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Rise of the Runelords

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Well with winter creeping into the upper midwest our 700 sq ft house is going to feel really small, it only gets worse if you add a bunch of baggage and sour grapes into the mix, best to keep it positive I always say:)

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The Last Dance
As the interrogation of the sky giants continued and willing answers and compliance followed the troupe allowed them to flee to safety. I assisted in cataloging our foes finery, checked about for hidden rooms and the like and settled for a moment to collect my thoughts. I penned another entry into my journal to recalling the accounts of the troupe. When all were ready to move we started off in the direction from which the black rune-ed giant and his entourage had come. Duh’rock and I had taken lead position in the long curved hallway. Scouting ahead we came across a faint arcane mark resembling the one I had witnessed following the destruction Karzoug’s image previously. Duh’rock engaged it before Kori’el could spy about with it causing her much consternation. This cleared the passage for us up to an entrance to what can only be described as a barracks for an army. Many doors lined both sides of this curved room and they were easily opened. They were also very ornately crafted with images of a grand army. We slowly walked the length of the barracks until we came to an immense golden statue of Karzoug with hands out stretched as if holding something. Also we found a structure facing the statue of a more Tian design, easily a two story structure. The troupe split with half going the long way around and the rest of us creeping in from the near side. Kori’el and I walked to the opening to peer inside to find a massive golden sarcophagus….and that is when a massive beast pounced from the darkness above tearing into both of us in a blurry gnash of teeth, claws and whatever else it had at its disposal. After such a sound drubbing I leapt to safety out of the doorway. As the troupe ran to our rescue I saw Kori’el standing motionless in the door and watched her take another vicious assault as the beast squeezed from the building. While horrified by the onslaught of the beast upon her… a small, very tiny, miniscule pixie sparkle took the briefest moment of satisfaction from it…and the “debt” was paid. I lay in wait as the troupe descended on the creature like a swarm of bees! No discernible points of interest were located other than enormous masses of gold!

Duh’rock notified the troupe the exit from the room was guarded by a magical barrier along the entire length of the wall on which the door was positioned. After all were once again in fit and ready we probed the wall for a way to pass. Suddenly Kori’el threw a green arcane bolt at the barrier that ricocheted back sending her to the floor. (Snicker…GRIN) Returning to our investigative approach it was found that bashing it would suffice to remove it, but it had a regenerative property. So the second time it was removed, before it regenerated into a solid barrier the troupe decided to converse at length as to whether we should stop to rest as everyone was getting tired and had expended their powers…RUBBISH! I opened the door and went in. we entered another great open room with wide pillars along the outer walls and an enormous golden ball with flames licking its exterior with light emanating vertically from the top. Stairs and a platform stretched out over the giant sphere and into the column of light. However the room was also occupied by three sky giants and a huge lamia. The fight was on! In quick order two of the Giants for themselves standing in hot tar, GrAnnie was dead and Kori’el was nowhere to be seen. Rikert flew over a whirling barrier of blades and was sent back through it without his wings! WHOA! Duh’rock unloaded on the giants in the tar and I took shots as opportunity presented. As we advanced to the right I saw Frederick, Sheldor, Xandu and Kori’el beyond the barrier. Then the Lamia appeared from behind the golden ball to assist the lone giant being assaulted by the troupe. As I passed the last pillar an explosion of light and arcane discharge filled the area upon which I advanced. I peeked around the pillar and loosed Annie on the hind quarters of the Lamia who returned the favor by blinding me….@!^%$#!!! Resigning from sight, I backed to the wall and returned to the doorway….. that was partially obstructed by a rough stone column now??? Suddenly Xandu was rubbing… believe it or not…. my eyes...he does know where they are! Once again I could see! So I followed Duh’rock and loosed Annie after he unleashed his torrent on a giant, and one by one they were dispatched in quick order. The Lamia too fell in quick order as the tide was turned. Then with wall of knives reclaimed we advanced to find Kori’el….well we found her stuff but she was gone! “Where?” then it was explained that she was destroyed completely and that the usual methods of retrieving someone at our disposal would not suffice. EGADS!!! I didn’t wish this on her nor would I on anyone else...well maybe Karzoug, but she was just… poof…. gone! Huh!!! GREAT, here we are knocking on numb nuggets chamber door and the troupe is short two of the original nine. Time to put on the big girl pants I guess?

