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This is art.

The homebrewed response I ended up using for a mythic campaign I've been GMing is to allow Undetectable to trump any and all methods of detection, but not with guaranteed success.

All I did was change it as follows.

Homebrewed Undetectable: While invisible and in physical contact with this item, the bonded creature can’t be scryed by any method. The bonded creature may also attempt stealth checks against special senses such as blindsense, tremorsense, scent, and other abilities that normally preclude such an action. This check is made at no penalty.

IE: The bonded character can't be scryed while invisible, and may still attempt stealth against creatures with special senses or other forms of special detection. The invisibility with Undetectable just "turns off" the special sense for lack of a better phrase.

No I don't also give the player a +20 bonus for being invisible on the stealth roll, that's for non-special senses that Undetectable doesn't affect.

As per RAW, yes, Undetectable blocks all forms of detection when procced by invisibility.

Undetectable wrote:
Undetectable: This grants its bonded user the ability to become utterly undetectable while invisible. While invisible and in physical contact with this item, the bonded creature can’t be detected or scryed by any method.

Pretty clear that it blocks any and all forms of detection while the item is in contact with an invisible bonded user.

That being said, this ability is absurdly overpowered.

Talk to your GM about it. As per RAW, you're correct, it trumps quite literally "any method" of detection or scrying.

Archives of Nethys wrote:
If the item would normally be considered an improvised weapon, you can treat it as either a normal weapon or an improvised weapon, depending on which is more beneficial for you.

Think you may have misread.

Though if I had to guess a weapon to represent it, would go heavy mace or greatclub.

Chess Pwn wrote:

The issue is all your counter arguments about reach are dealing with real life use, which isn't applicable.

I shorten my grip, My hands are now up closer to the blade and there's a lot of stick hanging out behind making it hard to use.


You owe me a beer. Spit mine out reading this.

Delightful wrote:
Drahliana Moonrunner wrote:
Matthew Downie wrote:
Does the concept of Level 0 exist in Pathfinder?
No it does not.
Well that's a shame. I mean, a lot of GM's would probably find Level 0 stats very useful for all those baby orcs their parties might end up killing.

AC: You hit

HP: It dies if hit
Saves: None
Attacks: "Mommy?" 1d6 Morale damage to the party. Except for the rogue who's fishing his knife out of the mother.

Special Abilities:
"You Monster"- Shift the alignment of killer one step towards CE. Paladins fall.

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After playing with another player who quite literally made his character as a caricature of Harambe (for Iron Gods of all things), I'm wishing your GM was around for that short campaign.

Drahliana Moonrunner wrote:
Rical wrote:
Use rod cast spells drop rod draw weapon. (I'm making a theoretical dream scenario where everything happens perfectly to see if it is possible)
Spell combat requires that the hand be free for THE ENTIRE ROUND. Rods are simply not usable in this scenario.

It sounds like Rical is using round 1 to set spells, with round 2 to attack.

Spell Combat is not necessary.

Round 1:

Quicken(rod) True Strike. -swift
Cast Mirror Strike -standard
Drop rod -free
Draw Weapon(whip) -move

Round 2:
Do the attacks.

No spell combat needed, rodCast, drop, cast, draw works fine.

Now, if Rical wants to use a rod to cram it all into one round, then they need to use spell combat, and thus need some way to hold both the rod and weapon with a hand free for casting.

Serpent Lash uses a standard action. Not usable in the same round as Spell Combat (I assume this is the referenced TWF magus ability).

Add half your MR (round down I believe) for CR.
So in order of posting.

CR: 16
CR: 16
CR: 14
CR: 14
CR: 16
CR: 16
CR: 16
CR: 16

CR(group): ~20-21. Equivalent CR of three CR 18s and one CR 16, or one 20, one 18, one 16.

Realistic answer? CR is awful at estimating strength of PCs, especially when mythic is involved. Actual power level depends highly on the builds of the PCs, gear, environment of the scenario, etc.

Note that Deathless is a mythic spell. Definitely something that would make me wary of allowing as an enchantment as a GM. Even more so if the enchanter isn't mythic.

As for balance, it mostly seems like an attempt to cheese while using Ferocity, Die Hard or a method to acquire undead defenses.

Especially when combined with

seh1337 wrote:
something with a continuous cure light wounds healing for 1 HP, cheaper knock off of a ring of regen

I'd get a little cautious about permitting it.

