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This book has some CRAZY cool feats. My favorite is this one that allows you to spend an immediate action when you are targeted by an area effect spell to try and block the attack with an adjacent opponent's face.

Ow my ribs hahaha!

Did half-orcs get some cool racial?

So how much did Living Monolith get reworked?
What exactly is the new order about?

16 INT = Access to 6th level spells at Level 11

I personally like going with the Dragon / Efeerti / Janni styles for my monk. Sure my monk doesn't have the best defenses as all his styles make him good for is hit and run. Currently level monk 10 (Drunken Master / Master of Many Styles / Qinggong Monk). More of a Lightning Bruiser who lacks staying power.

(STR 18, WIS 18)

1(+1/2) STR (Dragon Style) + 1/2 STR (Dragon Ferocity) + +2d10 Unarmed Damage Dice (Janni Rush) + 3d6 Fire (Elemental Fist + Dragon Ferocity) + WIS Fire Damage (Efeerti Style) + 2d6 damage (Drunken Master) =

Leaping Drunken Fire Dragon Rush!

mplindustries wrote:
** spoiler omitted **

Counter to the countering of my rant.:
Actually Shamanism has been found in more then just Siberia.

North Asia
Central Asia

Even in the coldest of places with Eskimos their is Shamanism from the Inuit and Yupik cultures.

In Africa it existed, however it received the derogatory term Witch Doctor by early European settlers because the natives practiced Juju. Speaking of Juju, in the recent Faiths and Philosophies book they brought Juju.

South America
Papa New Guinea (Oceania)

Also the Native Amercian Culture right here in the Americas.

So its not a small isolated place in Siberia, its practically all over the world. Despite how some were so far across from each other, they all honestly did believe that malicious spirits cause misfortune and sickness. That dreams/signs/visions could reveal to them knowledge and power. That dances, instruments, songs, rituals, paraphernalia that could help in their cause.

Various Paraphernalia includes but is not limited to:
Drum (The drum is used by shamans of several peoples in Siberia, the Inuit, and many other cultures all over the world although its usage for shamanistic seances may be lacking among the Inuit of Canada.[66] The beating of the drum allows the shaman to achieve an altered state of consciousness or to travel on a journey between the physical and spiritual worlds. Much fascination surrounds the role that the acoustics of the drum play to the shaman. Shaman drums are generally constructed of an animal-skin stretched over a bent wooden hoop, with a handle across the hoop.)

Feathers (In numerous North and South American cultures, as well as in Europe and Asia, birds are seen as messengers of the spirits. Feathers are often used in ceremonies and in individual healing rituals.)

Gong (Often found through South East Asia, Far Eastern peoples.)

Long Table (A flexible wooden table, approximately nine by two feet, is used in Hmong Shamanism; the table transforms into a "flying horse" in the spirit world.)

Pipe (Used for smoking various tobaccos and psychoactive herbs: e.g. tobacco in North and South America, cannabis in India)

Rooster (A rooster is often used in Hmong Shamanism. A shaman uses a rooster when he journeys to the unknown. It is said that the rooster shields the shaman from wandering "evil" spirits by making him invisible; thus, the evil spirits only see the rooster's useless spirit.)

Shake (Found mostly in Hmong Shamanism, the shaman begins his practice by rattling, which turns into a shake. It is the process of communicating with his shamanistic spirits to guide him to the spirit world.)

Sword (In Hmong Shamanism, a holy sword will always be used in the practice to protect the shaman from wandering "evil" spirits as he travels to the spirit world.)

Talisman (Shamanic healing is found among the indigenous Kuna people of Panama, who rely on sacred talismans.)

Shaman is weird. It requires prepared spells but it has the luxury of having limited spontaneous casting. Part of it wants to focus on the familiar gained but then drops the idea after the first level aside from it being basically a spellbook. It wants to have unique theme involving spirits that grant "hexes" but the hex pool is basically very shallow and is evident by the slow progression of hexes gained without Extra Hex.

I do get that its meant to be a fusion of Witch and Oracle but its mostly just Oracle aside from the Familiar Spellbook for preparing spells and the naming of revelations as hexes instead. Curses which were as they state, negative benefits for positive benefits the longer you stuck with the plan, are nowhere and I suppose that is fair as it would be crushing the toes of Oracle. I get why the Spirit part has different ways of giving familiars a bonus, its basically fortifications to protect the familiar.

