 4th

Thank you. As I said: I was just dropping this concept here for others to use for their own versions of this story.

That's where the next part of this thread comes in, if anyone has characters they'd like to drop in for my PCs to fight, feel free to drop a build in this thread (I'll assume that they're former pathfinders, still loyal to their faction.)

Solidchaos085 wrote:

5) I'd appreciate that, actually.

Misquoted, I meant for that to be number 6

1) Thanks, those will do nicely. :)

3) the Technic League actually slipped my mind, I'll have to think of a way to work them in.

5) I'd appreciate that, actually.

Any suggestions on the earliest level for the players to start "kicking" the factions out of Absalom? Even if they succeed, it won't be the last the party hears of them, whether the leader dies or escapes.

I remember playing Carrion Crown as the daughter of my Kingmaker ranger, he wasn't the ruler, he was the Warden and a loyal friend of the Queen.

Needless to say, the GM was wondering why Daddy didn't give his little girl his +5 vorpal longsword that he made and had enchanted. I told him, "She's a sorceress! She doesn't need a sword!"

1) I couldn't think of a bigger word than decimate, pretty much imagine Absalom where almost the entire army and First Guard are wiped out. The city is more or less at the mercy of the now renegade warring Society.

2) Got it in one, lol.

3) Yeah, I'm heavily debating on the use of Mythic, so the implementation of the Starstone is as a macguffin to keep away from anyone else, so the player's faction will WANT to take that away from Cheliax quickly.

4) I had that thought as the entire concept was starting to look a bit like GTA2 with the rival gangs.

5) Yeah, that's how things were going to be until the faction leaders started to get a little over ambitious (see the Starstone option)

EDIT: Oh, and revisiting 4) I like the idea of loyalty and hostility, definitely gonna use it.

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I hope I'm putting this in the right place.

So, I had an idea that seemed to make for a strong structure for an AP length adventure set in Absalom based on the previous seasons of PFS (specifically the factions). When I thought of this, I was inspire by Serpent's Skull (faction conflict), Hell's Rebels (organization building and management via the rebellion rules), and Kingmaker (eventual Rulership of the city, should the players desire it).

Here's what I've got, I'm still working on certain details, but I'm really just dropping this in for other to use.

Absalom adventure idea:

Grandmaster Torch was found dead in one of his hideouts. With no one to represent them in the Pathfinder Society, the Shadow Lodge breaks away once more.

The Decumverate of the Pathfinder Society were brutally murdered by the Shadow Lodge.

Lord Gyr was found dead and no one to succeed him when he died. There was a Wayfinder at the sight of his murder.

Seeking revenge, the army of Absalom accused the Pathfinder Society of killing Lord Gyr and demands that the guilty party turn themselves in.

In desperation to avoid an incident, the faction leaders of the Society turn on each other, trying to pin blame on their hated/old enemies, Cheliax on Andoran, Taldor and Qadira.

The army was not prepared for the conflict that would erupt between factions and was decimated in the crossfire. Who would have though that an entire organization of powerful adventurers would be so dangerous?

Current situation:

The major fighting has died down, but the factions still conflict with one another. Each faction's leaders have taken up residence in a different district of Absalom to direct their followers.

Cheliax is set up in the Ascendent Court, seeking to take absolute control of the slave traffic in the Coins district and later, all of Absalom. Paracountess Zarta Dralneen frequently sends her favorite "pets" on slave acquisition run in other districts. Slaves are less likely to resist order than rivals and free willed individuals.

The Sczarni are set up in the Docks, running scams and assassinations against all non-Varisians, always looking to make a profit from the conflict between other factions.

Andoran has set up in the Coins district. With no army or Pathfinders in their way, they have set about the task of freeing the slaves of Absalom, earning them many allies within the chaotic city.

The Lantern Lodge has established themselves in the Ivy District and allies themselves with Osirion for protection.

Taldor has set up in the Petals District, determined to take over the city for the glory of their nation. They frequently engage in conflict with Qadira, not wanting their age old enemies to find any weakness to take advantage of.

Qadira is set up in the Foreign Quarter, trying to wait out the other factions fighting before moving in.

The Silver Crusade has set up in the Puddles district, not minding the poor conditions there. They see the misery of those who live in the district and instinctively work to uplift the downtrodden.

