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So by the rules in the core rulebook (page 235) crafting an item with UPB's costs the same as buying it from a vendor. I get that they made crafting easier by removing feat requirements but making it cost more kinda removes the point of having crafting as part of your character. Even with the 10% discount for scavenging it just doesnt seem worth it.

Also it puts the screws to merchants (I know its a game not real) that it costs the same to craft as you sell it at. It just bugs me.

So just curious, do we know the name of the name of the star Absalom station orbits? I just figure since eventually we will be leaving the solar system at some point and we usually name a system for its star we should know that name.
Wait is it Sarenrae? She was related to the sun but is that this specific sun or just yellow stars in general? Would be cool if it was the Sarenrae system.

I think that you put the info for Bretheda under Liavara. At least that's what it seems like from the content.

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Usually I think about HP as physical endurance more than physical wounds. Its more that as the fight continues it drains your ability to keep avoiding the weapon hits. With critical hits being when the weapons get too close and maybe cause significant minor damage like a belly slash across the body. Then when you hit below zero the attack finally hits. Because honestly for most people a solid connection 1 or two times is gonna take them down. The exception would be fighters and athletes whos bodies have been subjected to damage so that they learn to shrug it off and keep going or to work around what would debilitate normal people.

No real wounds happen until half HP or quarter. We like to use the term Bloodied (1/2 HP) and Very Bloodied (1/4 HP) for describing how we look in fights. So scars would only start showing up if you went below 1/4. Helps explain how you can go around walking after taking 40 HP worth of damage. Your not bleeding out your just kinda winded.

With this most healing would be more of a fatigue healer than wound healer. You rejuvenate their energy with positive energy which helps explain why healing is Conjuration instead of Transformation.

Hooray for Exemplar dragons!! Always felt that Silver were paladins and now we're gonna have true ones.

I am curious if these are gonna count as dragons, outsiders or both.

So for the Shadow "school" spells what do they count as. Im going to assume that things like Spell Focus still apply only for Illusion but what about resistances?

Im also assuming that Shadow Enchantment wont work on undead but does the spell also count as enchantment (compulsion/mind affecting) for things like the sorcerer undead bloodlines resistances?

Do Shadow Evocation spells count as their element? Does a Shadow Fireball still do fire damage?

Hey guys so I was wondering if there is a general rule to the CR of a Eidolon that is away from its summoner (possibly buffed, not sure)? Something like Eidolon CR = 3/4 Summoner level. Or maybe 1/2 level. I have the idea for a recurring villain using the eidolon and I think it may work fairly well.

So while I'm a big fan of the Alien franchise and think the Hive are a really good monster race, I think the "Swarm" will be a species more like the Bugs from the Starship Troopers or maybe like the Zerg. That way it could be like an army with regular troops, heavy troops, spies/infiltrators, aerial units, environmental specialist units and generals. Maybe even throw in a "god"-bug that is the force behind their invasions and attacks.

Honestly I hope that they are a non-tech enemy that instead focuses on nature being that frikin scary. Since most the time everyone will have tech, Tech vs Nature is really appealing to me.

Ignoring distance and the speed of light, aka instantaneous interstellar communication and interstellar sensors. Just listing distances as light hours/minutes would allow GM's to cover this and make the game more realistic and challenging in that we have react to what we think they are gonna do not what we see them do.

-How upgradable will technology be other magic? Improved scopes, improved triggers, better batteries or weapon stocks?

-How are you guys planning on dealing with distance in space? Miles, AU (astronomical units) or light minutes?

-Other than increased damage how are guns going to be made so they outshine melee weapons?

-With future armor being available will guns still ignore armor bonus?

Scroll Monk - focuses on using Ki and magic scrolls together, has abilities similar to the Wizard "Scroll Master" to attack with, can cast scrolls using their level as CL at the cost of Ki or other specials with scrolls costing Ki. Big on UMD for scrolls.

Fallen Crusader (not sure if archetype or prestige class)- a fallen paladin, not exactly fallen to evil but lost faith, probably would be best as prestige class, have to go through a few levels under powered but gain non-paladin abilities with eventually regaining paladin abilities and keeping non-paladin stuff or learn deeper levels of faith, very "character development" class

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The thing that popped into my head, when I read androids as agenders, was swap-able genders. Imagine either a booth or a shop that androids go to to swap pieces. Or maybe they have swap-able parts at home, maybe even alien versions for that special lovin.

Do you plan on only doing archetypes with Starfinder or are you going to do prestige classes also?