My thought on familiar:
Maybe its just me, but I want to see your Spirit Familiar grow in a way that breaks the mold commonly seen with anything dealing with familiars. Like:

Shaman's Guide: At 1st level, a shaman forms a close bond with a low ranking spirit. This spirit is her conduit to the spirit world, guiding her along the path of enlightenment. As the shaman grows in power so does her guide as it ascends the spirit ranks. This functions just like the wizard's arcane bond class feature except as noted in the Shaman's Guide section.

A shaman must commune with her guide each day to prepare her spells. While the guide does not store spells like the witch's familiar does, the guide does serve as her conduit to divine power. If a shaman's guide is slain, she cannot prepare new spells or use her spirit class feature until the guide is replaced.

I am not thinking quite like Eidolon for how a "guide" would "ascend in ranks", more like as the shaman reaches certain levels that act as milestones they will make the familiar grow into a more powerful spirit.

Why call the familiar a Guide? Because that is what they are actually called when the Shaman needs something to help him on his path to enlightenment is a spirit guide. In some myths their is a whole hierarchy of spirts which could be an interesting mechanic to incorporate into the Shaman class feature in the form of a familiar that supposedly ascends in the hierarchy of its kind.

Very minor rant on Shaman:
Maybe the word usage for Hexes should be changed to Dreams and that their should be feats for that like Extra Dreams and that Wandering Hex should be changed to Wandering Dream. Reason being a Hex by definition is:

1) cast a spell on; bewitch.
2) a magic spell; a curse.

By definition alone this really does crush the toes of the Witch class by a hybrid class also using it. Plus it sounds down right weird on a shaman, shamans were not that much into bewitching and cursing their targets. Rather they were more concerned with healing the sick, telling stories, acting as a psychopomp (Literally meaning guide of souls).

Shamans gained their knowledge and power from the dreams, visions, and signs from the spirit world.

Another word for Shaman is often Medicine Man.

Honestly a better hybrid to make Shaman could easily have been Oracle + Bard as Shamans are known for incorporating the usage of instruments, dances, and songs.

TLDR: The class seems interesting for the basework but it still needs more work and refinement. Currently it feels stuck between trying to be its own thing and trying to maintain the roots of being a hybrid of Oracle and Witch.

We could have hurt feelings about existing non-core races being replaced... or we can have change. I would prefer change in the form of cycling non-core races.

You can't have your cake untouched and be eating it as well.


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My favorite character was, mechanically and flavorfully... was my Elf Barbarian (Brutal Pugilist and Drunken Brute). He wasn't the smartest tool in the shed, more durable and hard hitting than the rest of his race. He reached level 11.

He was a prideful bugger who saw himself as someone who lost everything in his past and solved it with booze and prize fighting. The adrenaline rush as he beat things up with his fists and the drinking allowing him to soften his mental pains from the past.

Always saw magic in all its form as "The door that should stay shut". Always saw it as something that caused more problems than it solved. Something that was not natural and should be stomped out like a pest. It wasn't even because he was like the Black-Blooded Oracles or Dhampirs in which healing magic was harmful to him, you could just say he thought of it as the "I-Win Button that every caster had."

He died because he refused healing magics. When his party brought him back with magic and his money, he was disgusted and insulted. He died on his own terms in a fight in a far off land... battling three cyclopes... killing two of them... dying of his wounds with pride undamaged.

How did he get along with the overwhelming amount of casters usually found at PFS? "You stay on your side of this imaginary line with your magic, I will stick to my side with my fists and nothing more, don't cross it."

(Not direct at anyone...)

You tell me whats evil about blood power? For some reason its seen as an evil act.

In Avatar the Last Airbender people who were Bloodbenders were seen as evil.

In Dragon Age (1&2) Blood Magic was seen as evil as it could for instance turn the mage into an Abomination when cornered or into Flesh Golem if they were highly skilled in the art. It also had other "nefarious" purposes.

If you want in-game Pathfinder references to Blood Magic:
1) The Watersinger for Undine Bards
(Lifewater (Su): Alternatively, he may use this ability to attempt a reposition combat maneuver, using his base attack bonus and his Charisma modifier as his CMB. This ability has a range of 30 feet, only works on creatures whose bodies contain fluid, and does not affect creatures that are immune to critical hits.)

2) The Blood Mage prestige class that uses blood to fuel their own spellcasting?

3) Blood Transcription.
(By consuming 1 pint of blood from a spellcaster killed within the last 24 hours, you can attempt to learn a spell that spellcaster knew. Select one spell available to the dead spellcaster (this must be a spell on your spell list); you gain the knowledge of this spell for 24 hours. During this time, you may write it down (or teach it to your familiar, if you are a witch) using the normal rules for copying a spell from another source. Once you have learned it, you may prepare the spell normally.)


