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magnuskn wrote:
TOZ wrote:
This is the internet, is vehement opposition REALLY that surprising?
Actually, you are, once again, completely right. I could argue that water is wet and would get vehement oppositon from someone.

How dare you! I challenge you to a duel, sir!

I say, old chap! A shot of brandy will fix that right up!

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I say old boy, I can see your lighthouse!

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I say! You're doing it wrong! You need to have your pinky up thusly!

Geoffrey! Fetch some more tea, I dare say this is going to take awhile!

Geoffrey?... my word! Where is Geoffrey...

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I say!

Lord Foxglove said something about a bore hunt!

Am I to assume that's a misspelling!

It's not! Oh dear...

Jeffrey! Fetch our bags!

Yes! Of course we'll have tea first!

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I say! I scoff at that, good sir!

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My word Charles tell Jeffrey to tell Jeeves to tell misses McGravely, we simply can't stay here another moment!... are.. are those hounds I hear?.. But young master Foxglove gave us his word these woods were quiet..

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My word! This place is more desolate then the queen's knickers! Egads! We can't have tea here, wot wot!

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Crumpets! We call biscuits Crumpets! We have them with tea, and civility, something you uncivilized heathen colonists wouldn't recognize if it bit you in your holly jolly arse, wot wot!

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Shivok wrote:
A night at Foxglove Manor!!!

I say my boy!

Have you been to Foxglove Manor, that place is f+!$ed up!

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My word! these woods are thick!... are... are those hounds i hear... I say!... where'd Charles go?...

I say! I might've gone too far foreshadowing a certain NPC in Rise of the Runelords, but it's not my fault really, Tangent101's typo gave me the idea of hunting Bores instead of boars, also I blame that Ice-T movie from back in the day, not to mention my parent's habit of associating with college professors, really everyone but me :-)

My word! Ol' Chap,

It'll be nice again, just needs a bit of elbow grease is all, now where's Jeeves with the tea and crumpets, it's been hours and good Lord Foxglove has yet to return as promised, I fear soon we shall have to strike out on our own...

I say!

Am I going have to bust the Bores of Tickwood to get you people in line, I'm a little rusty and I have no idea where Charles has gone off to but what the hell I'll give it an old Oxford go at it wut wut.

I say ol' chap!
My instability runs deeper then aliases:-D

Simon Legrande wrote:
captain yesterday wrote:
You were right this thread has gotten off its original light hearted intention, which almost never happens on the internet....
Well the good news is, you and KC showing up to start throwing nonsense at each other is usually the herald of the end of a thread. So there's that.

I assure you good sir my nonsense hasn't even begun!

I say!

What we need is a good old fashioned Fox Hunt!

Alas we've been holed up in this cabin in the Tickwood and good Lord Foxglove hasn't returned with the supplies he promise.

I fear soon we'll have to brave the woods.... My word!... Are those hounds I hear.....

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I say!
Where has Charles gone off to, we sent him out with Jeffrey and the Good Lord Foxglove for more tea nearly three hours ago, but that was before the storm!

My word!
I don't want to be ungrateful, its just with the Scones gone and the tea drying up I've only now noticed how odd Foxglove's coastal fixer upper feels... I say!... are those birds watching us....

I assure you my boy, I haven't even begun to derail this thread :-)
Besides Liz has been deleting my posts today, so entirely different person to apologize to :-)

edit: 53 aliases, only 68 more to pass Orthos:-)

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By jove! i've been looking for a +1 Ogre Hook to hang over the Lou in my summer cottage

I say!
what you all need is a good old fashioned Bore Hunt!
i hear Gentleman Foxglove has a charming old house by the Sea, a bit of a fixer-upper i've heard, but its a good thing we brought Jeffrey along wot wot!

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I Say!
things are getting testy now arent they! Whats needed here is a spot of Tea to calm the nerves

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S. Charles Higginbotham III wrote:
captain yesterday wrote:


i get to derail my own thread:D
By Jove, you're living the high life now, aren't you old chum?

Egads Charles, you've aged..... well.

i say! what you need is a good ole fashioned hunt!
what say you we go out and turn the tables on that Dastardly villain Foxglove!
just as long as we're back for evening tea that is, no need to be uncivilized after all wot wot!

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Egads! Why does this always happen on a friday!
i say, i seriously need to review my hunting schedule....

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well thats a relief!
for a minute I was afraid it twas the Curr Foxglove again, ready to finish The Hunt, but I wont go without a fight wot, wot! And Tea, one cant run thru the woods madly without a spot of Tea, where's Jeffrey now....

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I say!
did somebody say "Derailment"?
Egads! that is a Ghastly sight now isn't it!
a cup of Tea perhaps, maybe a crumpet?

I say, are those Hounds i hear......

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My word! I can fill up 40+ posts with inane drivel with my monocle off!
But that would cut into tea time and Jeffrey's already scheduled a lovely match of cricket in the morn wot wot!

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my Avatar says i'm fond of Tea Time, as well as Fox Hunts and exclaiming "My Word!" and "Indeed!" or "good show Jeffrey!!" maybe a "wot wot" here or there.

Distant Worlds, anything less is uncivilized and i won't hear of it!

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I say!

first The Misgivings, then its the Theater, next its "The Trial of the Century", a Bordello, and to top it all off now a Masquerade Ball!

isn't there an event where a sophisticated chap such as myself won't be Offed by Sir Richard Pett!
nervous laugh, followed by quick glances towards the shadows
if i didn't know better i 'd say he's Trying to kill of his countrymen, but thats preposterous i say!

I say!
it seems i've been a bit of Scamp, dreadfully sorry! Cheerio then!