The Shadow Lodge still exists in secret. They can be found all over the aqueducts of Absalom, instigating the fighting between factions by selling information of each other's actions while posing as a neutral party.

The players will be expected to side with one of these factions OR make their own organization with the intent of bringing Absalom under their own control. To do that, they'll need to earn respect by attacking other factions or performing deeds to assist the common folk. They'll also be expected to eventually learn how this whole mess began.

If you have your own two cents on how to improve this, by all means, drop an opinion. I know that this is by no means perfect and I may have some faction motivations wrong and am just operating on a single matter: the factions were using the Society to build influence in Absalom with the intention of eventually taking the city for their homelands.

I would expect at some point the Aspis Consortium would get involved (if they weren't from the beginning, dun dun dun!) I would also expect various faction leaders to eventually go nuts from the conflict and some irrational things (like attempt the Starstone test in an effort to use godlike powers against their enemies, it's a long shot, but that's how desperate some groups might get).

haremlord wrote:

I've been wondering the same things. My thought about it is two-fold.

1) It says that a kinetic blast is a weapon for feats. It doesn't say "and other effects". So my first thought is that it wouldn't work for Sacred Weapon, Weapon Training, Spellstrike, etc.

2) Normally, you use the Sacred Weapon damage or the base damage of the weapon, your choice. Which would lead me to believe that the damage from both wouldn't be used. What that means is you can use 1d6+1+conmod (for a physical blast) + (1d6+1)/2 levels after 1st OR whatever the warpriest sacred weapon damage is at your current level.

So going by your level 15 example, you would either use 8d6+8+conmod OR 2d6 for damage (not sure if you would still add conmod or not). You wouldn't use 2d6 + (1d6+1)/2 levels after 1st (because that would be combining the two). It's the same reasoning why you couldn't do a monk//warpriest or alchemist//warpriest and get the damage benefits from both.

This was my thinking as well overall, and what was holding me back from just diving into the concept. I may have to shelve the kineticist for now (despite loving the concept of it) and focus on the warpriest aspect, since that's what my character is geared more towards.

Maximilian Gaston wrote:
Can you take Weapon Focus Kinetic blast? If you can then it should.

I agree, but it makes me wonder, would that be terribly broken? By level 15 the base die for kinetic blast would 2d6, I'm not sure it that would be per level or not.

In retrospect, I could see the elemental annihilator archetype getting some good mileage out of this combination

So I'm about to participate in a campaign using gestalt rules (I'm sure most of you know about them).

I wanted to ask about the viability of combining the warpriest with the kineticist, would sacred weapon modify the kineticist's blast? (i guess this could also qualify as a multiclass question)

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Azten wrote:
"Pointy end goes in the other guy." :)

"What's to understand about swish swish stab? It's a f!+$ing sword, dude. Not a fighter jet."

I personally think that Jade Regent would be a good fit (what with the haunted castle in the first book, and the kami elements in later ones)

I've had similar thoughts for other APs, but I let them start at lvl 3, so that their builds are 'off the ground,' I know the first book wouldn't challenge them until the end, but I'm trying to help them survive the first book for story interests.

But a more direct answer, it'll give them a leg up on early 'encounters' but when they get to the island, you'll wish you let them start at lvls 4-5.

Is it depressing or amusing that just from reading the title I could tell this was going to be a thread about murdering babies?

To answer: evil action regardless of player justification. Cuz that's the kind of gm I am.

Pan wrote:
These folks sound like sandbox isnt their thing. You are probably going to have to be proactive and bring the adventure to them.

Roughly what I was about to say, but I was gonna be a tad vindictive: have everything they ignore and avoid bite them in the ass, bandits attacking a caravan that the players avoid? Have a survivor recognize them and accuse them of being part the bandit group.

You're not wrong about greed, but I think rogue would be on top of the list there.
Add bard to lust, bloodrager/slayer/ranger to wrath.

Add wizard, sorcerer and cavalier to pride.

That's all I got off the top of my head.