Isn't it supposed to be not as Black and White as the morality system dictates even though Paladins get the short-end of the stick on this matter? Like isn't it how you use the Power, the Tools, the Weapons, the Information that truly shows the colors of the character?

There are three kinds Paladins I have seen in my times of gaming.
1) Divine Killers. They are pretty much played like Robots. That while on their mission will kill anything not belonging to their purview. No bribe, no clever words, no saving-the-innocents, shall obstruct their path of Righteous Destruction while on a Mission. As nothing matters but what they are sent out to do.

Little undead girl who is Lawful Good in alignment and is different from other undead? Slain! For she is undead.

2) Shoulder Angels. They will (figurative or literally) sit on your shoulder and try to advise you against evil actions. They will not commit an act they view as evil and refuse to take part in wanton bloodshed in how they see it.

The Paladin refuses to kill the group of Vampire Children who have been killing the towns livestock for nourishment for the Paladin only sees Children and for the most part the Vampires don't have Evil in their alignment tag, they are really just Chaotic Neutral.

This is also considered a Paladin Trap for it pits him against his beliefs and his mission.

3) Laid-Back Crusader. These are the most comfortable Paladins to be around who will do their job but are not Shoulder Angels for causing split-ends with the party because of their "Beliefs" and are not Divine Killers who only seek to "purge" others in their "Sacred" Mission.

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@ The Beard: And that breaks the morality system set into place, flimsy the morality system maybe when pressed but is maintained for reasons I don't know of. Plus it leads into the endless void known as Paladin Traps, where their action is considered to be part of the Greater Good but the action is still none the less Evil according to the morality system.

Even if the necromancer was serving the Greater Good and protecting his/her race by using the undead... that necromancer will be seen as a horrid and twisted and evil fiend who would "dare" raise the dead of loved ones and long-dead heroes.

Yet as we know the Paladin gets the pass as he is considered a vessel of pure goodness and justice... as he slays anything that defies his religion and protects all under his purview from those who would harm them.

LoreKeeper I understand where you are coming from but you I don't think Paizo agrees.

"To create a skinwalker (which includes all were-kin), you must have a Chronicle sheet that opens the race as a legal option at character creation."
-Additional Resources

My guess for it becoming restricted?
Swim Speeds
Climb Speeds
See in Darkness
Fly Speed (Bats at BaB +5)
Super Ferocity (Boar Trait + Diehard Feat)
Regular Ferocity (Just as a Bestial Feature)

Unless the Chronicle Sheets are commonplace, unlikely though seeing as how all the previous restricted races were limited-edition ones that could only come upon at a Convention except Tiefling and Aasimar that became unrestricted.

I have got to say its got one of the sauciest pictures of Kyra in it.

Thank you very much Patrick Renie. This defiantly clears up the situation and makes it still workable for character builds like a Skinshifter Rat Monk with the Feral Combat Training feat, and what other builds people may come up with.

Dunno. I was at first thinking of a Rogue (Scout+Survivalist) character. Then Albatoonoe put a comment down about a Ranger (Skirmisher) and I wondered if I could incorporate that into my idea. Then RuyanVe put a comment down about the Acrobat archetype for Rogues and wondered if that could be incorporated. The Skirmisher is definitely worth it as it provides hunter tricks that really shine for the wild-child side of San.

I will concur with some points made.
Maybe a Rogue 4 / Ranger (Skirmisher) X. Perhaps having the Rogue archetypes of Acrobat and Scout.

Trapper would be nice but she wasn't so much of a trapper-character in the film.

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Its hard for me to see her as a ranger or a druid.
Name me one spell she could have possibly used.
Name me one time she wildshaped.

What do we have to work on?

Shes Human. She was found by wolves when little and raised by them. However her parents were killed for "hurting" the forest. Sounds like the basic story for a wild-child "Raised by Wolves" joke that is commonly used in various forms of media.

For skills she would easily have: Acrobatics, Heal, Survival, Knowledge Nature, Ride, and Climb.

We also learn of the curse within the world and how it can spread.

Ashitaka: There’s a demon inside you its inside both of you, look everyone this is what hatred looks like this is what it does when it catches hold of you its eating me alive and very soon now it will kill me, fear and anger only make it grow faster.

Barbarian would be the incorrect class choice, its a class that utilizes rage and rage is a form of anger.

When a person fears someone/something and the fear starts to take over, the person may become angry with this and then do something drastic.

Anger then leads to hate, because if you become angry with someone/something if you can't stop being angry with this someone/something, you start to hate them and other things around you.