Have the PCs do a CTF style combat where the protect a "dragon hoard". A pile of shiny baubles or something similar.

Feats of strength, gold dragons are both the largest and strongest (in terms of raw STR score) among the metallic dragons. Only silver and bronze match them in size IIRC, and golds clock in at 31 str, with silver and bronze at 27.

Remember that size affects carrying capacity, so smaller races may have some trouble showing off.

Keep track of allies and enemies the PCs make as they play through these games, and have the front runners at the end of the festival compete for the crown in a compressed game of Xorvintaal.

Friends/allies pledge allegiance to whoever they believe should be the overall victor and group up to help their chosen champion complete <final task here> while simultaneously trying to prevent other competitors and their supporters from succeeding.

IIRC one of the Hellknight obedience options is effectively a variable favored enemy. Think it's from the Order of the Nail, but I don't have my books with me at the moment.

Believe it's the second boon, though it may be the first. Doesn't appear to be on Archives or the SRD though.

Well, there's 3 or so options.
1) A very angry, very undead Tengu. Charisma would skyrocket.
B) An int-based sorcerer (Sage bloodline) who uses Technologist to research Numerian artifacts. So thermo-stat would change to Numerian tech, and I'd be magic.
Γ) I'd become a woman and throw fire 24/7. Everyone would continue asking me silly questions like "Why aren't you healing, you're a cleric?!"

Edit: Oh, or a magical black sword would manifest and drag my unwilling @$# around to fight crime. "Down sword arm!"

ChaosTicket wrote:

If youre going incognito with this character it would be a problem as it takes several almost useless(for a kineticist) feats to use guns.


Firearm Rules wrote:
Firearm Proficiency: The Exotic Weapon Proficiency (firearms) feat allows you to use all firearms without penalty. A nonproficient character takes the standard –4 penalty on attack rolls with firearms, and a nonproficient character who loads a firearm increases all misfire values by 4 for the shots he loads.

I count one.

Val'bryn2 wrote:
Actually, negative levels HELP the Graveknight, being undead.

Fair point, I had forgotten the template. Graveknight gives the Paladin significant buffs to his defenses (check with your GM to make sure you don't hurt yourself with LOH, since you're undead).

Is the Paladin a self-created Graveknight, or do they have a patron?
I'm operating under the assumption that the GM houseruled that the Graveknight template has no alignment restriction.

The Paladin could secret away their ceremonial armor (effectively a phylactery) as a method to come back if defeated in combat.

How well are these casters being played? AMF does nothing if they're running Arodens Spellbane.

Being a paladin helps with saves, make sure you get some way of ignoring/resisting negative levels in case they attempt that angle of approach.

Your best bet is catching them off guard (the real them, not one of their clones) and pounding enough damage into them in turn 1 to insure they're gone.

Then hope they don't have a Contingency running (spoiler, they will).

Are you using Paizos Mythic ruleset, or WotC Epic ruleset? They both present very different tools for this scenario.

Your only real bet is finding an attack option that your GM didn't have the casters covering with an "I win" button.

james014Aura wrote:
Sangerine wrote:
Ah, I think that interpretation is a little off. Initiative isn't a dexterity check, and Noble Scion (war) doesn't make it a cha check.


"At the start of a battle, each combatant makes an initiative check. An initiative check is a Dexterity check."

Though I agree the Circlet of Persuasion on Noble Scion (War) is a bad type of cheesy.

Oh boy. I thought there was a big stink around the mythic Display of Dexterity ability (+20 to a dex check) where it was ruled initiative wasn't a dex check. Looks like initiative is a dex check.

Cheesy as hell to stack mods on it, but RAW is RAW. I'll need to let my players know.

Chess Pwn wrote:

I highly suggest going Psychic Searcher oracle, really makes you be awesome at stuff.

The circlet of persuation is a great buy, any d20 roll where CHA is the primary/base stat is boosted. So all you knowledge rolls and your init with noble scion get a +3 bonus!


Ah, I think that interpretation is a little off. Initiative isn't a dexterity check, and Noble Scion (war) doesn't make it a cha check.

Circlet of Persuasion specifically says it adds +3 to Cha checks and cha based skill checks.

That would include skill checks, and raw Cha checks.

Cha to attack? Still not a charisma check*.
Cha to init? Still not a charisma check*.
Cha to caster level? Still not a charisma check*.
*or a charisma based skill check.

