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So, I kinda drifted away from PF during the pandemic...and in coming back, I find out they added an Oozemorph archetype in "The Slithering" module...super excited, I picked it up and immediately flipped to the read about it...

Am I missing something, or do they not get pretty much anything related to the p1 Oozemorph? No shapeshifting, no compression, no turning your limbs into weapons? Just a couple of unusual anatomy related feats?

Is this archetype worth looking any farther into, or is it just another write off like the 1e version?

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Had an idea rolling around in my head for a super tanky Kinetic Knight build for PFS play, and I think I've come up with a decent build for it. Let me know if you see any errors, or places I could improve it.

Also, any suggestions on must have magic items or must have enchants for the armor and shield? Within the bounds of PFS rules and wealth limits, so probably capping at about 100k gold by the time I hit retirement at level 12.

At level 12 I should be running around with enough burn to maximize my defenses and elemental overflow, giving DR 12/adamantine, 12 point of negative energy resistance, 65% Fortification, +6 will saves vs emotion, +4 to hit + 8 damage, +4 Con, +2 Str, and +2 Dex. AC should be decent with full plate and a large shield. Will saves will be a bit low, but Resolve and being an outsider race should protect me reasonably well from most of the bad Will save tricks.

Click here for build:

Class: Kineticist (Kinetic Knight) Void/Earth
Race: Ifrit (Lava Soul)
Alignment: CN

Str: 16
Dex: 12
Con: 17
Int: 10
Wis: 10
Cha: 10

Alternate Racial Traits: Efreeti Magic, Fire in the Blood, Wildfire Heart

Traits: Shield Trained, Armor Expert

Favored Class Bonus: +1 HP

Stat boosts to Con

1. Primary Element: Void
Feat: Toughness
Infusion: Dampening

2. Wild Talent: Kinetic Awe

3. Feat: Weapon Focus: Kinetic Blast

4. Wild Talent: Eyes of the Void

5. Feat: Improved Shield Bash
Infusion: Pushing

6. Wild Talent: Gravity Control

7. Feat: Mobile Gathering
Expanded Element: Earth

8. Wild Talent: Expanded Defense: Flesh of Stone

9. Feat: Gather Might
Infusion: Darkness

10. Wild Talent: Gravity Control, Greater

11. Feat: Extra Wild Talent: Kinetic Restoration
Infusion: Unnerving

12. Wild Talent: Kinetic Form

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I've been tossing around the idea of making a double weapon focused character to play in PFS, and I keep circling back to the Two-Bladed Sword. It seems like the "best" option out of the fairly lackluster double weapon options, both mechanically and aesthetically. I've never seen anyone locally play a double weapon based character in the 4 years I've been active in the local PFS scene, so it might be an interesting change of pace.

Since this is for PFS play, finesse is not a viable option, since all the means of getting finesse with a Two-Bladed Sword are either not PFS legal, or come online super later for PFS play.

So...I am looking at probably Slayer (or maybe Ranger) so I can get by with a minimal investment in Dex, and focusing on Str.

Most likely either Human or Half-Elf so I can nab the Exotic Weapon Proficiency at level 1, dropping the +2 stat into Str.

I was thinking of a stat array like:

Str: 17 (15+2 racial)
Dex: 15
Con: 13
Int: 13
Wis: 10
Cha: 10

Moving the odd numbers up to evens as I level.

For feats. I was leaning towards
1 - Two-Weapon Fighting
3 - Power Attack
5 - Two-Weapon Defense
7 - Distance Thrower
9 - Improved Critical: Two-Bladed Sword
11 - Accomplished Sneak Attacker

For Ranger Talents: (Favored Class bonus going into extra slayer talents to get 2 at level 6 and 2 at level 12)
2 - Ranger Combat Style: Double Slice
4 - Weapon Training: Two-Bladed Sword
6 - RCS: Improved TWF, Combat Trick: Throw Anything
9 - Bleeding Attack
10 - RCS: Two Weapon Rend
12 - Hunter's Surprise, Evasion

Gear would be pretty basic, probably a mithral agile breastplate for armor, belt of strength, ring of protection, amulet of natural armor, cloak of resistance, boost of speed...only specialty item I could think of would maybe be Duelist's Vambraces to negate the TWF penalty on 1 offhand attack per round.

If HeroLab did the math right (using a +2 enchant on both ends of the sword), I would top out at 5 attacks per round (or 7 hasted), doing 1d8+19 main hand and 1d8+14 offhand with power attack, or 1d8+11 on both without. +19 base for the attacks, +3 with studied target, -4 if I power attack, +1 if hasted, +2 if I get into flanking (+25 max to hit self buffed with boots of speed against a studied target with haste and no power attack, +21 with PA, and dropping from there if missing haste, flank, etc.)

My thoughts on why I took throw anything and distance thrower was that I could lob the sword at something in an emergency...those 2 could easily be swapped out for something else.

Anyone see any glaring errors, have any suggestions to improve the build, comments, criticisms, etc?

Thanks :)

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Looking for some help building a Gnome character who fights unarmed and is Strength based instead of Dex.

Character concept is a mashup of Master Shifu from Kung Fu Panda, Master Roshi from Dragonball, and Pai Mei from Kill Bill. Small Gnome character with a classic fu manchu beard and kung fu robes, who looks unimpressive until he rips off his robe and is insanely jacked underneath, then proceeds to stomp the people who underestimated him.

I was thinking either pure monk, or maybe some combination of Monk + Barbarian Dedication, or Barbarian + Monk Dedication. Not sure if there are any other classes or combinations that might work for this.

Maybe doing Mountain Stance and totally ignoring Dex? Or would I be better off with a different option?

16 Str starting out isn't as optimal as most other races could get, but I think I could live with the slight ding to performance.

Anyone have any thoughts or advice?


