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On a tangent, i totally sidetracked this read into Gurren Lagann memories with the Spiral and Anti-Spiral on the cosmic scale.

Was it only me?

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Appreciate the info shared here, thanks again(dotting)

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dotting. also thanks as always for your shared work and ideas!

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A very nice rhyme creation. My group has just hit Book 4 and i'm going to seed this to them soon. Thanks for the share!

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Played since redbox(1e), and editions are a feature of the hobby. Dnd/PF has not been my only system and i'm ok with this.

I hope the new edition brings more changes i like then ones i don't, but i will check it out.

3.5 to PF i overall liked, hopefully after more is revealed the same will be true here.

I was very worried about backwards compatability during that change, i understand why people post about it this time too. I don't use a single 3.5 product in my PF games these days however, i am amused at myself in hindsight.

(p.s., i also have thousands of dollars invested in content, moreso when rolling back to earlier editions)

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Greatest American Hero

Bionic Six


I'm feeling old.

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Well. You're firmly in homebrew/houserule territory by default as its not RAW supported. Was your group told that you would be doing punitive arbitration on critical failures when they joined/sat down to start the campaign? If so, they need to understand/accept that you will be changing things to facilitate.

Correlation question. Say the jumper had a ring of feather fall and fumbled the acrobatics check. Would he take damage of some kind also? If not, you may wish to rethink this specific instance.

Nothing wrong with house rules to change the base game, as long as everyone is on the same page.

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While many of the ones listed above by others were ones i read during my childhood,i think the earliest i can recall may have been one of the original Choose Your Own Adventure books. This catapulted me into a serious book binge, collecting them, TSR's Endless Quests, Lone Wolf, and many others along that line. I also voraciously devoured close to every single novel in my local library's science fiction section. Even singling out favorites would be a huge list.

Wonderful memories however, and just sitting here recalling even a fraction of the titles makes me smile. Thanks for this thread.

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Mammoth eh, well there's always magic. fly spell on the mount instead of on you by party caster. There's the spell that temp turns an AC into a figurine.(carry companion) Even spider climb, though its a funny visual. ask DM about variant making horseshoes of the zephyr in the long run. Is actually easier the higher level it gets, because more and more spells open up. Also your mammoth is going to tank your groups possible use of teleport, unless you use bypass shenanigans(again carry companion, etc)

All that being said, i loved the AP, so good luck in it!

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Probably? I'd also suggest you put a few skill points in the mount's swim skill. Theres a lot of water in that AP.

At some point you will want a way to get the mount up and down climbs as well, through whatever method you choose.

(I GM'd it)

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You could allow knowledge checks of the appropriate type on the 2 monsters to 'realize one is too powerful for the effect' if you desire to help hedge their guess.

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There are several things i liked in this book. (Really i don't care much for player options here, i wanted DM ideas and content/subsystems.) My favorite is the idea behind monster parts for crafting requirement bypass.

Springboarding from that in my home game, and i now have a perfectly (for me) viable way to assign treasure values to creatures that don't always have loot. Also restores a tried and true staple of many fantasy games and literature bits. (for me)

If a creature has a magic ability or SU/SLA, i can run with that. Even staples like 'troll blood', 'basilisk eyes', and 'every part of a dragon' can add a ton more mechanically supported flavor to me.

Thanks for this one paizo, it hit my sweet spot. (i'll be generally pricing bits as if crafting a scroll of an appropriate CR/CL equivalent, with multiple bits available in the case of 'dm fiat'-i'm looking at you dragons!)

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Nice tales so far Orthos! When i ran Savage Tide a few years back i also tossed in Swords of Sasserine(and greatly expanded the isle of dread section with the Olmen). My group had a ton of fun with the AP, i hope your continues to as well!

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Unless the creature is Mindless, or Programmed/Instruction command driven, i would Absolutely allow(and do) an NPC foe to adapt tactics based on how an encounter with the PCs is unfolding.

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BigNorseWolf wrote:
Put out the darkwing put out the dark wing....

Good job, Stegmutt.

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Foxbat was always wonderful(and a huge headache for my players), and thanks for that list so fast. I have several of those i'm pleased to say.

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I am sorry for the loss of your friend, truly.

I am a longtime HERO player myself.(was my first RPG even before DnD Redbox.)

Would you be able to share a short list of any of the products he did that you recall? Regardless it is nice to see you all moving forward and feeling good that it is what he would have wanted also.

stay strong, selene.
best wishes.

edit: Found one,Foxbat for president! /salute. so great...