If you are keeping prestige classes are you going to specific archetypes that lead into specific prestige classes like the Winter Witch, Aldori Swordlord or Magaambyan Arcanist in Pathfinder?

UnArcaneElection wrote:
From PbPs I have followed(*), I could have sworn Giantslayer had a PC defense of Trunau in Book 1 . . . .

Maybe havent seen Giantslayer. But is it a PC designed defense or is it just PC's reinforcing NPC's?

So what info has been released on the type of interstellar travel that Starfinder is going to use? I know that it is a gift from the AI deity but what other specifics do we know?

Do each ship have a engine that punches into Hyperspace?

Do only large ships (large as in the commercial sized super-haulers) have the right engine and all smaller ships have to tag along?

Can it be entered only when a significant distance from gravity wells?

Can ships change direction while in Hyperspace?

Is there a gate network?

Is that why it's a gift from the AI because its AI servitors were traveling conventionally at a fraction the speed of light till they reached the destination then they built a gate like the seeder ships in SGU?

The Gold Sovereign wrote:
Well, considering that this already happened in previews pathfinder adventure paths, I'm sure we will have to defend the bridge, stop the enemies from taking the station, protect a weapon until it's ready to fire, or even protect a place until the shields are back... Something along these lines.

Gold Sovereign what AP's have this? The only one I am aware of is in RoW's FS book and even then it wasn't their defenses it was the allies defense that the PC's are thrown at without prep time. WotR isn't so much a city defense as a city reclamation.

I'm wanting standing defense that the PC's build and are aware of before hand. Plus longer than single or double fights. By defense I mean holding off a siege, repelling the traitorous mercenaries you were told to work with but instead decide they want your ship or fighting off the assimilating aliens that snuck onto your ship after a fight and are taking it over.


The Inigo Montoya - Swashbuckler/Medium mix probably base swashbuckler. Channels the spirit of an ancestor to guide your blade in furthering your quest.

Prestige Class

Flying Martial Artist - requires the ability to fly. Comes from the blurb of aerial monks in Planes of Power. Aerial acrobatics and flavored martial arts

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You know what I would really want is a section in an AP where we as PC's play defense. We always play as the aggressors I want to have a section where it's reversed. Maybe after we get a ship and modify it and add our little touches (you know as you do) we get attacked by space pirates and we have to stop them from reaching the bridge and the engine room, or maybe the vault because we have Mcguffin of supreme temptation.

A planet hopping type of adventure. The adventure follows a Formian Colony-Asteroid and its cataclysmic effects around it's path.

Some of the effects could be

-knocking a rogue asteroid inhabited by hive into a mining station -causing a gravity shift on a small moon
-dispelling a gas nebula causing insane mutants or undead plague to start on inhabited location
-invading the territory of a space predator causing the entire habitat to go out of wack
-cause a solar system civil war because one faction believes it was a inter-planetary weapons attack.

These would probably be hard goals for the typically amoral characters gamers play (in my experience) but with colonization supposedly being a big thing in this setting I figure there is some sort of guild that could be the quest giver.

This thread is meant to be a place that we as a community can list what we would like to play in the amazing Starfinder setting. Be as specific or as general as you want, just get your thrilling ideas out there.

So with Horror Adventures out I decided to change Granny to a Cookie Witch. I think it's very thematic. Then I also put cookies on the first floor, maybe for my PC's to eat. Maybe give the ones that actually eat a cookie the Sweeney Todd moment of pulling out a toe. My group already sees this AP as a kid-hating AP but getting them to eat a child cookie is going to really disturb some in character.


Swashbuckler Paladin - not so much a swashbuckler/paladin mix but I really want a paladin archetype that is meant for light armor and finesse-able weapons.

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Polearm Swashbuckler - use Dex to attack (and maybe damage) but only while wielding polearms. Lose ability to use bucklers and instead gain a shield bonus from their polearms. Can use back end of weapon to deal bludgeoning damage. Attack flat footed after shorten grip then lengthen. Can attack around enemies to hit second row or third row squishies. Can brace quickly versus charges.

Yes the athame (Heart of the Old Crow as the strix will call it) is still the goal of the island. I changed the witch tree to the Sard (my group is around 8 people so I dont feel bad plus I weakened it) The Zomok (actually 2 of them) guards the clearing, the Sard guards the witch doll, the witch doll guards the knife. I actually liked this bit very much.


A monk archetype that has something like the swashbucklers Parry and Riposte ability. Maybe it has flurry of blows completely removed and focuses on only defensive hitting. Maybe its just a ki power, or replaces it like stunning fist.

