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If you have a character who you have leveled up to 2+ through GM credit or playing with pre-gens, or if you play a character for 3 sessions and rebuild before playing at level 2...Can you use your level 1 feat for something that you qualify for at level 2+ but would not have qualified for at level 1?

Example...Alchemist with 3 XP using its last chance for a rebuild to give it power attack.

Example've used pregens for a number of mid level adventures, and as soon as you hit level 4, you gain enough chronicle sheets to jump all the way up to level 7...can you use both your level 5 and 7 feats for things with level/BAB 6 requirements?


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No. They have to be built up legally step by step, and feats can't be delayed.

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No, you must apply chronicles one at a time and the character must be legal at each point in his career. If you pay for retraining, those rules do allow you to take choices that you qualify for at the time you retrain.

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I figured as much, just wanted to double check.


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