From what I understand, the Circlet of Persuasion applies iff the check is
A; a skill(cha) check
b; a raw cha check.

No other circumstances.

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Go with a single level dip into oracle for Cha to AC, then go Daring Champion.

You get to dump int as well (replaced by Cha for feat prereqs) and you get both the Challenge ability as well as stealing Precise Strike from swashbucklers. Pick up the Startoss Style feat chain and beam people with starknives at melee or range.

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Skylancer4 wrote:
Your main hurdle is, a gauntlet is a weapon. A weapon that allows you to do lethal damage equivalent to what your unarmed strikes do and that provokes, but still a distinct and separate weapon. AoMF wouldn't work on it. It would be a case of either or, a choice between making an attack with a "pure" unarmed strike (which then uses the AoMF) or using the gauntlet (which would then use the weapon enchantment, if any, and gain the style feat benefits).


Protoman's post sums it up very well. Gauntlets are not a weapon, they just provide a means of lethal damage with unarmed strikes.

AoMF specifically does work on them.

(Note: I will personally still allow them to be enchanted in home games, as I believe they should be weapons, but this is a rules forum.)

VRMH wrote:
Sangerine wrote:
I've never seen a "bubble" of any material fully comprised of said material.
Depends on the bubble, doesn't it? A soap bubble is a thin shell. But an air bubble is 100% air.

You mean the air bubble created by air surrounded by some other material like water, oil, dough, etc? :P


Animal Ally
He just gets an effective level boost to his animal companion, not the mount, as per the feat. Still has the mount class feature, but no mount from it.

Which sucks when he takes Huntmaster, as it only applies to horses for him, as per the clause regarding the mount feature.

Chivalry Inquisition isn't a domain, it's an inquisition. No go for taking it up via Cleric VMC.

Aligned class kicks in at Evang 2, so he's not getting 9 from it. He gets 8.

Basically, he's getting a boost to horses, and can spread out (12 Animal Ally) + (5 cavalier) + (9 packmaster1+Evang8) = 26 HD.

A single horse can count as 1 HD higher. (He doesn't have the animal companion class feature. He has pack bond, and mount. Only the mount clause in Huntmaster applies.)

For teamwork feats and such.


A packmaster's precise companion, woodland stride, and teamwork feats apply to only one of her animal companions at a time. (For example, a packmaster can apply precise companion to one companion, woodland stride to another, and a given teamwork feat to a third, but cannot apply any of those to two animal companions at once.) As a swift action, she can change which companion gains any or all of these benefits.

Gotta choose which companion gets what benefit.

For stat bonuses, he retrained his eye-for-talent ability out at 4. So the only companions with that stat boost are those he had prior (IE; none. Since he gets his cavalier mount at 5.)

Cheesy, yes. RAW? Nope.

(Also, your math is really off in your own HD calculations.

Final Edit/Note: I have a player like this. Toss the CRB at your player for me. I'll bribe you with Doritos or something.

Think you may be misinterpreting the spell.

I've never seen a "bubble" of any material fully comprised of said material. Looks to me like the bubble is more akin to a shell or hollow sphere, especially given the implied similarities to anti-plant shell.

So no, you don't need to breath underwater inside it (it's a bubble, it has air in it).

No you can't drown other things in it (again, it's a bubble).

If you're in other water (a lake, pond, lagoon, etc) then that water within a 20 ft radius is always calm.

TL;DR: You're not surrounded by water, you're enclosed in a bubble.

A homegame I'm in has a local tradition of Knife Fight Fridays in my characters home city. It started as a joke, but the other PCs rolled with it (three of us are from the same city) and the GM ended up canonizing it.

A lot of people have died in the climb from level 1 to 7.

Saethori wrote:
Sangerine wrote:

Looks to me like all of the hybrids (Half-Elves, Half-Orcs, Tieflings, Aasimar, etc) have two races. Human, and whatever the human coupled with.

Tieflings, Aasimar, and etc (geniekin) don't, by default. They need to take a racial trait, otherwise they are just outsider (native) as their race.

David knott 242 wrote:

The Elf part is easy: You haven't lost the Elf Blood racial feature, so you do still count as an Elf and a Human for all effects regardless of other factors.

Feats can override traits. For example, the feat Neither Elf nor Human, which expressly alters your racial types, doesn't replace Elf Blood, but instead invalidates it.