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So, I've been playing PFS2 recently using an Undead Bloodline Sorcerer (just hit level 3) and the character just isn't really clicking for me...I feel rather ineffective both in and out of combat, and am just not really enjoying the character.

I'm looking to build a new character for society play, but I am struggling to find anything that inspires me. In 1e, I tended to come up with and play a lot of unusual character builds...but 2e just doesn't have that level of customization available yet.

I was kind of eyeballing the alchemist, since it looks like a completely new set of mechanics and very different from anything else in either 1e or 2e. But looking at the math and the feats and such, it looks like they may struggle for effectiveness, and sustainability.

Historically, I have always gravitated towards the more roguish classes and builds, something versatile in and out of combat. That or just really unusual character concepts that have good roleplay value.

Anyone got any suggestions for something that might be more fun than my sorcerer?

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I have a character who just found a low grade intelligent weapon which would be perfect for them...except for the fact that it has the polar opposite alignment to the character. (Character is a CG Inquisitor of Shelyn, weapon is LE and favors Asmodeus)

I don't want to have to run around with a negative level from fighting for control over the weapon, but the stats of it are great for my level...I was wondering if there was any way I could convert it to my alignment? Or am I better off just selling it and putting the money towards a lesser magic item?

The weapon only has an ego score of 5 if that matters.

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I was thinking about making a character who is obsessed with replacing as much of themselves as possible with cybertech.

Maybe built around an exocortex mechanic character...seems fitting.

Would the cost of the cybertech be worth the investment in SFS, or would I be handicapping the rest of my gear by spending too much of my funds on cybertech upgrades?


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Any datapad connected to the infosphere (even probably ones that aren't) should have access to the Starfinder equivalent of Google Translate, if not something even more advanced. Especially in a universe where you are dealing with dozens, if not hundreds of sentient alien species.

I mean, just 2 weeks ago I was able to have a detailed conversation with someone I did not share a language with using a severely outdated phone. Surely in a world with technomancers and space travel, basic translation software should be commonplace.

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I don't know if it's just the local meta, or how the adventures are being written (I've only played SFS, not home games)...but it feels to me like Starfinder comes across as too much comedy, and not enough serious space fantasy.

I was hoping more for Star Wars or Firefly, but it has felt more like Futurama meets Ice Pirates, with a side of Spaceballs every time I have played.

Anyone else feel the same, or is it just me?

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I love the concept, but hated the execution of it in 1e...

Any chance we will ever see a fixed up 2e version? Hopefully not a few months before PF3.0

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Looking over the classes, am I reading it correctly that none of the full casters except the Wizard get class feats at level 1?

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If you choose a race that gets a flaw in a stat and a 'Free" boost, can you apply the free boost to the flaw stat? Or does it have to go to a stat the race doesn't modify by default? I see where you can't apply it to a stat you are already getting a boost from your race, but I don't see anything about flaws.

For example...can I build a Goblin, take the Dex and Charisma boosts, then use the free boost on Wisdom, or would I have to use the free boost for Str, Con, or Int?

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Local lodge is starting PFS 2e support, and I'm wanting to play a goblin...but I don't know what class to go...none of the core classes are really speaking to me.

I do know that I don't want to play it a comic relief. I played the Fumbus pregen the other day, and wasn't terribly impressed with the Alchemist.

Any suggestions for a decent and fun build suitable for a goblin?

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I got some more reading time today and was looking over some of the various poisons...and they actually looked like something that could be useful (unlike in 1e)

It looks like a Rogue with Alchemist Dedication -or- an Alchemist with Rogue Dedication could make a pretty nice 'Ninja', tossing smoke bombs, coating weapons in poison, etc.

Anyone played with this idea at all? I'm trying to come up with a character idea for society play, and taking advantage of poisons is something that never really worked before...so that would be new and interesting for me to experiment with.

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As someone who has been playing TTRPGs for 40 years, I find the core race/class combos incredibly tired...even with the addition of the Goblin and Alchemist, and renaming the Paladin into Champion...the options for playable combinations are staggeringly underwhelming.

Upon seeing the planned release schedule for the next year, I find myself completely unexcited about even trying to delve into 2e...waiting a full year for finished versions of the investigator, oracle, swashbuckler, and witch in the 2e APG, then who knows how long until the next batch of classes...feels like it is going to be forever before any classes I actually find interesting get added to the game.

Is it going to be 10 years into 2e before we get a 2e version of the Shifter like it was for 1e? (hopefully the 2e version turns out better than it's 1e counterpart) How many years before we get 2e versions of any of the occult classes like Kineticist?

Downgrading from the immense list of options available in 1e to the meager offerings of the 2e core book feels like going back to kindergarten after completing your PHD.

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I'm coming back and giving Starfinder a second chance now that it has had a chance to get a bit more material published, and I was wondering if there are any viable builds focused around wearing the best power armor you can get your hands on and firing the biggest gun you can carry.

Maybe Guard Soldier 1, 3, or 5 / Technomancer X to get all the proficiencies, and then juicing up your gun with magic?

Any particular guns or power armor that would be best to look at? Should I be looking to replace my gear every few levels as I hit new item level tiers, or using the armor upgrading rules?

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

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Are you guys removing all the 1e specific forums? I have been having link issues for the past several days, and now all of the 1e subforums appear to just be gone...there is no link for the advice, rules, general discussion, etc. subforums at all now.

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I just got invited to fill in for someone who dropped out of a local RotRL home game, and I was looking for some help with a character build.

The party lost their rogue, so I am going to be stepping in to fill the role of trap disabler, and adventuring skill monkey.

They are a ways into book 1, so I'll be starting at level 3 with 3000gp to play with. 25pt buy for stats.

I got permission to play a Catfolk from the GM since I've been wanting to play one for ages, but couldn't due to PFS limitations.

