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@Hubaris - I think that unless another player also takes redeemed criminal there won't be any deeper connection until we've all been on the ship for what I think is a week? Enough time for a decent connection at the very least.

We do seem to be divine heavy as a party. Nothing wrong with that, just an interesting thing to note.

@Hubaris - isn't there a wild shape variant that lets you turn into an elemental or a stormcloud? That could be thematic without having to change too much.

And speaking of keeping on theme - at the risk of probably metagaming, there's an archetype for arcanists focused around storms and storm-like magic (aeromancer) - It might be a little metagame-y and on the nose, but a suggestion. I think there's also a witch archetype that does similarly, so some arcane suggestions.

I'm all for having shared backstory but it might be hard to work with the trait I've got, but I'm all for suggestions.

Sorry to see you go Caro, hope you change your mind.

@Everyone + GM - I have lucked into a lot of free time this week, so if anyone would like I can help out with character ideas and/or swap out Adriana for a different character & class if it'll help the party overall.

Otherwise I'll work on more backstory and fluff for Adriana.

@Hubaris/Splits the Leaves - That is awesome!

Finishing up my original concept of a redeemed Sarenrae inquisitor since she was the original idea for the module however with the new Abadar themed trait I have a second character in the works with that trait in mind; most likely a paladin.

@GM - I can switch to Abadar if you'd prefer, Sarenrae was chosen for backstory and thematic reasons; Abadar might mean a different build and campaign trait, so maybe as another option should this one fall through.

@Hubaris - The old build woshipped Shelyn but I'm thinking Iomedae or Sarenrae are more thematic and in line with the redeemed criminal trait. The archetype I'm leaning towards also can be thematically tied to it, so there's a bonus there.

@Hubaris - I'm leaning towards Inquisitor with an archetype or two and they often need combat and flanking buddies if you go that way - and if we're both redeemed criminals it can make for an intertwined backstory if you and DM are cool with it.

Inquisitor being sort of a divine bard makes them pretty flexible so my build idea is looking like this -
Tags: Utility, combat support, skill-monkey, can do some party face duties depending on build.

Plenty to work with while seeing what everyone else comes up with - and will likely make a few more backup ideas.

@Ingolf - I like what you've got so far!

GM Rutseg wrote:
MrMantis wrote:
what is your stance on archetypes?

I have nothing against archetypes. Indeed there are some that can be very interesting to explore in this adventure.

As with any other rulings, there are some that might be problematic, and I will bring that if I see it come.

Awesome! Knowing that, I've managed to narrow my concepts down to about three ideas-

Inquisitor w/Redeemed Criminal trait

Oracle w/Blood of the Storm OR Tempest Reader trait

Investigator w/Researcher trait.

Just have to narrow it down. How's everyone else doing?

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Hello everyone and thankyou for selection DM!

Dotting to keep track between life while working on some things.

I do have a couple of concepts that should work with the module and the party, but I'd like to ask - what is your stance on archetypes? I'm asking as lately there seems to be weird pushback against them so I'm asking for clarification.

Looking to build an Inquisitor, had a concept that was pitched for a game of Hell's Rebels that didn't get picked up, she can be reworked for Ire

Hubaris wrote:
Black Dow wrote:

Not throwing my interest into this one - rather endorsing your GM. I am lucky enough to make it through an incredibly fun (and rigorous) selection process and play in his aforementioned Shackled City campaign.

Can't recommend the opportunity to be part of one of GM-R's games enough :) Good luck one and all!

(Waves to some familiar sparring partners)

Having someone go out of the way to say this is a great sign! Colour me excited now.

Agreed, it's a heck of an endorsement! Can't wait to see how selection goes now!


What do you like from PbP gaming?
I like the freedom in a character sense in that I can explore my character and their motivations which I find makes for a better roleplay experience, and in a player sense that I often can't get to an IRL group session, making PbP much less time restrictive.

Have you ever played or read partially or completely the Ire of the Storm before?
I attempted to run it for some friends 2-3 years ago. We got about 3 pages in, so we didn't get far.

What made you decide to apply?
I've actually wanted to play Ire for a while (I used to own it) and because modules aren't quite the slog Adventure Paths can be.

What is your roleplaying motto?
Roleplay over Rollplay, every time.

Left things a little vague so that when the fight breaks out she's ready.

Dotting for interest, working on an application. Love me some Lovecraftian horror!

Oh dang it I completely forgot.

This feat here. It's not broken in and of itself, but PoW always falls under GM discretion.

I'll probably take the half+1 for HP. Does that include my CON modifier?

Okay, well, today has been a day, but at least some stuff got done.

So, for GM to check, Inquisitor Cassidia Tomanasile (I changed her name)

Cassidia Mythweaver Sheet

I still need to buy her equipment and do her spells and wanted to ask/clarify a few things before finishing up -

1. Is it just 2 traits or can we take a drawback for a 3rd trait?

2. How is HP being calculated?

3. I might have misread the recruitment thread, one of my feats is blank as I want to ask if a 3rd party feat is allowed.