Hate turns to suffering very quickly. Hating one someone/something could turn into hating many someones/somethings. This will cause you to suffer as other people will not want to be around you. So you Start to suffer.


She maybe stubborn and hot-tempered like a Barbarian, but she is also a person who was raised in the wild by animal gods who took care of her and adopted her. Which means her upbringing is different and also reflects how she acts/talks/and walks.

San: His own people shot him, hes dying. Tell me why did you stop me from killing her! Why are you still alive?
Ashitaka: I didn't want them to kill you thats why.
San: I am not afraid to die! I would do anything to get you humans out of my forest.

Yes and Yes.

If you wanted to you can get 5 hexes instead of 5 arcana.
However you can also pick up the feat Extra Arcana which now has the dual-purpose of now being essentially Extra Arcana or Extra Hex as you are gaining another Arcana and the Hex Arcana class featuure is checking that as gaining a new arcana that could become another Hex.

So if you picked up nothing but Extra Arcana feats from Level 3 onward, you could have 5 extra hexes for a total of 10 hexes.

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As it is right now? Its hilariously stupid good to play a Skinshifter Rat as an Alchemist (Grenadier). So without further ado, here is my Non-Heritage Skinshifter of the Wererats.

Skinshifter (Rat) Alchemist 10 (Grenadier)
STR: 10 (8 starting), DEX: 18, CON: 12, INT: 18, WIS: 10 , CHA: 8

BAB: +7/+2

Bestial Feature: Distraction.

Feats: Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Far Shot, Charing Hurler, Weapon Focus (Bombs)
Discoveries: Explosive Bomb, Precise Bomb, Ranged Baptism, Wings, Strafe Bomb, Fast Bombs
Other Special Abilities: Directed Blast, Staggering Blast.

At first one wonders ^ here where the harm is in this character. After all it looks like an average character correct? Well no. There is an important thing that was added and although the bestial feature is flexible, there really is no other choice for a Skinshifter Rat when you got mostly AOE Attacks as an Alchemist or even a Wizard (Both are INT based Classes, Skinshifter Rats get +2 INT).

Okay lets say your doing your job as the Alchemist by going into the air with your Wings discovery and laying down the air support for your comrades in the middle of a battlefield right? Right. You decide to as a Standard Action go into your Shifter form (Rat) to get your Distraction. On your next turn you decide to imbibe your Mutagen for the +4 CON. Your third turn... well there is this marching set of enemies in a straight line, you decide to toss a Strafe Bomb down there.

Because you have Explosive Bomb and Strafe Bomb and Force Bomb, its a 80FT long line force bomb that if it damages (Which it has a good chance to unless the enemy is all Monks/Rogues), it will cause Distraction. Each enemy in that line needs to make a DC 18 FORT save or be Nauseated.

Since you have fast bombs you can toss another one down there and hope they fail their save on the second try. Yes such a specific situation. What I am getting at is if the Skinshifter Rat in the above build was more about CON than DEX... well they would be having at least a DC20 FORT save with their Distraction.

How about if enemy saves against the Distraction but got hit by a Crit-Bomb? Well the Crit-Bomb can cause the enemy to be Staggered for 1d4+1 rounds on a failed reflex save, its reduced 1 round on a successful reflex save. However that means its like still being hit by Distraction that limits you to ONE Standard Action or ONE Movement Action for the duration of the stagger.

How about if our Grenadier Rat decides to use Directed Blast with Force Bomb and Explosive Bomb? Well anyone caught within the 30FT Cone of the bomb needs to make a FORT save or be Nauseated for a Round. Why Force Bomb? Not that many creatures in the game have resistance or immunity to that damage.

Nauseated: Creatures with the nauseated condition experience stomach distress. Nauseated creatures are unable to attack, cast spells, concentrate on spells, or do anything else requiring attention. The only action such a character can take is a single move action per turn.

If our Rat won the initiative and gets to go first, they can potentially rob the enemy of their turn. This means that it can turn bosses in modules/scenarios/adventure paths into jokes as they get robbed of their turns unless they have a stupidly good FORT Save or are Immune to being Nauseated.

Cuàn wrote:

Thanks for all the information so far

I do have a question though: How long does the shapeshift actually last? It was mentioned it's 3+1/2 level times per day, but for how long?

Usage: 3 + 1/2 Level, Per day.

Duration: Indefinite.
Drawback: -4 penalty on social-based rolls when dealing with others that are not skinwalkers or lycanthropes.

Witchwolves seem awesome for the most part with how they can temporarily grant their powers to others or permanently if your a 15th level Wizard. Plus it would make a good plot hook for lower level adventures.