I'm thinking Unchained Rogue with the Catfolk racial archetype, Cat Burglar would work well. Take the cats claws and climber alternate racial traits to get 2 claw attacks and a climb speed (fitting for a cat burglar).

I am open to other class options, or even multi-classing, I do want to stick with Catfolk though. I was thinking at least 3 levels of URogue to get finesse and dex to damage right from the start, won't be able to afford an AoMF right off the bat unfortunately.

Anyone have any non-spoilery input as to a good rogue-ish build for this AP?

The current party consists of a Samurai, a Ranger, a Cleric, and an Arcanist. So it is reasonably well balanced other than needing a trap removal expert.

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Been wanting to make a spooky character for a while, but I'm coming up dry on ideas that aren't heavy on the squick factor.

Anyone got any ideas for characters with a more PG-13 level of spook that don't lean too hard on making people feel super uncomfortable?

I play in PFS, so I don't want to bring a character around that will make others feel horrified and not want to play with me...but I want something leaning more towards the dark and spooky end of the acceptable spectrum that has a nice spooky feel to it.

Being that I play PFS, that means PFS legal options only (no evil characters, Paizo on materials, etc)

Also looking for good spooky magic items, preferably ones that are useful without being insanely expensive...Things like the Grim Lantern caught my eye. Open to other suggestions.

I made a character a while back that was an illusionist, who themed all of their illusions to be spooky...but there is so much table variation with the effectiveness of illusion magic that I ended up basically retiring the character before it really got anywhere.

So...anyone got any good spooktastic ideas they would care to share?


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I am wanting to make a small natural attacks focused character, and mixing a combination of Weretouched Shifter (thanks to the way hybrid form works) and unchained barbarian seems to be the best way to go.

I'm just unsure on how many levels of each to go for, and what order to take them in. Plus, which feats to go with.

I'll be building this using PFS rules, so 20pt buy, Paizo only materials etc. The one feat requirement I've set for this is the Wilding feat, which can only be taken at level 1.

I'm leaning towards Gnome with a 10 Str, 16 Dex, 16 Con, 10 Int, 14 Wis, 10 Cha for stats.

Dex based seems like the way to go, so Weapon Finesse at level 3 is probably a given, along with an Agile AoMF as soon as I can afford it.

Unchained Barbarian looks like it works better for this build than core, since it gives flat bonuses to hit and damage instead of boosting stats.

I am thinking 6 levels of Shifter and 5 levels of Barbarian is going to be the best mix...that or 8 Shifter / 3 Barb. Probably start things off with a level of Barb to maximize hit points, then full out Shifter to 6 or 8, then switch back to Barb to finish things out.

Tiger for the animal aspect on the Shifter levels, the pounce + claw/claw/bite/grab/rake/rake while in hybrid form seems potent...and I'm not really a fan of the dinosaur options, at least not for this character.

Right now my feats look like 1-Wilding, 3-Weapon Finesse, 5-Dirty Fighting, 7-Improved Grapple, 9-Raking Claws, 11-Deadly Grappler...I am open to suggestions for improvements.

The idea is a tiny feral ball of rage that charges across the combat and latches on to it's prey...shredding them until they stop twitching, then moving on to the next.

Probably grab Gauntlets of Rending to boost the claw/rake damage a little more, any other items I should be looking at?

Thoughts, suggestions, etc?

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I really love the concept of the Oozemorph Shifter, but even after the FAQ and errata Paizo did, they are virtually unplayable. This is my homebrew update to the archetype that (I hope) makes it at least a playable option.

Let me know what you think. I didn't change much, but the few changes should (I think) make them more viable.

Oozemorph 2.0:

While most Shifters are trained in Druidic traditions that allow them to tap into animalistic powers, others look instead to the simplest forms of life for inspiration. Known as Oozemorphs, these Shifters focus on the ooze—a form of life as simple in construction as it is dangerous in combat. While some Shifters consider the Oozemorph to be unsettling or even vile, these Shifters merely embrace a stranger form of life than most. They are not inherently evil, yet they are often misunderstood by Druidic circles and these circles’ Shifter champions.

Weapon and Armor Proficiency
An Oozemorph is proficient with all simple weapons and light armor.

This replaces a Shifter’s normal weapon and armor proficiencies.

Compression (Ex)
An Oozemorph gains compression as per the universal monster rule. This ability can be used regardless of the current form the Oozemorph has taken.

Fluidic Body
An Oozemorph’s base form is not that of their race but rather that of a protoplasmic blob that has the same volume and weight. An Oozemorph treats their creature type as both ooze and their base creature type from their race for the purposes of effects targeting creatures by type (such as bane weapons and a ranger’s favored enemy). In this form, the Oozemorph is immune to critical hits and precision damage and can’t be flanked. However, they have no magic item slots and they cannot benefit from armor; cast spells; hold objects; speak; or use any magic item that requires activation, is held, or is worn on the body.

An Oozemorph reverts to this formless state whenever they are unconscious or in an area of antimagic. This is treated as a polymorph effect.

This replaces Chimeric Form, Greater Chimeric Form, Shifter Aspect, and all improvements of Shifter Aspect.

Fluidic Shape (Su)
A number of hours per day equal to their Oozemorph level + their Wisdom modifier an Oozemorph can assume a different form as a move action. It need not be consecutive but must be spent in 1 hour increments. Each hour after this duration, the Oozemorph must succeed at a DC 15 Fortitude save or revert back to their fluidic body until they rest for at least 8 hours. This save DC increases by 1 for each additional hour spent maintaining the form.

This transformation is identical to Alter Self. At 8th level, the Oozemorph can treat this ability as Beast Shape I, and at 15th level, they can treat this ability as Beast Shape II or Giant Shape I.