We all concurred to take a rest at this point to refresh and rearm before the next engagement. While others discussed the fabric of time and space, how to bring Kori’el back from the ether, I worked on drawings of the rooms, giants and images that lingered in my head of our time in Xin-Shalast and our mountain top escapade. After cataloging each drawing I sat for one more. The picture was of the troupe seated at our table at the Red Dragon Inn. I penned the troupe as it is, with the late members around also in good humor, and Ameiko petting the mutt. When I finished I looked at it for a long while and realized I was singing softly the songs we would sing when we were together and in good spirits. I miss Barus’s stinky feet, the witty banter of Lucien and Uther, Lynn’s dour aloofness, Annie’s intensity, Ramad’s desire for knowledge, Simon’s cranky devotion, and Kroi’el’s ferocity. Then as I rolled them up and secured them in my fancy locked scroll tube. I day dreamed and hoped to raise my puppy, to see my room, to feel the sun on my skin as I lay on the warm sandy beach….at home!

As we were shunted from GrAnnies cozy realm, I had this strange feeling that somewhere in time dimensionally we had a common bond with other troupers, jumping from a place of relative safety into the fight of our time, reality, and lives, and if we were successful saving the world, few would know and many of them wouldn’t care. We hit the ground and lined up on the structure adjacent to the golden fiery orb. Frederick went first. He warned us of the vertigo and after a few attempts at trying to activate a portal leapt off the platform striking the orb and turning to ash…..EGADS! Duh’rock followed…GULP! Xandu was next, and he paused, and waited, inspected, and observed, as soon as he shared that he was witnessing something resembling our troupe-mates I leapt myself. Mostly to provide relief to those who went before as I have experienced waiting on the cavalry to arrive in a similar situation, and also to relieve myself of the unnerving vertigo! Prior to making contact I realized this was feast or famine…and the feast was rotten….VVVVVVWOMP!

I landed awkwardly in the sparkly effect of witchery used commonly by GrAnnie. I used the trick Annie taught me to avoid it and it worked! I heard and felt a gust of wind from wings and the smell of dragon was upon it. I peered through the glitter to see the color blue and leapt as it lunged releasing a cascade of lightning. Then I spied a sky giant preparing to launch lightning as well. Lunging towards a pillar I avoided that one too only to hear the words of final release from the opposite side of this cavern intent on repeating the same sorcery. Rolling away from it I reconnoitered the room quickly, single sky giants high to either side, a dragon immediately left, a rune giant beyond a transparent wall and “THE MARK” flitting about behind him in green robes. I saw Frederick moving over lava in his dust form but no sign of Duh’rock…EGADS! Just then Xandu arrives and of all times to take a hit for the team he succumbs to GrAnnie’s favorite sparkle spell!! UGH! It is at this moment I see the Grand Poobah expose himself…err…creep from his defilade position to engage Fredrick. (GRIN!) Annie was once again effortlessly in firing position and though I had to adjust for distance, I let her sound off with full report sending a digger into his gutsack. “That should keep you busy for a second.” As I reloaded I noticed I was trapped on a circle of stone with the access blocked, Lava all around, a blind priest and ….”SNAKE”!!!!....!?!?!?

Woo hoo!

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In my ramblings, I have made a "friend" of Death. Perhaps He would allow one little favor. At what cost????

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Rikert Krupt – Paladin of Iomedae

I took a moment to regather my wits before moving along the blade barrier wall in an attempt to find a place to pass through it unharmed.

I could see Kori'el and some of the others still fighting on the opposite side of the barrier. Davok and the rest were still firing into the combat through the wall of blades.

Finding no easy access point around the barrier, I once again called upon Iomedae's power to assume the angelic form and used the wings to fly over the blades. I launched myself into combat against one of the remaining giants and managed to land solid strike before being knocked down again. This time I stayed there rather than trying to rise and used Iomedae's blessing to allow my friends to smite our enemy. Her power coursed through the others near me and they were able to finish off the giant. Shortly after, the giant lamia also was killed.

During the course of the battle, Kori'el was struck by a powerful necromantic spell from the lamia and was completely destroyed. All that was left of her was her weapons and armor. The black blade was now just a normal rapier. I don't know if Xandu will be able to find a way to restore her to us for the final battle, but I'm sure he will do everything within his power to make it so.