Prestige Class

The Old Warrior - originally thought that it could be a fighter archetype but monk, barbarian, and brawler should all have access to this. It should be required to be naturally age to middle age as a prerequisite for entry into the class. It should also give more bonuses the older the character is. A venerable martial character should actually a viable character with this.

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Inventor or Tech user - now keep with me. This is a class for non-magical, similar to alchemist they make items that simulate magic. A gauntlet that shoots lighting, goggles that can zoom in or out and a stopwatch that can speed you up. The character itself has no magic instead they capture magic into items usable only by the character and simulate its effects with their items of power.
You can get one of those from the Pure Steam Campaign Setting
But I want an official paizo class. We could probably find most class possibilities in 3rd party books but most 3rd party I have seen is not that well balanced.
Yeah, but neither is Paizo stuff.

An Artificer (finally remembered the name took way too long and kept forgetting it) is a common fantasy character. How is it not paizo? They have feats all about crafting stuff, the class would just be something new.

Simeon wrote:
Raef13 wrote:


Inventor or Tech user - now keep with me. This is a class for non-magical, similar to alchemist they make items that simulate magic. A gauntlet that shoots lighting, goggles that can zoom in or out and a stopwatch that can speed you up. The character itself has no magic instead they capture magic into items usable only by the character and simulate its effects with their items of power.
You can get one of those from the Pure Steam Campaign Setting

But I want an official paizo class. We could probably find most class possibilities in 3rd party books but most 3rd party I have seen is not that well balanced.

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Chi (or Ki) Warrior - a fighter like class that uses inner energy in a more enhancement style instead of seeking enlightenment. Examples would be using pooled energy to give weapons or armor enhancement (as magus arcane pool). Creating elemental or mystic effects to be used in offensive or defensive capacity like force armor or enveloping effects. Improvement of skills based on refinement of inner energy. I know it sounds close to monk but is noticeably different in my head.

Inventor or Tech user - now keep with me. This is a class for non-magical, similar to alchemist they make items that simulate magic. A gauntlet that shoots lighting, goggles that can zoom in or out and a stopwatch that can speed you up. The character itself has no magic instead they capture magic into items usable only by the character and simulate its effects with their items of power.

not sure what to call this but it's the archetypical Psychic that uses their power but sometimes pushes themselves too far when using their powers to the utmost. This causes physical damage to the Psychic because they pushed their mind too far (think similar to Cassandra from The Librarians when she uses the Brain-Grape too much and she faints or bleeds from the eyes and ears)

Since I don't really get why the island Buyan has maftets (and I dont really like maftets) or the rest of the occupants I decided to change it. Instead I made the island Baba Yaga's testing facility for MMD's (Monsters of Mass Destruction). Changed the monsters to weakened versions of certain Tane and other powerhouses (a Boneship, Bandersnatch pups, Zomok and a starved Sard)with the Nuckelavee being viral weapons. The maftets were changed to a tribe of Strix (used the classed stats from the strix section in monsters of the inner sea book) and the Nuckelavee asking for the Rokoa since she can stop the disease they spread. The Strix see Baba Yaga as a protection spirit because she brought the tribe to the island and always shows up when the tribe is about to be annihilated. The tribe does not know that Baba Yaga is a witch she instead does the same thing that is described for the winter wolves. Trying to keep up the evilness of the Baba since I want my party to try and fight the Witchqueen as the last bit of the AP.

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I would love to see archetypes or spells that involve you slowly becoming a monster to face the monsters. Maybe with a corruption mechanic that describe how much of a monster you have become on the inside like your outside.

Also a breakdown of the swarm or troop building mechanic so we can make our own hordes of zombies, man-eating fairies, super-rabies animals or carnivorous snowflakes.

Sweet! Thanks!

So I have seen that we as customers can not share ideas we have about Pathfinder. Is there no way around this? If we have an idea for an archetype, spell or monster is there a way we can ask for it to be made? Anyway for us to give up whatever is making it an issue for us to come up with the idea? You guys have asked sometimes at GenCon and I was wondering if there was a place on here we can do that anytime?

So my goal is to craft a list of spells that seem to come directly from the harrow deck. I plan on playing a Harrower and want to be thematic with my spells. I made a list of spells (chosen from Sorcerer/Wizard list) that relate (with minor or cosmetic changes) either to the picture on the card or from the description that the card means when it is drawn. I only had a small amount of success so I'm asking the community to help craft this list. Only paizo product line no 3rd party please. If people want to add for a divine caster just make sure to label the spell with the spell level and class its from.