Racial Heritage sets your race. It says that you are now Human and Giant. Granted, it was written with the assumption that only humans could take it, but that's often the case when RAW looks weird in irregular scenarios.

As for half elf racials, I've personally counted those as "prerequisite: Human, Elf", therefore allowing humans with Racial Heritage (elf) into them. This doesn't really combine with the previous weirdness though, since this is just how I rule it, and I rule Racial Heritage as add only, no replace, so no serious issue there.

You are absolutely correct. This is what I get for posting without cross-checking myself before a nap.

Drahliana Moonrunner wrote:
Sangerine wrote:
Yup, it's fluid. Evangelist just boosts your aligned classes effective level up for features and such.
Yes.. but if you skip being a dutiful lad on your obediences because you were too busy one day, you're in hose city.

This is true, but some of the obediences give you the opportunity for some fun. Personally, I still love an old worshiper of Socothbenoth of mine. Pages 68 and 69 of the party Clerics holy book (A la, the Bestiary 1) were always stuck together.

Yup, it's fluid. Evangelist just boosts your aligned classes effective level up for features and such.

I find it easier to list things out step by step, preferably without using terms that have a variety of interpretations. Helps to keep things neat.

As for the race, we actually have examples of it being used as single members of a set (The language in Racial Heritage supports this) but we only have iffy examples of the union of two races referenced as a single race (Paragon Surge is the only one I can think of, and it never refers to Half-Elf as a race, just as a further restriction within the personal limit).

Looks to me like all of the hybrids (Half-Elves, Half-Orcs, Tieflings, Aasimar, etc) have two races. Human, and whatever the human coupled with.

Evangelist adds to your class.

Any Wizard X/ Evangelist 10 will have an effective wizard level of X+9.

Wiz6/Evang10? You have the same features as a Wizard 15 (plus the extras given by Evang). Order you took the levels in doesn't matter, you do not have to deal with gaining the same feature multiple times.

Shadow is a subschool of Illusion. The darkness descriptor would is shown as a [darkness] tag on any spell with it. For example, Twilight Haze which has both the darkness descriptor, and the shadow subschool.

This tool is lovely for these type of searches.

Oh. Wonder if we'll get a Pathfinderized version of Dark Sun?

I'd be ah, aroused excited about that.

I'll disagree with Saethori and Sodium based on basic logical connectives.

So a Half-Elf has two races, Elf and Human. (Both subtypes of humanoid, but all of the subtypes will be, so it's trivial to ignore that within this set.)

We'll call that E and H.

Cheesy the Mindswapper has some set C of his races.

Currently, C = {E,H}.

Cheesy takes Racial Heritage (Humanoid(Rune Giant)). Let Rune Giant be represented by Gr.

Racial Heritage as a function modifies the set of races.

Now, C = {H,Gr}

Cheesy then attempts to use Major Mind Swap on Harglebarglenamenax, the big strong giant.

Major Mind Swap demands a target with

Major Mind Swap wrote:
one creature of your same race


Alrighty then, do we have any other qualifiers? The target needs a soul, but that's it (and I doubt anyone is contesting the presence of a soul).

So, if it can be demonstrated that Cheesy has the same race as poor Hargle, then Cheesy can swap.

Let Hargle's race be represented by the set H = {Gr}.

H = {Gr}
C = {H,Gr}

Well, for all X ∈ H, X ∈ C (IE; Gr is the only element in H, and is present in C).
Thus it is trivial to state that H ⊆ C.

Lazy as hell proof, and will address the "whole race is needed" bit here.

Racial Heritage wrote:
Choose another humanoid race. You count as both human and that race for any effects related to race. For example, if you choose dwarf, you are considered both a human and a dwarf for the purpose of taking traits, feats, how spells and magic items affect you, and so on.

Notice that race is listed as a singular parameter. You do not add another facet to your race, you choose a new race and are counted as both races.

Refer to Major Mind Swaps target above, which states one singular race. Provided your race set includes an identical member of the targets race set (IE; some X exists such that X ∈ A∩B) then you can swap with them.

Poor Hargle gets his will save, and loses his body to Cheesy if he fails it. Then I lob the CRB at Cheesys player.

I'd be completely stoked for anything more regarding the First World or information regarding the Tane.

As for the BoEF. Every group I've GMed for in the past 3-4 years has chosen to use it. If I see one more appearance stat, pulling out the old AD&D abilities that killed off 1d6 players.

