Changing Alignment / Religion on a non-divine character in PFS?

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What are the rules for changing your alignment and religion in PFS once you are beyond level 1, as a non-divine character? I did a search and only found some old posts from 5+ years ago about changing religions as a cleric, which did not seem to have any official answers.

For a little background as to why I am asking...

I have a Chaotic Good level 8 Nagaji Bloodrager 5/Dragon Disciple 3 who was raised to worship Gorum.

He is Gold Dragon bloodline, and at least half of his chronicle sheets have involved working with the Silver Crusade, Paladins and Clerics of Sarenrae, etc.

He currently has the Veteran of Battle character trait which requires Gorum worship to take.

Between his Gold Dragon heritage, allegiance to the Silver Crusade, and having worked with and looked up to numerous Sarenrae followers, I would like to transition him away from Gorum and towards Sarenrae. Possibly working towards taking a level or 2 of Paladin once he reaches seeker levels.

Can I do that? If so, do I need to re-train Veteran of Battle to something else? Is there a cost to changing religions? Is there a cost to changing alignment?


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I dont think you can retrain traits, but the rest should be free since it dosnt effect anything game wise.

Yeah, my VC told me that you can switch alignments between scenarios, no problem.

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I think in this case you would lose access to the trait as Jeff pointed out. So you'd effectively only have 1 trait.

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Is there any provision or mechanic for trait retraining that is hidden somewhere?

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I talked to my local VC, and she told me switching alignments and deities is a non-issue for characters without class features tied to them, so I'm good to go on changing them.

Traits unfortunately are not able to be re-trained, and my one religion trait is tied to my religion, so if I switch, I will lose access to it...which I'm fine with, it's just a +1 initiative and ability to draw a weapon in a surprise round. Nothing terribly useful for my character.

I've been playing this character off and on for 3 seasons, and have accumulated a number of faction card goals, granting me 2 uses a day of lay on hands equal to a level 8 Paladin. So my character has felt the divine touch of Sarenrae, and has taken a vow to uphold her ideals.

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