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Ah yes, thank you.

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A bit of an odd question, but I'm curious as to whom the major employees of the company are (in part to find their work elsewhere, particularly among the creatives). Where would I find that info?

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Pathfinder's Pouch. Store up to 10lbs into a non-dimensional space that's replaced by normal pouch space at a word, and has no magical aura by default. Perfect for smuggling (a sheathed greatsword in one instance), and at 1,000gp you'll not need to sacrifice your beloved piggy bank.

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Fundamental facets of history are in fact false. Major villains in various global events were framed, in other cases certain events were covered up, others still fabricated out of whole cloth.

I have ideas on how to uncover these truths. Original documents, 'impossible' relics, testimony from preserved figures, etc...

However, I'm pretty stumped on how this might work mechanically. As I see it the History skill would only provide 'facts' related to history as written, not history as happened.

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Having an odd idea for a theme involving Doppelgangers with a slight twist to their normal MO based on this meme.

Libertarian plot

So while yes they're looking for power and wealth it's as a means to the end of more overall freedom (and the acceptance of them as a race).

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That's the main question, but, it brings with it a host of other questions.

If Doppelgangers have naughty bits are they fixed, or mutable as the rest of their forms are?

Do they spawn with each other, by themselves, need a partner of another race?

Gestation times? Odds of multiple births?

Many questions, and the Bestiary only gives that they do have young, but, neglects to point out the means.

Liberty's Edge stones/pale-green-prism-ioun-stone

Up to +2 if you buy both at 58k.

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Christina Stiles wrote:
Please add some diversity in your staff.

There's much more to diversity than one's genitals. Considering their current success they're exactly where they need to be from a diversity angle.

Overall checking a box on the diversity bingo card does more harm than good as there's another quality being sought than 'is this person good for our company'.

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Not nearly enough to make it worthwhile.

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Sonofa... I knew something was missing from that post!

Professor (middle aged human magic user, uses abilities exclusively on making magic devices/automatons) is a shut in, locked in a literal ivory tower tinkering with magical devices. He was lured onto the ship with talk of foreign magics to study. Always nearby is a plush boar with a tiny wooden barrel tied under it's neck.

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This is a first draft of what I hope to be a good campaign seed. Comments and criticisms are welcome. Good alternate names strongly requested! I suck at naming.

Thurston Howell (late middle aged human male) is a noble (no higher than duke or baron) charting a ship to meet an unknown aggressive force encroaching on his waters on an unclaimed island near his holdings. He hopes to make peace and increase his influence at court by handling the matter peaceably and without aid.

Lovey (early middle aged human female, though appears younger) is Howell's wife, and heiress to a trading company of major influence in the area. Though the foreign aggressors are little known she surmises that they would have goods worthy of trade, and

Skipper (adult dwarf male) and Gilligan (adult orc male) are trusted seamen in Howell's employ.
Skipper being the old salt of the two mans the helm, a life he's grown accustomed to since his clan was driven to the sea by giants that claimed his ancestral home. Becomes terribly irritable if deprived of grog for long.
Gilligan was adopted by the Skipper at a young age after being found among the debris of a wrecked ship. Despite unwavering loyalty to the Skipper Gilligan's usefulness suffers when required to do most physical tasks (has haunted curse, without any obvious benefits that oracles would have).

Mary-Anne (adult halfling female) is an indentured servant, but, happily going about her business, saving up to someday buy out her contract and obtain a small plot of land to farm and bring the rest of her family to the mainland.

Ginger (adult sorcerer, likely female) is a dancer of the exotic sort, always shrouded in some form of illusion. A low level magic user she beguiles men as she sways her hips. Howell plans to use this to catch the enemy forces unawares should he be fortunate enough to enter negotiations with one of their leaders face to face.

Naturally there's going to be a storm and the Minnow will be lost...
Unlike the TV show I plan for them to escape at some point (not by capping gilligan) and returning to see what mayhem ensued during their absence.

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I should not be in charge of naming anything.

That being said I've been thinking about the phrase 'poor craftsmen blame their tools'. The idea is mainly to allow characters to receive items of great power early on without becoming becoming ridiculously powerful. To that end I've come up with an idea that I believe works out nicely allowing someone to accept a powerful item (a named weapon for example) without being defined by it, or overpowering the opposition.

For weapons and armor this would be a simple numeric progression I forget the name of, but can be seen in a pool rack. Best to show it with a simple table.

Lv Bonus
1 +1/-
3 +2/+1
6 +3/+2
10 +4/+3
15 +5/+4
21 +6/+5

So assuming a young adventurer were to be given a fantastic weapon (for sake of argument call it a +5 flaming burst corrosive burst greatsword (the Dragon's Two Burns). At first level David the not yet mighty is handed the Dragon's Twin Burns from his grandfather King James, at this point he can unlock only the basic enchantment of +1. A few years later as David's sent to speak with Saul about not being a prick he gains his third level mastering more of the Dragon's Twin Burns power using it as a +1 Flaming Burst greatsword.