The survivors rested and healed ourselves as much as possible and then sought shelter in the magical dimension Mother Not summoned.

The recent fights had completely exhausted all of us and we quickly fell asleep now that we were out of immediate danger.

After resting for many hours, we returned again to the real world and began to investigate the strange metal objects in the room. The large, metal sphere seemed to be the most important piece, so the group spent a while studying it thoroughly. Friedrich and the others eventually determined that the opening on top seemed to be some type of portal device that created a gate to another area.

We formed a line behind Davok and Friedrich and one-by-one began to step (fall?) down into the portal...

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I have not come this far, THIS FAR, to watch my friends die, to have witnessed the evil I have witnessed, to have committed unforgivable acts, all in pursuit of THIS FOE only to surrender or succumb! NO! I deny that. We have faced odds as great as this before and not abandoned hope.

...Eternal Rose, matron of all things beautiful, guide us in this hour of great purpose, bestow upon us your blessings that we may be victorious in pursuit of the that which was laid before us. Deliver our troupe from this day to live in happiness and peace in your glorious grace and charm....


Now then, fight, fornicate or dance, I'm good at all three! picked poorly...err...YA!

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Aargh! Don't you guys play Tuesday nights!?!?!

It sounds like the fight isn't going well, but you haven't played it yet!

You're just enjoying tormenting us, aren't you?

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considering they've been going for over 2 years i think they've earned the right to milk the end:D

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They're not deliberately tormenting us. They just have to drag it out for another 43 posts (42 now).
EDIT: 41

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Captain Yesterday and I can fill that space in 15 minutes or less.

"Oh Reginald..."

Oh, never mind. I'll let them have their gory glory!

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My word! I can fill up 40+ posts with inane drivel with my monocle off!
But that would cut into tea time and Jeffrey's already scheduled a lovely match of cricket in the morn wot wot!

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Tick tick tick tick...

LOL With all the dead I don't know who will be able to post. Bwahaha

The posts are coming I'm sure. It may be morning as we went a little long.

Scarab Sages

Friederich, DRT, RIP.

Scarab Sages

Sheldor, DRT, RIP.

Scarab Sages

Rune Giant, DRT, RIP (friendly fire).

Scarab Sages

Xandu, DRT, RIP.

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Egads! it turned into a horror story, and still 3 weeks until halloween!

Grand Lodge

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Ah, yes. 2 years later and we have finally reached the end. Holy hell, that was a long campaign. I have no idea how Xandu does it, since he is the one that always ran home brew games for us all over the years.

So I'll go into the semi-nitty gritty and give a quick summary of what happened since I have been absent from posting for a long while. Work and real life have managed to repeatedly punch be in the junk for the past few months.

The group after receiving enough Sihedron medallions/rings to make it up to the Pinnacle started their investigation/assault in grand form. We ended up having a multiple week brawl at the front door with the four advanced (advanced, double advanced for your pleasure) cloud giants. With Advanced Viorian and her three advanced x2 storm giants arriving around turn 6 of the previous fight along with the Advanced Rune Giant and his four advanced x2 cloud giants at the same time. That was a rather intense and protracted fight that ended up seeing Sheldor die if I remember right.

From their the group moved to X13 and the Rune Giant Cells and then took the outside arc of the room all the way up to the sarcophagus and the Advanced Shemahzian demon, who was in fact invisible and waiting inside the pagoda room since he could make a perception check. Fun fact, Khalib lives because of poor dice rolls. I rolled two consecutive 1s on his perception checks to hear the altercation with the demon and the eventual fight with an Advanced Ceoptra and her three advanced x2 storm giants (another change I had made from cloud giants). So he never came to the rescue or arrived at the back of the beleaguered party and rained on their parade while fighting Ceoptra.

The fight with the demon, I think saw Koriel fall and someone else, Grrrannie I believe. I know Moxie was close as well. That thing is horrifyingly powerful in close combat out of the gate, especially when it rolls a high initiative and gets to attack twice before the players get their wits about them.

The fight with Ceoptra was also painful seeing Koriel fall and a crap load of damage being poured into the party. Using Blade Barrier she had walled off their entrance other than flying over the wall, but even then the giants using Vital Strike to massive effectiveness I think gave the party some pause. The fact that they threaten on a 17+ means they are beyond deadly, but I sadly only ever rolled one threat with them in all their fights. I think it was Friedrich who took that one to the face.

