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thanks for this thread. I've been fooling around with these and wondering what the heck was going on.

Interesting. Thanks for the clarification.

That's odd. I just checked a few arcane places for power 9 and I cannot get it. Perhaps if you made 9 before the changes you can keep going?

And I'm not touching it. Except maybe to fireball it.

I'm batting cleanup. KC can be the "short"stop.

Depends on the year.

Diella wrote:
<kabal> Bunibuni wrote:

I think if we drop enough rocks into a fen we can make ... a FREEWAY!

would that not be a fenway?

My thoughts exactly.

TEO Cheatle wrote:
Sure thing, glad to meet you all!

Yeah, appreciated. Thanks for the info. Nice to meet everyone.

Kobold Cleaver wrote:
Kabal moved the pub too far and I refuse to exercise! Everyone blame Kabal again!

Shh. Quiet. Everyone is looking in the other direction right now.

Caldeathe Baequiannia wrote:
Just watch your back once they get you in bed. Especially if they bought you dinner first. Some of them seem to have expectations.

Well, once you're in bed, I wouldn't be surprised if there typically are some expectations.

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Bluddwolf wrote:
Bitter Thorn wrote:

Nation is fine terminology with me.

Some of us CG types just aren't interested in monarchies. ;)

Not all tyrants are monarchs, some are actually common folk as well, especially when you talk about "mob rule" and "tyranny of the minority".

Wasn't that also 'tyranny of the majority', when applying majority rule to issues like the rights of a minority?

El Rey De Los Pantalones Sassy.

Indubitably, my dear Bunibuni.

"A fen is one of the four main types of wetland, the others being grassy marshes, forested swamps, and peaty bogs. Along with bogs, fens are a kind of mire. Fens are usually fed by mineral-rich surface water or groundwater. They are characterised by their water chemistry, which is pH neutral or alkaline, with relatively high dissolved mineral levels but few other plant nutrients."

Hence, the Boston fens after which the Fenway and Fenway Park were named.

Looking forward to the gnome-punting name series.

True. And then you have to make sure you roll up your sassy pants really high.

I'm down for FSP. The question is, will we be able to get sufficiently sassy pants in game.

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Listen, strange women lyin' in ponds distributin' swords is no basis for a system of government.

That's really interesting. I'd have assumed that if you could find a good one easily anywhere it would be in Germany. I've only had the one here and it was an import from a store with an extensive selection.

Also: sorry for the thread hijack non beer geeks. Nothing to see here. Please move along.

They misunderestimated us.

::strain:: can I... Put this.. Rabble down now... That the LR... Is over...? ::wobble::

TEO Papaver wrote:
<kabal> Bunibuni wrote:
Weak, bitter or strong?
When in doubt, Eisbock.

Interesting choice. Not a lot of good representations of the style in the US. Underappreciated style though.

Bluddwolf wrote:
Lifedragn wrote:
Good show, solid rise. You folks ever figure out what you are calling your settlement?
They will make us all wait until the official announcement, that is their shtick.

In that case, let's name it now. Didn't someone say something about murderhobos?

Bitter Thorn wrote:
<kabal> Bunibuni wrote:
Weak, bitter or strong?

Yes! and lots of it! ;)

EDIT: Maybe not so much weak.

As discussed, we'll have beer too... I'm thinking perhaps an altbier, or a doppelbock.

FMS Quietus wrote:
<Kabal> Questis wrote:
If I learned anything from GoT its that it's too dangerous to be on the small Council.
I would of thought if you learned anything from GoT, it would be that f***ing people over has dire consequences.

Actually, I don't think GoT teaches that at all. The bad guys typically survive and the honorable die. What I really learned most was not to admit being related to Sean Bean in any damn way.

<Kabal> Sunnfire wrote:
<Kabal> Questis wrote:
If I learned anything from GoT its that it's too dangerous to be on the small Council.
... Given I think you are the single person in the Kabal that has known me longest, I take that as a compliment.

As it was intended.

