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I'll definitely be applying with a Human Bloodrager, and am just finishing up final backstory. Rolling for starting wealth:

starting wealth: 3d6 ⇒ (6, 3, 3) = 12 *10= 120 gp

Thanks for the consideration. I'd love to game with you again.

Of the options, I would definitely love to play a Pathfinder 2e campaign from the start. That's my A. That said, I'm currently in Tyrant's Grasp. :/ I could absolutely get behind another P2 game and could play quite a few APs.

I'd give Option 1 a B.

Though I do like LotR (and could probably give it a B), let's call it a B minus. :)

I do have some hesitation learning a totally new game system, and I really only know Pathfinder and Pathfinder 2e (which I've been starting up a home game of--finally catching up).

1. Carrion Crown
2. Strange Aeons
3. Hell's Rebels

Good luck!

Thanks for your consideration. I’m the event you need replacements, please consider the rest of us!

GM Granta wrote:
We are still short one PC and all three NPCs, so pushing back the start time until Tuesday morning.

Tuesday works better for me, given Memorial Day plans with the family. Thanks for that. Looking forward to the next round tomorrow!

PatheticWretch, checking in!

This has been a very interesting recruiting. I'm excited for it, especially given the heavy RP of this AP. I'm looking forward to this week.

Could you say when the deadline is for submitting a character?

I’d also apply as a new applicant if you open this up. Also, what role is most needed?

Ayita of the Hawk Clan wrote:
I hope that "PatheticWretch" is ok. They don't seem to have posted at all on Paizo since last Friday.

I'm alive and okay! And Roscoe Elring! :)

Welcome all!

I've also been watching for whether anyone can disable device. I can do this 1) when I'm in Trickster form OR 2) I've been thinking of taking a trait to train this skill. If one or two others have it, I wouldn't. I think Thamius was potentially planning a skills character.

Good info--thanks! Are we using background skills?

Also, I'd like to propose the Haunted drawback for my character. It's very much in line with this character concept.

GM Derek: Do we have any guidance on character creation? I'm guessing 20 point buy? What's starting wealth? Are drawbacks allowed for a third trait? Allowed races and classes?

I've been giving this too much thought. As much as I love playing wizards and like the idea of a three-wizard party, I think I'm going to go with my second choice, a halfling medium (assuming occult classes are allowed).

This character, for anyone who doesn't know how they play, actually fills a completely different roll on any given day. Rather than optimize this toward a specific role, I'm actually wanting to play it as a different class from day to day. This is definitely a roleplay pick over an optimized pick for me, but I like the concept I have for this one, especially on this Thassilion-themed story arc. I should have the crunch done later today (given some guidance on character creation) and then backstory incoming later this weekend.

PatheticWretch: Halfling Medium - WILD CARD
Thamius: Occulist? Investigator? - SKILLS
GM Engleaktig: McCoy - HEALER
GM Engleaktig +One: ??
Art: Aphorite Wizard - TANK/SUPPORT
Tarondor: Human Wizard - TANK/DPS

Any word on our last player? Still in?


GM Engleaktig wrote:
I'd like to play a dedicated healer. Someone like McCoy from Star Trek--dedicated to healing, but not (manifestly) desirous of adventure. Of course, he'd never leave the party (his Enterprise) because he's super loyal.

Sounds awesome! Do you happen to know what your friend wants to play?

PatheticWretch: Wiz/Thassilonian specialist - CONTROL
Thamius: Occulist? Investigator? - SKILLS
GM Engleaktig: McCoy - HEALER
GM Engleaktig +One: ??
Art: Wizard/Chirugeon - CONTROL
Tarondor: Wiz/Transmuter - TANK/DPS

Tarondor wrote:
PatheticWretch wrote:
I’ve read your guide—it’s very good!


PatheticWretch wrote:
Which of the builds would you be?

Not 100% sure yet. Probably a Master Transmogrifist with levels in Eldritch Knight.

I have to admit, the hilarity of the Muscle Wizard is calling to me.

Either one of those would definitely be a strong front-liner even though it's a wizard.