Ending this transformation at any time reverts the Oozemorph back to their ooze form and renders them fatigued for a number of minutes equal to the number of hours they maintained the form.

For abilities that function based on ‘uses of Wild Shape,’ each hour of Fluidic Shape counts as a use. Oozemorphs can take feats and other abilities that require Wild Shape; for the purpose of qualifying for prerequisites, their effective Druid level is equal to their Oozemorph level.

This alters Wild shape.

Morphic Weaponry (Ex)
An Oozemorph can create a number of natural weapons to fight with from any portion of their body, regardless of their current form. At 1st level, as a move action, an Oozemorph can form two primary natural attacks that each deal 1d4 points of bludgeoning, piercing, or slashing damage (1d3 if small), chosen by the Oozemorph when they form them. An Oozemorph can change the damage type of any number of their natural weapons as a swift action. An Oozemorph gains one additional primary natural attack at 6th level and another at 15th level.

The total number of natural attacks an Oozemorph has at any given time includes those gained via their current form. For example, an 8th-level Oozemorph who has taken the form of a wolf with Beast Shape I has a bite attack as part of that form; they can create only two additional natural attacks via morphic weaponry, for a total of three attacks available to them at that level. If the Oozemorph later reverts to a humanoid form with no natural weapons, they can instead create three morphic weapons.

At 3rd level, their morphic weaponry count as magic weapons, ignore DR/cold iron and DR/silver. At 7th level, her morphic weaponry damage increases to 1d6 (1d4 if Small). At 11th level, their morphic weaponry damage increases to 1d8 (1d6 if Small). At 13th level, their morphic weaponry damage increases to 1d10 (1d8 if Small). At 17th level, the damage die does not increase, but the critical multiplier becomes ×3. Lastly, at 19th level, morphic weaponry ignores DR/adamantine and DR/—.

Oozemorphs can take feats and other abilities that require Shifter Claws; for the purpose of qualifying for prerequisites, their effective Druid level is equal to their Oozemorph level.

This alters Shifter Claws.

Ooze Empathy (Ex)
An Oozemorph gains the Shifter’s wild empathy class feature, but they can use it only to influence the attitude of oozes with an Intelligence score of 2 or lower. An Oozemorph can use this ability on mindless oozes; when they do so, they impart a modicum of intellect to the ooze to allow it to respond to their commands.

This alters Wild Empathy.

Damage Reduction (Ex)
At 2nd level, an Oozemorph gains DR 4/slashing while unencumbered and either wearing no armor or wearing light nonmetal armor. This damage reduction increases by 2 at 4th level and every 4 levels thereafter, to a maximum of DR 14/slashing at 20th level.

This replaces Defensive Instinct.

Clinging Ooze (Ex)
At 4th level, when in their natural form, an Oozemorph gains a climb speed of 10 feet.

This replaces Woodland Stride.

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I was thinking about building a character around the idea of not wearing any kind of armor, and just focusing on high Con, high HP, and possibly DR / ER to help mitigate damage.

Most likely pure barbarian or unchained barbarian to maximize HP, putting all FCB points into HP, taking the Toughness feat, and maybe some feats to boost saving throws.

Make Str my secondary stat and take Power Attack, and maybe Vital Strike to stay a viable combatant.

Maybe take the energy resistance rage powers to mitigate some spell damage? Grab some Boots of the Earth for healing up between combats. Spend the gold I save from not buying armor/ring of protection/amulet of natural armor on a maxed out weapon.

I did a speed build in HeroLab just to play around on an Dwarf Invulnerable Rager Unchained Barb and got 157 HP at level 12, +temp HP from Rage, with DR and ER against almost every energy type.

Anyone played a build like this? Got any suggestions, tips, advice, etc?


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I recently decided to start using a laptop for tabletop gaming, and I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions or advice on software, websites, etc. that are must haves?

Currently I've got HeroLab, and all my PDF books loaded on it, bookmarks for Archives of Nethys and d20pfsrd, and that is about it.

I'll be mostly using it from the player side, but GM tools are more than welcome, as I'll probably GM down the road.

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I've been wanting to make use of the Wilding feat from Ultimate Wilderness to make an anime style Catgirl ever since I saw it...so there is one wasted feat in this build that is purely for fluff to allow the character to have cat ears and a tail...

Similarly, ever since I found the Constructed Pugilist, I've been wanting to make a character with a prosthetic arm that can fire a grappling hook...

These 2 sounded like an interesting pairing, so here we are.

That said, let me know what you think of this build.

(This build is 100% PFS legal, 20pt buy, all materials approved on the PFS Additional Resources page)

Ultimate Catgirl Beast Wrestler:

Class: Brawler 2 (Constructed Pugilist/Strangler) / Monk 10 (Tetori)
Race: Human (Shoanti)
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Faction: Grand Lodge

Str: 10
Dex: 18
Con: 15
Int: 8
Wis: 14
Cha: 10

Alternate Racial Traits: Giant Ancestry

Traits: Giant Ambivalence, Ogre Harried

Favored Class Bonus: Monk - HP


+1 Ghost Touch, Adamantine Constructed Limb 11060gp
Amulet of Natural Armor +2 8000gp
Ring of Protection +2 8000gp
Cloak of Resistance +3 9000gp
Boots of the Earth 5000gp
Belt of Incredible Dexterity +4 16000gp
Headband of Inspired Wisdom +4 16000gp
Armbands of the Brawler 500gp
Gauntlets of the Skilled Maneuver (Grapple) 4000gp
Monk's Robes 13000gp