The Paladin – (9S/W) Heroic Invocation
The Keep - (2S/W) Rope Trick, (4S/W) Secure Shelter, (7S/W) Mages Magnificent Mansion
The Big Sky – (1S/W) Liberating Command
The Forge
The Bear
The Uprising
The Fiend – (5S/W) Hungry Pit
The Beating – (4S/W) Black Tentacles
The Cyclone
The Dance
The Cricket – (1S/W) Expeditious Retreat
The Juggler – (4S/W) Conjure Deadfall, (5S/W) Telekinesis
The Locksmith – (2S/W) Knock
The Peacock – (7S/W) Prismatic Spray
The Rabbit Prince
The Avalanche
The Crows – (2S/W) Pilfering Hand
The Demon’s Lantern – (0S/W) Dancing Lights
The Trumpet – (1S/W) Clarion Call
The Survivor
The Desert
The Brass Dwarf – (3S/W) Protection from Energy, (9S/W) Fiery Body
The Teamster
The Mountain Man – (1S/W) Enlarge Person
The Tangled Briar – (7S/W) Phantasmal Revenge
The Sickness – (4S/W) Contagion
The Waxworks – (3S/W) Hold Person
The Hidden Truth – (2S/W) Locate Object, (3S/W) Arcane Sight
The Wanderer
The Joke – (2S/W) Hideous Laughter
The Inquisitor – (6S/W) True Seeing
The Foreign Trader
The Vision – (3S/W) Harrowing
The Rakshasa – (1S/W) Charm Person, (4S/W) Charm Monster, (5S/W) Dominate Person, (9S/W) Dominate Monster
The Idiot – (2S/W) Touch of Idiocy, (5S/W) Feeblemind
The Snakebite - (3S/W) Illusory Poison
The Winged Serpent – (1S/W) Moment of Greatness
The Midwife
The Publican – (2S/W) Rope Trick,(4S/W) Secure Shelter, (7S/W) Mages Magnificent Mansion
The Queen Mother
The Owl
The Carnival – (1S/W) Silent Image
The Eclipse – (4S/W) Crushing Despair, (5S/W) Ghoul Army
The Mute Hag - (2S/W) Silent Table
The Lost - (3S/W) Isolate
The Empty Throne
The Theater
The Unicorn
The Marriage
The Twin
The Courtesan
The Tyrant
The Betrayal
The Liar

I will try and keep the list updated so people don't have to go through the whole thread. If a spell is listed assume that the improved version is included.

1. A viking/Skirmisher AP set in the Land of the Linorm Kings that will transition back and forth between the Material Plane and the First World. Possibly with one of the Eldest or an Eldest hopeful playing a Loki role that acts as a trickster to screw with everyone. Hopefully with giants, trolls and other norse mythic creatures.

2. A Diplomatic AP set in the Mana Wastes, even though I hate firearms. My hope would be the PC's are a go between to try and prevent a war from starting again between Nex and Geb. You know prevent guns from being smuggled to either side. Go on raiding runs to stop agitators. Act as bodyguards or escorts for peace delegates.

3. The oh so dearly requested Evil AP.

4. A full on dwarf AP set at one of the citadels or in the 5 Kings region. Full of Dwarfiness and the only way you feel like you're playing right is to either grow a beard or where a fake one and have at least a 90 proof drink in your hand.

5. A trip down to the Mwangi Expanse. The Firesoul book really got me in the mood for something like it.

I'm sorry so is digital copies not going to be available here at all? Only on 3rd party sites? That will be nice on GenCon since my phone won't let me get the epub from here but kinda annoys me for every other one. Stupid semi-ocd now all the books wont be in the same program.

Hi Mr. Jacobs I have a few questions that have been bugging me.
1. Is the story from the Harrow book “The Sickness” the origin story of Urgathoa? It mentions the thing that Urgathoa desires and Pharasma stole from her, and I guess with Death’s possessions I would say a mortal could flee his power. Plus disease is part of her domain.
2. How legal is the production of holy water in Cheliax? I mean with their wide use of devils would they want that poison around that much?
3. My group is playing Skull and Shackles and we just met Kerdak Bonefist. We, including the GM, have no idea however what is up with his hand. Does he hide it? Does it have a special ability? Is it a curse or a magic item? Is this info out there somewhere?
4. I’ve had a few players lose limbs during play and I said as long a they had the lost limb and it was relatively undamaged just using a certain amount of cure spells they could reattach it. Does this seem fair to you or would they have to use regeneration?
5. I really like the naturally magic items (not made by a spellcaster), like the Rimepelt from AP 68 and the Whispering Lilies from the Lost Pathfinder short story, can we get more of these?
6. Why is the worship of the Infernal Lords and other infernal demi-deities illegal in Cheliax? They are all servants of Asmodeus so why can’t people get power from them?