So what cool things can the Tigers do?

EDIT: Also thank you very much Feros for the bits of information about each of the shifters. Its got me wanting my hardcopy of the book more while I wait for it.

1) Okay that to me is funny that only bats get Shapechanging feats. I suppose if they put it in for each shifter, the ability to shapeshift into a Dire Tiger would be a wee-bit to stronk at low levels.

2) Bats I feel got some cool stuff that looks to be worth it for some interesting character builds.

3) I can barely stop laughing after looking at thinking of some humorous character builds for a Werebear.

Did Bats get any cool stuff in the Class/Feat department?

Hmm heritage or non-hertiage? Flexibility for one of your +2 Attributes, or a whole slew of nifty "gifts" from your heritage.

I suppose non-heritage can work out, still would keep the +2 STR and the Ferocity. After all if I remember correctly there is an Extra Heritage feat which I would put into getting 1D6 Bite.

-4 social penalty while choosing to remain shifted? Seems like a fair trade.

Paladile of Sobek! He will smite you with his holy teeth. :)

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Now I got a bunch of ideas for new characters.

Were-Shark Monk.
Were-Tiger Rogue.
Were-Rat Alchemist.
Were-Crocodile Paladin.

So I got a question: Are the Bestial Features always active or only during the shapeshift?

I don't see why Tactical Monkey cannot spend five prestige points to swap the 3rd level feat gained for his Boon Companion (The Axe Beak).

Retraining a Feat, Pg 191, Ultimate Campaign wrote:

You may change one feat to another through retraining. Retraining a feat takes 5 days (5PP), with a character who has the feat you want. The old feat can't be be one you used as a perquisite for a feat, class feature, archetype, prestige class, or other ability. If the old feat is a bonus feat granted by a class feature, you must replace it with a feat that you could choose using that class feature.

Note that this retraining is unrelated to the fighter ability to learn a new bonus feat in place of an old one instantly when the character gains an appropriate feat in place of the old one at certain class levels. That class ability is free happens instantly when the character gains an appropriate fighter level, doesn't require a trainer, and can happen only once for any appropriate fighter level. Retraining a feat requires you to spend gp, take time, requires a trainer, and can happen as often as you want.

I also believe Boon Companion allows him to do this "trick" for wanting to use the "check" system of the feat to catch it 4th level of the Companion when it gains its +1 INT, to then retrain the 3rd level feat for 5 Prestige Points.

So it could be like say:

1st Level: Weapon Focus
3rd Level: Skill Focus (Perception) (At 4th level Retrain to Improved Unarmed Strike)
5th Level: Dragon Style (Allows charging through allies without harming them, can also charge/run/withdraw over rough terrain unhindered)

Boon Companion adds +1 level then checks. The check is the feat making sure the overall character level is not exceeded by the maximum for the Animal Companion's level (Original Level + 0-4) as a Boon Companion would grow up in levels until the fifth level.

Boon Companion wrote:

Your bond with your animal companion or familiar is unusually close.

Prerequisites: Animal companion or familiar class feature.

Benefit: The abilities of your animal companion or familiar are calculated as though your class were 4 levels higher, to a maximum effective druid level equal to your character level. If you have more than one animal companion or familiar, choose one to receive this benefit. If you lose or dismiss an animal companion or familiar that has received this benefit, you may apply this feat to the replacement creature.

Special: You may select this feat more than once. The effects do not stack. Each time you take the feat, it applies to a different animal companion or familiar.

Drakerd0456 wrote:

Personally I think they should coordinate with their Venture Captains/Lieutenants to organize events based around when these timelines for racial boons are set. So if they say the month of March is the month of the Catfolk. Then that means that the Venture captains must organize at least one event where the scenario is run. Give out a month in advance warning so that the Venture captains can send out invites and get things ready.

As far as who gets the racial boons. I don't see why you wouldn't just give the boons out to those who attended these events. I honestly don't understand why racial boons need to be so insanely rare.

I'd think that templates would be more of the super rare boons that people could get. How bad ass would it be to get the half-dragon template after being the sole winning group of an event at paizo con. I think having a 10% chance to get a catfolk is a bit lackluster IMO.

Something about how your not really meant to walk down the street and see say ten Kobolds, five Catfolk, eight Kitsune, thirteen Oreads, etc.

Plus the obvious reasoning that some Get-Rich-Quickly-Dude/Chick will ruin it all for everyone by making copies of each chronicle sheet and then sell them, probably on craigslist. As to why they are kept under such secure lock-and-key.