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Mysterious Stranger wrote:
This is completely false. While Wolfsbane may be listed under poison and can be used for that It also has other uses including curing Lycanthropy. Many if not all things used for healing will cause harm if used improperly. And some medical procedures actually cause damage. Surgery is a perfect example of this. If a paladin falls for using Wolfsbane to cure lycanthropy then they would fall for operating to save someone’s life.

+1, well said.

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I trust my DM when i am a player to do their best to entertain me and the others present so we have a good time. Likewise that's what i try to do when i am in the driver's seat. My style has changed(hopefully grown?) over the 30 years i have been playing RPG's, but even during Year 1 we as a group had a blast.

If the group as a whole is enjoying themselves, you are doing it 'right*'.

*This is mostly my personal view and motto, and does in no way insinuate that anyone with a different view is in any way false or wrong. /disclaimer

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My group ran through Legacy of Fire, and later on when we played Mummy's Mask, we used a general campaign year timeskip and made the new party as children of the previous.

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The size is indeed number of hexes. Thunderlord is thinking of the cntrol DC calculation i believe. The books have a loose suggested size reference for how large a PC kingdom is expected to be before/after them.

As someone running Kingmaker now, the 4 region maps together are approximately a 25x9 block of hexes. That's 225 at the end of the AP/beyond if they take Everything.

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Happy Birthday John!

Yesterday i celebrated my 1 year-versary of, 'I'm not dead!'. (had a stroke last year on the 1st.)

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Age of Worms(Dungeon Magazine) AP. (PDF's) is 3.5 but nasty. I say that with high praise.

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i'm fine with this myself. Especially since one seems to specifically involve the Peacock Spirit. Yay more history/lore reveals. The authors make me smile, though my players will be traumatized by volume 3 before i even run it. Pett has that effect on my group. (Thanks!)

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In my Kingmaker, i used Candelmere as a sequence of little sidequests.

After the initial clearing, i had a priestess of Desna start a settlement there. (she also sponsored the party to clear it.) Her name was iola Kreigler. (founder of Ravenmoor, in the 'Feast of Ravenmoor' module. I ripped from that and converted into Kingdom event triggered sidequests once the PC's annexed the hex/settlement.

After it grew further, i had the module Carrion Hill also used as happening there.

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Marco Massoudi wrote:

I support a computer-game by buying it once it's out.

You'd think Pathfinder is popular enough to be developed by a software company first and then getting paid for it.

I remember Pathfinder Online and hope this works out better.

Just to have details correct, the game itself was/is being made by a software company first. The kickstarter is just added content. Even if the kickstarter had failed to be funded, the game already was going to come out.

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My group is close to starting VV in the next few weeks, i look forwards to your additions, Dude. It was neat reading everyone's summaries of play also!

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Like the premise, added to my watch list. Will buy when print/PDF bundle is available. it there yet? about now?

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Another option, use an Axebeak.

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I enjoyed the Lone Wolf series a lot, they were quite fun to read growing up. /hat tip.

Thanks for the good memories..

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TriOmegaZero wrote:
cappadocius wrote:
Java Man wrote:
There is no rule saying you can use a spell you have not prepared crom your spell book. Your book is not a magic item that enables casting.

So, by reading it silently for an hour, I can cast a spell 18 hours later.

By reading that same book aloud, I can't cast the spell right now?

So by reading a cookbook, you should be able to eat your cake right now?

I could only wish, but damn would i gain way too much weight.

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A not-rare Two Hander Melee PC at level 8 should reliably hit that AC 24 and blow through that DR 10 even without a bypass weapon. Add in buffs from any of the various support options and its rapidly cut, print, done. Other options also can do similarly.

Sometimes a monster simply has a very effective combo vs a specific party. It sounds like this one was as such for your group.

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HyperMissingno wrote:

A lot of people that watch anime have a rule, any show has three episodes to hook them before they drop it. And to be fair, most anime need only 3 episodes for you to get what they're doing. The only three I watchedthat need more are Higurashi No Na Ki (which needs 5 episodes for you to know what it's doing but you still get the feel in 3) Smile Pretty Cure (which spends the first 5 episodes getting the party members before settling into its formula) and Shinki (which has the pacing of a snail.)

No idea if this rule works on western TV and animation. It sure doesn't work on movies which is one of many reasons I avoid that medium.

Blue Seed was the one for me that needed more then 3. season 1, each of the first episodes was intoducing/backstorying one of the cast. once that was done (episode 6) the plot really took off. Whenever i loaned that one out i'd have to tell them 'wait til ep 6 to decide if you want to watch the rest' but fortunately most did and also finished it.