Total GP = 90,560gp

1. Brawler 1 - Constructed Limb Modification: Grapnel Arm
Feat: Wilding
Bonus Feat: Agile Maneuvers

2. Monk 1 - Bonus Feat: Improved Grapple

3. Brawler 2 - Feat: Dirty Fighting
Bonus Feat: Weapon Finesse

4. Monk 2 - +1 Dex
Bonus Feat: Stunning Pin

5. Monk 3 - Feat: Deadly Grappler

6. Monk 4

7. Monk 5 - Feat: Weapon Focus: Grapple

8. Monk 6 - +1 Dex
Bonus Feat: Greater Grapple

9. Monk 7 - Feat: Rapid Grappler

10. Monk 8

11. Monk 9 - Feat: Toughness

12. Monk 10 +1 Con
Bonus Feat: Pinning Knockout

Build Notes:

Gets a +1 CMB/CMD -vs- larger opponents
attacks count as magical, cold iron, silver, adamantine, and Lawful
+28 to grapple, +38 to break a grapple, +43 to maintain a grapple
+30' of fast movement
2d6+1 unarmed damage on punches
3d6+1 damage on grapples with an extra 2d6 precision damage on grapples.
Can grapple someone at 40' with a successful ranged touch attack at +17 to hit
Does not lose dex while grappled, can still make AoOs while grappled
Can spend Ki to suppress Freedom of Movement
28 AC, 26 Touch, 21 Flat (+4 more if someone can boop her with a wand of Mage Armor)

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Can these 2 archetypes be combined?

The only conflict I could see would be class skills...

Strangler adds Stealth to your list of class skills...pretty straight forward.

Constructed Pugilist does something weird though...it says it adds Craft (Weapons) to your class skills...but Brawler already gets all of the Craft(Int) skills as class skills, so in reality it is not adding anything to your skills and appears to just be an erroneous entry.


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Ran across the feat Hook Fighter (Adventurers Armoury 2) yesterday and found it rather intriguing.

Hook Fighter wrote:

You treat a grappling hook as a one-handed weapon that deals piercing damage equal to a heavy pick of its size and that has the disarm and trip special weapon features. You do not incur penalties as you would for using a grappling hook as an improvised weapon. If you are proficient with whips and your grappling hook has at least 10 feet of rope or chain attached to it, you can treat it as a two-handed melee weapon with 15-foot reach, though you can use it against foes anywhere within your reach (including adjacent foes), though you don’t threaten any squares with it.

Changing between using a grappling hook as a normal weapon and a reach weapon is a move action. When performing a reposition maneuver with a grappling hook, you can only move the target toward you from its original position.

First question I come up with is how exactly you stat out the grappling hook...it says "deals damage as a heavy pick" does that include crit multiplier? In Pirates of the Inner Sea they actually added grappling hook as an exotic ranged weapon to the weapon charts, but it only has the Grapple property, and does not have the trip or disarm properties, it is also just a basic 1d6 x2 damage weapon.

Also...if playing a Constructed Pugilist with a Grapnel Arm...when you enchant the arm do any enchantments on the constructed limb work on both your unarmed strikes and your grapnel modification?

Next up...grappling questions.

If you play a Constructed Pugilist Brawler with a Grapnel Arm modification...

Grapnel Arm wrote:
The constructed pugilist can fire a grappling hook built into her prosthesis. The grappling hook is attached to a 40-foot-long fine chain affixed to the limb. The constructed pugilist can attack with the grappling hook as a standard action, making a ranged touch attack against the target. The grappling hook can’t be used as part of a full attack. On a successful hit, the grappling hook deals no damage, but it functions as though it had the grapple weapon special feature, except it requires only a hit (not a critical hit) and the grapple ends if the constructed pugilist moves more than 40 feet away from the grappled creature. The constructed limb can’t be used to make melee attacks until the grappling hook has been reloaded (a standard action).

When you successfully grapple someone at range, talking to a few other people makes it sound like you do not just magically yoink them across the battlefield like Scorpion in Mortal Kombat...so how does it work having them at the end of a tether?

How does movement work in this case? Can you move half your movement towards them while pulling them half your movement towards you? Do you pick only one, move to them or move them to you?

If you leave them at the end of your chain, how does movement for other people through the connecting squares work? Does it become difficult terrain, impassable, people just ignore it and jumprope on through unhindered?

Could someone else try to sunder your chain to free them?

Any special rules, feats, etc. I should be aware of related to wielding a grappling hook and grappling?

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Ran into a possible fun build option tonight.

Take a couple levels of Brawler (I'm thinking 4 levels) with both the Strangler and Constructed Pugilist archetypes. Take the Grapnel Arm modification to your constructed limb.

Then take a the rest of your levels in Monk with the Tetori archetype to supercharge your grappling.

If I am reading it correctly, the Grapnel Arm allows you to make a ranged touch attack on a target up to 40' away...if that succeeds you get to attempt a grapple on it. If I am reading grapple correctly, you automatically move any creature you are grappling adjacent to yourself. You can then proceed to unleash all the standard tetori monk grapple shenanigans on your poor foe...rapid grappler, chokehold, etc. etc.

I am not 100% on it, but I think you don't even need an AoMF on this build, since you can enchant your constructed limb like a normal magic item, make it from special materials, etc.


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I really, really love the idea of the Oozemorph shifter...but I play PFS, and Paizo seems completely unwilling to fix the glaring errors with the archetype...so I am left trying to figure out a way to make one that isn't going to be a complete hindrance to any group stuck playing with one.

The first hindrance is not being able to speak while in your base form...pretty easy to work around, either through pure RP or...

The Expressive Pantomime character trait allows you to basically become a master of charades, letting you use Bluff to communicate. This is a fun and flavorful way around that, without having to worry about the questionable gold nodule ioun stone method. The Cunning Liar trait allows you to use your Wisdom instead of Charisma for Bluff, which could help boost will saves at the same time.