For min/maxing? Human. Bonus feat, bonus skill rank per level, floating +2 (for dex).

Based on my current mood? Halfling. Small gives bonus to AC and attack rolls. Bonuses to dex, size bonus to stealth as well. It'd be fun to play a sneaky little ball of horror.

Tengu get a bonus to dexterity, and if you use both the feat Weapon Finesse and the Agile AoMF (you actually need Wep Fin to use it) then you get Dex to hit and damage with all of your natural attacks.

You only get light armor as an alchemist, so every bit of dex helps with your AC. Your SA will mostly be secured with flanking, though later you can pick up Shatter Defenses to go with Cornugon Smash (which is why you need Power Attack).

This will let you scare the crap out of people, beat them down, and begin sneak attacking them.

A sillier option is to use Gang Up and Press to the Wall to flank with the ground, trees, rocks, etc. But that gets kinda silly, and you may get the CRB tossed at you.

Ehhhhhh, feral gives you a better bite and claw attacks, but not much more at that point. May want to shore up the loss of health from the Tengu con penalty. Tengu Wings looks like they could be a useful feat for early flight.

An agile AoMF is a good item to aim for, especially if you're going Dex heavy (which I assume you are).

If your DM lets you use Blade of Mercy with your natural attacks (they're all slashing, but aren't quite weapons) then you'd want the 13 str to qualify for Power Attack. Use it to lead into Cornugon Smash and Hurtful.

HeHateMe wrote:

Let's try this again with more specifics, in accordance with the OP's wishes:

1. A class that can fight, buff and heal others without using spells or SLAs, and without using performance. Like the 4E Warlord.

2. A shapeshifter or maybe a few different shapeshifters that can turn into humanoids, undead, outsiders, and aberrations.

3. An elementalist that can control elements, not just shoot them at people.

4. A psychic, mobile warrior type of class that gets around the battlefield by dimension door instead of walking, like the 4E Battlemind.

5. A divine caster that specializes in blasting enemies into ash with holy wrath instead of just healing and buffing, like the 4E Invoker.

6. An elemental themed warrior that can create difficult terrain around him or herself and punishes enemies with elemental melee attacks, like the 4E Warden.

7. A non-holy magical knight.

1) (Ex) healing and buffs in combat? Without performance? Cavalier, some fighter archetypes for sharing teamwork feats as buffs. Channel Energy and Lay on Hands are both (Su), so not spells.

2) Taskshaper is 3rd-party, but I like it.

3) Kineticist utility talents to some extent.

4) Mindblade Magus, pick up Bladed Dash, Greater Bladed Dash, Dimension door into the Dimensional Dervish feat chain, etc.

Or use DSP psionics, they get similar abilities.

5) Cleric/Oracle. Fire domain gives fireball. Other domains can get you other blasting spells. Take metamagic, blow people up.

6) Battle Oracle/Clerics. I know there's a domain that makes rough terrain around you, think it's Isolation, but that's off the top of my head.

7) Eldritch Knight, Magus, Arcanist Blade-Adept, etc. Could even do Bloodrager (no alignment restriction, there's an archetype for heavy armor).

If you're just dipping slinger for dex -> dam, then Trench Fighter will get you there in 3 levels rather than 5.

HyperMissingno wrote:
haremlord wrote:
HyperMissingno wrote:
A girly yet still badass magic ribbon fighter.
Can't you do that with a bladed scarf (and the Bladed Scarf Dancer Magus archetype)?
Argh, on one hand it's cool but on the other had it's the magus and I suck at prepared casting.

Magus is pretty simple for prepared casting, mostly because it's just Shocking/Frigid Grasp half a bajillion times and a Pearl of Power necklace.

Deadmanwalking wrote:

In terms of a shapeshifter class, there's actually the Metamorph.

Yes, it's an Alchemist Archetype that loses all alchemy...but it does get Alter Self, Monstrous Physique and Giant Form. And lets you be in one form or another not your own 24/7 by 8th level. That's not bad at all. Toss on Mutagen and it's actually a pretty solid melee combatant as well.

I'd love it so much more if it stacked with Vivisectionist. As is, if I want to play a horrifying shifter/monster alchemist, I'll go Beastmorph/Vivi.

