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If Lore is unique from all other skills, segregate it. The character sheet just gives you two slots for Lore. It should get its own section because I'm going to have knowledge in more than two areas.

Do what Pathfinder 1e should have done and separate Knowledges from Skills.

Acrobatics, Athletics, Deception, Diplomacy, Intimidation, Performance, Stealth, Survival, and Thievery (9) are ability based skills, while Arcana, Crafting, Lore, Medicine, Nature, Occultism, Religion, and Society (8) are knowledge based skills.

Have "Key" Knowledges... those listed above that are essential to adventuring and have Lore covered other "General" Knowledge topics such as Military Training, Competition Archery rules, and the mating practices of the Chelaxian Bugbear Tribes.

Allow for a specific number of topics + INT modifier, at each level of TEML.

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I'm looking to see why certain things changed from something that worked in PF1 to something else in PF2.

The reason I'm asking is this feels more like 3.5e to 4e rather than what I was expecting, which was 3.5e to PF.

So far my analysis of the rules has PF2 feeling more foreign than familiar... which is why I'm looking to ground that in the reasoning of the changes.

I'm not looking to hate on PF2 or anything like that. I want to like it.

So right off the bad, what appears to be all monsters getting AOEs if you so much as sneeze in a threatened square vs. just fighters on the PC side seems a bit lopsided in the reading of the movement rules.

Is this just a case of the example that was used or is this actually what occurs regardless of monster?

What am I missing / not seeing that I should be seeing?

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Darkbriar Gaming Studios is currently developing an intuitive application to create and generate starships.

Based on your selections, your options change so that only the options available to you are visible and selectable, all while calculating your PCU and BP. Everything from extra Expansion Slot usage for Shuttle Bays and Hangar Bays, to Weapons Grouping and Arc Slot upgrades will be accounted for in the final product. All relevant information will be transferred to a printable Starship Sheet for your convenience. Not only that, but there will be Random Starship Generation as well.

At its foundation, Starship Hangar was originally envisioned to be a Starship Creator, but with an actual program, the possibilities are broader than that. Starship Cataloging and Combat Simulation are other possibilities that are potentially on the horizon.

If this is the sort of thing that interests you, check out the following:

Darkbriar Gaming Studios Facebook

The Hangar Discord Server

If its not something that interests you, that's cool too!

Happy Star-striding fellow spacefarers!

As the subject says, do I need a specific license... or am I good under OGL?

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First off... thank you Goblinworks! Even in the Alpha state, the game is entertaining and I've played for about 15 hours now.

We've come a long way since the technology demo.

So, first off... right out of the gate, everything is a little clunky... its an Alpha, I get it. It was not too hard to get my bearings. Once I found out CTRL (Run) was a toggle, not a hold, I was good to go.

I've heard others say that that the "look" feature and "turn" feature were off a bit, but they were slightly slower than a FPS for me which is just right for an MMO that I am playing.

So now I go to train. What do I train? I want to be a fighter/rogue. I press F11 and bring up the "I forget what its called window". The window basically tells you the things you need to do to get achievements. So I look at Fighter 1.

I'm not sure why, but the details of Fighter 1 appear in a transparent window behind the F11 window, so they are kinda hard to make out... but you can move the F11 window. More on this in a sec.

So I go to the fighter trainer and want to train me some fighter feats. There's a big list of feats. So I hover over one. Nothing. I click on it. Still nothing. In game, before you purchase the feat, no information about said feat is displayed. I open up F11 and match two of them up and purchase.

I purchase all the stuff necessary from the fighter trainer and head over to the Dreadnaught trainer. I purchase everything I need from the Dreadnaught trainer. No achievement or anything pops up. I press F11 and go over the list again. I think I've bought everything... but there is really no way to tell.

Instead of having that transparent word bubble appear for the requirements for role achievements, I think a color coded bullet list would be more suitable. When I press F11 and click on Fighter 1, all the requirements should expand below it. If I have satisfied a requirement, it can be green. If I haven't but it is available to me for purchase, it can be yellow. If I can't purchase it yet, (for whatever reason) it can be red.

Now for the trainers... you can't move the trainer window. Its locked... or I didn't know where to grab it or how to unlock it.

