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I understand what they showed isn’t final, but I sure hope they don’t stick with using proxies or using shorthand as was done in the play test as described in the thread linked by Hawkmoon. IMO, it adds unnecessary complexity, having to refer back to rulebooks if you don’t remember what a certain symbol means or having to refer to another card that represents what you are actually encountering and breaking the flow of the game.

Thanks Hawkmoon. Related to the other topic about storage of the Class decks, I have been buying the PACG dual deck boxes for each deck so wanted to make sure I had enough to cover these in case the deck boxes are discontinued.

Anyone know what is lined up for the class decks after Occultist 2 (if any)?

Ron Lundeen wrote:

I'd like to weigh in on the "less story" side. I think the story amount on the cards is plenty. The Organized Play one-page sheets are too much text for most people I play with (a regular player once sighed when I was mid-page, "Did we come here to play a game, or get read to?"),and we almost never read the "after the scenario" bit at the end. I was actually pretty dismayed by Mike's teaser upthread that longer one-page stories might become the norm, because we'd see that as a step in the wrong direction.

Even in convention play, it's pretty uncommon for anyone to read the large opening text, and virtually never does anyone read the "after the scenario" bit afterwards.

For the variant APs I produce, I shoot for a half-page middle-ground in the storytelling, but my attitude about writing is different than my attitude about how much I want to read (or have read to me) before playing a game.

I've never used any of Autoduelist's expanded story background documents (although I'm very impressed with the amount of effort that goes into those), and I think just about everyone in my regular groups would knife me for suggesting that we make that level of story text a regular pre-game read.

All of the above is my experience only, of course--but I wanted to note that not all players are in the "More Story" crowd.

I play PACG with two groups, and the "story" experience with both groups is similar to what Ron Lundeen described. I am the only one who enjoys reading through them. I just end up giving them a tldr version.

Anyone have any information if there was any news about PACG during this morning's Pathfinder panel or throughout GenCon?

Was able to pick one up today, last pack at the FLGS when I got there around 12:30pm PST. I also picked up a copy of the Starfinder booklet for the heck of it.

Going to bookmark this. Interested in ordering some in the near future

You should get a commission

i also took a break from the app for a few weeks due to all the bugs and stuff but the latest updates seem to address most of the ones that I was running into and having restarted playing again the past couple weeks, was finally able to complete story mode on legendary for all adventure decks (not looking forward to Legenday for S&S or even WotR if they plan to release those... hate getting the two combo where you are shorted 5 blessings and lose a blessing on failing a boon acquisition). Just grinding now to earn enough gold to unlock the alt characters.

I have also bought it (2 cores even) but have not had a chance to play either Arkham or PACG as I have been traveling abroad since August. Just had the opportunity to sleeve the cards for Arkham during my break for Thanksgiving.

Mine came in a single box which contained the base set, character addon and the summoner class deck.

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Also got mine today. Really tempted to open it, put in a Broken Token insert, and sleeve all the cards

skizzerz wrote:
Just note that the Pathfinder Society pawn collection does not come with bases (or pawns for the iconic characters such as Lem, Kyra, and Feiya). If you already have bases from other pawn boxes (such as the NPC Codex box which includes the 11 core iconics, or the Inner Sea pawn box which has the APG/ACG iconics as well as Poog, Chuffy, Reta, and Mogmurch), you can just use those. Otherwise, you'll probably want to order some separately; they come in a variety of colors -- black (including an option to get multiple sizes in a single pack), blue, red, and green; you'd want the Medium sized bases for all of the ACG character pawns (they fit both Medium and Small pawns).

Thanks for this information, when they released the Pathfinder Society set, I was tempted to order it but wasn't sure what other sets were needed for the other characters

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Drawing a random card from the box is my least favorite reward. It sucks beating an Adventure 4 scenario and randomly drawing a Spell B, Basic even. This happened playing 1-4C I believe this past weekend.

Hawkmoon269 wrote:

Just noticed this on Twitter. An Obsidian promo card called Goblin Golem of Obsidian. Looks like it is not only a physical card, but can be redeemed somehow in the app too.

More info from Obsidian here.

Thanks Hawkmoon for the heads up. I hope this is made available to subscribers

Glad I decided to go with two of each goblin class deck. Now we just need another goblin that uses the Burn! Deck as part of Free RPG Day 2017 to even it out

Thanks again Diego!

Hi Diego,

Now that the order for July has generated, would it be possible to revert back to one copy for August? Thanks again

Thanks Diego. Will I have to put in a request to go back down to 1 copy afterwards?

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For those interested in a new adventure, on Page 30 of Wayfinder #15 is a short 2 scenario adventure written by James McTeague called Sailing in the River Kingdoms. The adventure uses the Skull & Shackles base set and is intended as an alternate to the base set adventure.

Wayfinder #15 can be found here: http://paizo.com/products/btpy9mr8?Wayfinder-15

I just went ahead and posted in Customer Service.

Would it be possible to double up my Class Deck Subscription for this month so that I get 2 X Goblin Fight! and 2 X Goblin Burn! Class Decks? If possible, I would like to do so. Out of curiosity, would this double the promos as well? Thanks in advance!

I am so tempted to get two copies of each Goblin deck so that my family can each play a different goblin and run through the Goblin OP when it is released. Is it possible to double up on a subscription, and if so, do you get double the promos?

Also to add and to confirm with everyone, if you get a reward that says to get a random card from your box, if you draw the random card and decide not to keep it because it wasn't what you were hoping for, that is still considered taking the reward. If you do not draw the random card, you did not take the reward and can earn the reward again on a replay.

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You can take your RotR characters into the Wrath of the Righteous box set and treat it like Adventure 7. See this blog for more information: http://paizo.com/paizo/blog/v5748dyo5lhxk?Wrath-of-the-Righteous-The-LongAw aited#1

Additionally, there are some home made Adventure 7s you can give a try. I think they can be found on BoardGameGeek.com.