We also did retcon the revival of Koriel as Nobodyshome had pointed out to me that we should have 1 scroll of true resurrection. Digging through Lynns character sheets we found all of the scrolls that he had picked up but if I remember right, we had never doled them out. That was one of our transition periods with a lot of downtime and they got lost in the shuffle and then the player had left the game. So, I had the scrolls transferred to Xandu as they were mostly divine spells and he would have been given them by Lynn.

Their entrance into the actual Eye was humorous as they all just stood around at the top of the orb looking about, some with vertigo from being on the walkway. Friedrich couldn't figure out how to activate the portal so he said he stepped off onto the orb. Well, that is one way to come into contact with the flame so . . . he burned up to ash. This caused a minor pause in the party until Davok did the same. Because of their "arrival method" I had all the players that made the Fortitude check come through unstunned but were unable to act as they sort of fell into the Eye after tumbling down the Anima Focus. So full AC, etc. but unable to act.

Their apparent deaths caused the group to hesitate a moment until Xandu was able to make out a very fuzzy image of what "could be" Davok and Friedrich in the portal view. He made a helluva Perception. With that confirmed the group stepped onto the orb one after the other. So every character arrived a subsequent round later.

The fight with Karzoug went relatively quick, as others have noted. I will say, why say the guy casts cloud kill and then give him a ray spell for the next round when he can't see them in the cloud? So some creative uses of force walls, and prismatic walls I tried to herd the party in the direction I wanted them to go but they found ways around it. Fun events was the Crushing Hand that caught the dust form, flying Friedrich and started giving him a bad day. Force effects are the bomb (no pun intended). And the other was the Baleful Polymorph on Davok that turned him into a snake. (I will say that there could be an argument against how that happened but I will say this. If I tell someone to make a save and you have modifiers to said save, you should ask if they come into play. That said, I didn't say it was a transmutation effect until after he had rolled the dice because I wasn't thinking about the fact he had a bonus to that particular save. Yes he could have absorbed it with his dominate weapon, but I had already said you either say you are absorbing the spell or you roll the dice, not both.) I think the Shower of Sparks from the Rune Giant and a lighting breath attack from the dragon dropped Sheldor as soon as he arrived through the portal and messed up Xandu and Moxie.

Moxie had hit Karzoug with a Burrowing Bullet which was making him have a bad day but in the end he just kept casting rather than move and cast. He got hammered by Friedrich and his bombs so in a fit of rage he targeted him with Wail of the Banshee. That killed Friedrich, and as a free action he cancelled his Crushing Hand spell. I gave the party one round to save the body of Friedrich before it hit the lava below. The problem was the Rune Giant was also in the blast radius and Karzoug ended up killing his Rune Giant, freeing the two Storm Giants. The next round Moxie had activated her summon of Grignak (the elder earth elemental, with a one year cool down) and brought him on Karzoug. Because of where the Eye is located I had Moxie roll a d20, with a 16+ being needed to get him there. Moxie rolled a nat 20. As it turns out this probably saved a few more lives as he failed to cast wish with a failed concentration check and was then pummeled to death from the elemental and Rikert. The only other change I had made other than advancing Karzoug was I gave him two Wails and one Wish. He used the second Wail on Sheldor and Rikert, killing Sheldor and Rikert doesn't fail at saves . . . ever.
It came down to a quick fight against the dragon as being the only target left and it managed to kill Xandu and almost killed Moxie before the party brought it down.

Super loot and narrative gloss over of text had everyone return to life after destroying the Soul Lens (although wouldn't that have brought Karzoug back to life as well?) and afflictions removed. In the end the lord mayor of Magnimar gave each character an honorary nobles title and much as the book describes, the party saving lower Varisia from a giant invasion is all they are really known for. Although there are NPCs that know better.

So as a GM what can I say about RotRL? It was a blast and I enjoyed running it. Herding 8-9 cats is NOT easy especially while trying to make it challenging. I have learned ALOT about the rules, most of them I thought I had known but was wrong. I wish we could have had a little more time for the RP within the game but settled for out of game RP in stories/journals. I would run again if the occasion calls for it, but would need my real life to calm down a bit so I could devote some more time to researching the game as a whole. Finding info needed for book 2 in book 6 for example. The players seemed to enjoy it and the fact we did the campaign in 2 years, to the month, is pretty cool.