Once you get past that, the real hindrances hit...the errata to the Shifter Wildshape does not apply to Fluidic Body...so until level 4 you only get 1 use per day of your ability to turn into something other than a useless pile of goop.

Also because of the fact that it replaces Wildshape instead of altering it, you do not qualify for any feats related to Wildshape.

Once you hit level 4 and get 2 uses per day, at 4 hours per use, things get a bit easier, then at level 6 you get 3 uses at 6 hours each and it is basically an all day thing...those early levels are going to REALLY suck though.

While in your useless goop form 21+ hours a day for those first 3 levels, you cannot use any items that require an item slot, wield any weapons, cast any spells, or speak...you can still use your morphic weapons, and benefit from your DR/slashing, immunity to flanking and crits...but your weapons do not count as magic, or anything that bypasses any materials related DR...

It feels like this almost mandates a Dex focused build, since your AC in goop form cannot benefit from armor, rings of protection, etc. You could potentially get someone in the party to cast Mage Armor and Shield on you, and I think you can still use potions (they don't count as an item that requires activation do they?)...potentially you could dip into Monk/UMonk to gain Wisdom to AC (Doubles up with Cunning Liar above)

Another limitation is the low (and non-scaling) damage from Morphic Weapons, they are 1d6 weapons, and stay that way forever...with a Dex focused build that means you need Weapon Finesse and an Agile Amulet of Mighty Fists...or a 3 level dip into URogue...which seems like a solid option...but will come online really late...like probably level 7+ (want to get to level 4+ shifter for duration on your shape shifting ASAP) The potential extra damage from sneak attack could help offset the low damage of Morphic Weapons...but again, very late in the game for PFS play...

Anyone got any experience successfully playing an Oozemorph in PFS? Or any suggestions for a way to build one that won't just drag a party down around it? Any level dips that might benefit one that I missed? Any help at all?


P.S. Devs...if you read this, pretty please update the FAQ/Errata to at least make Fluidic Body use the same duration that you fixed the base shifter to use (level+Wis hours/day instead of level/2 uses per day of hour/level would solve the biggest and most glaring problem the Oozemorph faces)

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Been thinking about making a Thornblade wielding Half-Elf Bladebound Kensai Magus for PFS, but I'm a bit unsure of what to do feat-wise.

I was leaning towards a dex based build, since I won't be wearing armor. Stat wise I was thinking Str: 8, Dex: 17, Con: 14, Int: 16, Wis: 10, Cha: 10, putting all level ups into Dex.

Half-Elf would give me access to both the extra arcana and extra arcane pool FCB options, I'd probably use the arcana bonus from 1-6, then switch to the bonus pool to make up for losing some of each of those from the archetypes.

Feats...Weapon Finesse is an obvious one...with a high dex, then later the bonus AoOs from the archetype, Combat Reflexes seems like a solid choice. Intensified Spell to supercharge Shocking Grasp or other low level damage spells. Any other must haves?

Level 6 I would get 2 Arcana, I was thinking Flamboyant Arcana to take advantage of all those AoOs...and probably Spell Blending to add in Mage Armor and maybe Touch of Blindness?

Any special magic items that might benefit this build? I should have a good amount of cash to spend, since I won't have to purchase either a weapon, nor armor. Dex belt, Int headband, ring of prot., amulet of nat armor, cloak of res, all the usual suspects are pretty obvious.

I've never played a Magus, any tips for during play? Optimal turn sequences, etc? Best and worst spells? I've looked over a couple guides, but a lot of new material has come out since the last update to any of them.


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I've been looking at the medium lately, I play PFS and have never seen anyone play one, so I was considering making one.

I'd probably focus mainly on the Champion spirit, and be a frontline melee oriented character, unless someone can convince me one of the other spirits or aiming towards being a universal character would be a better.

I was thinking maybe 7 levels in Medium, then maybe finishing off with Fighter levels to get access to heavy armor, weapon specialization, and some extra feats? Would I be better off going straight Medium, less medium and more fighter, more medium and less fighter?

I was also considering using the exotic weapon proficiency from the champion spirit for something like a Tetsubo (gotta love those massive x4 crits). Think that would be worth pursuing?

Are the Spirit Focus and Legendary Influence feats worth investing in?

Anyone played a Medium and have any tips, tricks, advice, etc?


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I would really like to play an Oozemorph, but there are several things about the archetype that seem to still need another pass from the devs.

The basic Shifter got it's Wildshape duration adjusted, but since Oozemorph replaces this instead of altering it, that change does not currently apply to Fluidic Body...Is this intentional? If not can we get an update to the FAQ to adjust Fluidic Body as well?

Similarly, Shifter Claws gains the ability to count as magic weapons and even penetrate different DR types as you level up, since Morphic Weaponry replaces this instead of altering it, that does not currently apply to Morphic Weaponry...Same as above, can we get a FAQ update on this if it is not intentional?

Pretty please? With Sugar on top? Plus a cherry?

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I know the base Shifter got its Wildshape frequency/duration adjusted, does that apply to Fluidic Body as well, or is the Oozemorph still limited to 1/2 CL times per day with 1 hour/CL per use?

If you shift into an animal type at level 8+ that has more attacks than you can normally form morphic weapns, do you still get that form's normal # of attacks, and just can't add morphic weaponry?

The base Shifter claws start to count as magic and penetrate various DR the higher level you go similar to a monk, does the Oozemorph completely lose this?

The basic Shifter claws also slowly increase in damage as you level, it looks like the Oozemorph Morphic Weaponry also loses this scaling correct?

If you dip into something like Alchemist and gain a limb, do you get that limb and its item slots in your base oozelike form?

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It was recently pointed out to me, that with my chosen nickname (and my penchant for taking sub-optimal choices and figuring out ways to make them work), I really should make an Oozemorph Shifter...but I am having a hard time making a character based around this archetype that would not be a hindrance to even a poorly tuned party.

