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I played a 4th level Vanguard tonight using my Morlamaw Admittance in SFS Scenario Yesteryear's Sorrow. In one combat we had I made ample use of adjacent allies abilities. I had both the feat Bodyguard, and the disciplines Attractive Shield and Intervene.

The set up was something like this

V= Morlamaw Vanguard
E= Envoy
M= Mystic
O= Operative
B= badguys
_ = Open Squares


the squares bottom left were boxes that we could not occupy. jut south of the Envoy and Mystic was the door we entered. There was much more of the room to the North, but we weren't able to move there because the enemies were on top of us so quickly.

In this case I was positioning my shield against the right most enemy and guarding the Mystic, while either bodyguarding/intervening as necessary either the Operative or the Mystic. The Mystic was attacking with his battle staff, while the Operative was taking point blank shots because he would provoke trying to move away with trick attack anyway. At one point the left bad guy rolled a crit against the Operative and I Intervened to take half that damage for him. It actually felt like a very rewarding battle style and between Attractive Shield and Intervene/bodyguard, all of which is "adjacent ally" powers, my tanking ability for my party was very effective. Honestly this made Bodyguard valuable to me, as looking at it as it currently stands the feat is very lackluster without Vanguard abilities to give it further utility. Keep in mind I'm someone who ran a VERY effective body guard fighter in Pathfinder. So I was disappointed to see Bodyguard be reduced to something that a.) could only be done once per turn, period, and B.) be stuck at only a +2 bonus with no ways to further improve it, and no "in harm's way" feat.

Bodyguard and Intervene together effectively gives you In Harm's Way, and Vanguard's Reactionary class ability at least helps to mitigate the "Only once per turn" problem just a little bit. (also learning after playing tonight that needing to bodyguard more than once isn't as much a thing since iterative attacks are gone and full attacks are risky)

the title is pretty self-explanatory. I've been looking and looking and asking and asking and no one seems to know where the chapter one surveys are or how I submit them. Some help would be appreciated.

I'm having a third issue, which is that half my downloads don't list, and are instead in collapsed subcategories that I can't expand. I have to click, declick, and resort sidebar options just to get those downloads to appear, and that's if I'm lucky and it doesn't just show me the ten most recent Starfinder scenarios instead of what I'm actually looking for. With this current system, every attempt to download something is an ordeal.

I am trying to locate the society guild guide to download teh most up to date version, but some subheadings are collapsed with no way to open them, and when I try to filter the results it only shows Starfinder, playtest, and season 10 scenario content. Right now it's a complete mess.

** Venture-Agent, Virginia—Portsmouth aka Pogiforce

I support star sugar heartlove band paraphernalia, as well as an official musical album.

How does it authorize if my card is declined? Moreover I want to know why my card was declined in the first place. I'm scared to try again only to have another 30 dollar "authorization on my account, only to still not get my product.

Also, it says PDF orders are authorized immediately because they deliver immediately. So how can I be sure that's not a completed transaction instead of a hold?

Today I tried to purchase the starfinder core rulebook PDF, pact worlds PDF, and alien archive PDF. It declined my card. Twice. Not in my downloads.

Check my bank account, and I have 2 charges of 29.97. this needs to be fixed.

Well heroforge has ratfolk now, do there's that for Ysoki. They've also added a bunch of cool new tech items. Still don't have an outlet for Shirren or kasatha minis though

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Dracomicron wrote:

I'm not sure I quite get how feat perquisites is somehow not enough of a reason for the theme +1.

Yeah, if you don't intend to take feats with stat prerequisites it means less, but if I don't intend to fight in melee, Strength means less, too.

Just because you don't intend to use an option, does not mean that there is no purpose to the option.

the problem with that argument is your core stats always matter. Str is your carry capacity, even if you chose to not be a melee fighter. Dex is reflex save, ac, piloting, stealth, etc. Con is stamina and fort save. Int is skill points and computers, engineering etc, charisma is social skills and all of them but con is key stat for a class.