I hope those outside the game that have been reading the journal enjoyed their time reading of our chaos and tom-foolery. Next up is a game being run by Xandu set in Magnimar (at least at the start and as kids). If I can keep a journal I will and will direct those that are interested in our exploits to that particular forum.

Thanks for reading this madness, hopefully no actual IQ were harmed in the reading of this post.

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On behalf of all Skulks, I salute all of you!

Thanks for the time you all put into these journals. I'll keep lurking around. Maybe I see you in Magnimar then :)

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Huzzah and hoorays for all!

Now that you're done, if you want to waste many, many hours of your life, I can shamelessly point you to my players' experiences in the very same campaign.

I personally love reading other people's campaign journals (you might have guessed), so I like to point people at mine as well.

Looking forward to seeing final write-ups.

I also made my players post "most favorite" and "least favorite" moments -- that was a blast as well.

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Wow. Moxie? *stands up and applauds* That was 20 levels of awesome and the most perfect timing of a die roll ever. :)

I've been learning a lot about Pathfinder while running two campaigns myself. I will admit that one player in particular has truly forced me to start triple-checking rules and reading up on stuff - and also how limited the rules are in places (like is the Intimidate skill a mind-affecting effect? I've a Sorceress who at 11th level could successfully intimidate Karzoug on a 3, and needs under a 10 to intimidate any other critter in the Runelords book including Black Magga - the sorceress stands under 5 feet in height and is a willowy blonde. Which I suppose is even more intimidating!)

That said, this final battle was hilarious. I love the fact Karzoug sealed his own fate with a friendly-fire incident on his Rune Giant. (Surprised you didn't double the number of foes so to have two Rune Giants... but it might have been overkill from the sounds of things.)

Well done, heroes. I look forward to reading the final write-ups. And I'll miss this band of adventurers, though they are getting a well-deserved rest. At least until they head to the Worldwound and take on a demonic army! ;)

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Tangent101 wrote:
.... At least until they head to the Worldwound and take on a demonic army! ;)

But...but WAIT! What about girls month???

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Rest assured, dear Moxie, we must do Girls' Month first.

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And to think I never would've discovered you guys if I hadnt mistaken NobodysHome reference of Xandu for Xanderghul:)
congrats on the successful journey and yes, cant wait to hear more from your merry band of adventurers, whenever that begins:)

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captain yesterday wrote:
And to think I never would've discovered you guys if I hadnt mistaken NobodysHome reference of Xandu for Xanderghul

Honestly, we've all been suspicious of that coincidence for a LONG time ... especially when Xandu HEALED one of the enemy dragons in an attempt to earn it's friendship!

Bad Xandu! ;)

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That is one reason that I wear a piece of that creature openly, as a subtle (?) reminder to him of... WHAT NOT TO DO!

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...and Khalib tiptoes very quietly out of the area and goes to open a little bookshop in Kaer Maga. He must have been sound asleep and wondered what had happened when he opened his door.

Anyway, congratulations etc., and many thanks for the journey.

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i've been trying for days now and i can't figure it out.
what does DRT mean?

i'm terribly bad when it comes to abbreviations you see, so sorry:)
you may heckle me if you want:)

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Death Respects Tentacles?
Don't Resurrect Tim?
Dolly Reaps Tulips?

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Deceased, Real Time.

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Mr. Yesterday (may I call you Mr. Yesterday?),

The urban dictionary is your friend:<whatever you want to look up>

I cheated and looked it up. Then I had to look up SMT from another thread.

These yoots and their crazy, crazy language!

In my day, we spoke plain English!

Oh... wait...

EDIT: And I prefer, "Died Really Trying".

More info than you ever want to know about NobodysHome's life:
So, our megacorporation decided to build "one application to rule them all", but didn't want to hire a bunch of new employees. So they went to every department and asked, "Do you have anyone you can spare?"

Cue an entire multi-thousand person division of a company built up from the phone sanitizers from the other divisions.

So guess what? Both the software and all its related documentation and training sucked.

So since we were the top-rated training department in the entire company, the VP requested (and got) us to 'fix things'. So we said, "OK, you need to do this, and that, and the other thing."

And of course, being phone sanitizers, they replied, "We don't do things that way here. You have to do things our way."

