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Dot. To bring campaign up first.

@ SD, I'm going to withdraw my submission as well. You have put in a large amount of time and energy into this already. Getting back into that Greyhawk hex map was enticing. I have tremendous respect for your work. Thanks for the inspiration. You all have fun. I will lurk at gameplay from time to time.



Also, I am assuming level 10 wealth. Is this okay?

I know that the ceiling is 50 feet, but what are the dimensions of the rest of the arena?
Also, what are the walls and floor made out of?
Will the arena have traps or objects of concealment?

I'm missing the point buy max on the stats. 25 point buy?

Michael MacComb wrote:
Salacious: Because if your build is a one trick pony, you don't want it spoiled. For example, if you are an archer, now the next guy you fight knows to put up wind wall if they win initative

Ok. That makes sense. Seeing the outcome, even if at the end would still be entertaining.

I have always wanted to do this! I understand why builds are private, but why is combat private?

The Tick in the Barrel wrote:

Jovich & Salacious Crumb, I'm very sorry about the mixup - apparently I had too many tabs open at the time and got confused as to whose profile went with what submission. I'll post a new list tonight linking to your correct submissions, and add any new submissions as well.

No worries Tick, I realized that I used the same alias icon as Jovich. My apologies

ALLENDM wrote:
SalaciousCrumb wrote:
@ SD, how situational is the feat Combat Reflexes in your campaign? I've played in campaigns where it was very helpful and some where it was nearly useless.


It will have a major role in combat especially close quarters and large party combat where flanking and ganging up by groups can take place.

One thing I would add if you are curious what kind of campaign it will be look at the house rules. I am pretty cut and dry and I don’t hide much. The house rules, variant fighter, the feat tax reduction, flanking rules, the additions made to NPC warrior and thug, and that will tell you a lot. The addition on poisons, wound threshold, optional rules, and magic ( restrictions), as well the Rogue contact rules is also a big tell.


I just finished the house rules doc. It gave me ideas for about three other characters. Anyway, I have reworked Gorin and I am going to rework his background a bit to match the grittier feel of this campaign.

@ SD, how situational is the feat Combat Reflexes in your campaign? I've played in campaigns where it was very helpful and some where it was nearly useless.

ALLENDM wrote:
Gorin Ianhorn wrote:

@DM here is my background and avatar. Crunch to follow soon.

** spoiler omitted **...

Is Gorin a High Elf or Wood Elf?


I went High Elf, but I have a lot to rework tomorrow, including Keen senses and UC Rogue.

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These posts were very helpful. Thank you so much! I need to get shopping on these.

Hello, I am getting ready to run a table top game of Starfinder's first AP, Dead Suns. My group would like to use battle maps and miniatures. My question is which materials fit best with Dead Suns? Specifically the battle maps? Anything else that anyone could recommend would be helpful. Thanks in advance.

ALLENDM wrote:
Gorin Ianhorn wrote:
Hello SD here is my final submission for Gorin Ianhorn. Thanks for your time

What are Gorin's two Alternate High Elf Racial Traits?

Also you did see the adjustment in Keen Sense:
Keen Senses: Elves receive a +2 racial bonus on Perception checks. An elf who merely passes within 10 feet of a secret or concealed door is entitled to a search check to notice it as if she were actively looking for it. They can also sense the planet’s magnetic field, allowing them to use know direction at will.


Traits updated and WOW! I just now looked at all of your documents, Impressive! Takes me back to the AD and D books. I must admit that I was so worried about having a decent backstory that I didn't pay close attention to your house rule docs. Do I need to chaange to UC Rogue? I was trying to make a more simplistic character reminiscent of AD and D.

I need to update Keen senses and now I am wishing that I had time to read all of the docs before I created my character and Backstory. I typically make my backstory first and then do crunch to match.

D’ogryn Amaidar wrote:

This is Jovich's Submission. I am listed as having a character of Gorin Ianhorn, that is not mine.

D'ogryn is not finished but I started typing up the background (rough draft) first and then I will create the character to match the background. I am trying for a unique character that will give me some good role playing time and less roll playing time. Hoping to stay away from a min/max, broken munchkin character that seem to flood the boards in just about every game. LOL

Looking at an unchained rogue that uses daggers and will dip into cleric. His god will be Dalt, who is the Suel god of Portals, Doors, Enclosures, Locks, and Keys.

Gorin Ianhorn is my submission.still working on the crunch.

ALLENDM wrote:
SalaciousCrumb wrote:
I am making an elf rogue. Just to clarify, the max starting wealth is 75 gp for such a character.

You got it. Did you read over the doc for the contacts?


Yes. I just finished. Great doc. You have put together quite a nice string of docs. I had an idea for a flavorful character , but the backstory already had him involved in a number of situations. I agree that level one should mean relatively inexperienced and often young.

I am making an elf rogue. Just to clarify, the max starting wealth is 75 gp for such a character.

I miss the days when an elf could cast and fight within the same class.


Yes. Thanks for introducing me to the idea of this as well. Is it okay if I follow gameplay?


Dragonofashandflame wrote:
SalaciousCrumb wrote:

@GM Are you allowing small bits of iron to be manifested by the Ectoplasmic Trinket talent? I am asking as I am re-writing my background for a grittier feel.


@salacious: No, ectoplasmic trinket can’t make iron.

Ok. I was wondering to work it into my backstory.

Also, I cannot find a full picture of all of the Athan weapons. Do you know of a pdf that shows all of them?

@GM Are you allowing small bits of iron to be manifested by the Ectoplasmic Trinket talent? I am asking as I am re-writing my background for a grittier feel.


I feel like I may need to revisit Rune's background and flesh it out more. This campaign seems gritty, dark, brutal, and primitive. A very attractive setting to say the least. I would like to further augment the background if allowed to do so after submitting, but before selection.

avr wrote:
Exocortex or drone?


Working on a psychic warrior. Should be up tonight.

Good luck! Excited for the reveal.

4d6 ⇒ (5, 5, 6, 4) = 2016
4d6 ⇒ (2, 4, 6, 1) = 1312
4d6 ⇒ (6, 6, 5, 1) = 1817
4d6 ⇒ (5, 5, 6, 1) = 1716
4d6 ⇒ (6, 3, 6, 4) = 1916
4d6 ⇒ (2, 4, 6, 1) = 1312

Wow. I am compelled to create this character now.

@GM, do I get Athas racial ability adjustments on top of these stats.

3d8 ⇒ (1, 1, 7) = 9 Ectoplasmic Trinket

I would have to be really creative to survive this campaign!

Psychic Warrior- Dervish path. Cleric with air and travel domain sure looks attractive.

I have an idea for an orphaned psychic warrior who is brought before Nunshibar to interpret dreams. She has interpreted dreams in the past accurately, but purely by luck. I can work up a decent background, but I am struggling with the mechanics to accompany the background.

Originally, I thought about a cleric with the luck domain, but I don't think that it fits the character requirement. I could find a way to boost bluff, I guess. Any input?

DM Nex wrote:

I would say it’s free. You get to pick where it’s located before hand. Moving it after we start playing would cost,

At least that is how I read it.

Thank you

Yes. Thank you both.

@DM Nex stealth drone initial mod

It does state that Stealth Drone starts with a weapon mount. I believe that it has to be small arms though. I was ready core rulebook last night and I thought that I read something about needing two mounts for a longarm.

I am looking for helpful advice about which feat is best to select at 1st level for Ysoki Outlaw Mechanic build


I am looking for any advice on building ysoki outlaw mechanic, especially which feat to select at level 1.

Stuck between human scoundrel or ysoki mechanic

When is the deadline.