I do agree with you about a general 3 episode min for decision. it's usually what i use.

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kyrt-ryder wrote:
HyperMissingno wrote:
One thing I should note about anime is that more often than not (from what I've seen at least) most of the over the top fighting can be explained with magic of some kind. They might call it something else (hamon, stands, alchemy, cybernetics, etc.) but there's still usually some sort of magic going around.
And then Yujiro Hanma stops an earthquake with a punch in an absolutely nonmagical setting.

If by absolutely nonmagical you include prehistoric throwbacks, genetic cloning, and spirit/soul migration from the past to the present, i agree, absolutely nonmagical. ;)

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Diamond Lake is similar to Riddleport(just smaller populace), its a more seedy, darker, harsher town then Sandpoint. If you want a more welcoming start town, Sandpoint. If you want more unfriendly, Diamond Lake.

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Skeld wrote:
Drahliana Moonrunner wrote:

That's the thing about roleplaying games.... Every group, every combo of GM and Players takes this thing... and makes it their own.

In the long view.... it's a GOOD thing.

I started playing in 1985. Me and the friends i played with had no idea how the game was played; we just got some books are rand with it. College was a bit different because i had a chance to see how other people played.

Now I have the internet to tell me everything I've been doing for over 30 years is wrong. Lol.


Learning to play the new games were fun, and always a roller coaster of confusion. I recall picking up 'Powers and Perils', and when we read the rulebooks every single one of my group including me misread stat generation as 1d100 instead of 2d10. oops! That 1st game still lasted 6 months, we just rolled with it!

Skeld, you are still doing it wrong, you are having fun. ;)

Welcome to the club.

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Breetai, Zentraedi Bad Ass wrote:

This alias doesn't make me look old.

It's okay, I'll wait for you kids to Google the name, I'll just make sure everyone stays off the lawn.

Like i'd need to google that name. I salute your creation choice however!

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Pitfall Rampage Cap'n Yesterday wrote:
Create Mr. Pitt wrote:
Look carefully, if there are chutes and or ladders you might not be.

All I need is one vine, just one.

And maybe an alligator to hop across.


I think your Wayback Machine has jumped into it's own Wayback Machine.

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*tiny voice* i'm still an advocate of the 'badass viking' for over the top carnage.

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Trickery Domain. Mislead gives greater invis plus a free illusion wrong target.

Confusion the group, someone always fails.

Nondetection so you can skip see invis.

Wall spells to remove unhindered line of sight. Boneshatter gives exhausted or fatigued on a save

gunslingers are not primary will, there is always hold person.

Bestow curse (50% no action, -4 on attacks/saves, both good worth stacking even)

Cause blindness/deafness, shoot nothing then.

Air Walk while invis is active.

Pack of low level summons that fly, carrying fire seeds.

Always stay out of 1st range increment (flying helps)

surround him with a wall, then drop an ae inside it. walk around a corner after while still invis.

step out from cover only to put a spiritual weapon on him, then get behind cover again. repeat for multiple weapons active.

Dispel Magic on his weapon. on his resist cloak. on any other piece of core magica gear that nullifies one of his better options. Having your saves drop by 5(no cloak) and then getting cursed for -4 more is enough to make most pc's blanch.

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Thri-Kreen (Vrusk) and an Ooze Type race (Dralasite).


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UnArcaneElection wrote:

Wait . . . You mean Proteans play 12 tone music on the trombone?

You ask that like you think it wouldn't be possible for one...

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Au Contraire. Since undead now get bonus HP from CHA instead of CON, the vast majority will have mid to high CHA scores!

I'll suggest Proteans. Even IF they played well, it would make no sense at all in any perceivable way!

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orcish skalds?

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I believe the intent is 1 per hex.

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lol, i was meaning for YOUR guys.

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Freehold DM wrote:

I prefer Africa for the humanity homeland aesthetic and more cash.

So, got a sniper and an assault after that first successful mission.

Snipers wear their own unique armor and 17 color scheme. Assaults wear their own unique armor and 18 color scheme.

Think you will try out Genemod implants or MEC's first? Also, heres a tip for the latter. You can MEC-anize a trooper (takes 3 days) even if that trooper is recovering from injury. The MEC-anization trumps the normal recovery time, so IF you have a MEC body ready, you can take a critically wounded 14 day recovery and make it a 3 day MEC transformation.

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...also, to answer your starting location question. The NA/EU are considered the easier starting locations and thus are your choices for your first playthrough. Later runs will have all of them. (even an abort/new game as well i believe)

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