Sure, in if you choose to roll your stats then that +1 could tip you to the next modifier. But the recommended build method- and the only legal method in society play- is the ten point buy. In the ten p,oint buy that's not tipping you to the next modifier. If I'm building a soldier it doesn't matter if I put that +1 in strength or Dex,or int and charisma, if I spend 6 points in strength and 4 in Dex I still have a +3 strength and a+2 Dex regardless of what theme I picked. On the surface you're not going to be able to tell if I'm a mercenary or a robiticist until level 6. and this is supposed to be my background to help personalize my character, a choice that once made can't be changed. Being a way to qualify for feats that SOME people might want is not enough justification for such a major decision.

Think of it this way. Why were people so upset with the ending of mass effect 3? It was because for all the decisions you could make, all the branching paths, in the end there was only one conclusion. When the final result of the choices you make have no meaningful impact, that's called illusion of choice. People want their choices to matter and those theme benefits? With that big, bold +1 STR or +1 CHA on it? That oh so "important" +1 that is even shown to you in a wuickly break down chart because it's so important? That feels like an illusion of choice, and I passed my Will save.

Don't get me wrong, I love the concept of theme. I love the powerful benefits they start to provide at level 6. The knowledge check DC reduction is even kind of nice, as is the additional class skill /skill point. But that big +1 printed at the top of the page? I feel like the themes are trying to trick me by tempting me with something that's really of no consequence.

Steve Geddes wrote:

It matters more if you roll for stats (especially if you roll in order, though let’s face it that’s pretty rare these days). Also if you need a stat prerequisite for something down the track.

In passing, I don’t really buy the “never start above 16 or you’ll end up with less overall stats by level twenty” argument. In Starfinder I find myself not really caring about some of my stat increases. I’ve got a couple of stats that matter, a third that’s nice and I often find myself shrugging before assigning the fourth boost. If you start at 18 you get to a natural +5 several levels earlier than if you start at 16 - the fact you end up with a lower bonus in your fourth or fifth most important stat doesn’t really matter.

Getting the highest stats at level twenty isn’t really a goal worth striving for. Boosting your most important stat as rapidly as possible is (by definition, really) always useful.

That's simply a matter of playstyle, to which I say to each their own. I've always been more partial to more well rounded characters as some of my best characters were not minmaxed all that much, plus I'd argue that starfinder encourages more well rounded characters fairly heavily.

That's a discussion for another topic though. Regardless of your playstyle, the +1 ability score point doesn't really matter unless you're chasing particular feats early on.

pithica42 wrote:

Themes aren't meant to provide huge mechanical advantages. They're meant to describe a facet of your character beyond their race or class. They give context. They're essentially like a 'day job' or starting point in identity for your character.

If the advantages were big enough that they mattered, you'd have situations where every operative takes one of 2 or 3 themes and every Mystic takes one of 2 or 3 other themes. That kind of defeats the purpose and would make them more like sub-class options.

With them as they are, anyone can be an Icon, or an Ace Pilot, or a Space Pirate and still make it fit their character.

The thing is, other than ability increases, theme benefits DO matter. dream prophet at level 6 gets a full round action augury. Gladiators can hide their weapon in plain site through sheer reputation. Cyberborn can overcharge an augment to recover Stamina. Theme benefits are significant beyond roleplay implications.