What do you guys think?

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So, is anyone actually playing this anymore?

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Just got the game about 2 weeks ago and man I'm sorry I missed the party!

Game looks great, plays spectacularly, and the so much of the game reminds me of the old quarter munchers I loved.

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Not sure what intelligence has to do with raging... Steve Jobs obviously had a level of Barbarian (or at least some option that gave him Rage for at least a few rounds a day). Perhaps if they were fops, or sissies or rage simply wasn't in their emotional lexicon, but, intellect has nothing to do with it.

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Fleet adds 5' each time you take it. There are a few feet slot items that also increase speed, but, does not stack with haste (enhancement bonus).

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KC, this is one of those items that came out way before they codified spells as requirements for item creation. As a legacy item it just gets shuffled around from edition to edition without much thought.

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One of the spells used in the weapon ability *is* evil (as per the descriptor), so personally I wouldn't do such a thing, but, most people I know don't recognize evil till you're off killing people indiscriminately.

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Go first in initiative more than one per session... You'd think this would happen with double digit init.

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Oddly enough I've seen Garys with their fanboy rage, and it was pretty funny from my perspective.

"Rabbit season..."

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"Waffles of shame..."

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The drop of a hat.

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Actually... of all the stupid things flesh to stone doesn't specify if it turns things to stone, only that they become statues.

"The subject, along with all its carried gear, turns into a
mindless, inert statue."

So just a bit of one-ups-manship, I turn creatures into adamantine statues. Sure there's more expensive, but, all the weapons and armor you can make with them is awesome!

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This was a drama with comedy in it, and the focus is on Cass and his continuing education on how not to be a jerk.

The plot weaves together the several worlds of the Gamers together nicely, something I expect to see more of in the extended cut and related products (Dangerous Games which features Leo for example).

And something that I'm surprised hasn't been posted yet, the movie!

Onward... TO WAFFLES!

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94. GM wouldn't let you be a pony.

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At the start of a 'kingdom' you're pretty much in the 'first episodes' of your favorite show. And as any good series of first episodes go you start by introducing the characters, in this case, NPCs that may become important later on.

Cowboy Bebop for example, each character gets their time to shine, starting with the main characters (Spike, Jet), and important NPCs are introduced through their own episodes (Radical Edward and so on). Here you set the tone for the NPC's current state, and foreshadow any character development you may wish to proceed with. Again with this example we see a character that is wandering aimlessly, struck by a desire to travel beyond her own environment.

Be careful, this can be overused akin to many Monster of the Week series, but, if used appropriately, and cleverly disguised many players wont even notice that the events are simply introductions for additional plot hooks.

You mention that the populace of this area are prejudiced against. A very simple event would be to have their persecutors come by to interfere with the people's new home. I'd make sure there was a highly visible leader or important underling to personify as a villain.

I believe there's a 'rogue's gallery' or similar thread on these boards where people toss up their own characters for use as NPCs for other gaming groups. Crowd sourcing bits of GM duty for the enjoyment of all.

So ultimately I would suggest thinking up a dozen or so NPCs, and how they might interact with your new 'kingdom'.

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41. Because the DM said no evil characters.

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I shouldn't name anything...

My resume (or rap sheet)

Timber... Crushed beneath the vampire's vast tracts of land (would've died happy, but, just high enough level to spawn).

Quinn... Not a doctor, nor female... Andoran Rogue of regrettable tanking.

Gallopeno... The horse.

Gourry... Two handed fighter (adding lvs of Ragechemist soon), also a Quadiran terrorist.

Shamus McNugget... Dwarf Barbarian. To be fair I was suffering from pretty horrible food poisoning at time of creation.

Thad Actor... 10 year old human boy as far as anyone knows. Maxed out Perform Act and Oratory.

The brothers (I convinced two others to play along)
Karnac... Orc Barbarian the strong one
Karnac... Orc Sorcerer the smart one
Karnac... Orc Bard the pretty one

Torq Zork... The Horc Orc (blooded) Sorc

With even more travesties to come.

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Actually Steal Book is not strictly 3rd party. While it was in KQ (technically second party as Paizo also ran that publication), it also appeared in Seekers of Secrets, the first Pathfinder Society themed book.

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Knowledge Local will save your bacon! I suggest maxing it out, and adding the Mossy Green Disk Ioun stone for the extra +5.

Actually, I suggest getting one for all the Know skills, 25k over a career to always know what's up with any random thing is very useful IMO (more so since this bonus can be lent out as needed). In fact ask to roll all your Know skills at the start of the mod to see what your character knows about the place/object/person the mod involves.

Perception should be maxed out unless you don't mind the ambush this mod (AKA every mod).

Bluff/Diplomancy/Sense Motive are great for the talky bits if you're the face. Otherwise get Sense Motive to a decent score to keep the BBEG from selling you girl scout cookies (laced with custom auto-kill poison).

