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Dudemeister, the Guantlets of the Darkmaster have an odd text line.

"the shield emits supernatural darkness in a 10 ft radius, darkness in a 20 ft radius and dim light in a 40 ft radius."

This sounds like an inversion of the Lightmaster Gauntlets shield posted right above, but while the Lightmaster says it makes a shield, the Darkmaster says "the gauntlet generates a one handed thrown of the wielder's choice each round."

Is there missing details on it being able to make a shield also?

Thanks for all your work shared btw. My group is on the verge of Book 5 now, in their intermission year between book 4 and 5 so i am getting my ducks lined up.


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On a tangent, i totally sidetracked this read into Gurren Lagann memories with the Spiral and Anti-Spiral on the cosmic scale.

Was it only me?

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Appreciate the info shared here, thanks again(dotting)

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dotting. also thanks as always for your shared work and ideas!

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A very nice rhyme creation. My group has just hit Book 4 and i'm going to seed this to them soon. Thanks for the share!

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Played since redbox(1e), and editions are a feature of the hobby. Dnd/PF has not been my only system and i'm ok with this.

I hope the new edition brings more changes i like then ones i don't, but i will check it out.

3.5 to PF i overall liked, hopefully after more is revealed the same will be true here.

I was very worried about backwards compatability during that change, i understand why people post about it this time too. I don't use a single 3.5 product in my PF games these days however, i am amused at myself in hindsight.

(p.s., i also have thousands of dollars invested in content, moreso when rolling back to earlier editions)

I consider being flat footed as not being aware of the attack. If Blindfighting prevents that condition in this case, the reactives would be allowed. Martials do get nice things sometimes. ;)

When you pick the mounts known tricks, combat training has a specific set that makes it qualify. (under handle animal-tricks-combat training)

No, undead as a general Type are immune, mindless or not.

I'm posting again to +1 another persons Galaxy Rangers entry.

Loved that show.

Telepathy (Su)(all demons)

The creature can mentally communicate with any other creature within a certain range (specified in the creature’s entry, usually 100 feet) that has a language. It is possible to address multiple creatures at once telepathically, although maintaining a telepathic conversation with more than one creature at a time is just as difficult as simultaneously speaking and listening to multiple people at the same time.

Note it isn't restricted to what languages you know.

Greylurker wrote:
Yeah Greatest American Hero is confirmed as being remade, with a gender swap from what I've heard


Iron Gods is set in Numeria which is basically like Thundar the Barbarian land.(old cartoon)
It is perfect for Gamma World if any are.

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Greatest American Hero

Bionic Six


I'm feeling old.

Wealth, power, influence, prestige, domination, vengeance, security are a few off the top of my head.

The basic druid even without an animal companion is pretty strong and flexible. Your Race and Nature Bond choice do not make them poor in a vacuum.

mumble mumble. hindsight shows me this was a starfinder thread. sorry bout that.

'ac vs combat maneuvers' is a passive constant bonus(assuming you mean things like some favored class options), and since they don't require an action there is no reason they wouldn't stack.

I started to type out how i handle it for my group, then realized that would be advice/homebrew and not Rules Question strictly. So...i'll just echo what Starglim said above.

Monstrous Physique spell line can get it i think.

For a home game(not PFS) i would feel fine with it as a decision. (i'm the DM)

By RAW, neither of those have that descriptor, so would work normally.

For comparison, look at the Graveknight bestiary entry and read 'sacrilgeous Aura' which calls out healing spells and chanelling.

Just to point out, the snake starts at Int 1, not 2. That means it would need two stat bumps to get to the Int 3 and 'any feat access'

Spell Research if your DM allows.

Using the Magus Arcana as a competitive point, i would make it a +1 Metamagic feat. Keeps the Magus Arcana useful, and has uses beyond it.(magus arcana only works on range close, meta feat would change any range to touch)

edit: even changing elemental damage from base type to another is a +1 metamagic, so i feel comfortable with this suggestion. If your build/playstyle would make use of it, it's worth the +1.

I see no issue with doing so at all if the player wants that choice.

My group geerally works together for loot split.

- If multiple people want item X, they generally roll off for it.
- If the item is an AC item, mellee tends to be deferred for.
- Big 6 items when upgraded tend to hand-me-down the previous to another PC if it would benefit them.
- If you gained an item already from that loot split, you don't roll against another PC who hasn't yet.
- Anything leftover is sold and split evenly.

Sometimes this means a character may not get an item for a few sessions, and other times they can get a couple. My group is ok with this aspect.

Hmm, these remind me a lot of the map tiles when 4E did the heavy miniatures combat focus.

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Well. You're firmly in homebrew/houserule territory by default as its not RAW supported. Was your group told that you would be doing punitive arbitration on critical failures when they joined/sat down to start the campaign? If so, they need to understand/accept that you will be changing things to facilitate.

Correlation question. Say the jumper had a ring of feather fall and fumbled the acrobatics check. Would he take damage of some kind also? If not, you may wish to rethink this specific instance.

Nothing wrong with house rules to change the base game, as long as everyone is on the same page.

Deadly Juggernaut can be useful as well, but is campaign situational in usefulness i'd say.