@Arthur: Do you want to clarify what you mean with "wizard/chirurgeon"? Is this a wizard with alchemist levels?

Anyone else want to weigh in on what they want to play?

I’ve read your guide—it’s very good! Which of the builds would you be?

I don’t think Return of the Runelords is 2e, is it?

GM Derek wrote:
PatheticWretch wrote:

I’m leaning a bit toward a human wizard, a Thassilionian Specialist whose intense studies of this ancient magic has corrupted him, so that he exhibits the vices associated with the various schools as he uses his magic (envy, gluttony, wrath, etc).

The other possibility is a halfling medium (fiend keeper) that has become the keeper of some evil entity from Thassilon. He has to keep the villain at bay. This would not fill a specific roll, but be a 5th or 6th man that could fill lots of roles.

These are the two I’m most interested in now, though depending on what others are playing, I could switch it up.

Both sound pretty interesting. Keep in mind, gotta be non-evil. And this AP is, let's be honest, anti-Thassilonian. But a wizard who has dabbled too much and can feel the ink stain of rune magic spreading through his soul... lots of possibilities there.

Yeah, he wouldn’t be evil. The player’s guide does mention Thassilion Specialist specifically as good archetype. He would mainly be a scholar and fascinated by their magic, and would not fully recognize that it’s tainting him as he practices it. He would recognize the difference between learning of their powerful magic and opposing the rise of their political forces or villains.

I’m leaning a bit toward a human wizard, a Thassilionian Specialist whose intense studies of this ancient magic has corrupted him, so that he exhibits the vices associated with the various schools as he uses his magic (envy, gluttony, wrath, etc).

The other possibility is a halfling medium (fiend keeper) that has become the keeper of some evil entity from Thassilon. He has to keep the villain at bay. This would not fill a specific roll, but be a 5th or 6th man that could fill lots of roles.

These are the two I’m most interested in now, though depending on what others are playing, I could switch it up.

Sounds good! Thanks!

Could we please open the Gameplay for a ghost dot if I delete it? I like keeping all this in one place.

Haha! Now all my characters are going to be gluttons for tarts, like Harrow!

Yes! I'm in!

I'm so excited to do something long-term with this crew. I've loved how GM Englaktig has run us through so many scenarios, and have loved developing characters, but I think an AP has even more room for that. I've also loved Mareq's character immensely. This sounds great.

Since we're sharing, I live in Utah, and am a self-employed attorney neck deep in work problems that needs either therapy or RPGs as therapy. I have a lovely wife and four teenagers. No indoor pets, but we do feed birds. I like games, and after my real-life D&D group finally disintegrated after a very long time, I turned to PbP. :)

I'd be fine with swapping in as GM later.

I'll have to look at classes. Initially, I'm thinking either a Medium, Arcanist, Wizard, or Skald.

I've been watching for anyone running this campaign. Something about freak show circus adventurers really interests me.

Have you played Second Edition? I have only played some 2e Pathfinder Society games, so not extensively.

How comfortable are you with Second Edition? Fairly comfortable. I've read the Core rulebook and made a handful of characters. Though I'm not as familiar with it as I am with Pathfinder 1e, I have been playing D&D and its ilk since the Red Box days, and will adjust quickly.

How comfortable are you with the Play by Post format? Very comfortable. Though I've played plenty of tabletop with friends, our longstanding group eventually disbanded after several moved away, and I've been on the Paizo boards since then for my RPG fix. I have been here a good 6-7 years, and have over 21,000 posts. So I'm committed to the long-haul of an Adventure Path.

What kind of character are you willing to play? I am willing to play any character role if selected for this game. However, my top pick would be a half-elf bard (probably with Rogue multiclass dedication) whose schtick for the circus is that he is a former court jester/juggler/entertainer who now thinks he is the king after escaping from his evil tyrant king oppressor.

Tell me a bit about yourself as a player. I like to think about and create characters, as well as play them. I'm prone to playing casters, anti-heroes, and characters with a significant weakness to role play. I like inter-party banter and role play. I was an English major in college and like creative writing, especially in this collaborative format.

