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Thanks for understanding--I'll dot to hide this thread.

Hey all, with apologies, I think I'm going to have to bow out of this run.

Learning PF2 was a bigger learning curve than I'd anticipated, and I'm going to have several days now where I won't be able to post with work and family obligations.

Sorry to apply and back out, but I don't think I'll be able to make it. With 5 characters still, I'm hopeful you'll have a safe and fruitful run!

Thanks for the ideas, but I think I'll hold out for customer service to delete the old one.

I'm going to make a goblin alchemist for PFS. Any objection to my using the goblin alchemist pregen for this run? I'm out of time and know we're ready to start.

Eric Collins - France wrote:

What do you mean by "use that character"? Do you mean re-using the name (thus deleting the character you have first)?

Yes, I was wanting to delete a character with one post to reuse the name.

But there’s no delete button despite having one post.

I may need to just use a different character.

Does anyone know how to have a character deleted that has fewer than 10 posts but doesn't have a delete button?

I've got PFS 1e character with 1 post I want to delete, but there's no delete button. I'm wanting to use that character in 2e PFS for this game.

I contacted customer service a couple weeks ago but never heard back. Any ideas?

Hey guys--I'm really sorry, but real life is super crazy for me right now, and I don't think I'm going to be able to continue on this run.

It's been super fun, and I wish you guys the best of luck going forward!

Maybe Dusklord will catch up with you at a later date!

When are you closing recruitment?

Have you said when recruitment closes?

Hey all! Thanks for the invite, GM Dak! I've been trying to get into your games! :)

The ideas I'm most interested in pursuing for this are:

1. Gnome Sorcerer (a boastful coward, paranoid illusionist / arcane investigator)
2. Human Arcanist (an old man who was rescued by fey when he was a child, loves the fey and is bored by most everything else)

I could come up with some other ideas if the arcane role is already full (though it looks like two tables). If there are no objections, I'd proceed with one of those ideas.

I'm excited for a faster-paced game. :)

I'm Mountain Time Zone, FYI.

I'll be submitting a Skald...looks like a fun adventure path.

I'll be working on an Ancient Lorekeeper Oracle (Time mystery), which should cover divine caster but also has quite a bit of arcane casting.

Any brief thoughts on how we would join the group as we consider backgrounds? Are we in another wave of colonists on the island?

Did we get an ETA for closing of recruitment? I've been working on a submission but didn't want recruitment to close before I get a chance to finish up.

What is the current party composition?

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I'm also not new, but can say from experience that GM Shadowlord is a fantastic GM...new players will have a great time!

I’ve mostly lived away since I was 12. Perhaps we used to be very close (whatever our relationship), but a lot of time has passed. We could have written to each other, and I’m sure I’ve visited a couple of times.

Let me know what you think.

Well, I’m good either way, but we are different races. I’m human (1/4 elf for RP purposes), and you’re a half-elf. However you want to reconcile that, I am happy to try it.

I’d rather not have you need to change your name. Perhaps my new name is one I thought sounded more wizardly and assumed, while yours is a family name.

Either way, with me away we won’t know each other incredibly well. I had thought about having a different sibling or half-sibling, but I guess that could be you.

Selde Cathron wrote:

Selde is a 29 year old Half-Elf whose former adventurer parents died when she was young. She was also raised by her Elven grandfather in Phaendar. We could smoosh our backstories together. They seem to go together fairly well already, but I'm willing to modify a number of details to make it work.

The blight infection is important, but there are a number of ways that could have happened. Her being a Half-Elf is tied in to both the mechanics and lore of my build. I'd like to stay with that if you'd be willing to have the mother be a full blooded elf. There is the Round Ears alternate trait for Half-Elfs to appear more human and gain the skilled trait. If ShadowLord is cool with it, we could also just call a rose by any other name and have you play a human and we fluff the round ears. Cathron was just a name I choose so I'm fine with switching to Silverstep as the family name.

Let me know if you are interested and we can work out the details.

Funny our backstories were that similar. I hadn’t read yours...promise!

Another idea would be if we were half-siblings or cousins. Maybe there was a particular elven grandfather that got around. Perhaps we know of each other but haven’t met?

Okay, I ended up settling on a Human Wizard named Thael Silverstep.

Here's some generalities of my background if anyone wants to tie in. I'm thinking he would be early 30's.