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While many of the ones listed above by others were ones i read during my childhood,i think the earliest i can recall may have been one of the original Choose Your Own Adventure books. This catapulted me into a serious book binge, collecting them, TSR's Endless Quests, Lone Wolf, and many others along that line. I also voraciously devoured close to every single novel in my local library's science fiction section. Even singling out favorites would be a huge list.

Wonderful memories however, and just sitting here recalling even a fraction of the titles makes me smile. Thanks for this thread.

i was just paralleling the 'boogeyman to the underworld'(heck the villain actually specifically calls him that early on.) there's more then revenge at the first half of the second one.

That being said, i see what you are saying with the rest.

phantom1592 wrote:

I'd love to see a Punisher movie seen from the eyes of the Mob bosses. I'd treat him like a cross between a boogeyman and the terminator. He's coming for you. He knows your secrets. You can't hide... You can't kill him... He has no mercy...

so...John Wick?

I'd suggest using the bonuses for classed npcs/monsters, although since NPC wealth is lower then equivalent PC wealth, i'd make their effective level for bonus progression lower as well.

With inherent progression, you 'could' remove spells like GMW, shield of faith, etc. but since they overlap and not straight add, leaving them as-is probably wouldn't break anything.

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Mammoth eh, well there's always magic. fly spell on the mount instead of on you by party caster. There's the spell that temp turns an AC into a figurine.(carry companion) Even spider climb, though its a funny visual. ask DM about variant making horseshoes of the zephyr in the long run. Is actually easier the higher level it gets, because more and more spells open up. Also your mammoth is going to tank your groups possible use of teleport, unless you use bypass shenanigans(again carry companion, etc)

All that being said, i loved the AP, so good luck in it!

Perhaps baseline from the Roc, and swap in your specials.

It feels like in several places it doesn't follow how animal companions grow. Size growth for one, they have an option to stay same size and take a stat boost, but by default an AV will typically have a size boost.

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Probably? I'd also suggest you put a few skill points in the mount's swim skill. Theres a lot of water in that AP.

At some point you will want a way to get the mount up and down climbs as well, through whatever method you choose.

(I GM'd it)

Theres a lot of indoors in Savage Tide. While some sections will have a hefty amount of outdoors(isle of dread for example). You could use the undersized mount options to use a medium mount if desired. Large mounts(like animal companions) do get cramped in various dungeoncrawls.

I believe it is a 1 hour edit window. Many people with brainstorm threads just make successive posts sometimes with a keyword 'header' to help organize at a glance.

I don't see a problem with your idea per se, btw.

Mike Shel wrote:
Help! Bob has me tied up in his basement!

It's for your own good sir. The world outside is dangerous, see how everyone was quick to assume you were dead? You can thank bob for taking care of you to such a complete degree and he doesn't even qualify for an extra tax break for his efforts and additional expenses!

Glad to hear of this new endeavor, i'll check it out!

I miss my variety. It feels like my current group overall only has d20 as their comfort zone. I've in the past ran games, campaigns, and one shots for more then a dozen other systems and settings. Le Sigh.

Hero System
Eclipse Phase
Powers and Perils


It's definitely better then no game however, and at least they are good people.

Carnival of Tears is another poster child for gore. (Module though, not an AP. i DID drop it into my Kingmaker game however,)

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You could allow knowledge checks of the appropriate type on the 2 monsters to 'realize one is too powerful for the effect' if you desire to help hedge their guess.

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There are several things i liked in this book. (Really i don't care much for player options here, i wanted DM ideas and content/subsystems.) My favorite is the idea behind monster parts for crafting requirement bypass.

Springboarding from that in my home game, and i now have a perfectly (for me) viable way to assign treasure values to creatures that don't always have loot. Also restores a tried and true staple of many fantasy games and literature bits. (for me)

If a creature has a magic ability or SU/SLA, i can run with that. Even staples like 'troll blood', 'basilisk eyes', and 'every part of a dragon' can add a ton more mechanically supported flavor to me.

Thanks for this one paizo, it hit my sweet spot. (i'll be generally pricing bits as if crafting a scroll of an appropriate CR/CL equivalent, with multiple bits available in the case of 'dm fiat'-i'm looking at you dragons!)

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Nice tales so far Orthos! When i ran Savage Tide a few years back i also tossed in Swords of Sasserine(and greatly expanded the isle of dread section with the Olmen). My group had a ton of fun with the AP, i hope your continues to as well!

it sounds like your group/DM is fairly unforgiving in playstyle, just by hearing those overall numbers. Some groups/players prefer it that way, others do not. If you and the other players are disheartened by it, perhaps mention it to the DM as food for thought on his side.

Ultimate Wilderness has a varient exploration system also, which plays out different from kingmaker/ultimatecampaign's hex crawl. Just as an FYI since you were looking for variety.

Max hp at level 1 for a PC, every level after that is rolled and taken as the dice land. In organised play(PFS) you get averaged HP for animal companions etc.(4.5/die)

The way you describe is the perview of a House Rule, but is a fairly common one to my experience in various groups.

The Necromancy School itself isn't evil.

Many spells in the Necromancy School are (Evil) subtyped however.

I find it more likely that Strange could use the Time Stone to unmake the hammer's destruction, or some contrivance along that line.

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