Oh great Tyrant-King Thunderous Lizard in the sky please answer this humble ones questions.

1) Is it also common practice in Cheliax to summon imps into Golarion to prove your skill and power in wizardry, like it is in Korvosa? Do these imps get left in world also?

2)Do you have a name for what a swarm of imps would be called? Is it perhaps a "practice" or a "council"?

3) Since it has happened multiple times on Golarion does the death of a god cause any significant change in magic? Like was the death of the elven moon goddess by the starstone cause an increase in darkness magic or maybe not even something that specific maybe magic itself just became either more or less potent or sorcerers became more common?

4)Are Gnomes the only fey-ish playable races that Golarion has?

Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule deciding the fate of worlds to answer my question.

What media(movie, tv, book, comics) would you guys suggest to help explain the setting for Hell's Rebels to a to a player that has almost no knowledge of Golarion? They wanna make a setting appropriate character and while I told them that there will probably be some cool classes and archetypes coming out with AP but they wanna get an idea for the character now. Honestly I couldn't think of anything to tell them.

Gorum. Cuz come on. A group of ragtags facing the assembled iron wrought armies of Hell. Sounds like one of the funnest fights possible.

And for those that say we are avoiding the armies. Do you actually believe that Asmodeus does not have an army of lawyers to defend all his contracts?

Does anyone have an idea on how long this AP is going to take? I mean in game. I get that open rebellion has to be very fast like in the Jade Regent AP. But we don't start as part of the rebel group and there should be a descent part that we are underground. I guess the "Turn of the Torrent" requires the party to be fairly public but I could still see the group being able to keep low key if this is mainly a recruitment action not a "wipe out the evil police" thing. Plus the party has the ball in I think the "Dance of the Damned" which means before this they have to be under the radar for the two books at least for the nobles. The main reason I want to know is because a faction of our table wants to play the AP as characters from Les Mis and one of them wants to be the kid so she want to know if she can stay a kid.

Thank you Imbicatus.

Could i please get the rule text for the volley fire feat from someone. I am kinda interrested in that one.

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Skeld I just wanna say thanks. We are bothering you a lot on this one and I just wanted to show appreciation for what you are doing.

Any good mundane items that are getting introduced?

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If i remember correctly AP's are written for groups of 4 with a 15 point buy.

If you're high enough level keep Grace and Breath of Life prepared for those emergency deaths. Also having a Sacred Bond on a few people will make your life a lot easier.

Why is Pharasma's alignment True Neutral? Given her job description as judge she seems very Lawful Neutral. Also how the Boneyard/River of Souls is pretty much nothing but a trip to the DMV or a super bureaucrats office with the long lines and the planar petitioners. I get the neutrality of death but Pharasma just seems very lawful to me. Especially that all things die when their time comes. Any who break this are going against the laws of the universe. This even got addressed in the novel "The Redemption Engine" in how the Aeons considered her too lawful so they had to throw a little chaos into the mix. Am I missing something? Maybe there is some balance in her midwife aspect?

Really great book. Loved it being able to see a character grow.

Was sad that Jerrad ended being a wizard. The build up of him learning from experience , becoming co-operative with the woods and Echo Wood being semi sentient was making me really hope he was going to be a witch that was bound to a location. But how the others developed I really liked. Hope we get to see more of Silverlake if not in a sequel then in a Scenario or AP.

I would be interested if there was a bit about the Axiomite Godmind. It seems like an extremely powerful conglomerate entity and I would not be surprised if it had the ability to grant spells like Shyka the Many can as an Eldest.

Also I really like interactions sections of the deity write ups. If those are included/expanded it would make roleplaying between followers a lot more interesting.

My only issue with the swashbuckler is how soon they get the improved critical feat. While every other class has to wait till at least level level 8 for the feat and hey look at that level 8 for buying a keen weapon they get it at level 5. That just seems wrong given how classes are balanced against each other. When does a oracle get the ability to fly? The same time a wizard gets to cast it. Same for cleric, witch, sorcerer and alchemist. Just seems unfair to have increased crit range for 3 levels.

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