Otherwise, you can pick up another box set and try a new adventure with a fresh band of heroes

Hopefully I grabbed the link correctly...


zeroth_hour2 wrote:

You'll most likely have to use a Goblin deck with a Goblin character, but I'm guessing about that. The ability to play "out of class" so to speak has been limited to boons only (even if they are boons you get from playing the season, like the one for Jirelle by completing Adventure 1 of Season of the Shackles).

You can however play Season of the Goblin with a normal class deck, as stated here.

Ah, that's great! So I won't need to buy 2 copies. Thanks Zeroth

Anyone know if I will need to buy an extra Goblin Class Deck or two if I plan to play the Goblin mini-season after the Season of the Runelords? I only play at home with my family so I provide all the class decks and follow official rulings so they can be logged on the site. Or would I be able to say play one of the 3 current goblins using a standard class deck like Ranzak using Rogue or something.

Namoiram70 wrote:

Started playing the game again through Tabletop Simulator where I run my own homebrewed version of the game with friends and used to play the physical game but my friends and I have moved onto other things...

The whole guild is rather interesting in itself and i'm interested in talking to someone who runs a game in the Bay Area in California or is near a Bart Station. (Or just people to play with in general!)

...as long as you don't run Monday nights. Mondays are my Board Game nights over at Black Diamond Games.

Please let me know if you get any info on this. I live in Vallejo and still looking. I know BDG was setting up a PACG but they were just going to play the standard RotR box set at the time

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Having been a product owner for CRM platform at my work where we use scrum, I understand and share the sentiment. Maybe they need more standups! /s

Was just thinking about this the other day and was wondering why they haven't leveraged DriveThruRPG and their print on demand service.

I had purchased Hero Kids last year to introduce my kids to tabletop RPG and you can either purchase a PDF or pay additional for a printed copy of the core rule book that is printed on demand (or so it says), which I was able to get a soft bound copy of.

Since it looks like they have a partnership with DriveThru for the custom cards feature, not sure why they couldn't just have the collection available there at whatever rate works for them, and people can just order as they need/want it. They would not need to keep inventory of books that may just sit there.

Just wanted to revisit this question, are there any plans to release an official 2-0a demo scenario?

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Hawkmoon269 wrote:
I've been salvaging mine down so I have no more than 3 copies of any particular card. I might limit it to 2 after some more thought.

Was thinking of going down to 2 as well. Don't think I need 9 Blackcloth Armors or whatever it is called

Hawkmoon269 wrote:
Hook Mountain Massacre is in the next patch and is expected early next week.

Huh... Never knew about the Salvage option until I read this update

Anyone happen to know how to not make an attempt to acquire a boon? Didn't see anything stand out for me to not make an attempt. Tried swiping the revealed boon every direction, which typically did nothing or it caused me to accidentally roll for it

Parody wrote:
NyteJKL wrote:
When/where was this announced?

They're shown as Out of Print on the UltraPro website; since Paizo orders them from UltraPro directly Paizo's system has marked them as discontinued. (I don't think there was any real "announcement", just a consequence of inventory systems, but I'm sure someone else will have the right link if I'm wrong. :)

Whether they remain out of print or not is a question for UltraPro, one that may not be answered until they get low on inventory. (You can still order them from both websites, after all.)

Myfly wrote:
So the question for Tanis is, how many more Pathfinder sleeves should i buy NOW for beyond MM products?

Well, there's been roughly 1200 cards in each set and 110 per class deck. I doubt that changes any time soon. Add a few packs for replacements and you'll be fine for now. I'd wait to plan for another set that's probably more than a year away, but that's just me.

Thanks Parody for the info. I currently have 22 packs for MM giving me 1100 since 100-150 of the 1200 are double sided cards. Will need to get a couple for this month's class deck and ones planned after that.

Myfly wrote:

Big question is, when you design some new path beyond MM, then WHY did Ultra pro stopped the prodution of the Pathfinder sleeves... I need those for all of the PACG products.

When/where was this announced?

Speaking of the Iconic Heroes set, was there 7 boxes officially planned or just 6?

Looks awesome! Can't wait until it is released. I will definitely be playing on the hardest difficulty with permadeath.

hfm wrote:

I missed it, got home from work too late. But it's on demand now on their channel.


Thanks for the link, time to watch

I jumped on when it looked like someone messed up the game, will this be available to watch later?

Why can't it be March 29th (I think that is the release date) already?!

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If AppleTV is not supported, you can always AirPlay from an iPad to it

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Ooooh... an Apple TV version, had not even considered that. I got the latest Apple TV for Christmas and wouldn't mind playing PACG on the big screen. Obsidian, make it so ... please?

Thanks as always for the heads up. Can't wait to play this

Was basing it off this confirmation from Vic that even an extra exploration from a blessing has to be immediately after the previous explore:


I will strike that comment, guess I should have read further and that they are indeed allowed


Which I think I got mixed up with this FAQ entry...


That last bit from Hawkmoon that you can cast Cure after exploring, just wanted to point out that if you do cast Cure after an explore, you will typically not be able to play another card to explore again as most, if not all, cards that grant subsequent explores must be performed immediately after the previous exploration

Thanks for the reminder Hawkmoon. Still has yet to be available here, but I was able to get my order placed elsewhere for those 3.

Related to this topic, my family and I just reached WotR AD4-4 which involves the Fulsome Queen cohort. Based on comments above, I would take it that her power is not optional and must trigger as specified? Her power reads:

At the start of your turn, reveal this card and examine the top 3 cards of your location deck... (and so on)

The inserts are currently on sale at Amazon for $21.99

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