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This is a first draft of what I hope to be a good campaign seed. Comments and criticisms are welcome. Good alternate names strongly requested! I suck at naming.

Thurston Howell (late middle aged human male) is a noble (no higher than duke or baron) charting a ship to meet an unknown aggressive force encroaching on his waters on an unclaimed island near his holdings. He hopes to make peace and increase his influence at court by handling the matter peaceably and without aid.

Lovey (early middle aged human female, though appears younger) is Howell's wife, and heiress to a trading company of major influence in the area. Though the foreign aggressors are little known she surmises that they would have goods worthy of trade, and

Skipper (adult dwarf male) and Gilligan (adult orc male) are trusted seamen in Howell's employ.
Skipper being the old salt of the two mans the helm, a life he's grown accustomed to since his clan was driven to the sea by giants that claimed his ancestral home. Becomes terribly irritable if deprived of grog for long.
Gilligan was adopted by the Skipper at a young age after being found among the debris of a wrecked ship. Despite unwavering loyalty to the Skipper Gilligan's usefulness suffers when required to do most physical tasks (has haunted curse, without any obvious benefits that oracles would have).

Mary-Anne (adult halfling female) is an indentured servant, but, happily going about her business, saving up to someday buy out her contract and obtain a small plot of land to farm and bring the rest of her family to the mainland.

Ginger (adult sorcerer, likely female) is a dancer of the exotic sort, always shrouded in some form of illusion. A low level magic user she beguiles men as she sways her hips. Howell plans to use this to catch the enemy forces unawares should he be fortunate enough to enter negotiations with one of their leaders face to face.

Naturally there's going to be a storm and the Minnow will be lost...
Unlike the TV show I plan for them to escape at some point (not by capping gilligan) and returning to see what mayhem ensued during their absence.

What about the professor?

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wydraz wrote:
What about the professor?

You mean the guy who can make a nuclear reactor from two coconuts, but can't repair a 3 foot hole in a boat?

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LazarX wrote:
wydraz wrote:
What about the professor?
You mean the guy who can make a nuclear reactor from two coconuts, but can't repair a 3 foot hole in a boat?

I've always imagined that while he can do extreme things with worthless materials, the complete opposite is also true. He requires extreme and crazy materials to do the most basic things. For the professor, fixing a 3 foot hole in the boat would probably require a spaceship, 4 pounds of plutonium, and a full range of high-quality construction company's tools and vehicles.

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Sonofa... I knew something was missing from that post!

Professor (middle aged human magic user, uses abilities exclusively on making magic devices/automatons) is a shut in, locked in a literal ivory tower tinkering with magical devices. He was lured onto the ship with talk of foreign magics to study. Always nearby is a plush boar with a tiny wooden barrel tied under it's neck.

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