Once in the trainer, hovering over the feat should give you some clue as to what it does via a text wrap version of the transparent word bubble we have for the F11 window. Clicking on it should give you the full low down on what buying that feat does. Clicking "False Edge 2" should tell me what the attack is and what the increase is compared to "False Edge 1". If "False Edge 2" increases my STR by .33 it should say that there. If False Edge 2 is a requirement for "Fighter 5" it should say that.

The Unavailable Feats tab does a decent job of this, but I'd still like more information.

At this point I tabbed out and started bringing up various guides. (Thanks to everyone that made those possible!) I figured out where I wanted to go with my character and tabbed back over... crashing the game for some reason.

Reloaded that game, went out, killed some stuff, harvested some stuff. Collision is turned on for the harvesting nodes which I thought odd... until I was pulling some mobs via ranged attack and backed right up against a log node and 4 melee mobs were on me. After a second or two, I jumped over it and thought, "Wow that was a pain in the butt." but I kind liked the idea of having to be aware of my surroundings.

There is some weird mouse recenter thing going on that is annoying during combat and lead to me looking at my character and having to move the camera to see the mobs and where I was going again. At first I thought this was due to lag or a simple glitch, but it happened quite frequently during my time playing... but only occurred during combat.

Aside from that, combat was smooth PvE wise. There is a little delay... not sure from what, but the mobs are slow to react, which could be attributed to a "surprise round" and after mobs are dead, if you have an attack queue, it still goes off. No issue at all from my perspective.

So I gathered and killed and gathered and killed. Time to try my hand at crafting. Or refining. Well, from the looks of it, they are identical, but they aren't. I had enough stuff to refine a stave and twine for a bow, but no varnish. I will say this, even in Alpha... the whole crafting/refining system is robust. The recipe drops are a little skimpy and you have to know where to go to harvest and what to kill to salvage, but over all, not too shabby and has LOTS of potential.

Why do some folks have a red triangle to the right of their health bar? No idea.

I accidentally clicked a question mark while trying to trade and ended up smacking the person trying to give me a bow. That was awkward. A bit of a slight panic on my part... I didn't know if I was gonna get attacked or what, but it took me a moment to whisper an apology. It'd be nice to be able to "lock-sheath weapons" in town and turn it off later once you know what you are doing.

So I'm a clicker... I like to click my hot bar buttons. The primary / secondary weapons swapper in between the 1-3 and 4-6 keys is VERY annoying.

Trade. Trade was bugged in town so we had to leave town to trade. After I accepted, there was like a post-accept offer thing that you had to click as well. I don't know what the function of that was besides having you reconfirm your trade.

All in all, I had fun... lots of fun. No PvP because I wanted to be able to visit town. I'll probably test it out next weekend.

I'm sure most of the stuff I mentioned above has already been mentioned by someone else and they'll get around to changing some things based on their priority and I'm totally fine with that. Most things, like trade in Callambea being bugged, are annoying at best and none of which significantly impaired the ability to play the game. The game is very playable in its current state. It won't knock your socks off, but the ground work for most things is there.

What I did notice is this... the primary content currently is PvE and Escalations. Now PvE is fun but in its current state gets very repetitive very quickly. Now I know once there are merchants and storage and loot drops from PCs, that PvP will increase, but if you want to be welcomed in town, you're kind of handcuffed.

PFO was marketed as a game where players would be each others content. I'm hoping War of the Towers will bring more PvP content to the table. Still, a large portion of the players that are invested in their Settlement will be primarily defensive wanting to ensure their settlements get every edge that they can for OE. I hope that PvP is encouraged in other ways as well to off-set the redundancy of PvE this early on.

While I am a bit concerned, the progress that Goblinworks has made thus far is very encouraging and I cannot wait for EE to kick off!


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Nor can I bring up the GW website to post about it on the Alpha forums so I'm posting it here. Help! =)

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So looking over the playtest for the soon to be released Advanced Class Guide.


The arcanist combines the arcane knowledge and flexibility of the wizard with the eldritch might of the sorcerer.

The bloodrager fuses the bloody frenzy of the barbarian with the blood-based magic of the sorcerer.

The brawler merges the fighter and monk together into a vicious, no-holds-barred pugilist.

The hunter takes the martial danger that is the ranger and pairs it with a druid’s animal companion.