And the thing is, you could make the ability score increase significant and it still would not negatively impact my options. Say I want to build an envoy. I want a 16 in Cha, a good Dex and maybe a little int or wisdom. I could choose lashunta for a 12 Cha and spend only four points there, or choose something else and spend 6. So I have 4/6 remaining. I end up choosing Ysoki, because I don't care about strength,and spend 6 in Cha. I now have a 12 Dex, a 12 int, and a16 Cha. Now I want a bit better Dex, so I put 2 in Dex, and 2 in con for better stamina /fort saves. He's going to be super charismatic and swift, but naive and gullible. Now I decide I want him to be a really good pilot, so I choose ace pilot. I have no intention of taking sidestep so if this was themes as they are now, I get an ability point that doesn't matter, a +1 to piloting checks, and DC reductions on famous pilots. The only thing that is insignificant there is the ability increase. However by making it a +2, my Dex goes up. Better saves, better piloting skill, better to hit in ranged combat, better ac. Now the ability bonus matters. And to be clear, I don't have to pick ace pilot. Maybe by a good pilot he's a runner for a smuggling operation and has outlaw, and at level 6 he gets to bribe the cops. Maybe he's a Gunner or pilot for a free captain, so I chose space pirate instead. He'll maybe instead of chosing con for my extra 2 points I chose spacefarer and he loves to explore. That gets me the 2 con I want, and put those two points into Dex for a still meaningful contribution to his piloting check. The +2 instead of +1doesn't limit me. If anything it seems to give me more options.

FormerFiend wrote:

Someone using the point buy system could spend the points for a score of 15 and still come out with an 18 from combining racial & theme bonuses.

Hells, someone could spend the points for a score of 13 and come out with an 18 with the proper race selection.

Alternatively if you just end up with an odd number at generation either from point buy or rolling, you can round that up to an even number with the theme bonus.

In your first example that costs you 5 points. Which means you have five more point to spend, which means you can get up to 2 more ability bonus and one floating point. Now imagine you don't have a theme bonus, you spend 6 to get to the 18 and 4 left over for 2 more ability bonus. In other words, as far as your bonuses go literally nothing has changed. The same applies for your second example.

As for the last one, if you got the ability points to go to an odd number you have the ability points to go up to an even number and another ability bonus, because it's a 10 point buy. The only reason you should have an odd number is because you split your points, but then as I've already explained odd numbers don't get you ability bonuses any faster. Besides, theme and race bonuses apply before you spend points, so at creation before you buy in your first example you have a 13 in that score. Do you spend 1 to make it a 14? 3 to make it a 16? 5 for 18? Either way it's an odd number, which means there's a point floating, so where do you put it when odd numbers don't matter for ability increases? Strength for carry weight is the obvious answer, which brings us back to my original issue.

Dragonchess Player wrote:

Two words: Feat prerequisites.

Having an 11 in Cha for a non-envoy, non-operative, non-solarian instead of 10 allows the character to take Minor Psychic Power at 1st or 3rd level.

Having a 13 in Int or Wis instead of 12 allows selection of Technomantic Dabbler or Connection Inkling at 5th level (with one of the four ability score increases at 5th level).

Or maybe you want a blitz soldier with 18 Str and the Sidestep feat (15 Dex and Mobility prerequisites). A human with the Ace Pilot, Mercenary, Outlaw, or Themeless theme can do that at 1st level (18 Str, 15 Dex, 10 Con, 10 Int, 10 Wis, 10 Cha; feats Mobility and Sidestep with the human bonus feat).

That's a fair point. In the case of those specific feats that bonus ability point can matter.

However, for characters that have no intention of "dabbling" like that? That point serves no purpose. And in the end that still means the bonus point matters in only a minority of cases.

Also in your examples what the bonus is doesn't matter so much as it exists. As long as your bonus is a score you intend to spend points on. what that means is basically you defined other uses for that floating point for me, but all in all what the bonus is provided by your theme is still largely irrelevant. I don't have to look at what bonus a theme provides because it doesn't really matter, as long as it's not in a score I don't intend on increasing. That's my real complaint. The big +1 WIS or +1 STR ultimately doesn't matter.

I've been building a lot of characters. Like it's become an addiction. And the more I do it, the more I'm starting to see that Theme bonuses to ability scores at first level... probably have zero impact on how your character grows, mechanically speaking. You could probably role play it maybe, like "oh, I'm con 13, I'm just a little tougher than the guy with Con 12" but ultimately it doesn't reflect in play. The reason for that is how ability bonuses work on level up.