Str: 13
Int: 11
Wis: 14
Dex: 11
Con: 13
Cha: 14

Yeesh, I prefer my results on the easydamus quiz, still put a human or half elf +2 into charisma and I'd make a decent sorcerer

My stats on the easydamus quiz were:
Str: 16, Dex: 13, con: 15, int: 14, wis: 13, cha: 12

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I can answer that, the first official pathfinder AP was council of thieves, though the first AP, Rise of the Runelords was recently redone as pathfinder. Now if they'd only convert curse of the crimson throne to pf we'd be set.

Edit: ninja'd by Liz (who has the iconic ninja as an avatar, so bonus points)

The only advice I can give is in concern to your weapon choice, slashing grace refers to the one handed category of weapons, which the shortsword is not, and it requires a slashing weapon, which the shortsword is piercing.

Group is starting a new mummy's mask run today, I've decided to go mummy cursed Taldan bloodrager with the undead bloodline, still trying to piece together a motivation though.

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Virellius wrote:
Its not like either player is evil or malicious, but the other people just really dont like your pc? For example, ally paladin choses not to lay on hands me because he thinks I'm evil (I'm not) which almost kills me (2hp from the grave). He also attacked me when I fled an encounter that, if not for gm fiat, would have been a tpk. Wat do?

Just that one part has the potential to make this a paladin hate thread, but the simple solution to this is to talk to the GM and the player on the side, see what the issue is, and if an agreement cannot be reached, request the GM to have the paladin fall for such unwarranted hostility for a non-evil entity.

UnArcaneElection wrote:

You'd think that after all this time of Rahadoum banning everything divine, some deity would have figured out how to so an end run around the First Law by giving their priests magic that detects as Arcane. Witch (including the new Hex Channeler archetype) would be only the most obvious building block for this, although maybe too obvious -- the Pure Legion might catch on. Actually, depending upon how willing the Pure Legion was to resort to hypocrisy, they might even make such a discovery themselves to cement their power . . . and SOMETHING might even use the Pure Legion in the way described above, to advance its own purposes while the fools still think they are serving the First Law. Muaa Haaa Haaa Haaa Haaa Haaa . . . .

Hmm, a being that is a master of Law and king of manipulators, Gorum anyone? (Jk, this place seems perfect for Asmodeus to get yet another foothold with proper law manipulation.)

yellowdingo wrote:
Given skin colour isnt race everyone is wrong.

Removed unnecessary insult, but otherwise agree with this statement, if mass effect taught me anything, it's that when we start actual space travel our opinions of our fellow man won't amount to shit in the face of other species that may be out there.

Someone already said knight riding a dragon, but I'll add to that.

Assuming no 3pp, you cannot get a proper dragon as an animal companion, and I mean the full deal (breath weapon that scales to character level, flight WITH the character riding (stupid monstrous mount), and a reasonable growth for said dragon that DOESNT render it useless in endgame dungeons)

The unfortunate downside of your build is that crusaders flurry specifically says focus in a deity's favored MELEE weapon, so it wouldn't work with Erastil's longbow.

You certainly can multiclass them, but as written, it means that benefits that are similar between classes don't stack unless specifically stated (I haven't checked the wording of brawler unarmed strikes), so my example is a slayer/ranger, because of the similar nature of studies target and favored enemy, as GM I'd rule that the two wouldn't stack.

I put this in another thread, but it's appropriate here:

3.5 module Forge of Fury, my samurai was insta killed (triple natural 20) but an animated table. And the same table almost got the cleric on the next round.

I'd personally like to see a base class version of 3.5's Daggerspell Mage, whether it's hybrid as a rogue/sorcerer, rogue/wizard, or even a rogue/magus

Mathius wrote:
Specifically I want ride a bird and since it will not be meant as an attacker I figured that bodyguarding might be a way to go.

If you're looking to ride a bird, I'd strongly recommend a roc and personally take the undersized mount feat so you can ride it despite it being medium at first (can always retrain the feat once the bird hits large size)

I agree that there are some in the 'fan' base that tend to be rather venomous in their opinions regarding the system as a whole, but more so since the release of the ACG. I don't count myself among them and consider the system as it is outstanding.

But I agree that a fan base that isn't vocal dooms a product like pathfinder to stagnate and die out. So sometimes house rules and complaints are needed, as long as they aren't geared towards pure power gaming imo.