Because I want him to have a cultured/city background as a contrast to the mostly nature-themed party, here's a bullet-point proposal for his backstory, let me know if anyone wants to tie in here:

*Thael's father was a human ranger and his mother a half-elf arcanist (Thael is 1/4 elf). They may have both had an adventurer background, but after some harrowing experiences had retired to a quiet life of farming on the frontier.
*Thael, their child, was always intelligent beyond his years. His parents could hardly give him enough books and information to keep him content. His mother recognized latent magical ability and thought he should study in a bigger city. He had few interests in common with other frontier children, and would rather spend his time in a book.
*When Thael was 12, his parents were killed trying to protect the town.
*Thael's maternal grandfather (an elf) sent the boy to Tamran briefly to study magic, but when that proved insufficiently challenging, sent for the boy to study in larger cities. I was thinking that Thael would have spent some time both in Kyonin, where he learned elven magic, loved their culture, and had an inferiority complex with more-talented elves, and later in Almas (one of the closest big cities and likely to have a good university). Thael will have become very metropolitan, in contrast to his provincial roots.
*Thael has a living sister, who is a current inhabitant of the town. It didn't seem any of the already-listed NPCs were a good fit for my sister. If there is one, I'll use that. If not, she's Auril Silverstep, my younger sister who had the overly-ambitious wizard brother who moved to the big city. She was pretty much adopted and raised by non-relatives in town, but has corresponded with her wizard brother periodically. Auril has discovered some journals of their parents, or perhaps some important item for Thael, and he has come back to collect it.
*Though Thael has always felt the need to move past what Phaendar could offer him, it will always be his home, if for no other reason than to honor the memory of his parents.

Let me know if anyone wants to have a connection (former childhood friends? A bully of the egg-head kid?).

Father Emil wrote:

I like that last idea about having one character not so in love with nature as the rest of the group. Contrast is good.

Be aware, Father Emil will have the provincial flaw, which means he may not be as warm and friendly toward folks from out of the area or anyone who is not a worshiper of Erastil or at least sympathetic to the Green Faith. This doesn't mean he won't be civil or helpful, but he might be a bit sarcastic or snarky.

@Emil: That's actually the kind of party I'm hoping for. I think the contrast between the different characters is what creates interesting RP opportunities. I'll try to select my "city-slicker" today.

@GM Shadowlord: Thanks for the additional information on the town. Any gnome NPCs, by chance?

Could we get the gender/race for the main NPCs in town?

Could be useful as we consider backstory for relatives, etc.

I'm trying to run through some character concepts...I may need to sleep on it. I have lots of ideas, but quite a few of them don't seem the best fit for this campaign.

Here are the ones I am looking at:

*Human Druid (I had originally submitted a wild-shape switch-hitting druid...however, we already have a druid and another full divine caster. It would probably be better for party composition to go a different route).

*Tiefling Rogue (this character would be an arcane trickster and cover a lot of the bases we need. Though I think it would be a good fit, a lot of my hesitation is that I mainly like the idea of a female trickster but that would put us at 4 females/2 males. I'd probably rather have that equal just for RP. Plus, the character icons are awful for male tieflings. Petty, I know.

*Elf Fighter (this character would be an Eldritch Knight/arcane archer)

*Human Wizard

*Gnome Sorcerer

*Any of these characters would have skill points to max diplomacy. Regardless of which I pick (unless I went with the druid for some reason) I'm thinking that where we have so many nature-themed characters, my character will be a city-slicker who has roots here but has spent his life trying to get away from provincial life. He/she has come back to visit family/ arrange affairs but does not get along well in the wilderness. I thought that could be an interesting dynamic.

Ah, thanks for the clarification. I clicked on something that showed gnome sorcerer as I was going through profiles.

For combat then, it looks like we have three front-line and two ranged?

Hey all, good to join you! Thanks for the invite, GM Shadowlord, and for your willingness to run the game. I know that's quite a commitment. I've been in a number of campaigns that don't even make it through the first chapter, so I love being in a group of grizzled veterans willing to do the long-haul.

Curiously, we have two 45-year-old attorneys in this group...I'm one, too. I'm self-employed in my family's law firm in Utah. I have four children (17, 15, 15, and 13) and a wonderful wife. For hobbies, I occasionally hike, play a video game, or do PbP Pathfinder (I played with my real-life RP group up until about age 40 when it broke up for good).

