Starship Hangar : The Starship App (... and potential much more!)

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Darkbriar Gaming Studios is currently developing an intuitive application to create and generate starships.

Based on your selections, your options change so that only the options available to you are visible and selectable, all while calculating your PCU and BP. Everything from extra Expansion Slot usage for Shuttle Bays and Hangar Bays, to Weapons Grouping and Arc Slot upgrades will be accounted for in the final product. All relevant information will be transferred to a printable Starship Sheet for your convenience. Not only that, but there will be Random Starship Generation as well.

At its foundation, Starship Hangar was originally envisioned to be a Starship Creator, but with an actual program, the possibilities are broader than that. Starship Cataloging and Combat Simulation are other possibilities that are potentially on the horizon.

If this is the sort of thing that interests you, check out the following:

Darkbriar Gaming Studios Facebook

The Hangar Discord Server

If its not something that interests you, that's cool too!

Happy Star-striding fellow spacefarers!

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