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I regret not sitting down and making a character, but I can vouch for Black Dow. He's a great player.

Shadowrun! This is exciting. I hope I can get the time to work on a character in the next few days.

Can I throw my hat in?

I'd like to write up a ratfolk rogue.

Just finalizing my gear, and I'm stuck on something I can't seem to find in the rules.

So 10 L Bulk items make for 1 Bulk, but when you buy a stack of 10 torches or 10 arrows, the item table marks them as L Bulk. So my question is are stacks of those things simply L bulk, or is each individual thing L bulk?

I hate how fiddly this is.

Sorry I haven't got my character up yet. It's been ready for a while, but the board has been down every time I had a chance. I should have it up tonight.

Hey, Galorit! I'm glad to hear the Sons of Dammerhall are still playing. Dasur's posts were always a pleasure to read. :D

My character is almost done. Should have it up by tomorrow.

*comes out of bunker*

Is... is it over?

Although the Gameplay thread is showing no posts, the game has been added to the Campaigns I'm listed in.


I can't post in the gameplay thread, for some reason.

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Hey guys,

It'll be fun to play with you all for a change. :)

I'm thinking about making a dwarf fighter.

SorrySleeping wrote:

Bladed Brush, among other things, lets you change your grip on a reach weapon as a move action, no penalty. Haft Strike (third party) gives you a choice to take -2 to AC while being able to threaten everyone around you as well as the weapon's normal reach.

Like Fuzzy said, class features can equal a feat. Just have the fighter take a single feat to be able to take the -4 to attack rolls to change his grip as an immediate action. Combine it with the Bladed Brush to let him change as a move action without penalty.

Haft Strike is precisely what he wants, Sorry Sleeping. I'll point him in that direction. Thanks!

Thanks for the input, Fuzzy.

He has levels in fighter, but he's taken the Lore Warden archetype, so he can't replace bravery. His character is VERY finely tuned, so I'm not sure what he'd be willing to replace. Even potentially adding this feat throws off the flowcharts of possible feat paths he's devised.

As far as the prerequisites go, our thought process was that removing the sole weakness of reach weapons was already in the game, the polearm master archetype. They had placed it behind a pretty steep barrier: at least two levels of fighter, so to make it a feat, there needed to be a similar level of investment.

A player of mine has created a polearm bodyguard style character for my Curse of the Crimson Throne campaign, but he's frustrated that enemies can get inside his reach, where he has to move to hit or trip them. To that end, he's written a homebrew feat and asked me if he could use it.

I'm generally inclined to support this sort of thing, but he's the sort of player that could take a mile if given an inch in character creation, so I thought I'd bring it here and see what Paizo's top minds had to say.

Nimble Grip:
Your quick hands and martial experience allow you to adapt your fighting style with spears and polearms in order to effectively engage enemies who close the distance.

Prerequisites: Dex 15, Combat Reflexes, Weapon Focus with reach weapon, base attack bonus +5.

Benefit: You threaten adjacent targets with a reach weapon for which you have the Weapon Focus feat. Attacks of opportunity made against adjacent targets while using this feat suffer a -4 penalty.

Additionally, you continue to threaten enemies within your extended reach even after attacking adjacent opponents during your turn.

Normal: Characters wielding reach weapons do not threaten adjacent squares, and if they use another form of attack against adjacent foes, they cease threatening at range until their next turn.

BoggBear wrote:
For those that don't know and might be interested, next month and rpg based on Kingmaker hits steam (unless it gets delayed of course).

I'm really looking forward to this.

I'm working on an unchained bandit rogue. Should be up today or tomorrow.

Submission coming tomorrow.


I'm still here. Just mulling over what I'd like to play.

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Dot. I have an idea for a fighter/member of the guard.

EDIT: I should add that, if selected, I'd be willing to serve as a back-up GM.


I'm interested, I'll put up a submission when I get home tomorrow.


I'd love to play.

My GMing table is a little full at the moment though. :)

Dotting, although I'm out of town for the following week. What's the deadline for a submission?

How should we handle hit points? Roll them here?

Also, I'm assuming that Ultimate Magic doesn't fall under the "Core" line?

I'm dotting as well. I have a shark totem druid that could fit in.

DM Baktru, how are you handling this recruitment? First come, first serve? Is there a deadline?

Dotting. Thinking a wizard.

How much experience do you have in RPG’s?
18 years? I picked up the 3.0 Starter Box as a kid and it's been my favorite hobby since. My favorite game is probably Pathfinder, but my favorite settings are either Legend of the Five Rings or Shadowrun.

How many PbP games are you currently in? GMing?
I run four games currently and play in none. I'm hoping to change that. :)

Have you played, GMed or read Reign of Winter?
I've run the first book of Reign of Winter when it was first released and I've played in a PbP game very briefly, before the GM vanished.

Can you post at least once per day M-F 90% of the time?

Would you, if requested, provide an actual email for contact if you ghost the game?

Is there any other information you would like to share?
As far as reliability goes, I am my own supervisor on the job and I have plenty of downtime, although it skews more towards the morning than the afternoon. This leaves me with plenty of time to post and review my games.

Do you understand that you need to track XP and other resources for yourself?
That definitely won't be a problem.


I'm still here too.

Dotting. Thinking about a fighter, Yerasol veteran.



I have a wizard from a previous RotRL campaign that I'd love to submit.

I am planning on my character being middle-aged. Should I use the age rules?

After more carefully reading the post, I think I'll pull out of the running. An all ronin game isn't really my speed.

Have fun!

Dot. Will whip something up over the weekend.

I'd love to play.

Is there a deadline to submit a character?

Katyeva's first dagger strikes the wolf in the hip, but before the beast can react, her other knife sinks into its heart. The wolf collapses to the deck, dead. The rest of the party's weapons strike the shrine.

Definitely interested.




Nice to meet you all. :)

Just waiting on Glanda to cast her votes and then our patron should come a little more into focus.

Crayfish Hora wrote:
I like the concept. Being a renegade is going to be a blast, that's all I can tell. You'll be glad that you're not a renegade of the Scorpion clan. They gather those that go against the clan and burn them at the stake. Fun times.

They don't burn them at the stake. They tie them up in a special grove and stab them with magic knives that bind their souls to the trees for an eternity of torment. WAY less brutal. ;)

Dotting for interest. Is there space in your game for courtiers?

I'm definitely interested.

Okay. Unfortunately, I won't be able to make something until late tonight or tomorrow morning. Hopefully there's still a chance by then. :)

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