Interest Check: Rise of the Runelords Anniversary Edition [Core Only - as created]


Hello one and all!

I'm sending out this application to see if there's an interest in playing the Runelords AP as was intended. I'm currently running it at my table bi-weekly having started it last February. Other than a brief hiatus on that, they're about to finish the first chapter next week.

I'd be interest now running it online. I've never run an online game, or a play by post game - so keep that in mind when applying. I've been a game master for 18 year. So I'm sure they'll be some growing pains adapting to the medium, but my focus tends to be on narrative, so I'm sure we'll get through.

What I'm looking for is:
- 4-6 players (depending on level of interest) for this AP

- Running this AP as was intended. Minimal GM re-write on this one. I have a couple of NPC's that I may or may not interject but I think it would be fun to run it as Piazo created it.

- CORE Rules only. The only thing to draw on for players will be a combination of the Players Handbook Core Rulebook and the Rise of the Runelords Player's Guide. I think it would be really fun to run it as Paizo built it when they launched their flagship AP.

More to follow depending on how much interest there is in playing the AP this way.

As for commitment level I would expect a minimum 4 post per week frequency.

I'd like to have this AP start as soon as possible. So if there's interest I'd open a recruitment that would last approximately a week and we'd get under way shortly after that.

I'd be down for sure. I've made so many hyper specific characters lately it'd be fun to try something classic.

I would be up for reworking this character, again, to try to get into a Runelords where 1) we know this is a diversion, entertainment and 2) we can get out of Sandpoint!

What is the originally recommended point build for Runelords again? I've long since lost track.

The AP Player's Guide does directly reference the Advanced Player's Guide as a source for Traits, so I'm going to guess that was also part of the design?

For character creation:

Point buy or roll?
Max HP for 1st level?
Max gold for 1st level?
1 campaign trait, 1 regular trait?

I'm definately interested in seeing how the recruitment standards come out. I've always wanted to play this AP AND I'd live the chance.

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There's no traits in the core rulebook to keep that in mind.

Nope, no Traits in the Core book, but there ARE Traits in the AP Player's Guide, along with the reference to one additional book for other Traits. Thus, my question.

Core rules with a narrative focus sounds like my jam. I'm interested.

Very interested in this one. I would love to play through Runelords. (I still haven't managed to make it out of Sandpoint.)

I'm in the same boat as Kayri. Count me interested!

I'm interested in this as well, the back to basics aspect is refreshing.

Will start on a character so I have something to go when recruitment opens.

Definitely interested. Have to think about a core-only submission, but it would be nice not to have to trawl through a bunch of sources to make things.

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I'd be interested but I do have one question.

How much did the Anniversary Edition change things from the original edition?

I'm currently playing in the updated Crimson Throne AP. I've run it way back before it was updated. I'm not sure how much is the GM changing things (I'm pretty sure that he is) and how much it is Paizo having changed things but the new version is MUCH harder than the original version (which was admittedly aimed at 3.5).

If we were all Core characters playing the new version (as I say, possibly modified) we'd long since have all been very, very dead.

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I am an experienced hand with the PBP medium and have run this game (also as Core only, before Core PFS was a thing) before on the boards through most of Book 2, before it got derailed.

Happy to express interest in playing and/or assisting GM getting his feet wet with the format.

The Anniversary Edition does not change much from the original 3.5 game, but there are some subtle differences. Major differences in CotCT are also likely GM invention.

I have a dwarf for this somewhere.

i can have cleric or a ranger created quick

I would love to be involved with something like this. I will definitely be submitting something if recruitment takes off.

would be interested too.

Yeah, this would be awesome. I love the idea of running this core and will no doubt submit something.

I have a wizard from a previous RotRL campaign that I'd love to submit.

Wow! Such response I hadn't expected. Part of me though that with all the materials released there would be a drive for the 'exotic' builds and variant rules that are released.

As a more classic gamer, the base rules have always lent well to my story telling and narrative.

I'm going to put together the stipulations for building submissions and open recruitment. The recruitment will last 7 days, and we'll get the game started shortly after that.