Acrobatics/Climb/Swim are crucial in certain situations, getting your bonus (by any means after ACP) to 10 *should* cover your rear. Note: I suggest adding the Comfort quality to any medium/heavy armor as it drops ACP by 1, and you never need to take it off (even if that whore Calistria tells you). Of the three I only max Acrobatics on 'spry' characters.

Craft/Profession/Perform are mostly useful as dayjobs, extra money is nice, especially when you want to get those alchemical items low level. Note: Pro Sailor comes up more than a few times. Bards get free skills by tossing ranks into Perform skills (bah!) so free money/skills for the king of skill monkeys.

Linguistics should have at least a rank if you've got an Int bonus.

Survival doesn't get used as much as I think it should, but, I suppose that's a personal opinion. As long as someone has a +5 bonus in the party you never have to worry.

UMD Only if you're Cha based caster. The DCs are so ridiculous otherwise it's a waste of skill points.

Disable Device/SoH May as well be removed from the game for all they do for you. DD is almost always in traps that a CLW wand will take care of it's effects (and I've seen DM fiat that the trap coudln't be disabled till it was triggered more than once) and SoH is just sad quite possibly never being used in PFS (to my knowledge anyway).

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It's not all the new classes I dislike. Just several of them.

Ninja is a better rogue. I'd much prefer just having a better rogue, and the option of eastern influence, but no, if you want a decent rogue you're now a ninja.

Samurai is really more of an archetype, it's silly to make it a class.

Alchemist is the only one that actually pissed me off. A class that *screams* awesome powers of science and the physical ends up just being another wretched caster. The pathetic thing is that just a *few* tweaks would have changed the whole class into something less irritating. "Look at my alchemy vanish in this anti-magic field! At least I went vivisectionist to steal the rogue's sneak attack!"

Witch is a waste.

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If you were LV 7, somebody along the line gave you some help. There was a great teacher somewhere in your life. Somebody helped to create this unbelievable Andoran system that we have that allowed you to thrive. Somebody invested in roads and bridges. If you've got a dragon horde—you didn't build that. Somebody else made that happen.

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Simple way to make an LG fantasy robot. Have him built with rules.

For example: Serve the public trust, Protect the innocent, Uphold the law.

There are others, such as Asimov's Laws, but, you can always come up with whatever your characters 'father' came up with for laws.

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Merciful as many of you know converts normal damage to non-lethal damage, adding a d6 in the process.

As some of you may also know when you drop a character with non-lethal the remaining damage is converted to lethal damage.

So my question is: Could my boomer (min 30 damage on a hit) accidentally kill someone while Merciful is active?

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I know this isn't a skill, but, if you're a caster I would strongly suggest Power Word: Objection!

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I'm all for killing drow instead of goblins, but, SR at lv 1 may turn a character's trump card into a chump card.

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Here's how I view Cayden and his ascension. 20s, like flaming beanbag chairs full of 20s. He's what your average adventurer wants to be when he 'grows up'.

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JacksonCross wrote:
I know it's not a move action, but like I said it's still "movement"

Look, Ravingdork, when I take a dump it's 'movement', it doesn't mean I can pull my sword at the same time.

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Alternately it could add the requite amount of iodine to the water to make it potable, yet, not appealing.

Congratulations, you've made Gatorade.

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The Replicants (Illusion/clone specialists)

The Hong Kong Cavaliers (Asian mounted party)

Died Trying (Undead adventuring party)

Captain Drinky and the Scurvy Crew (Pirates, I hope)

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Assuming that's quoted then no. If you're wielding something in a hand it is not a 'free hand'.

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Not picking a lock the first time is akin to not being the Fonz and getting the juke box to play your song by hitting it. Average people picking locks (not specialists, but, people moderately skilled) take half a minute or more to pick average locks.

That being said locks *start* at 20, and go to 40, so odds are good most people will not be getting that lock on the first try (or even taking 20) at low level if the lock is good enough. And every round you're busy on a lock is another round all those buffs the party has up are wasting, and for the enemy to be preparing for said party.

BTW having one chance to pick a lock was stupid and arbitrary.

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Ok, well the GM I showed the manor map to and I feel foolish for playing around in a zoo instead of a pathfinder lodge as we intended.

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Wizard. Too powerful to completely deny (well, I have so far), but, I'm lactose intolerant.

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Hell. So Cheliax would be a good option.

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You can also find it in Seekers of Secrets (probably a more detailed map as well), which I suggest having if only for the cool new ioun stones.

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I mean really... Lens of Detection just went to the eyes slot, which makes it the *only* item in the game that both takes up a slot and requires a free hand to use.

Even in the description it's a 6 inch lens in a handled loop, obviously you're not wearing this on your face all day! Unless I plan to look super stupid at PFS next week...

Liberty's Edge 2/5


I pun because I care...

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Hmm... new version. Guess I'll see if it works.

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A 2ft diameter hole (or hoop I suppose) would be pretty easy to get into unless your character were *very* chubby and/or pointy (armor spikes or some such).

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