I have been on the boards since then, and this seems to scratch an itch I've always had. I started gaming with Red Box D&D back in the day and have played ever since.

GM Shadowlord has also asked me to fill in with a character that meets the needs of the group (I was one of the many druids).

It looks like we have:

Jillian (female gnome sorcerer) - front liner (is this a dragon disciple to be front-line?)
Wren (female halfling psychic) - Arcane/skills/backup heals/battlefield control
Father Emil (male human cleric) - Divine caster, healing and support
Selde (female half-elf druid) - Ranged Damage/Magical Support
Caspan (male human brawler) - front liner

Though I've been selected to join you, Shadowlord asked me to see what needs I thought there were and finish up a character. Though it appears we don't have anyone in a rogue-type of role, with the wilderness setting I'm not sure how necessary that is. Any thoughts on what we need most? I'm particularly fond of arcane casters and could easily play a wizard or sorcerer, though knowing what Jillian's plan is would help me decide.

Looking forward to this!

I'm definitely interested, and will come up with and submit something in the next couple of days.

EDIT: Does the skills character have to be ranged?

Cwethan wrote:
Okay, if envoy, technomancer, and operative are looking likely, then I'll go ahead and put together a soldier tonight (though of course until dice hit the table I'm happy to swap)

I'm actually leaning toward Mystic still...the Pahtra Operative is my fallback option if that's needed more.

Hey GM Blake and Team! I'm very excited to join this crew...this seems like a great group.

I've played a lot of PbP games for PFS, but have been gravitating toward the adventure paths for more character development. I've only been involved in one Starfinder adventure path (Dead Suns) and have really enjoyed it.

I'll be able to create a character for any class for this group, so if there's a role I need to fill, I'm happy to take it.

I'd been gravitating toward an astrazoan bounty hunter mystic (or potentially technomancer) who uses disguise and mind tricks to capture prey. However, I just realized that race is in Pact Worlds. I'm leaning toward mystic, though.

I also think a pahtra operative would be fun and could get into that.

Okay, looking through scenarios and campaigns I've played here the last 5 years, I don't believe we've had the pleasure of gaming together.

Probably my best GM references would be GM SnowHeart, where I've been playing Ilsa, a mesmerist discovering dark powers that corrupt her as she utilizes them.


GM Cellion, where I play Spectre, a crime lord android whose former master mysteriously disappeared.

Both campaigns have been going for at least a year. I have over 18000 posts over about 5 years and will be a consistent player if selected.

I'm happy to play any role in this group, though I had been toying with the idea of an astrazoan bounty hunter mystic who uses disguise and mind tricks to capture prey.

I'm interested...this looks to be a great group.

I have a wedding this weekend and hope to submit something...but can I ask when recruitment closes?


Okay, here are some thoughts. I could run with any of these:

Dwarf Paladin, front-line indestructible holy warrior, this drunken dwarf seeks to redeem himself after a wasted youth.
Human Druid, front-line melee animal form brawler, he is looking for an untamed place to call his own, and believes the end of current civilization is at hand.
Halfling Ranger, mounted roc-rider and daredevil, this adrenaline junky needs to find the most extreme challenges the wilderness can offer.
Elf Occultist, finesse combatant with a slew of tricks, this elf, once left for dead, seeds redemption while trying to keep some dangerous artifacts from controlling him.
Half-orc Barbarian, religious heretic who tortures himself as much as his enemies, he seeks inner peace through suffering and to bring harsh salvation to the Stolen Lands.

Let me know if any of these ideas sound better than others.

Okay,I have a couple ideas I’m chewing on. What level is everyone?

Hi Tarondor, I’m definitely interested in this. I’ve been here about five years and have Howard of 18,000 posts. I played the first book of Kingmaker and the DM left.

Could you give an idea of the existing group and what it needs most?

-PatheticWretch (i.e. best half-ling friend)

Mr. Copperpot nods solemnly at Glickly's observation.

"Indeed," he says, examining the tools for anything useful.

Doubtful there's magic here, but I'll check anyway. I'll try to determine if there's any tool particularly valuable (masterwork, etc.).

appraise: 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (14) + 1 = 15
perception: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (12) + 6 = 18

The Green Market thread is up HERE.

Please check in and we'll start next week!

It sounded like we had consensus on inviting Nowruz, so I'll invite him too.