Don't get me wrong, I love the way leveling up ability scores works now. You level 4 scores every 5 levels, and if the score is 16 or lower it goes up 2 instead of 1. if it's 17 or higher, it goes up 1. This has lead to me, and every other player at my LGS, to never build a character with an ability score above a 16. It ultimately gets us more ability score points in the long run, and allows us to build more rounded characters at first level that can grow to become more specialized as we level up and apply personal upgrades.

However, the bonus from Themes is only a +1. since it's a point buy system and penalties/bonuses to ability scores from race are all +2/-2, the +1 is not going to shift anything. You could pick a theme that gives you a +1 to your key ability score and push it all the way up to a 17, but when you hit level 5 that's going to go to 18 still, as if it was a 16. You could put it into a lower score, like maybe a secondary important skill, like say an operative with intelligence bumping it from say a 14 to a 15. However, again, because of how ability score level ups work that 15 will still be an 18 at level 10, just like a 14 could be an 18 by level 10.

In the end, it usually just means we have one floating point that goes wherever. Generally we end up just throwing it into strength for a little extra carriable bulk, but that feels like a disappointed application of one's theme. About the only time the ability bonus matters is if it's in a score you have no intention of improving, and at the same time is not in strength to give you more carry capacity. And other than this Themes are really awesome, because they provide a lot of role play flavor. it determines what you know really well, and what sort of things you are capable of pulling off beyond your class. People don't go "I'm an operative" they go "I'm an Ace Pilot". THey don't go "I'm a soldier" they say "I'm a bounty hunter". My Shirren Envoy Xenoseeker doesn't introduce herself as an envoy, she says "Hi! My name is T'cheknkai, but you can call me Teach. I'm a professor of Xenobiology in Qabara on Castrovel, and I like to go on expeditions to discover new races. Its nice to meet you!"

It just seems disappointing to me that for something that seems to have a huge impact in roleplay, it doesn't necessarily impact you much mechanically at first level besides a bonus class skill/skill point, and improved skill DCs on certain subjects. I feel in the future there should be an errata to make the ability score bonus more impactful. My thought is a +2 bonus to an ability score instead of a +1. My shirren would rather have a 16 in CHA because she's a Xenoseeker instead of a 14 and a random 11 strength because it wasn't worth making the CHA a 15 with that last floating ability point.

Would love to hear other viewpoints on this, but personally I hope I'm not alone in feeling that the ability score bonus from themes is pretty much useless.

I posted something on their facebook page asking for extra arms and alien heads/insect heads and antennae

Yeah I just got schooled about operatives in another thread, I hadn't realized they were all classed as insight bonuses. Honestly has me a little miffed, I'd understand it being Skill Focus and Skill Synergy are both insight bonuses as they are both feats and skill synergy has the additional utility of making a skill a class skill instead, but I don't understand why they're going to give you both Operative's Edge and SKill Focus if they don't work in tandem. Now I have to come up with a different feat for my operative...

I hadn't realized those were all insight bonuses, that's problematic. That makes me question why they do Skill Focus with Operative's Edge in the same skill if they don't stack.

so having a +9 in those skills suddenly sucks pretty bad... Means I have only a +13 to TA which means at my level I have only like a 50% chance to succeed.

Edit: How would you recommend a build for an Exo Cortex mechanic? I built an Exo Cortex Human Mechanic and I'm starting to question if he simply doesn't have the ability scores to be a combat focused mechanic human with an exo cortex...

Personally I'm really hungering for some miniatures myself. I've been building figures in Hero Forge in the meantime but those are really expensive, and they can only cover so many of the races. (Kasatha, Ysoki, and Shirren are just SOL on that one, and I can't give the Lashunta their antennae) What's with the delay?

My operative is an Android, Hacker specialization with a 14 Int. After operative's Edge, Skill Focus, Ranks, Class Skill, and me also investing Skill Synergy into the skill I have a +13 to Computers at first level. That means I have a +17 to Trick Attack with computers at first level, against enemies whose TA DC is going to be around 21/22, 23 if it's a boss level enemy. That means I have anywhere between a 70 to 80% chance of success.