@ Kyle Elliot: I like your idea and would like to see it implemented more.

I believe the most recent convention had some boons being sold for a charity auction by Paizo in which I think one of them sold for 600-something bucks. Although I wouldn't spend more than 100 bucks myself for a chronicle sheet depending on what it was and I'm not really a weekly go-er to PFS.

I do agree with the factor that new players in PFS may choose to spend some bucks on the Core, APG, U. Combat, UE, ARG, UM, and U. Campaign. That and depending on what new kind of player we are talking about they maybe bursting with enthusiasm to go a convention with their buddies.

... now to tie this back to Race Boons.

For whatever complaints were held to Paizo, no more Chronicle Sheets in preorder books for races, like the Aasimar before it became legal in PFS w/o a chronicle sheet.

I'm not against buying boons or just race boons specifically, cool stuff to be done with them that has that almost phantasmal mysticism of "ground rarely tread" for the imagination and ideas of players and GMs alike. However like some voiced in this blog post, they are not in favor of it.

Hey look a FAQ candidate! I cast Raise Thread!

Here is how you can use it.
Take the feats: Lunge, Monkey Lunge, Crane Style, Crane Wing, Crane Riposte

FIVE Feats

Use your standard action Via Monkey Lunge, Then move five feet away, but not as a 5-Foot Step, So you can provoke AoO! if the enemy takes the bait, you riposte with an extra 5-feet of reach.

... ...
... ... ...

Yeah I will admit that does sound dumb in order to jump that many hoops just to make use of Monkey Lunge.

Haldred wrote:'s a wild idea. Your local game store hosts a pathfinder night. Mine doesn't (I'd like to start but I'm not sure I have a store here(just moved)). Venture captains have a set # of race boons, that are delivered to GM's or at a mini con. (honestly like two tables or something.) You hold a lottery once a month or twice a season or something. Players and GM's enter their numbers in a hat. A drawing is done at the end of the night.

Very similar to Friday Night Magic, where the winner of that nights play gets booster packs or something. Entry to the drawing can be left up to local Venture Captains, can base it on attendance, excellent role-playing, creative character concepts and the like.

I think that is an adequate solution to the problem. 1-2 boons per season or a max 5-6 in a calendar year per area would be neat. Gets everyone in the shop to buy die, minis, modules, ap's etc.

My .02

WHY isn't ^ this a sanctioned "thing" already?

skyshark wrote:
I recommend talking to him about it first. If it happens again, then let him smite the Good NPC. At the end of the adventure, mark on his chronicle sheet that he committed an evil act and that his Paladin has now lost all class abilities.

I recommend this as well. Otherwise the whole situation is just going to keep compounding from all the "minor faults" into one "major fault". By talking to him you might avoid the situation of someone "blowing their top at him".

Besides how is the Paladin smiting evil on non-evil npcs?

Smite Evil wrote:
If the paladin targets a creature that is not evil, the smite is wasted with no effect.

Plus the paladin has that built-in feature called:

Detect Evil wrote:
At will, a paladin can use detect evil, as the spell. A paladin can, as a move action, concentrate on a single item or individual within 60 feet and determine if it is evil, learning the strength of its aura as if having studied it for 3 rounds. While focusing on one individual or object, the paladin does not detect evil in any other object or individual within range.

Which is meant to prevent wasted usage of Smite Evil.

I will admit I went through that phase as a player. I was very focused on combat but I would tweak my character in a min/max fashion but that is all I did. Once I had been talked to however, I understood that if I wanted to keep playing without an aura of dislike towards me, I would have to play casually, treat the game as a side-event while being sociable and relaxed and treat that part as the main-event.

I think such playstyles like what the OP describe are what many people who don't do much social interaction stem from. Me? I wasn't happy with people at school who teased and sometimes bullied me, so I spent most of time when away from school at home. Doing my homework, reading books, playing board games and video games, going on family outings, going to church once a week. Like most people but not as much social interaction I suppose then others.

I would also say part of this comes from the fact of how all Geeks are people who are in fact... "WEIRD". Each person has their own quirks and traits and their reasons tend to be common-ground when it comes to why they would bother to play Tabletop/LARP/Video Games in order to be part of a group so they might socialize with others and, depending on the person, not feel quite as socially isolated.

That is my two copper on this topic.

I'm looking for a feat for my Ice Witch and I cannot find it.
I cannot remember its name but I do remember to an extent what it did.

Benefit: Cold descriptor spells you cast are casted at +1 CL.
If you cast a non-cold descriptor spell its CL is reduced by 1.
3(?)/Day you can make a non-cold descriptor spell have the cold descriptor when you cast it.