So we utterly ignored them, but we have to work with them. And every time a project fails, they tell us they were "trying", but couldn't make the deadline/get the software to work/figure out where their butts were with both hands in the dark.

So whenever my manager or I hear that someone is "trying", we giggle and wince at the same time.

So "Died Really Trying" really hits home for me.

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Edit: Capt. consider yourself heckled...Sir! (Salute & wink)

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Argh!.... Can't derail on corporate clusterf#&*s.... Wife worked for Mattel and the DMV so I get a front row seat:)

i once built a wall where the guy had us keep the previous wall in case he didnt like the new one & wanted the old one rebuilt

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That hurts my brain, Cap.

Of course, I am currently starting to rebuild a bathroom after having stripped it to the studs, ceiling supports, and the wood for the floor (and reinforced THAT with thick plywood so it would be even) so the whole concept of "keeping a wall in case the old one is rebuilt" just... *twitches* I want to hurt something.

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it should be noted it was outside:)
an 8 foot tall wall that wrapped all around his house, usually we'd go in tear all the old blocks out (each block weighing 120 lbs) throw it in a big ass pile and get to building the new one.
but we had to meticulously pull it all out, stack it up, put it on a truck and drive it 15 miles to a storage yard and then build the new wall *sigh* so yeah i know a thing or two of what you're going thru Nobodyshome:)

i also built a pebble mosaic in seattle in the middle of winter, so there i was, 8 hours a day, hunched over in the rain putting pebble after pebble into this mosaic (it was a blue stone walk where we cut out the inside to resemble a river and made the pebbles to look like the current, and me being the artistic type put some fish and a plesiosaurus in there:)

edit: i can also turn any boulder into a fountain in less then 8 hours:)

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NobodysHome wrote:
Mr. Yesterday (may I call you Mr. Yesterday?)

just don't call me Shirley:D

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Hey, I'm just mostly dead. It has been a lot of fun. I'm off to Knob Creek, KY for the weekend so I probably won't get a journal entry in but hopefully I'll get one done just to finish it off. There will be songs written and sung. Stop laughing, Moxie will sing not me.

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Nothing to read yet but I started the new thread.
A Child's Nightmare

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my god Sam hasn't aged well for his age;)
didn't want to derail the Bios so i'm saying it here:)
sounds awesome and ambitious! you certainly picked the right city:)
love Sam's Bio btw:)

Grand Lodge

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That thread is as open as this one was/is Capt. :D

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i figured i just didn't want to butt into it while the bio's are going up, especially with inane cracks about how old the avatar is in relation to the character bio being told :p

not to worry tho my inanity is boundless so i'll definitely be checking it out

seriously sounds like a campaign i'd Love to play in, you guys rule!
i do have questions but i'll save them for a little while:)

Grand Lodge

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Well, to maybe assuage a few of questions, we all rolled 1d8 for stats, putting the numbers where we wanted. We get to add our racial bonus(s) to whatever stat we want that to be in. From there we choose the rogue skill tree and get 8 skill ranks, ignoring any stat modifiers to decrease the number of skill ranks, and also gain our racial skill rank if we are human. From there we are given 1 feat that is a gimme (but you still have to meet the requirements for) and your racial feat if there is one. And we get max rogue hit points, without the reduction for a low Con. Thats it.

From here we will take the narrative hiatus and return home as a first level whatever. In the end we are +1 feat, +8 hps and +8 skill ranks. Game breaking? No, but a nice bonus none the less.

Scarab Sages

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Sam is me. I figured the Uther avatar was more appropriate than this one.

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So you start with scores ranging from 1-8 (or 10 if racial modifiers are used at such young age)
after you reach adulthood is there a plan? (or a PlanB, sorry had to;)
are these house rules or is it from Ultimate Campaign?

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I just assumed he's got an old soul:)

Grand Lodge

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Nah, all house rules. Not sure how exactly we are going to change our stats when we are adults. Its what we call "Lexified." Lex being Lint. Assumption is add 10, but . . . its Captain Monkeywrench (another moniker he has).

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Well sounds fun:)
i especially like the nicknames, the whole campaign reminds me of Stand By Me (assuming thats the movie based on stephen king short story starring the coreys and not the maculay culkin summer tragedy flick)
good stuff:)

Scarab Sages

The Macaulay Culkin summer tragedy flick was "My Girl" not Stand By Me.

Scarab Sages

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Aaaaand 1000!

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