A ghost who builds 16 Dex, skill focus operatives edge skill synergy, would have one higher base score than me at +14. However, they would only get a +1 to their TA which means they'd have a +15 to TA, with a TA DC in the same range meaning their chance to succeed is 60 to 70%. Their chance to succeed is 10% less than mine, with my ability score that my skill is based off of being lower than theirs. However, I did have to invest in a second Ability score to make this work. (Int was really a no brainer since it gives me even more skill versatility, but still). just trying to see it from both sides.

In my opinion, the Ghost's bonus to Stealth should probably be increased to a +2 to keep it more in line with the others at first level.

Edited to fix my math.

Really, from my experience it's more a fact that the Operative in particular is overpowered skill wise than it is the mechanic is underpowered. I mean the operative is a Dex based class with room for high int, gets 8 +int skill points per level, has nearly every skill in the game as a class skill, and on top of that gets an additional 2 free skill ranks in their specialization skills, Skill Focus in their specialization skills, and then operatives edge which just gives them a static boost to ALL skills at certain intervals.

What this has meant for me in Society play is I have a hacker Operative, who only has 14 Intelligence, with a +13 to computers thanks to all of that and the Skill Synergy feat. That's pretty outrageous. While as an operative player I love all the skill power I think they really need to scale back how much of it they get. Instead of SKill Focus in both specialization skills, which is two free feats, give htem Skill Synergy for both of them, which is one feat and not as much of a boost. Additionally they should probably have fewer skill points and probably shouldn't be getting the two free ranks. If you want to be a good operative you'll invest the ranks in your specialization skills yourself.

To speak to the Mechanic class itself, I will admit that the drone option seems underwhelming. The battle chassis seems best for combat, but then that's pretty much all the drone is going to be good for. Additionally the drone does suffer from the problems you mentioned. Personally I go for the Exo Cortex. It provides the Mechanic with Heavy Armor and long Arm Proficiency which to my knowledge the only other class that has that at the start is the Soldier. Additionally it allows the Mechanic to "target" enemies which treats his BAB as his Mechanic Level for hte purposes of attacks against that target. The Exo Cortex also provides you some neat benefits in combat that the drone does not, and provides you skill focus in one skill of your choice which helps you get additional skill power, and your exo cortex can be retooled every time you level up to change which skill the skill focus feat is for.

** Venture-Agent, Virginia—Portsmouth aka Pogiforce

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With starfinder being such a success, does that mean we can expect official figures sometime soon?

** Venture-Agent, Virginia—Portsmouth aka Pogiforce

For the ruling in question, it's this one.


Can I purchase spellcasting services at higher than the minimum caster level?
You may purchase spellcasting services at higher than minimum caster level if the spell appears on the prestige award list in the Pathfinder Society Roleplaying Guild Guide. Spellcasting services for all other spells can only be purchased at minimum caster level. Spells purchased with Prestige Points are always at minimum caster level.

posted Mar 13, 2017

I got into a heated debate about this one with my GM after the game, because my third level character spent a prestige point for a Remove Disease, which then didn't work, and then I still ended up having to pay gold to get the disease removed or get marked dead. He mentioned this ruling as justification but initially neither of us could find it. Now that we've found it, I'd like to argue why this ruling is antithetical to the spirit of the game, and why it should be removed.

To home in on the key point here, it's the part of the ruling that states that any Spellcasting service purchased with prestige points is purchased at minimum caster level. However, any other spellcasting purchased you can pay more gold to hire a higher level caster. I think that spending prestige points should either guarantee success, or at least allow you to increase the caster level for things like Remove Disease and Remove Poison, also at a higher caster level. I don't think the prestige cost should be adjusted. And here's why.

In the case of my 3rd level character, he ended up spending nearly all the money he had earned from the scenario to stay alive. At low levels, that money lost hurts more than at higher levels because you're still trying to save up, or purchase essentials. You don't really have any surplus gold just lying around for such things. However, lower level characters especially seem to have more Prestige points available to them because most of the prestige costs eaten up later are in retraining, unfortunate deaths, and prestige awards. So a lower level PC may be better able to handle an unfortunate set back with a prestige cost than a gold cost.