The investigator mixes the focus of the alchemist and the resourcefulness of the rogue into a master of inquiry.

The shaman intertwines the divine magic of the oracle with the arcane magic of the witch into a master of spirits.

The skald blends the ferocity of the barbarian with the utility of the bard into a leader who can make others rage.

The slayer combines the ranger and rogue’s individual combat prowess into a being of devastating fury.

The swashbuckler merges the gunslinger and the fighter to make a daring and dashing melee combatant.

The warpriest turns the divine nature of the cleric into a raw weapon that fuses with the fighter’s battlefield mastery.

A lot of these combinations will be available throughout EE. Now I understand that the focus is going to go towards all the classes in the Core Rule Book, but this really seems like "low hanging fruit" Lee talked about in a previous interview. Like simple small modifications to bring Drow into the game.

I am just curious if these new classes are even on the radar. Slayer sounds particularly delicious which is one of the reasons why I am asking.

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General Information -

Callambea welcomes Sponsored Charter Companies, Private Charter Companies, Sponsored Citizens, and Free Agents!!

Click HERE for more information on how you can call Callambea home!

Alignment: Lawful Neutral. Our word is our bond, and is readily seen in the clear and comprehensive steps we take with any form of agreement or contract (SEE: Free Trade Agreement). Neutrality is simply the resulting stance we take; trade requires an even keel and sharp focus on neutrality in order to foster growth and continued relationships with trade entities.

Callambea's Role: We plan on being the premier trading hub in the River Kingdoms! If you want it, then you can purchase it here at Callambea, at a decent price even! Though the focus is on trade, nearly every playable role has a supporting part in trade. Callambea has large goals for our presence in Golarion, and fully plan to make a lasting positive influence on the community.

Accepted Player Roles: Can you sell your skill, your craft, or your sword arm? If you can make a profit at it, then you are welcome here! From resource gathering, crafting at all levels, merchant work and the protection of those goods, there will be a need for all classes and roles. Actively seeking out violators of Callambean law and trade will be fully supported.

Chartered Companies -

Pax Aeternum (Political CC composed of our leaders, RP and Landowners)
Aeternum Trade Alliance (Economy and Crafting CC)
Aseveljet (Finnish-based CC)
The Hounds of the Imperium (Bounty Hunters, Assassins, Mercenaries, Scouts)
Corpus Aeternum (Formal Military CC)

Internal Leadership Structure -

High Thane (Settlement Leader) - The Leader of Callambea
Thanes (Leadership Council) - Leaders of Companies Sponsored by Callambea
Wardens (Officers) - Officers in the Companies of Callambea
Freemen (Membership body) - Citizens and Sponsored Citizens of Callambea

Settlement Rule: Oligarchy. Major Settlement Level items are voted on by the Thanes. Every chance is made for items to be openly discussed with the membership body, officers and leadership council of Callambea, time and information sensitive restraints considered.

Current Political Status -

Callambea has the honor of being:

A Signatory of the Roseblood Accord.
A Founding Member of the Northern Coalition.
A Founding Settlement of the Empire of Xeilias.

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Two days ago, the leadership of Pax Aeternum moved to dissolve the formal Terms of Alliance with the UnNamed Company.

This dissolution was executed fully within the grounds of the ToA. With the shift in mechanics, Aeternum felt the basic principles of the ToA could not be met and thus required dissolution.

To Aeternum's knowledge, Terms were dissolved amicably and we have explicitly stated that if such a time comes where Terms could again be reached, we would welcome them back at our table.

We wish the UnNamed Company the best of luck in their future endeavors.

-Areks Kel'Goran, Thane Blade
-Hand of the High Thane of Pax Aeternum

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An announcement from the Nation of Aeternum and the Empire of Golgotha

Let it be known throughout the River Kingdoms that treaty negotiations between the Nation of Aeternum and the Golgothan Empire have been successful beyond our wildest dreams. These two great entities have reached agreements upon all points of trade and mutual defense. As of this day our two great nations become one nation under the rule of a high council. This new nation rising as it does on the shoulders of two great powers of the River Kingdoms shall be known as The Xeilian Empire.

Signed on this day by

Scheherazade Ambassador of Pax Golgotha
Pagan Ambassador of Pax Aeternum

Ok now from the OOC side of things

What is happening?