Java Man wrote:
Standard caution: know your players and how they will feel about the "rape slave" aspect of the story. Some folks will just be more motivated to take down the bad guy, some will be offended to have the issue brought up at all in their fun time. I am in no way telling you how to play your game with your friends, just offering advice, make of it what you will.
CrystalSeas wrote:
So you're creating a rape-fantasy (all women are his, and they must be fertile to create "Father Moon's lost family") as your story core. This is supposed to be a fun story for whom?

Java Man is wise.

Also, 1 to 10 is actually a pretty hefty time, at least in my experience. May want to tone it back a bit, or use the fast experience track.

As for horror, there's sooooo many types. Body horror, psychology horror, gothic "horror", uncanny valley typed horror, slasher/killer, paranormal, etc.

Which are you going for? Depending on what type of horror you're trying to emulate, you need to plan for it.

Mess around with the players (and the characters) heads if you're trying to go for psychological horror. Ramp up their paranoia by having innocuous sayings/npcs doing commonplace activities that could be interpreted as traps. Overly friendly villagers, odd local slang, etc. Let the players paranoia run wild. Remember to occasionally have someone actually be up to something. They'll remember the one time the innkeeper had a flesh golem living in the barn and a tribe of pugwampis stealing their cutlery.

If you're going for slasher/body horror. Have Shia LaBeouf stalk them for a while.

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Remember to embed those ioun stones surgically.

DC 25 heal check? Something like that. I'll have more access later to see if there's any nifty tricks.

CBDunkerson wrote:
Sangerine wrote:
Can't find any double weapons that can be finessed.

So... find a finesse weapon that can be doubled. :]

Elven Branched Spear + Spear Dancing Style

With Spear Dancing Spiral you could turn any polearm/spear into both a double weapon AND a finesse weapon.

Saw this. Thought "Yes please".

Went to go try and find a way to combo it with Spear Dancer.

Mildly upset that I can't think of anything to build dazzled into.

Was hoping that it would work for Dirty Trick Master to escalate into dazed, but it calls out escalation only for effects from previous tricks.


Now I'm going to waste hours making a pole dancing fighting build.


Imbicatus wrote:
With spear dancing spiral you can turn any spear into a weapon you can finesse. That doesn't mean it is a finesse weapon for the the purposes of finesse training.


U-Rogue wrote:

Finesse Training (Ex)

At 1st level, a rogue gains Weapon Finesse as a bonus feat. In addition, starting at 3rd level, she can select any one type of weapon that can be used with Weapon Finesse (such as rapiers or daggers). Once this choice is made, it cannot be changed. Whenever she makes a successful melee attack with the selected weapon, she adds her Dexterity modifier instead of her Strength modifier to the damage roll. If any effect would prevent the rogue from adding her Strength modifier to the damage roll, she does not add her Dexterity modifier. The rogue can select a second weapon at 11th level and a third at 19th level.

Spear Dancing Spiral wrote:
While using Spear Dancing Style, you gain the benefit of Weapon Finesse with the chosen weapon if it is appropriately sized for a creature of your size category. In addition, you can use any feat or ability that functions with a quarterstaff with your chosen weapon.

Emphasis mine.

Spear Dancing Spiral specifically allows you to gain the benefits of weapon finesse with the selected weapon. Personally, I'd absolutely say serving as a prerequisite is part of the benefits.

But that's just me, I'd let it fly.

As for other tables? I'd expect a lot of variation with this one.

If you don't mind getting weird with settings, could always drop him off in Sigil.
If you want to stay canonical, the City of Brass (provided he can survive the 3d10 fire per round) is a hub of trade.

Both would be good spots for pirates to shop/downtime if they can make it there.

Imbicatus wrote:
Just a Mort wrote:
Dip 3 lvs of unchained rogue for dex to damage, then whatever class you want. Be good friends with any class with bardic performance.
There is no finesse double weapon. Unchained rouge doesn't work here.

Could always use effortless lace if it's not PFS. Otherwise, yep. Can't find any double weapons that can be finessed.

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I like to roll Bluff to pretend to be right. Then end up being right.

CBDunkerson wrote:
Cevah wrote:
CBDunkerson wrote:
Phantasmal Killer may say that it impacts "one living creature", but if you cast it on a giant beetle nothing happens... despite them definitely being living creatures.

A beetle is of type Vermin, which is mindless.