So far, the best build I've been able to think up is an Undine Oozemorph Shifter 8 / UMonk 1 / URogue 3...focusing stats on Dex, then Wis for AC, finesse, and dex to damage...Takes a while to get off the ground, but it becomes almost passable at higher levels.

Anyone got any tips on ways to make one of these guys actually workable? I also had a few questions about some of the specifics of the archetype and how some of the FAQ and errata around the Shifter interact.

I know the base Shifter got its Wildshape frequency/duration adjusted, does that apply to Fluidic Body as well, or is the Oozemorph still limited to 1/2 CL times per day with 1 hour/CL per use?

If you shift into an animal type at level 8+ that has more attacks than you can normally form morphic weapns, do you still get that form's normal # of attacks, and just can't add morphic weaponry?

The base Shifter claws start to count as magic and penetrate various DR the higher level you go similar to a monk, does the Oozemorph completely lose this?

The basic Shifter claws also slowly increase in damage as you level, it looks like the Oozemorph Morphic Weaponry also loses this scaling correct?

If you dip into something like Alchemist and gain a limb, do you get that limb and its item slots in your base oozelike form?

Any suggestions on other class dips, specific magic items, or anything that might help me build this character would be most appreciated.


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Looking for build advice for making an anime style character who wields a massive scythe.

The only 2 options I am aware of that allow wielding an oversized 2H weapon are the Titan Fighter and Titan Mauler. Are there any others I missed?

I would like to go for as many attacks per round as I can, to give myself more chances are those huge crits.

I was thinking maybe a 1 level dip into Cleric of Svarozic and 1 into Unchained Monk to qualify for crusaders flurry?

Build is limited to PFS rules, 20pt buy, Paizo materials only, etc.

Personal limitations include taking the feat Wilding at level 1 to give the character animal features...think anime catgirl.

I was thinking maybe a LN Titan Fighter 9, Cleric of Svarozic 1, Unchained Monk 1? Taking greater weapon focus, weapon specialization, and improved critical with fighter bonus feats...maybe critical focus as well to ensure those crits land?

Any other must have feats for something like this? Must have gear? etc.


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I'm looking for build ideas for a magma themed character. Black stony exterior with fiery insides.

My first thought goes to an earth/fire kineticist. I already have a straight earth/earth kineticist with no archetype, so I would prefer to do something a little different at least...like maybe go with a kinetic knight or elemental ascetic archetype if I do go kineticist.

If anyone has any solid kinetic knight or elemental ascetic builds, I'd love to see them. I'm kind of leaning towards making the character an Ifrit for thematic reasons, but I'm open to other ideas. PFS legal builds are my baseline, 20pt buy, only Paizo approved materials.

Are there any other classes/archetypes that might fit the concept of a character who harnesses the power of magma?

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As the title says, I was wondering if the Kineticist ability 'Kinetic Form' stacks with Enlarge Person or the Efreeti Magic version.

RAW, it looks like it might, since Kinetic Form is not a polymorph effect.

Kinetic Form

Enlarge Person

Kinetic Form is kind of unusual, because it does not affect your stats, just your size.


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What are the rules for changing your alignment and religion in PFS once you are beyond level 1, as a non-divine character? I did a search and only found some old posts from 5+ years ago about changing religions as a cleric, which did not seem to have any official answers.

For a little background as to why I am asking...

I have a Chaotic Good level 8 Nagaji Bloodrager 5/Dragon Disciple 3 who was raised to worship Gorum.

He is Gold Dragon bloodline, and at least half of his chronicle sheets have involved working with the Silver Crusade, Paladins and Clerics of Sarenrae, etc.

He currently has the Veteran of Battle character trait which requires Gorum worship to take.

Between his Gold Dragon heritage, allegiance to the Silver Crusade, and having worked with and looked up to numerous Sarenrae followers, I would like to transition him away from Gorum and towards Sarenrae. Possibly working towards taking a level or 2 of Paladin once he reaches seeker levels.

Can I do that? If so, do I need to re-train Veteran of Battle to something else? Is there a cost to changing religions? Is there a cost to changing alignment?


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Been a while since I was inspired to build a new character, and inspiration has once again struck.

Been watching a lot of monster hunter/slayer movies and TV shows lately (Supernatural, Buffy, Charmed, Van Helsing, The Last Witch Hunter, etc) and I want to make a character who hunts down and kills monsters.

There are a ton of ways to go about making a character like this, I was just wondering if anyone had any thoughts.

I was leaning towards either a heavy martial or maybe switch hitter, decent knowledges for IDing various monsters and their weaknesses, maybe some low grade magic.

I play almost exclusively PFS currently, so things like favored enemy are slightly less attractive unless I meta-game a bit and only play the character in scenarios that lean towards those types of encounters.

Slayer feels like a fairly natural fit, except they lack knowledge skills for supernatural monsters (demons, undead, etc.) Investigator and Inquisitor both also seem like interesting options. Of course just going something like Fighter and investing in a couple skills is always an option.

Anyone done a character like this and got any thoughts or input?

It is for PFS, so standard 20pt buy, only approved official Paizo products, etc.

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Am I the only one who dislikes rolling bucket loads of larger dice?

I mean 9d12 sounds good and all...until you realize that means you could get a number anywhere from 9 to 108...

The 'average' sounds ok at 58.5...but that is just an average. You will just as often get 28 damage as you will 78 damage.

It feels way too swingy and unreliable to me...I mean I could either run up and tickle the boss...or obliterate him in 1 hit.

In a game where the odds of failure on any given hit are as high as they are, having such insanely swingy damage feels like a huge mistake.

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Am I the only one who sees the only actual problem with wands of CLW spam is the fact that no one buys higher tier wands, not actually the use of wands to heal? Healing between combats is basically mandatory for anything more than the most minor combats.