The Golgothan Empire has indicated a desire to become part of the larger Pax Gaming community. They will join Pax Gaming as a separate division from Pax Aeternum so there will be two Pax divisions aiming to form settlements within the River Kingdoms.

Why two divisions and not join into one?

Pax Aeternum and Pax Golgotha have different aims in game and different cultures, one aims to be a lawful neutral trade empire much like the Venetians of the renaissance period, the other aims to be a military empire modeled loosely on the Roman empire. It was therefore felt that in order to keep these distinctive flavours it would be better to keep the two entities. Those two entities and their settlements will comprise to Empire of Xeilias (zeal-e-us or zeal-e-an).

What will happen to those companies wishing to join Golgotha?

Companies will join Golgotha in the same way as they do Aeternum and will have a choice to go down the sponsored company route or choose to go the whole hog and become full members of Pax Gaming. Of those currently looking to Golgotha for sponsorship, Maelstrom we are pleased to say have opted for full Pax Gaming membership and will be some of Golgotha's native CC's. The Bloody Hand will remain one of Golgotha's sponsored companies, though the leadership of The Bloody Hand and many of its members are opting for full Pax membership. The UnNamed Company remains a sponsored company of Callambea (Pax Aeternum), and will be treated appropriately by Golgotha. The Bloody Hand, an SCC of Golgotha will be treated in the same fashion as UNC by Callambea

Both the settlements of Callambea and Golgotha are still interested in sponsoring more chartered companies and should any be interested in sponsorship from either settlement the please contact ZenPagan for Callambea (Pax Aeternum) or Scheherazade for Golgotha . Both settlements will be using the same model for dealing with sponsored companies which we believe is both open and fair to both the settlement and the sponsored company. The terms of agreement document can be viewed here ( though it should be noted that while a dry read, part of the recruitment process for companies is being sure they understand the contents. The document is also malleable and can be amended to suit each company by negotiation during recruitment.

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I just saw this and died laughing. One of our members is a mod for another gaming forum and recently told us a few of his adventures in moderation. He shared this comic with us and it was too classic not to share with all of you.

A lot of us care very deeply about this game.

I just wanna share this as a reminder not to take ourselves too seriously. A lot of us are guilty of some of these, myself included. Just a reminder that sometimes we need to take ourselves and our opinions with a grain of salt.


Adventures in Moderation

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Check it out here on Gobbocast!!

*The views represented in this editorial are that of Bluddwolf and should not be assumed to be the views of Gobbocast or it's staff. The opinions expressed are presented as an OpEd.*

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Check out Mr. Davis's first blog for us at Gobbocast!!

*Note: The views expressed by K. Joseph Davis are not necessarily the views of Gobbocast or its affiliates. All blogs by Mr. Davis are Op Eds.

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It is with great pleasure that I, Areks Kel’Goran, Thane Blade of Pax Aeternum, formally announce the Kingdom of Aeternum’s sponsorship of the UnNamed Company. On the 29th day of Rova, High Thane Ezekial Krows of the Kingdom of Aeternum and Bluddwolf, Master of the UnNamed Company signed these Terms of Alliance. They are known hence forth as formal allies for all intents and purposes, bound to one another by their Terms of Alliance.

By signing these Terms of Alliance, both organizations have entered into a contractual agreement to exchange services for the mutual benefit of both, for as long as that benefit is fully realized equally. The nature of this alliance not only creates a bond between these two organizations, but also maintains their unique identities and ensures an agreed upon level of autonomy. Their common goal will be to support and preserve the settlement that both rely upon for home and hearth, for training and comraderie and for any other social, economic or political goals that may arise.

This proclamation inaugurates the alliance known as the Nation of Aeternum.

Areks Kel’Goran
Thane Blade of Pax Aeternum

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Welcome back Goblinoids,

We know it’s been a while and for that we apologize. Real life kind of jumped up and took a chunk out of both Krow and Areks at the same time. Both had a vacation… of sorts. Areks got to sit out in the desert and have several consecutive near death experiences while Krow got to go to GenCon and get the inside scoop on Pathfinder Online from Stephen Cheney himself. In this episode, Areks and Krow discuss GenCon and the most recent blog release. Enjoy!!