Mindless wrote:
No Intelligence score, and immunity to all mind-affecting effects (charms, compulsions, morale effects, patterns, and phantasms).
Reading the spell agrees with you.
Yes, that was my point... the target line gives a very general statement about Phantasmal Killer (and the other example spells) impacting a very broad category, but then other rules exclude many examples. Thus, the claim that a target line listing "creature" means that a spell will work on ALL creatures is demonstrably false.

Got a rule that makes an exception, just like the ones provided by Cevah?

Until you do, as per the RAW, Infernal Healing works on constructs. I fail to see how there's so much debate over this when it explicitly states that Fast Healing works when given to construct under their traits, and Infernal Healing specifically gives Fast Healing 1.

Making a leap of "constructs cannot benefit from healing via Devil blood injection" may be logical, but it is not RAW. PF is littered with examples of this. When you die, you don't go prone as per RAW. Still no rules on fatigue if you skip out on sleep (except for an excerpt in Carrion Crown. Can't recall which book).

In a home game, feel free to rule that Infernal Healing doesn't work on constructs. It makes sense from a flavor standpoint. In society play, everyone abides by the RAW. Feel free to use Infernal Healing wands on your little Wyrwood buddy if you ever happen to meet one.

Paladin wrote:

Divine Health (Ex)

At 3rd level, a paladin is immune to all diseases, including supernatural and magical diseases, including mummy rot.

Undead wrote:
Immunity to death effects, disease, paralysis, poison, sleep effects, and stunning.

Immunity to diseases is the specific effect. Both Paladins and Undead have identical magnitudes of protection to diseases.

Anti-Paladins have a slightly different wording.

Anti-Paladin wrote:

Plague Bringer (Ex)

At 3rd level, the powers of darkness make an antipaladin a beacon of corruption and disease. An antipaladin does not take any damage or take any penalty from diseases. He can still contract diseases and spread them to others, but he is otherwise immune to their effects.

An Anti-Paladin is not immune to disease. Rather, they are immune to the effects of them, as their ability clearly states.

Hendelbolaf is close with his point, but still off.

Both Paladins and Undead are immune to disease. Specific undead have disease as a special attack. This points out that while immune (IE; Not taking any effect from) disease, entities may still carry them. The Undead are only being used as a reference specifically because while immune to disease, they can demonstrably still carry it. Ergo, immunity to disease does not mean the entity cannot be a carrier

Hendelbolaf is correct in that there are no rules governing the spread of diseases (as far as I know at least).

So we have a result of Paladins being able to carry disease, being immune to disease, and no rules governing the spread of disease (since PF is a permissive system, this means no Typhoid Mary Paladins, regardless of alignment/code issues).

TL;DR: As per RAW Paladins can carry diseases, as previously stated. There are no rules to govern the spread of disease from them.

Again, my personal approach would be to ask your GM, especially since I doubt that the RAI is to have Paladins carry disease.

Edit: For more detail on my thought process. If I recall correctly, immunity to any feature means you have no need to roll a saving throw on it.

If my memory is correct, this would mean Paladins cannot become carriers post Divine Health.

However, if infected prior to gaining that feature, they would still retain that disease. There would be no further effects from it, but they would still be a carrier.

Again, I highly doubt that is the RAI, but it's the only way to reconcile the "Immunity to X" line without houseruling in a special ability for Undead similar to the Anti-Paladins Plague Bringer feature.

Based on this trait I'd go with sense motive. Probably opposed by Profession(Barrister) if they're reading the contract.

Question 1) I have this weird feeling that Synthesist summoners can't benefit from morale bonuses due to wearing their eidolon and using its physical stats.

I see no ruling to support it, but I can't shake the feeling. Input? I hope my gut's wrong there, might be playing one soon.

Question 2) Not really a rules question, but meh. Any way to get something like the Magus' spell combat on a Bloodrager? Best I can come up with is a conductive weapon.

Snowlilly wrote:
Sangerine wrote:
Snowlilly wrote:
Spell Combat already counts as two-weapon fighting.

Careful there.

SRD wrote:
This functions much like two-weapon fighting, but the off-hand weapon is a spell that is being cast.

Spell Combat is not two-weapon fighting. Using it won't qualify you for feats like Two-Weapon Defense, Break Guard or Two-Weapon Rend.

A minor distinction.

An important distinction, which is why I said "counts as two-weapon fighting" and not "is two-weapon fighting".

"Counts as" would qualify you for the feats. Incredibly pedantic, but you have to be with rules like this.

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