If I learned anything from GoT its that it's too dangerous to be on the small Council.

Yeah, unless they all end up adjacent and can just defend the outer ring

Sorry deleted that post because I misunderstood KC.

That's fine. I'm not insulted. I just don't know what the heck the point was if it's ungood to take a spot after week one. Why bother participating if you're good? And I don't know what morally justifies the first comers other than they happen to have numbers on week one. I thought part of the point was to build players.

Actually I disagree with that entirely. Playing within the rules is by definition not playing 'dirty'. Is any group with a good alignment obligated not to take a hex they have the numbers to take just because another group had it previously and doesn't want to give it up? What's the point of growing or being in the competition then if you're good? Suddenly, happening to have the numbers to hold a given spot on week five means you're "building a home"? OK. I guess after week one no one should move.

Actually, I take it back. That bit about this being in-character makes a difference. I suppose an evil person (or even a chaotic neutral one) might look at a good person playing a contest seriously and wonder why that was okay but when they look out for number one people get mad at them. Of course, the answer is that even good people can compete in a contest so long as they're acting in good faith compliance with the rules of a competition that people are voluntarily participating in.

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Bluddwolf wrote:
<kabal> Bunibuni wrote:
"The Goodfellow" wrote:
Kabal, you want X? Take it, you got the votes. We are considering our 2nd choice anyway...... <evil grin>
Thinking about it. But if we get a few more votes, thinking about someplace else too. <sly grin, because, you know, we aren't evil>
No, I would say you guys are Chaotic Neutral. You are certainly not Neutral Good, as you advertise.

So, by your definition, no one good can win a competition? No one good can use strategy? Especially strategy you don't understand? I guess for you good guys do finish last. Thankfully we don't all define good that way.

<Kabal> Sunnfire wrote:

My secret code has been hacked!

Red Rugosa is in the Steel Bagpipes!
Red Rugosa is in the Steel Bagpipes!

Roger that. Bagpipes are kilt-up. Repeat. Bagpipes have gone kilt-up.

Bronytails and Drum Mags.

Maybe that could be a company name instead of murder hobos. Drum mag.

Accidental... Reckless... Negligent... Wilful... These are gradients, who can say?

Actually the belts do jam alot...

Nihimon wrote:
Bringslite of Fidelis wrote:
"Hail Iomedae and Her Righteous Wrath, Her Tempered Mercy, Her Even Justice.."
All Hail Zog!

cthulhu fhtagn

Hah. Even money on the chance you can burn down our settlement before we do it accidentally ourselves.

I secretly licked the hex we really want already, so no one else is going to want it anyway.

T7V Avari wrote:
I am your butterfly Sunnfire.

Oh why don't you guys just make out already.

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Manslaughter Hobos?

Kadere wrote:
Caldeathe Baequiannia wrote:
Thod wrote:

I watched all the other announcements - so this will be the most important one ...

Just not sure how well I will be able to follow it as I'm traveling.
Not to worry, Thod, I'm almost 100% certain that Kabal has no interest in "V"
You had to go and say it. Now they are going to hit V for sure. :D

::note to Sunnfire:: "V for Vendetta. That is all."

Bluddwolf wrote:

New "allies" seem to be welcome on the perimeter of a regional grouping, not in its center.

But we'd be so much more comfy with all our new allies between us and our enemies. ;)

And sometimes it's simply a bad pun...

I do think it's interesting though, that everyone's first reaction to Kabal's displacement of a potential ally in a fair competition, without anything more aggressive, is for it to be a trigger for gang violence. No one wants a new ally?

<Kabal> Sunnfire wrote:

I'm naming a company murder hobos.

Because its awesome.

I'm putting all my new PVPers in it.

<Kabal> Murder Hobo Crotch Kickers 4 life.

::rabble rabble::

<Kabal> Sunnfire wrote:
General Advice. When showing up to a Kabal Event, Be Prepared

Pshaw, where's the one with belted ammo?

So, presumably that party lasted what, two, three sessions before tpk? ;)

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