Click Here for Gobbocast Episode 12!!

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Are you in for a treat or what!? In this very special edition of Gobbocast, Krow and I sit down with some of the development team and get them to spill the beans of a few things. Tork Shaw, Rich Baker, and Stephen Cheney graced us with an interview, so here it is! Listen to Tork Shaw map out each step, as it stands right now, on how sacking a settlement will occur. Hear what Rich Baker has to say about the River Freedoms and how Pathfinder Online could potentially affect the setting of Golarion. What does Stephen Cheney have to say about supply lines and resource transportation during combat?

You’ll have to listen in to find out! Click HERE and Enjoy!!


PS – Tork came in a little broken at some parts so just keep that in mind. Also, some community leaders have already had a sit down with the Gobbocast crew for a round table discussion, so look for that next!

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Will Lawful entities be able to have some sort of SAD mechanic for warfare?

Will Chaotic entities be able to fast track combat in a sort of blitz mechanic?

Or will all entities have to go through a basically similar process to declare war?

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In this week’s episode of Gobbocast, Krow has a sit down with one of the more insidious characters… Blaeringr. Blaeringr lets us in on some of his opinions, his tactics, and his vision for our game to be. Find out what the shadowy figure and his bread purveying alter ego have to say!!

Click Here

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Welcome back, Goblinoids! In this episode, Krow got to sit down with Being and discuss a few of the past blogs. Our entire crew was very blown away with the insight Being brought to the table. Running roughly 38 mins, this interview will have you second guessing what you know about mankind, gaming, and alignment to say the least. A special thanks to Being as there were some hiccups in the post production of this interview. Enjoy!

Click here for the interview

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In Episode 6, we discuss the redistribution of hexes, AOEs, the beginning stages of the magic system, and the mechanics behind assassination. Hope you enjoy!

Click here to hear Episode 6


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We are BACK! Yes, it's a bit outdated, but we are getting back in gear. In this episode we are covering a couple of the blogs released at the end of March. Bear with us while we labor away at reassembling our lab.

Gobbocast Episode 5

PS: Yes, I know in the actually episode I say episode 6, but this is episode 5. More to follow.

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So what do you all think about the possibility of training at player assisted academies?

The institutes would be where you could train common skills from fellow players (Tutors) and provide benefits for those who continue patronage as well as for the company the institute belongs too. Both benefits would increase marginally for the number of loyal pupils (continuing patronage) it maintained.

I know it was already planned to have the best training available at player settlements, but what if it actually came from other players?

I see a slew of possibilities on the magic user end of this idea.

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When Lee and Steven were speaking about settlements, alignments, reputation, and "classes" I got the underlying feel that Lawful Good is some sort of objective.

Lawful good will be harder to achieve and maintain but will have benefits to it. I know this is in regards to settlements, but I don't see how it doesn't bleed over into the character realm.

If I am seeking "barbarian" skill sets, the last place I would look is a lawful good settlement, as barbarians are non-lawful. Would I be able to train these skills in a lawful good settlement?

While sticking to a code of conduct and achieving lawful good as a settlement would be the road and the objective, are their going to be any wild card aspects of chaotic evil? Or chaos in general? I get the feeling it will be the inferior of the alignment poles.

Will there be an equally justifiable reason to work towards chaos and/or evil like there is a reason to work towards lawful good or is chaos and evil the default for those that aren't lawful good.

I get that it doesn't make sense if I were to be training in necromancy that my training is tolerated or accommodated in a Lawful Good settlement, just as a paladin wouldn't be welcomed in a chaotic evil settlement.

Would the non-lawful aspect of barbarian traits be hindered in advancement in a lawful good settlement and would their be an "ideally" aligned settlement for me to train in?

Would my presence or training within a lawfully aligned city hinder or otherwise affect it at all?

I'm sure that reputation plays a significant role at least some of these questions... how exactly do these pieces fit together?


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The blog about assassinations and how the alignment could shift really got me thinking about this.

Alignment- In Table Top there are certain expectations that come along with your alignment and how that ties into your character. Generic Paladins- Lawful, Generic Monks- Lawful, Generic Barbarians- Not lawful. Hopefully, you see where I am going with that. Now, that being said if your alignment shifts away from being lawful and you are a monk, that stops you from advancing as a monk. It also gives tenants on how you should play your character and acting contrary to that can change your alignment.