Dayborn dhampir for me, something to be said about being close enough to human with an elven lifespan, for class, I'd be a slayer of the bounty hunter archetype.

You can use your magus arcana for a familiar, anyway, I'm gonna toss my vote for the slayer, it's a solid martial supplement to the magus that also uses it's intelligence for class features.

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Necromancer wrote:

Not gonna lie, I briefly misread that as Greenranger, and thought, do they get a dagger flute and a giant dragon robot eidolon?

doc the grey wrote:
The new spell list is pretty bangin'. Still wish we had gotten the option to rock some magical beast animal companions.

Mountrous mount feat tree from inner sea combat can let you have either a griffon, hippogryph, hippocampus, or worg

Xethik wrote:
London Duke wrote:
Hey mark, if the hunter can select spells that appear on both ranger/druid spell lists at a lower level, does that mean spells like magic fang are available as a cantrip?

It's at THE lower level, not a lower level. I had the same misreading initially. So pick the lower of Ranger and Druid

Edit: Hunter's stealthy animal companion was using focuses well and ninjad me

I'm glad I'm not the only one who misread that as 'get cure light wounds as a cantrip/orison'

Well, to those who said let the gm decide, he pegged the backstory and character mentality as true neutral borderline evil and chaos. But with room for redemption.

The only reason I was concerned was because one of the other players is going paladin (nothing against the class itself) and he typically plays the RAWR! I SMITEZ EVILZ! mentality and wanted to be sure what other people thought (neutral was best case scenario for me)

Then for the regret part: 20% of the time he regrets letting himself go that far, 10% of the time he felt he had no choice knowing he was doing it for a friend. 70% of the time he just avoids thinking about it.

He seems to be coming across as a very conflicted and confused individual (at least that's what I think)

Issac Daneil wrote:
I'd have to say that he IS pushing the neutral line. Good isn't as easy as; I help my friends, and don't do bad things. Good is doing good things for the sake of people who might never impact your life, or even those who threaten it. Would he offer mercy to someone who threatened him, or his loved ones?

To people who threaten him? Maybe, depends on if he can help it.

To people who threaten his loved ones? If they're lucky enough to not follow through on said threats before he proceeds to kick their ass with their own weapon. He MAY offer mercy ONCE. If he sees them again, all bets would be off.

ngc7293 wrote:
So he is probably NG. He stands on the line between law and Chaos but he is a good person.

I see, thanks for the advice. Figured he be pushing the border between neutral and evil tbh

Well, he prefers law and order to pure anarchy, but all the same, he doesn't really care what goes on outside of his circle of immediate concerns, he's willing to help his fellow man and unwilling to needlessly end lives (which is funny because he's a slayer), but he would gladly end those who cross his loved ones.

Heyo, one of my friends is about to start a new campaign, so while I was creating a backstory I've hit a stumbling block, what alignment would he be?

I should explain the deciding factor that has me conflicted: he is normally a decent law-abiding individual, but one of his childhood friends was arrested for a legitimate crime. It was this event that caused him to start questioning his values on law as a whole, to the point that he was willing to (and did) viciously assault the noble who ordered her arrested, the noble didn't die, but he was seriously wounded from the action.

He was trying to intimidate the noble into releasing his friend, needless to say, he had to flee his homeland as a result. (If you're curious, the friend managed to escape as well, she was a PC too). So with all that considered, what alignment would that fall under?

Edit: he's the kind of guy that's fine with law and order UNTIL it affects him or people he cares about, I think this an important addition to the thought process.

And this post just shot the Slayer to my #1 most anticipated class for the ACG, was already looking forward to it before, but those archetypes sound amazing (especially since I've been calling for the bounty hunter as an archetype since round 1 of the playtest)

For my 3.5 favored soul? Skeleton archers, all five time I EVER played one, my dm would have us eventually encounter skeletons. Rolling the dice in front of me, rolled triple natural 20s for an instant kill (house rules we used at the time, and still do when it comes up)

For my 3.5 samurai? Tables, no joke, got the same instant kill result from an animated table.

Personally, I find myself commonly alternating between rangers and recently, warpriests, slayers and bloodragers. But I have been known by my friends to try different things from time to time, I also started D&D with the sorcerer as my primary choice

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