Immobilize and Knockback: Working properly on all attacks?

Pathfinder Online

I'm not sure they are. Yall mind helping me much with it a bit to figure it out?

Some attacks that do one or the other:
Bull Rush
Stagger (on Opportunity)
Hydraulic Push (Wizard Spell 1)
Arctic Winds (This is what the Goblin Shaman use, so we know it works for them!)
Telekinetic Fist (on Unbalanced)
Sonic Thrust
Impact Critical Shot (on Critical Hit)
Shove (on Unbalanced)
Shield Charge (on Unbalanced)
Clustered Shots (on Unbalanced)
Smash (on Flatfooted)
Hoist (on Unbalanced)

Charge (on Opportunity)
String Bolos (Rogue Maneuver 1)
Binding Web (on Disrupted)
Steel Speed (on Disrupted)
Shiv (on Unbalanced)
Parting Shot (on Distressed)
Mangle (on Distressed)
Transfix (on Opportunity)
Stagger (on Opportunity)
Pause (Fighter Maneuver 3)
Web (on Disrupted Wizard Spell 2)

By the way, I need a job. Anybody hiring?

Goblin Squad Member

I use parting shot all the time, I'll try it on more targets that survive two hits. I guess there is an icon I should look for?

Scarab Sages Goblin Squad Member

Last I heard, effects like these worked against PCs, but did nothing against mobs. Apparently, the AI doesn't understand how to apply effects like these to NPCs, so it ignores them.

Goblinworks Game Designer

KarlBob is correct. If you want to test them, test them on other PCs (AFAIK, if any of them work, they all should be work since they're all calling the same systems, but I doubt that's been factually verified). Controls will sometimes get the NPCs to change their idle animation so it looks like they did something, but they won't actually inconvenience them at all.

huh. Why doesn't it affect NPC's???

Goblin Squad Member

It's been explained elsewhere that the NPC A.I. simply hasn't got all the info yet, so they get the message to apply the condition, but don't know what to do so it doesn't change their status.

Goblin Squad Member

You can add the level 2 cleric spell Hold Person to the immobilize list.

And yes .. I have tested it and it works fine against PCs but does nothing whatsoever against NPCs.

Excellent! Then if one works they are all working! Unless the immobilize in a specific item happens to be broken.

thanks for this thread. I've been fooling around with these and wondering what the heck was going on.

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