4. I've chosen 'Chance Savior' as my campaign trait but I'm not sure it fits thematically with the judge, and if you like I am all for brainstorming a more thematically appropriate meeting.

Alright! I have a whole bunch of stuff to handle still but at least the meat of the stats are up and ready and there's a whole lotta room for fluff and such. Comments and suggestions welcome.

Okay, so I'm working on finalizing the little details, but so far for everyone's perusal, Brianna (Inquisitor/Sanctified Slayer)

Rescued from the gallows as a young woman and taken in by the Dawnflower's faithful, Brianna grew into a dour and devout follower as she used the skills she'd learned as a guttersnipe to great effect, becoming a skilled infiltrator and clandestine operative.

Having wandered through Lepistadt before and returning to follow on a vague rumor, Brianna seeks out Judge Daramid for information on stranger activities happening in the darker corners of Ustalav.

Name's kinda a placeholder and might be changed.

It's a little bare but I wanted to leave room to work in leveling and any potential links to others as well as the judge. GM I'm just subbing the judge in for the professor regarding the campaign traits, correct?

I'll have something for y'all after work tonight then. Definitely an inquisitor, most likely a sanctified slayer, gotta work on how to tie her to the judge.

GM I'll be sending you a PM later on

Well I can definitely build her up and have something for GM and the rest of y'all to meet, but I wanna get it out of the way in that inquisitor is more like a divine bard. She has the divine spells, but she can't do what a cleric or oracle can.

I do like that build and the backstory she has is build-around-able, which will help a lot given how late to the party any character built will end up being.

Which I should ask, will I still be picking a campaign trait?


When I last actually got to play Carrion Crown (I think we got to the prison before it stalled) I ran an inquisitor, which I like as a class because of how toolbox-y it is, and that's not even getting into archetypes. I have a 'go-to' build that's an inquisitor/sanctified slayer of Sarenrae; they play similar to a rogue but with additionql tricks and divine spells - it's just a question of thematically fitting the campaign.

If I dig into my character box I also currently have a vigilante if the class is allowed and a couple of magus builds, mostly gish support but useful in their own way.

And not to drown everyone out with a million more ideas I do have a fractured mind spiritualist debuffer build, which might be thematically on point but can be a bit much even for the AP.

Alright, hope this is the right spot. Hello! I will hopefully be joining y'all through Carrion Crown and look forward to meeting and brainstorming out some character ideas with everyone.

So I've had a read of the rules and I'm interested - the rules seem simple and thorough enough, I have a few concept ideas already.

I would like to ask before just making a few characters, will you allow archetypes? Or will they be case-by-case?

It looks like we're leaning pretty divine heavy, which is kinda funny.

@Chillblame I think I understand how the alias system works but while I'm fiddling with it, my character's name will be Vrianna, a half-elf inquisitor sanctified slayer of Maraheine. What a mouthful.

I should have more soon, the alias system seems simple and straightforward, just don't want to get too ahead of myself and do something too noobish.

chillblame wrote:
MrMantis wrote:

Reaffirmint my interest, looking to build a sanctified slayer inquisitor - are we using PF1e Gods or Greyhawk/D&D gods?

I'm still new to the forums and getting the hang of here so apologies if some questions are obvious but we're able to use the SRD/PRD for character building, right?

First, yes we are using Greyhawk gods.

Second, you can use the pathfinder SRD/PRD, as long as you stick to the character-building instructions above. And remember no 3rd party stuff.

Also, don't apologise for asking questions. We were all new at this once.

Awesome, that helps knowing I won't have to dig up half my books.

I'm not super familiar with all of the Greyhawk gods but it shouldn't alter anything. I think I have the character/alias thing sorted out so fingers crossed I'll have something tonight.

Test Rolls!

1d20 ⇒ 16

3d6 + 3 ⇒ (2, 4, 3) + 3 = 12

3d6 - 1d6 ⇒ (6, 4, 5) - (6) = 9

Well that's just heckin impressive.

Reaffirmint my interest, looking to build a sanctified slayer inquisitor - are we using PF1e Gods or Greyhawk/D&D gods?

I'm still new to the forums and getting the hang of here so apologies if some questions are obvious but we're able to use the SRD/PRD for character building, right?

I'm interested and would like to put my vote to PF1e - I haven't had the chance to try PF2e yet.

I'd like to ask, how much familiarity do we need with Greyhawk?

EDIT: Are you allowing archetypes? My main idea is an inquisitor with an archetype if allowed.

Hello everyone! I am new to the forums but not new to Pathfinder, and am hoping to find a couple of games to get the hang of this place if anyone's okay with having a semi-newbie around.

I'm looking for almost anything - AP, module, homebrew - aside from Kingmaker and Skulls & Shackles

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Wow y'all are welcoming and fast - I've been here maybe five minutes and it already feels like I could just jump right a dozen different games already. It's a nice feeling.

@CrystalSeas - so the usual collection of RPers then? ;)

Just to not tie up and spam the thread, it's good meeting y'all and I look forward to gaming with y'all.

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Hello, I'm new here and I hope this is the right thread for this - still getting the hang of the forums, would like to start things off as right as possible.