At this point I'm looking forward to Swashbuckler without knowing a thing about it besides its fighter with deeds and grit without a gun.

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Its actually possible to make a balanced and more easy to follow Barbarian/Summoner than a Synthesist archetype. Yeah the Masquerade Reveler is basically a Barbarian who loses his rage powers for "magical Fae masks". It can be found in the Convergent Paths: Fey Archetypes (book).

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Soldier of Misfortune (Monk/Witch)? FLURRY-OF-HEXES

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I'm expecting playtesting to start on September 22nd, the first day of autumn.

As they are more in depth changes that might as well have been their own classes respectively. In fact the Samurai has its own archetype, Swordsaint. Ninja does not have its own archetype. Antipaladin also has its own archetype, Knight of the Sepulcher. All three are also on the same scale as they are similar to one class but being its own class in its own different way. The difference between that and an archetype, is usually a few things like 0-4 things usually get changed in an archetype, an alternate class is one that is similar but has been more heavily changed when compared to its counterpart.

Rogue+Wizard or Sorcerer
better be in there as it would be an obvious fit.

I would be surprised if there was no Monk (Drunken Master) + Barbarian (Drunken Brute) mix up for a hybrid class based around getting wasted to become a really great Bar Brawler.

My guess for Shaman (Oracle+Witch)....:

1st Level: Mystery, Revelation, Oracles's Curse*, Cantrips, Hex, Witch's Familiar*
2nd Level: Hex, Mystery Spell
3rd Level: Revelation
4th Level: Mystery Spell, Hex
5th Level:
6th Level: Mystery Spell, Hex
7th Level: Revelation
8th Level: Mystery Spell, Hex
9th Level:
10th Level: Mystery Spell, Major Hex
11th Level: Revelation
12th Level: Mystery Spell, Hex
13th Level:
14th Level: Mystery Spell, Hex
15th Level: Revelation
16th Level: Mystery Spell, Hex
17th Level:
18th Level: Mystery Spell, Hex
19th Level: Revelation
20th Level: Final Revelation, Hex

*=Replace Oracle with Shaman, also replace Witch with Shaman if this was meant to be a new class.

Spellcasting (If I had to choose I would go with Arcane so you maintain a bond to the familiar with a hybrid spell-list of both classes, and have the spell progression and spell-per-day of the oracle while using the familiar as a spellbook, so not spontaneous)

Base Saves: +0 Fort, +0 Reflex, +2 Will (Both classes have only +2 Base Will)
(Either 2 or 4) + INT Mod

Chopping Block: Orisons, Patron Spells (Surprisingly low, then again it is two casting classes)

My thoughts on this: THIS, seems more like what the Juju mystery wanted to be as it can actually curse better while still having the Juju Mystery without having to trade any levels away.

I am fully aware they are going to use new mechanics. Since I know none of them, I just simply guess at how they will attempt to construct the classes with what is already in my "plates".

I am very curious how they want to push them. As each combination needs tender care to avoid being OP. If it is going to be a "potluck" worth of class abilities and a few new mechanics, I doubt any of the new classes will be UP as each offers a little more to the other to make it better.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

My guess for Slayer (Rogue+Ranger)...:

1st Level: Sneak Attack +1d6, Favored Enemy
2nd Level: Evasion, Combat Style Feat
3rd Level: Sneak Attack +2d6
4th Level: Uncanny Dodge, Hunter's Bond (Cannot be Animal Companion)
5th Level: +3d6 Sneak Attack, Second Favored Enemy
6th Level: Combat Style Feat
7th Level: Woodland Stride, +4d6 Sneak Attack
8th Level: Improved Uncanny Dodge
9th Level: Sneak Attack +5d6
10th Level: Combat Style Feat, Third Favored Enemy
11th Level: Sneak Attack +6d6, Quarry
12th Level: -----*
13th Level: Sneak Attack +7d6
14th Level: Combat Style Feat
15th Level: 4th Favored Enemy, Sneak Attack +8d6
16th Level: Improved Evasion
17th Level: Hide in Plain Sight, Sneak Attack +9d6
18th Level: Combat Style Feat
19th Level: Improved Quarry, Sneak Attack +10d6
20th Level: Master Strike, 5th Favored Enemy

NO Spellcasting
Base Saves: +2 Fort, +2 Reflex, +0 Will (Both classes have +2 Base Reflex)
(Either 6 or 8) + INT Mod (Both classes actually have a high amount of skill points to spend)

My prediction for the chopping block: Track, Swift Tracking, Favored Terrain, Trap Sense +X, Trap Finding, Rogue Talent, Evasion (Ranger Version), Advanced Talents, Master Hunter.