Not yet...sorry, with the 4th I was pretty out of things this week. I'll get it up later today or tomorrow.

I'm on a campout this weekend...I'll get this started next week.

The potential new player/DM is GMNowruz. If everyone is okay with that, I'll extend an invitation before we start.


Great run, everyone! That one got a little dicey a couple of times.

I think I'm up next...what was I running again?

Also, I had someone contact me about joining the rotating DM group. Everyone okay with adding another?


Mr. Copperpot looks around apprehensively.

"Enemies?! There are almost certainly enemies. Plots...counter-plots. Secret plans. We must take great care," he says as he waits for someone else to go in first.

perception: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (1) + 6 = 7

Yes, going with my backstory (but would love to fill any holes you see if you'll let me know what they are). I'll make the updates on the dagger and my drawback.

EDIT: Just saw the first post is up! Looking forward to this, but have to get to work...will post later!!!

@GMDD, I sent you a PM to follow up on my background. I am not sure how the new website notifies you, and it seemed there wasn't a way to see it, so I thought I'd let you know here.

I’ll be submitting a melee/skills alchemist tomorrow. Crunch is done, working on backstory.

I think he means background skills (i.e. you get 2 background skills a level in addition to normal skill points). So you don't have to use skill points for profession, knowledge: engineering, etc.

I'm going with the gnome illusionist (non-aquatic version!). So I'll probably end up taking a spell for some underwater action later on.

I have the crunch pretty much done, but will send the backstory to GM for review to see if there are any changes I ought to make.

Interesting...I'm glad you mentioned that. I had been focusing on the language that said Major Image works like Silent Image. But there does seem to be a big difference:

Silent Image: You can move the image within the limits of the size of the effect.

Major Image: While concentrating, you can move the image within the range.

I think I'd agree with you that it can move around within the range.

Maybe this is more of rules question, but don't silent image or major images only allow me to move the image within the area of effect?

"Effect visual figment that cannot extend beyond four 10-ft. cubes + one 10-ft. cube/level (S)"

In other words, I can move it within those cubes, but not outside, correct?

Thanks for the thoughts. I hadn't considered the familiar combatant, though I had been hoping for some ideas of accomplishing the same thing with a spell and threatening illusion (which I maintain as a swift action).

Does that mean there's not a spell that can do that?

Okay, thanks for the feedback.

A crafter does look like a pretty long-term proposition, though if I were ever to play one, it would be in an adventure path. I do think there are some minor types of constructs I could craft earlier than others (iron cobras, homunculus, and the like), though certainly golems and such would be later on. They're also tremendously expensive to craft.

I'm still brainstorming, and have some ideas coming along for either of the two concepts I'm considering most (gnome sorcerer or dwarf wizard).

Do you have any ideas of when you'd like character concepts/backstory ready?

I'm planning to play a gnome illusionist sorcerer. Though I will take plenty of battlefield control spells each level, I'll be specializing in illusions.

I'll have these feats to start: spell focus: illusion, effortless trickery, threatening illusion, and persistent spell.

One of the main things I wanted to do is have an illusory bodyguard that follows me around (using effortless trickery to keep it up constantly). I had planned to cast a threatening silent image and later a threatening major image to create the bodyguard. However, this line from silent image makes me think it can only stay in a small area: "Effect visual figment that cannot extend beyond four 10-ft. cubes + one 10-ft. cube/level (S)"

So I had two questions:

1. Is there an illusion spell that will allow me to do what I want (i.e. create the illusion of a bodyguard that follows me around wherever I go?).

2. Though I'll be taking plenty of other non-illusion spells, what are your favorite illusion spells to build around as I level?

Many thanks!

Still trying to finalize my concept. Though I'm still leaning toward the gnome sorcerer, I did have some questions about crafting for a different character I'm still considering.

1. Will there be much time for crafting? I'm just thinking of the Giantslayer start, and we have pretty much been in one big combat for several levels. So far, crafting wouldn't be of much use.

2. Are you okay with construct crafting if I wanted to go that way?

Again, this is for my second choice character now, but I'm just curious.

Now get some sleep! :)

Just for example, Silent Image says:

Saving Throw: Will disbelief (if interacted with).

I understand that the definition of that is up to the GM and I'm good with that.

I guess my main issue is that illusion works better if there's a little latitude for creativity. I've played enough in your games to know you'll be fair.

I just didn't want to play that character if you didn't care for the concept.

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