Factions- Organizations within the local community that have vested political, social, moral, etc. interests in the area. City watch, merchant guild, druids of the grove, Pirates of the Inner Sea would all be examples of these.

Personally, I have always found alignments to be somewhat handcuffing. At the same time, just because I'm doing something for one faction for my own reasons doesn't necessarily mean my entire view on things will or has changed. I might fight to protect the town because my hideout is near by and I don't like competition. That is a selfsih act which could be mislabeled as "helped good guys beat the bad guys" and in turn potentially shift my alignment.

With faction, I would gain faction with the town and lose it with the opposing force.

Alignments still have a place. You still have ethics. A belief if you will of what is right or wrong. Certain classes should have stricter guidelines and that shouldn't prevent a monk from worship a deity with chaos in their portfolio or barbarian tribes from establishing tribal law. Alignments could also serve as a starting point for factions in a hybrid system.

So alignments, factions, or a combination of both?

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Is there anything officially published on an entrance to the Darklands from the Crusader Road area? If not, where is the closest officially published entrance located?

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If you haven't read the Goblinworks blog, please do. Everything that they have planned isn't typical MMO in the WoW DAoC GW EQ sense. This is what a lot of people are expecting PO to turn into but Goblinworks' approach is almost unheard of. 1200 players to start... not 120000. 1200 isn't even a typical MMO server load. They will add more as time progresses. This makes a lot of things possible that haven't been possible before.

1. The game launch will also be like a beta test. There will always be issues with a game launch. The first wave of players SHOULD expect this. It may not happen, but if it does... its only to those who have enough faith in the brand to endure the storm so to speak. It will be a finalized product but even those have issues. The difference is the impact will be minor in comparision to what most MMOs go through and the resources required will be significantly less.

2. Loyal fan base. Think of this as a more refined / DnD-Pathfinderesque Minecraft. If you haven't heard of Minecraft, it is an open world game that looks like a NES Lego-Zedla hybrid. Its a little buggy, but you customize your world while fighting off MOBs. Its fun and addictve. So addictive people bought the alpha release to fund the creator's efforts for a final product. This thing has gained so much momentum Microsoft picked it up and made it the flagship of their new XBOX Live Game Community Project. I believe Pathfinder has a massively larger loyal fan base.

3. Players can shape the IP that fellow players might possibly buy. Could you imagine an annual release of what players did in game, broken down into a module? Of course there is a legal obstacle course to manuver here, but it could be done. Imagine seeing a product on the shelf and thinking to yourself, "I was part of that history." It could quite possibly revolutionize both the MMO and TTRPG genres. Why? Players want to impact the world in a significant manner and have it known... it would be the end users claim to fame.

4. People who play Pathfinder are more likely to immerse themselves in the "fluff" of the game. We are the patrons of (RP Preferred) Servers. We are the ones who stop and take the time to get in-character when we play. That customer-base will aid in the accomplishment of the desired outcome from developers. They want us to be part of this. This isn't someone making a world and saying here have fun. They are saying this is what we want to do... help us do it.

Possible issues that I see happening with this unique approach are few and minor but could quite possibly be crippling.

1. Untested Approach. No one's ever done this before. It doesn't seem like their resources will be stretched but if they are, things can sprial quickly. Issues may not be able to be resolved quickly. Issues may be bigger than anticipated requiring addtional personnel/resources which may or may not be possible. Lack of funding may lead to opening up more subscriptions than previously anticipated which could allow for undesirable players wanting to exploit the game like other MMOs.

2. Undesirable Players. Limited Space available will make players not "with the program" ie looking for another MMO like WOW or EQ2, occupying a subscription all that more potent and thus hampering the game.

3. Slowed Game Play. From the looks of it, they will be slowing the game play down a good bit to deter #2 some. If it slows too much it may be too slow for those of us that are fans of both TTRPGs and MMOs.

Overall, I am very optomistic of what is to come. I hope that everything works out for the development team and am looking forward to playing the game.

Anyone else have thoughts about the pros- cons to the game from a development standpoint?

Can someone please help me? Template.

That is the link it takes me to and it 404s me every time.

I keep getting a 404 when I click to upload my custom avatar. What gives?