I'll try and answer a few of the preliminary questions:

- Regarding the changes from 3.5 to PFRPG: The version from what I understand has become a little bit tougher, but not much. I'm not really looking to re-write the AP. I'm going to run it 95% stock minus the potential to have an NPC or two that I build in there. I'd like to see how the AP unfolds. It's as much a journey for me as it is for you. Like I had said I'm nearing the end of Chapter I, haven't looked past that.

- Regarding the Traits: I hadn't thought that system existed in CORE and the Runelords AP. I just went through the AP and couldn't find them. Maybe I'm looking in the wrong place, I see a few feats that are listed but not 'Traits' particularly. As of right now, Traits are off the table. I want to run with a minimalist view. CORE rulebook, and AP for flavouring. That is all.

- Regarding the point build: I believe the original AP was built at a 15-point for NPC's, but I'd rather the 20-point build for PC's. Gives them that little edge and heroic feel.

To all of you that have offered assistance both through PM and on this post. Thank you so much, I will certainly utilize that aid as I'm trying to figure the medium out.

The original path was written for 3.5. There were sort of traits in the original player's guide, but they were built for 3.5 so the skills are wrong.

The anniversary edition player's guide was released well after traits were a thing, so it includes campaign traits and references traits in other books.

It's probably fine to run it entirely without traits.

You could also update the original 'traits' easily enough. I wouldn't mind doing that for you if you decide to go that route.

I like the no traits idea I thought there were like three in the original but when I read them I wasn't a huge fan and thought they were kind of limiting. As for point buy 20 would probably be the way to go, as the PC's are heroes after all. But might I suggest rolling for stats. While I am a new player and can't claim to be old-school I know that it doesn't get much older-school than that. Plus I love rolling dice.

I have a half-orc cleric made specifically for this. His first attempt fizzled.

Please make his life complete and run.

What is your opinion on starting wealth?

Is it safe to assume average for class?

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This is the character I will rework. He naively thinks he is ready for adventure.

He was made for RotRL and his GM disappeared.

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Definitely quite interested.

Will be building an elven druid (druids are always so much fun, especially with campaigns with a wilderness theme).

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GM, I just want to let you know that there is an ambiguity in your recruitment due to misunderstanding the sequence that books were published in. The original Rise of the Runelords was published for 3.5. Paizo then published several other adventure paths also for 3.5, and then published the Pathfinder Core Rulebook. They then switched over to using Pathfinder rules for their APs. Later they decided to update the Rise of the Runelords AP to use Pathfinder rules, and this is the anniversary edition. However, by the time the Anniversary Edition was published, the Advanced Players Guide and Ultimate Combat had already been released. This is why the Rise of the Runelords player's guide has traits for players to choose from. So it's a bit confusing that you say no traits, but say that you are using the player's guide which has traits.

That's why I asked the question. He provided a pretty clear answer.

I have no doubt about the spirit nor the planned implementation.

Like others here, I started with this gnome transmuter but never made it out of Sandpoint before the campaign went belly up. I believe she is already 99% core, just need to delete traits and replace some spells. Definitely interested!

I would be interested. Cleric Lvl 10

Count me interested. What kind of concept, I'm not sure yet, but yeah, always love me some classic adventure action!

Thank you to all those sending me PM's with help and outpouring support of the classics.

To all those in the thread, I'm super excited to see such love for the classics.

Regarding the Traits, confusion cleared up! I had made the mistake of looking at the Runelords Player's guide, not the Runelords Anniversary Player's guide. Clearly in the latter there is a section regarding traits.

To that effect, I'm going to revise the character creation stipulations, and we're going to simplify even further. It's going to be Core Rulebook only. After re-browsing the Chapter I of the AP, and my notes of the party that ran through it - I don't see it having any long term effect on the game.

Character creation guidelines will be coming out today. Stay tuned!

On another note, there is another Game Master who would like to run a classic game as well, same stipulations, so this may very well be a double recruitment which would mean instead of 6 spots, it may be up to 12! For the same AP on a seperate game. So for those that are looking to play, double the spots!

Wow, sound good. Interested, staying tuned.

Color me intrigued as well :)

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This is so exciting!

I've created the recruitment thread for this game.

Rise of the Runelords - Anniversary [Core Only]

Good luck! Happy Gaming.

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