Tell me a bit about your favorite character ever. Aside from the character I'm playing in any given moment? My first character played with friends decades ago is pretty memorable, but light on the role-play back then. I may have to settle for a top three: a paranoid gnome illusionist who uses his magic to create every possible layer of protection, a human mesmerist haunted by some dark power forced to confront her own fear, or a thrill-seeking halfling ranger who insists on making everything as hard as possible because it will be much more spectacular.

And lastly, what do you enjoy most about Pathfinder? I love the options to create any character I can conceive of. I like the many different ways players can create the same character class. I like that the rules take a backstage to the characters heroically facing challenges.

Thanks for your consideration! To be clear, you aren't looking for character submissions yet, just information about us, correct?

Thanks. Is there a time zone on that afternoon?

I'd like to submit, but am curious if the deadline is the end of March 12. Do we have until the end of tomorrow?

PatheticWretch - that's quite the story for Magnus. It's hard to imagine from that experience and history, that the man begins as a level one arcanist. Part of my expectation is that your characters enter as novices, not having vast experience. Might have to tone it down a bit.

Fair enough. I’ll go ahead and withdraw that submission.

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So for clarification, are you giving preference to the Core classes, so that a blood Rager, oracle, skald, or arcanist is less likely to be selected?

Definitely interested in gaming with Snowheart again, and am working on a cleric build.

I should have it up tomorrow.

GM Granta wrote:
PatheticWretch wrote:
Sounds like an interesting idea and I’ve been in GM trading groups before, but I’ve played two of the three. Sounds like a good time though!
Which one haven't you played yet?

I've played:

Curse of the Crimson Throne
Second Darkness
Shattered Star
Iron Gods
Ironfang Invasion
Tyrant's Grasp

Grandlounge wrote:
We have started Iron gods and war for the crown. I have a giant slayer game ready to go.

Sounds like an interesting idea and I’ve been in GM trading groups before, but I’ve played two of the three. Sounds like a good time though!

Do you have any details in which campaigns are currently running with the other GMs?

Thanks for understanding--I'll dot to hide this thread.

Hey all, with apologies, I think I'm going to have to bow out of this run.

Learning PF2 was a bigger learning curve than I'd anticipated, and I'm going to have several days now where I won't be able to post with work and family obligations.

Sorry to apply and back out, but I don't think I'll be able to make it. With 5 characters still, I'm hopeful you'll have a safe and fruitful run!

Thanks for the ideas, but I think I'll hold out for customer service to delete the old one.

I'm going to make a goblin alchemist for PFS. Any objection to my using the goblin alchemist pregen for this run? I'm out of time and know we're ready to start.

Eric Collins - France wrote:

What do you mean by "use that character"? Do you mean re-using the name (thus deleting the character you have first)?

Yes, I was wanting to delete a character with one post to reuse the name.

But there’s no delete button despite having one post.

I may need to just use a different character.

Does anyone know how to have a character deleted that has fewer than 10 posts but doesn't have a delete button?

I've got PFS 1e character with 1 post I want to delete, but there's no delete button. I'm wanting to use that character in 2e PFS for this game.

I contacted customer service a couple weeks ago but never heard back. Any ideas?

Hey guys--I'm really sorry, but real life is super crazy for me right now, and I don't think I'm going to be able to continue on this run.

It's been super fun, and I wish you guys the best of luck going forward!

Maybe Dusklord will catch up with you at a later date!

When are you closing recruitment?

Have you said when recruitment closes?

Hey all! Thanks for the invite, GM Dak! I've been trying to get into your games! :)

The ideas I'm most interested in pursuing for this are:

1. Gnome Sorcerer (a boastful coward, paranoid illusionist / arcane investigator)
2. Human Arcanist (an old man who was rescued by fey when he was a child, loves the fey and is bored by most everything else)

I could come up with some other ideas if the arcane role is already full (though it looks like two tables). If there are no objections, I'd proceed with one of those ideas.

I'm excited for a faster-paced game. :)

I'm Mountain Time Zone, FYI.