But there's more to it than that. Prestige is a very finite resources that's hard to replace. whereas the amount of gold earned gets exponentially larger as you level, while spellcasting services remain about the same in cost. Prestige point gains however are largely uniform as you level, getting only 3 to 6 prestige per level. This makes it that much more of a precious resources as you go. Now while higher level characters here have the money to throw around to purchase spellcasting services, my attention here is on the respect given to Prestige Points as a resource. Being a very finite, precious resource, things that you spend prestige points on should be worth the point spent. In the case of magical healing, where your magical healing is at minimum caster level, it feels like a huge disrespect to that prestige and what you had to do to earn it when you get a third level caster who has to roll a 12 or better on the caster level check for say a Remove Disease, they fail, and that prestige point was effectively taken from you for nothing. You got zero for that prestige point. At higher levels too where the DCs of poisons and Diseases are typically higher, having that level 3 cleric casting spells for you is borderline useless.

Sure, higher level characters can fall back onto gold reserves, but lower level characters don't typically have that luxury. So when you pay prestige to cure a disease, fail, then still have to pay money to cure that disease or die, It feels like a punch in the gut. Like kicking a man while he's down. And these magical spellcasting services are pretty much the ONLY thing to spend prestige on that's available to those who have only the bare minimum of what they need to play.

Just my thoughts on the matter, and hoping to change a few minds about the subject.

** Venture-Agent, Virginia—Portsmouth aka Pogiforce

Is "purchasing spellcasting services" the same thing as "hire a spellcaster"?

** Venture-Agent, Virginia—Portsmouth aka Pogiforce

So a bad choice then. Disappointing, but better to find out now in character creation than several levels down the road.

** Venture-Agent, Virginia—Portsmouth aka Pogiforce

The only exception to that mount power is greater mount, which allows anyone to mount your Drake as long as you have good standing with it, and it no longer gets it's highest flight power negated. However you can't take that one until level 11, and it has glide and mount as prerequesites, and it only gets 3 Drake powers by level 11. So at level eleven, at best you have a gliding mount. That you can't ride if you're any bigger than small.

** Venture-Agent, Virginia—Portsmouth aka Pogiforce

What scenarios go to 14-15? Everything I have ever played except for eyes of the ten is level 12 or lower. I'm also aware that not all player companion options are for PFS, as that was basically the root of my question: is there accommodation for PFS characters or is this one of those archetypes that just doesn't work.

I also feel I should mention that the Drake doesn't automatically have flight. It has to acquire a number of Drake powers to gain access to flight, and those powers are reduced by one step when carrying a mount. So most of the time, until you get much higher level, and only if you forsake other Drake powers such as breath weapons, or other forms of improved movement,your Drake can, at best, glide when you're mounted.

Also, not interested in playing a small character with this archetype.

** Venture-Agent, Virginia—Portsmouth aka Pogiforce

I just recently bought Legacy of dragons and I've been reading through it. And I have some questions about how exactly the archetype works, centered around the Drake companion.


Starting Statistics

Size Tiny; Alignment any nongood; Speed 20 ft.; Attack bite (1d3), tail* (1d3); Ability Scores Str 8, Dex 17, Con 11, Int 4, Wis 10, Cha 7; Languages Draconic.

*This is a secondary natural attack

The Drake gets size increases at levels 5, 9, 13 and 17. If it's starting size is Tiny, then that means a DrakeRIDER cavalier will never be able to ride his Drake during normal games (levels 1-12). There is nothing in drakerider cavalier that indicates this Drake companion gets a larger starting size.

Drake Mount
A drakerider gains a drake companion instead of a mount. She gains cavalier’s charge at 9th level instead of 3rd.

This ability replaces mount, tactician, expert trainer, banner, greater tactician, greater banner, and master tactician and alters cavalier’s charge.

Approved Order: A drakerider can join only an order approved by its mount. Suitable orders include order of the beast, order of the cockatrice, and order of the dragon, as well as other fitting orders at the GM’s discretion.

