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Is it viable in this campaign for me to make a mounted barbarian? While on the ship can I just have him stay tied up on top of the deck? Are there many tight dungeons etc?

Theres a lot of indoors in Savage Tide. While some sections will have a hefty amount of outdoors(isle of dread for example). You could use the undersized mount options to use a medium mount if desired. Large mounts(like animal companions) do get cramped in various dungeoncrawls.

Would my friends wizard using scrolls of Squeeze help for those instances? I'm not sure exactly how that spell works does a Large sized Mount basically fit into a medium size square, and a huge Mount would essentially fit into a large sized square.

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Probably? I'd also suggest you put a few skill points in the mount's swim skill. Theres a lot of water in that AP.

At some point you will want a way to get the mount up and down climbs as well, through whatever method you choose.

(I GM'd it)

Oh great advice thank you! Could you recommend a way for me to have my wholly mammoth climb? Not sure what I can do.

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Mammoth eh, well there's always magic. fly spell on the mount instead of on you by party caster. There's the spell that temp turns an AC into a figurine.(carry companion) Even spider climb, though its a funny visual. ask DM about variant making horseshoes of the zephyr in the long run. Is actually easier the higher level it gets, because more and more spells open up. Also your mammoth is going to tank your groups possible use of teleport, unless you use bypass shenanigans(again carry companion, etc)

All that being said, i loved the AP, so good luck in it!

Thanks for all your help! Much appreciated.

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