I'll be submitting a Skald...looks like a fun adventure path.

I'll be working on an Ancient Lorekeeper Oracle (Time mystery), which should cover divine caster but also has quite a bit of arcane casting.

Any brief thoughts on how we would join the group as we consider backgrounds? Are we in another wave of colonists on the island?

Did we get an ETA for closing of recruitment? I've been working on a submission but didn't want recruitment to close before I get a chance to finish up.

What is the current party composition?

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I'm also not new, but can say from experience that GM Shadowlord is a fantastic GM...new players will have a great time!

I’ve mostly lived away since I was 12. Perhaps we used to be very close (whatever our relationship), but a lot of time has passed. We could have written to each other, and I’m sure I’ve visited a couple of times.

Let me know what you think.

Well, I’m good either way, but we are different races. I’m human (1/4 elf for RP purposes), and you’re a half-elf. However you want to reconcile that, I am happy to try it.

I’d rather not have you need to change your name. Perhaps my new name is one I thought sounded more wizardly and assumed, while yours is a family name.

Either way, with me away we won’t know each other incredibly well. I had thought about having a different sibling or half-sibling, but I guess that could be you.

Selde Cathron wrote:

Selde is a 29 year old Half-Elf whose former adventurer parents died when she was young. She was also raised by her Elven grandfather in Phaendar. We could smoosh our backstories together. They seem to go together fairly well already, but I'm willing to modify a number of details to make it work.

The blight infection is important, but there are a number of ways that could have happened. Her being a Half-Elf is tied in to both the mechanics and lore of my build. I'd like to stay with that if you'd be willing to have the mother be a full blooded elf. There is the Round Ears alternate trait for Half-Elfs to appear more human and gain the skilled trait. If ShadowLord is cool with it, we could also just call a rose by any other name and have you play a human and we fluff the round ears. Cathron was just a name I choose so I'm fine with switching to Silverstep as the family name.

Let me know if you are interested and we can work out the details.

Funny our backstories were that similar. I hadn’t read yours...promise!

Another idea would be if we were half-siblings or cousins. Maybe there was a particular elven grandfather that got around. Perhaps we know of each other but haven’t met?

Okay, I ended up settling on a Human Wizard named Thael Silverstep.

Here's some generalities of my background if anyone wants to tie in. I'm thinking he would be early 30's.

Because I want him to have a cultured/city background as a contrast to the mostly nature-themed party, here's a bullet-point proposal for his backstory, let me know if anyone wants to tie in here:

*Thael's father was a human ranger and his mother a half-elf arcanist (Thael is 1/4 elf). They may have both had an adventurer background, but after some harrowing experiences had retired to a quiet life of farming on the frontier.
*Thael, their child, was always intelligent beyond his years. His parents could hardly give him enough books and information to keep him content. His mother recognized latent magical ability and thought he should study in a bigger city. He had few interests in common with other frontier children, and would rather spend his time in a book.
*When Thael was 12, his parents were killed trying to protect the town.
*Thael's maternal grandfather (an elf) sent the boy to Tamran briefly to study magic, but when that proved insufficiently challenging, sent for the boy to study in larger cities. I was thinking that Thael would have spent some time both in Kyonin, where he learned elven magic, loved their culture, and had an inferiority complex with more-talented elves, and later in Almas (one of the closest big cities and likely to have a good university). Thael will have become very metropolitan, in contrast to his provincial roots.
*Thael has a living sister, who is a current inhabitant of the town. It didn't seem any of the already-listed NPCs were a good fit for my sister. If there is one, I'll use that. If not, she's Auril Silverstep, my younger sister who had the overly-ambitious wizard brother who moved to the big city. She was pretty much adopted and raised by non-relatives in town, but has corresponded with her wizard brother periodically. Auril has discovered some journals of their parents, or perhaps some important item for Thael, and he has come back to collect it.
*Though Thael has always felt the need to move past what Phaendar could offer him, it will always be his home, if for no other reason than to honor the memory of his parents.

Let me know if anyone wants to have a connection (former childhood friends? A bully of the egg-head kid?).

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