Reasoning Behind My Thinking
- If I were to take the Rogue and the Ranger and put them into a boiling pot to get a new hybrid class that was called Slayer, I would cut everything that dealt with tracking, trap sense, trap finding, rogue talents, and favored terrain... BECAUSE the hybrid tag is meant to display it as something that does one job really well... being a murderous hobo that is really good at killing things, a Slayer if you will.

*= The one barren level where you don't get anything.

Swashbuckler = Human Gunslinger Archetype / Rogue Archetype / 3rd Party Class
Buccaneer = Bard Archetype
Corsair = Fighter Archetype
Sea Reaver = Barbarian Archetype
Freebooter = Ranger Archetype
Smuggler = Rogue Archetype
Pirate = Rogue Archetype

What about sharing a name? Swashbuckler is used by TWO separate archetypes from two totally different classes.

My attention.
You have it.

I cannot wait to start playtesting!

If I dip two levels into Ranger to get Improved Natural Weapon (Claws), can I at third level as a fighter dip pick up Improved Natural Weapon (Bite) or do I have to wait until sixth level as a Ranger to pick that up next?

Doing a quick faq check I found this.


Witch, Evil Eye Hex: Can I use this hex more than once on a target?

Yes. As long as you apply a different penalty with each use of the hex (AC, ability checks, attack rolls, saving throws, or skill checks), you can have multiple penalties on the same target. Applying the same hex penalty to a target just resets the duration to the most recent use of the hex.

Example: On round 1, you hex the target's AC. On round 2, you hex the target's attack rolls, so the target now has two evil eye hexes on it. On round 3, you hex the target's saving throws, so it now has three evil eye hexes on it. On round 4, you hex its AC again, resetting the duration of the AC-hex (which does not add an additional –2 penalty to its AC). The same thing would happen if two witches were using evil eye on the same target--as long as each evil eye hex applied a penalty to a different thing, they'd all apply.

This doesn't violate the general rule for stacking penalties--each evil eye effect is basically a different source, even though they stem from the evil eye hex (the evil eye hex is much like 5 separate weak hexes under a common umbrella). In the same way that multiple castings of bestow curse on the same target should stack as long as they do different things (penalize Strength, penalize Dex, penalize attack rolls, take no action, and so on), multiple uses of the evil eye hex stack as long as they're targeting different game statistics.

—Sean K Reynolds, 07/26/11

I don't see why not.
Wizards have to use a free action to free up their hand(s) to cast a spell then a free action again to keep say a quarterstaff as a weapon again.

Also yes Monks can use unarmed strike with their feet to stunning fist even though its called stunning fist as they are still using an unarmed strike. In fact any part of the body of a monk is considered an unarmed strike unless the monk has claws/bite/wings/etc as those are natural attacks.

While you hold a two-handed weapon in one hand, usually you cannot attack with it. Some exceptions exist (Quarterstaff Master feat, Bastard Sword).

Yes it is legal to do that as you now are holding your polearm with two hands again and are considered to be threatening at the end of your turn.

Sounds very reasonable, thank you.

Lets say I am a Goblin with one level of Fighter and with 12 STR, who worships Rovagug (Wrecking Wrath trait), carries around a dogslicer and has the Disposable Weapon and Weapon Focus (Dogslicer) feat. Lets say I then roll a 19 on the dogslicer and choose to use my Disposable Weapon feat to make the hit confirm but make my dogslicer now have the broken condition. Would I Still be able to use the Wrecking Wrath trait, and if so and I roll 25 or less on percentile, does my broken weapon become destroyed?

Could be worse, we could be waiting 364 moons for this. :P

Makes me wonder though if this book will be "mostly" playable out-of-the-box if I were a PFS member. After all it is one of if not the first player companion to feature a race not shown anywhere else in Paizo's products.

Also other questions like
- Is it just werewolves that they can shape into?
- Will there be a prestige class just for Skinshifters?
- Are they harmonized with nature or not?
- Is this a possibility of "testing the waters" more for Shapeshifting races?

Is there a way for a Half-Elf Alchemist (Bramble Brewer) to have a reliable means of bright light at first level?

Micheal Brock wrote:

As an FYI, in the next update to Additional Resources, the Vulture domain in Faiths & Philosophies will be changed from Agent of Rebirth to the following:

At 8th level, the druid can cast an extended air walk spell as a spell-like ability once per day.

Resolved. :)

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