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Grand Lodge Kemuri Kunoichi

Female Kitsune Unchained Rogue 4 / Hunter 6 (208 posts)
Dwarf Fighter
Grand Lodge Vargrym

Male Dwarf Fighter (Martial Master/Two-Handed Fighter) 2 (35 posts)
Dark Archive Gib Fizzlebonk

Male Gnome Unchained Monk 1 (Scaled Fist Archetype) (11 posts)
Mage Sniper
Grand Lodge Lance Casanova

Male Sylph Warpriest of Calistria 1 / Avenger Vigilante 1 (0 posts)
Silver Crusade Vexemrorium Iorvonith

Male Nagaji Bloodrager 5 (Steelblood), Dragon Disciple 1 (27 posts)
Liberty's Edge Thrag Stonebringer

Male Half-Orc Kineticist 6 (18 posts)
Silver Crusade Tariq Qadir al-Omash

Male Ifrit (Lavasoul) Kineticist (Kinetic Knight) (6 posts)
Silver Crusade Raethiel Lightbringer

Male Half-Elf Paladin 1 (Hospitaler / Warrior of the Holy Light) (0 posts)
Dark Archive Kezia Nightshade

Female Human Sorcerer 1 (Tattooed Sorcerer) (0 posts)

Dark Archive Thaddeus Direcroft-
(0 posts)
Liberty's Edge Elsa Magnusson

Female Human Brawler (Shield Champion) 1 (0 posts)
Nar'shinddah Sugimar
The Exchange Kageneko Byakko

Male Fanglord Skinwalker Unchained Rogue 1 (0 posts)
Acquisitives Wraith-13

Female Android Ghost Operative Outlaw 1 (0 posts)

Acquisitives Mx. Zyxx
(0 posts)

Dataphiles Keskodai33
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Horizon Hunters Glumbor
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