The only reason people buy CLW wands instead of CMW or CCW is the fact that the costs skyrocket exponentially...a wand of CMW is 6x the cost of a wand of CLW, but only does ~2x the healing, and a wand of CCW is 28x the price for ~4x the healing. Anyone with even barely functional math skills can see how terrible a value that is.

Would it not have been easier to fix this 'problem' by simply adjusting the price of healing wands? Make CLW more expensive, or make CMW and CCW less expensive? Maybe even make a completely new healing item that scales with the users level or something?

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Please do not make landscape format the default for character sheets. Folders, binders, books, everything is set up for portrait format.

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I am just starting to GM PFS, and I am going to end up with the chronicle sheets that allow you to have an Owlbear companion on my first GM baby, and I was wondering if it would be worth building a character around.

If so, any particular builds I should take a closer look at?

Also, I know they said the Grizzly Bear from Ultimate Wilderness would be a valid option for the base animal, is that officially allowed yet? Or do we need to wait for it to hit the AR/CC documents?

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As the title says...I want to have a red skinned Half-Orc.

I have thought of a few possible ways to accomplish this...

First...it's just a cosmetic mutation and has no effect on game play. Easiest way.

Second...Full body tattoos, either via the Sacred Tattoo alternate racial trait, or paying gold for tattoos (figure max tattoo price, 20gp from APG or Ultimate Equipment). Almost as easy as the first option, maybe cost a few gold.

Third option...some sort of magic. Could be complicated, and I primarily play PFS, so permanent magic effects are basically a no go.

Other options? I am open to suggestions.


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I've always really liked the Tetsubo as a weapon...I own one in real life, and I've used one in full contact fighting in the SCA. I've been wanting to make a character who uses one, and I sat down this evening and wrote up a game plan for one. Thought I would come here and share it, ask if anyone sees any mistakes, or ways to improve it.

The build is a standard PFS legal build, using a 20 point buy, and only official Paizo materials.

Warpriest of Yamatsumi:
Class: Warpriest of Yamatsumi (Molthuni Arsenal Chaplain archetype)
Race: Half-Orc
Alignment: Neutral
Faction: ??

Str: 15+2 Racial
Dex: 14
Con: 14
Int: 10
Wis: 14
Cha: 8

Alternate Racial Traits: Dragon Sight, Dusksight, Sacred Tattoo

Traits: Child of Two Peoples, Fate's Favored

Favored Class Bonus: 1/6 Combat Feat every level
All Stat level ups to Str


+1 Impact Adamantine Tetsubo 21020
+2 Comfort O-Yoroi 10850
Amulet of Natural Armor +2 8000
Belt of Giant Strength +4 16000
Boots of Striding and Springing 5500
Cloak of Resistance +3 9000
Headband of Inspired Wisdom +4 16000

Total GP = 86370

1. Feat: Fey Foundling
Bonus Feat: Weapon Focus: Tetsubo
2. -
3. Feat: Power Attack
Bonus Feat: Step Up
4. -
5. Feat: Following Step
6. Bonus Feat: Step up and Strike
Bonus Feat: Weapon Specialization: Tetsubo
7. Feat: Combat Reflexes
8. -
9. Feat: Improved Sunder
Bonus Feat: Improved Critical: Tetsubo
10. -
11. Feat: Greater Sunder
12. Bonus Feat: Greater Weapon Focus: Tetsubo
Bonus Feat: Greater Weapon Specialization: Tetsubo

The idea is to be able to get in someones face and stay there with the Step Up chain, smash things with Sunder, and use the Warpriest sacred weapon ability to increase the enchantment on his Tetsubo to include the Thundering enchantment, for even bigger, scarier, crits.
(8d8+3d8 sonic+112 un-buffed (+132 with Divine Power up) at level 12 if my math is correct) Non crits aren't too shabby either, 2d8+28 or +33 with Divine Power up, with 3 attacks at +25/+25/+20

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Ok, after looking over the rules for how swift actions work...it sounds like the following scenario should work and be legal within the rules.

Level 4+ Neutral aligned Warpriest makes an attack on an enemy...rolls a nat 20, Confirms Critical roll, then decides to activate his swift action Sacred Weapon ability to give his already naturally +1 weapon the Thundering Ability, adding the Thundering damage and deafen effect to the crit he just rolled...then rolls damage. The Thundering property then lingers on his weapon for rounds = to his Warpriest level.

From all the threads I've read about swift actions, this sounds cheesy...but perfectly legal...

Is this legal? If not, can someone point me to a rules reference to back it up for argument/defense purposes?

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If you have a character who you have leveled up to 2+ through GM credit or playing with pre-gens, or if you play a character for 3 sessions and rebuild before playing at level 2...Can you use your level 1 feat for something that you qualify for at level 2+ but would not have qualified for at level 1?

Example...Alchemist with 3 XP using its last chance for a rebuild to give it power attack.

Example 2...you've used pregens for a number of mid level adventures, and as soon as you hit level 4, you gain enough chronicle sheets to jump all the way up to level 7...can you use both your level 5 and 7 feats for things with level/BAB 6 requirements?


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Ok...I have an idea for a character, and I was wondering if the concept would be PFS legal, as it verges kind of close to re-skinning.

The idea is for an Alchemist character who was born human, but due to an accident with a mutagen containing orc blood when he was learning to become an alchemist became a half-orc. His motivation would then be to find a cure, only to fail at every turn...possibly making things worse (grows a random tentacle, or a third arm, etc)

Mechanically the character would just be a normal half-orc alchemist, just the fluff would be that he wasn't born that way.

My backup story would just be that he is a true half-orc who hates his orcish heritage and is trying to 'cure' it through alchemy, but I think the other version is more flavorful. :)

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