So there is nothing there that says this companion starts at a different size. But it does mention cavalier's charge at ninth level.

At 3rd level, a cavalier learns to make more accurate charge attacks while mounted. The cavalier receives a +4 bonus on melee attack rolls on a charge while mounted (instead of the normal +2). In addition, the cavalier does not suffer any penalty to his AC after making a charge attack while mounted.

This to me suggests that the archetype expects you to be able to mount by at least ninth level. But that's only doable if you're a small character. So I find myself wondering if the archetype intended the companion to be of typical mountable size for it's rider and just forgot to mention it? Or is it really as bad as it sounds?

Thank you for the clarification.

I have a rules question about GMing evergreens, since I feel the rulebook is a bit vague on the subject. I bring it up because one of my GMs had GMed an evergreen, Emerald Spire Superdungeon Floor 1 over the weekend. This was his third time ever GMing the module. We were under the understanding that just like a player, you can always apply the Evergreen Chronicle Sheet to a first level character for credit even as a GM, but when I reported the event it automatically inserted the following note:


Player has already run scenario at session # [number] of event # [number] [location] on October 23, 2015.

GM ranking: +2

Next to his name is marked him as having no Prestige earned for the module.

So I go into the Season 8 Rule book, thinking we may have overlooked something. On Page 18 it reads:

Pathfinder Society Roleplaying Guild Guide version 8.0 wrote:

Evergreen Adventures

All Tier 1 and Tier 1-2 Adventures can be replayed an unlimited number of times with a 1st-level character for credit. The Tier 1 and 1-2 adventures can also be played with a 2nd-level character once for credit in each campaign mode (Core and Standard Modes). GMs receive another Chronicle sheet each time they run one of the Tier 1 and Tier 1-2 adventures, but can only apply a chronicle sheet to one 2nd-level character per adventure per campaign mode.

While this states explicitly that GMs can only apply credit to a second level character once per campaign mode just like players, based on my understanding, it doesn't directly state whether a GM earns credit each time when applied to a first level character. I also don't know if the omission of a direct statement that GMs can always apply credit to a first level character means that GMs can't apply it to as many first level characters they like, or even if they are allowed to apply them to first level characters at all. Some clarification on this would be appreciated, as based on the note in the system I'm not sure our initial interpretation of the rules was correct. Thanks.

Hero Lab also applies the ACP reduction to the tower shield though, and the core rule book lists the tower shield under Armors in the core rule book, so I do believe the ACP reduction would still apply to the shield. It is called Tower Shield Training after all, it wouldn't make much sense if training to make me better with a tower shield just made me better with my armor. Your ruling I must admit is the only one I've seen too where you do not apply the training to the shield, and you apply it to your ACP AFTER adding them together.

I do appreciate you giving me your interpretation, but I feel I must rephrase my question. I've always been told that the armor training applies to both your armor and your shield. There would be little point in it otherwise, since a Tower Shield's Max Dex is a +2, and not applying it to your shield means you will never get any more than a 2 from Dex. The shield would never improve it's max dex cap, and while that might make sense for a regular Fighter, that wouldn't make sense for an archetype designed to be a paragon user of the tower shield. Shields are listed under Armors in the core rule book after all. Tower Shield Training says when I'm wielding a tower shield, I get a -3 to the ACP, and a +2 to the Max Dex. Do I have this bonus INSTEAD of the bonuses from Armor Training, or do I have them both? It says I still have Armor Training as Normal, which would suggest that both work together, but it also might be that I use the Tower Shield Training bonuses INSTEAD of the Armor Training bonus while I'm holding a tower shield.

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So I have a question concerning the Tower Shield Specialist, and how his abilities work together. Particular in terms of the third level ability Tower Shield Training.

Tower Shield Training:
At 3rd level, a tower shield specialist gains armor training as normal, but while he employs a tower shield, the armor penalty is reduced by 3 and the maximum Dexterity bonus allowed by his armor increases by 2. The benefit increases every four levels thereafter as per standard armor training; if the tower shield specialist is not employing a tower shield, the benefits to armor training revert to the normal bonuses.

