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James Jacobs wrote:
We WILL finally have a detailed global map though, which I'm very excited and relieved about! :P

Hi mr Jabobs. Probably is too early to reveal this information, buy I try the same :) will the map show the names of ALL the nations in Golarion?**

Hi! Can a Ki Mystic take the Extra Ki feat? I ask this because the Mystic's pool is not named "Ki Pool", so RAW it should be a different feature and this make it incompatible with the feat's prerequisite.
Thank you very much!

Animal growth+permanency?

Imho the paladin: better HD, proficient in heavy armors, a lot of immunities and with lay of hands can heal himself with a swift action.

Edit: Ninjaed.

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My 2 cents.
- +2 Dex, +2 Wis, -2 Con.
- Humanoid (hawkman).
- Speed 30 ft.
- Flight: A hawkman gains an extraordinary flight speed of 30 feet with average maneuverability. Until a hawkman is 5th level, he must end his movement on the ground at the end of each turn or fall. (As per dragonkin race).
- Low-light vision.
- +2 racial bonus to Perception and Survival checks.

Is too early to have a liiiiiittle spoiler about the lawful and neutral planetouched races?

Sorcerers gain bonus spell slots only for a high Charisma score.

Isabelle Lee wrote:
J4RH34D wrote:
Caleb Garofalo wrote:
A nature themed book and not even one illustration of a Catfolk. Much disappoint, such sad.

Yes... But there is a feat that lets you turn ANYONE into a catgirl if you want.

Orc catgirls? Sure.
Tangu catgirls? Sure (but what does that even look like?)
I think thats what the feat does at least.
I think it may also have mechanical benefits, just as a little icing on the cake. ^_^

What is the feat? :)

Is your interpretation. For example:
- Bear: On your body grows fur.
- Bull: Your muscles become bigger.
- Tiger: You have stripes.
- Stag: Your legs become longer
And so no.

Mmmm... Noob question: can I apply Improved Natural Attack to the shifter's claws?

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Thank you :) only another question: if you could design a new class all by yourself, what concept would you like to explore?

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Hi James. In your opinion, what are the best regions of Golarion to find rougarous, astomois, orang-pendaks and nayads?

Mark Seifter wrote:
Shifter's Edge had some issues in the process and is pending a hotfix FAQ once we can get the new FAQ page up. I'm actually surprised it took this long to come up. And that's the only FAQ topic we know of for the book so far! After the FAQ, it's basically Lethal Grace for a shifter's claws (and claw-augmented natural attacks), meaning Dex-based shifters that use Dex to hit and Str to damage can do some pretty big damage (1/2 level scaling up to +10 damage).

Hi Mark. My girlfriend want to play a Dex based shifter. So, regarding the shifter's edge feat, she could select it as her first level feat and gain benefits identical to lethal grace, right? Can we use the text of lethal grace as reference until the FAQ?

Are we sure that the shifter's aspects are based only on the hunter's foci? Because in the article "Force of Nature" seems that the shifter can turn himself in a deinonycus.

Asura vs Manasaputra?

KalDragon: In Bood of Fiends is said that tieflings can come from other humanoids, like halflings or elves. Simply the tieflings with human ancestors are che most common.

Thank you Marco! :)

Hi there! Does anyone know when the Paizo will announce the new modules?

Thanks for your answers! There is a FAQ that explains if only the physical change of feral focus is a polymorph effect?

Yeah, sorry.


Feral Focus (Su)

At 1st level, a feral hunter gains a limited ability to change her shape into hybrid animal forms. This functions as the animal focus class feature, except that the hunter always applies the animal aspect to herself, and there is no limit to this ability's duration. She can end this ability as a free action.

When a feral hunter uses this ability, her body takes on cosmetic aspects of an animal, such as furry skin, longer nails, elongated teeth, and oddly colored eyes; these changes do not grant her any abilities other than what is stated in the animal focus, and end when she takes on a different aspect or ends the ability. This physical change is a polymorph effect, though the effects of the animal focus are not.

This ability alters animal focus and replaces the hunter tactics and speak with master class abilities.

Hello to everyone! I have a question about the feral hunter archetype: can a feral hunter stay contemporary in feral focus and wild shape? Thanks in advance:)