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If you choose a race that gets a flaw in a stat and a 'Free" boost, can you apply the free boost to the flaw stat? Or does it have to go to a stat the race doesn't modify by default? I see where you can't apply it to a stat you are already getting a boost from your race, but I don't see anything about flaws.

For example...can I build a Goblin, take the Dex and Charisma boosts, then use the free boost on Wisdom, or would I have to use the free boost for Str, Con, or Int?

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You can absolutely put a bonus in a flaw stat. You just can't put it in a stat that already has a bonus, so yes on Goblins putting their free bonus in Wisdom, no on putting it in Charisma on top of their existing bonus.

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I knew the part about not being able to double boost a stat, wasn't sure on countering a flaw though. I didn't see anything in the book saying you couldn't...but 640 pages is a lot to digest in a week :)

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I had the same question at first, but their example at the top page 20 answers this pretty clearly.


Dwarves, for example, receive an ability

boost to their Constitution score and their Wisdom score,
as well as one free ability boost, which can be applied to
any score other than Constitution or Wisdom.

So it doesn't rule out charisma getting the free boost, which is the dwarven flaw attribute.

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