My question is how it interacts with Armor Training, which reduces Armor check penalty by 1 and increases max dex by 1 for armor. From how I'm reading it Armor Training applies specifically to the armor. Now the way the Tower Shield Training is written, How I'm interpreting it is that I get to reduce the ACP of both my armor and shield by another 3, and increase the max dex of both by 2. so when I'm using a +1 Full Plate and a +1 Darkwood Tower Shield, my check penalty for both items is a -4 for each, and for max dex it's a +3 for the full plate and a +6 for the Tower Shield. (+2 base, +2 for darkwood, +2 for tower shield training) Am I correct on this? I've been building my characters in hero lab and it's telling me my full plate has a Max dex of +2, and my tower shield has a max dex of +4. I don't think that's right but Hero Lab has found interactions I had missed before.

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This question just came up, and I was wondering if we have a definite answer on whether Inspiration can be used on the day job?

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Kevin Ingle wrote:
Pogiforce wrote:

I'm sorry for the spoiler, I would remove it but I don't know how to edit my post.

And I know Hero Lab is not a rules source, but I wasn't sure what happened based on how the Chronicle was worded. I don't know if I just GET the mount, or it's just made available to me as an option to purchase. And according to Hero Lab if it's the latter it costs 1500 GP.

I also don't understand what you mean by "If you have one of those class features" since, from my understanding, anyone can have a mount. Cavaliers just start with one for free and theirs grows with them.

Anyone can buy a mount, true. The chronicle is not opening up any new purchases though.

Cavaliers start with one because their class gives them one...it's a feature of that class. The phrase Class Features is actually called out as a subheading for each and every class in the rulebooks.

If the mount/animal companion feature is one of your class features then you can gain the bird as a mount/companion. If you do not have either feature, the boon grants you nothing.

I understand what a Class Feature is. The way the boon is worded just had me doubtful that it was exclusively for those with the class feature. Thank you for clearing it up.

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For whatever reason there isn't. It might be because Nefreet flagged my post, and I guess now I can't edit it. The post I JUST made has an edit button, but the one I opened the topic with does not.

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I'm sorry for the spoiler, I would remove it but I don't know how to edit my post.

And I know Hero Lab is not a rules source, but I wasn't sure what happened based on how the Chronicle was worded. I don't know if I just GET the mount, or it's just made available to me as an option to purchase. And according to Hero Lab if it's the latter it costs 1500 GP.

I also don't understand what you mean by "If you have one of those class features" since, from my understanding, anyone can have a mount. Cavaliers just start with one for free and theirs grows with them.

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So I just finished the third part of the Quest for Perfection quest line. On the chronicle sheet,

it says that if I have completed all three parts with this character, which I have, "you may gain an axe beak as a loyal mount or companion". Now I use hero lab for building and tracking characters, and Hero Lab says that an Axe Beak costs 1500 GP as a mount. Now the Chronicle sheet does not say I have to buy the mount, but it doesn't explicitely say it's free either. Do I have to pay the 1500 GP?

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Here's a link to the Guide to Pathfinder Society.

I had read the guide to Pathfinder Society, that was where my question had stemmed from in the first place. I had said so in my original post.

To everyone who replied, Thank you for providing me a clear answer.

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I read the society rules over and over again, and I don't have access to my GM at hte moment, so I simply must ask: how exactly does fame and purchasing gear work? I understand it says that gear found in the core rule book, mundane items and +! items are all considered generally always available. But then it also says that depending on your fame, there is a limit on the value of items you purchase from your faction. So I have a level one, going on level two Fighter Tower Shield Specialist, and I want to sell his regular tower shield, and then buy a Darkwood Tower Shield. Now a Darkwood Tower Shield costs 630 GP, but since I have only 5 Fame I can only purchase items worth up to 500 GP from my faction. So can I actually purchase this shield between sessions or no? the way it's worded has me confused.