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So if everything goes according to plan my champagne will finish next week. The players will have all their prophecy pieces and be able to open the secret door and retrieve the artifact where it lies in the treasure horde of a cr 17 dragon.

The original plan had been to give them 1 mythic level and give them a chance to be super heroic as they caught the dragon at lvl 13ish.

The problem is medical issues that affect concentration kicked in and 3 or so sessions went a lot slower then planned. Unfortunately because of vacations and such mean the game still needs to conclude and I would like to give them their dragon fight.

So after next session the group will be lvl 11 with treasure for about that level. I was thinking of giving them 4 mythic levels which according to the book would out them at about cr 13 ish for a all +4 fight.

The part I'm unsure of is will lvl 11 gear with the extra mythic levels be enough?

The party currently is

Thorin Dragonslayer dwarf barb 1/rogue 10
Cecil brownbottom human wiz 11
Sir Edmund houndmaster human cavalier 11 (with a dog and bird)
And finally Sir Grodon the pure half orc paladin.

I have a question related to another thread. Anyhow the person I conversed with stated profession (torture) was perfectly fine in pfs. However most everything I've seen on torture from game developers was torture is explicitly evil. I assumed this would out the profession skilll under the "evil" umbrella. However he pointed out that it wasn't banned from pfs play.

Anyhow I'm of the opinion any dm observing a torture dayjob. Could flag a pc as evil... although I have never had a dm pay attention to the nature of my dayjob roll:p but that is a seperate issue.

So these seem to come up fairly often on the boards. It creates the perception that they seem to be used a lot to bypass some limitation like reach or handedness.

No one in my group has evee uses them but I look them up whenever a thread pops up using them. There has been something that's been nagging me (well I find the image of aoos with them funny but that's a seperate issue)

So my question is. Do armor spikes threaten? Now before anyone gets on my case and says "of course they do magic rat". Here's the thing.

Pf is a permission bases game (when its not using unwritten rules I mean) for some reason the write up on them goes into great detail about what you can and cannot do with them.

So can you only do what the listing says they can do? Or is a lot of the write up unnecessary redundant info.

I want to stress this isn't intended as an anti armour spikes rant my puppy didnr die to them when the neighborhood bulldog did an aoo with his collar. (Again funny visuals I'd its not my puppy involved)

Could I have all of my subscriotions cancled please. I haven't been using the pdfs as much latelt and will grab the books from my FLGS.

Hello, after some time as a player I have agrees to dm for my group after we are done skull and shackles. I wanted ro do the darkmoon vale stuff but they expressed they wanted to do something "ap length". So I have decided to write the second half of the adventure. I have event chains figured out until around lvl 13 and a sort of "boss fight with a goal" but no over arching plot for stuff to drive the players or tie it all together.

Darkmoon vale\:
about 2 years ago I ran d0 d1 d1.5 d5 and some other stuff to flesh it all together. At the time one of the PC had the idea of taking the fist of droskar up to droskars crag to be destroyed ala the one ring. At the time I had wanted to do this story but medical issues brought that game to a close.

However recently I got the new dragon book that puts a magma dragon in the ruins of the old cspitol with an item that makes for a very good plotmaguffin.
So I plan to use d0 to d5
Realm of the fellnight quern
Pfs scenario pallid plague.
Pfs scenarios glories of the past 1 2 3
Clash of the kingslayers

And have them go in to recover the artifact from the dragon around lvl 12 or 13.
I plan to use the doomguides presented in clash of the kingslayers throught the whole story serving a bit like nazgul as the villain tries to get the artifact.

Plot changes to modules:

D0 to d1.5 will bssically be left untouched they use the crmbling monuments of dwarven power as a backdrop and set the mood. However I'd like to do something with the gem from the kobold kings eye.
D5 will have all the area under the kpboldd home chsngef to suggest it once housed the axe of the dwarvish lords. The seal will be redone to suggest the dwarves dug domewhere they shouldn't then sealef it up. Possibly something with lazarite. The bad guy will be redone to fit with the doomguided are looking for the axe theme. Possibly have a doomguide ambush them as they leave.
The seal releasing undeath or whatever I decide is in there will be used for the palllid plague. However at this point someone they have tescued invited them to their weddimg in bellis cue realm of the fellnight queen.
Then they do the pallid plague.

This is where I am stuck. The imformation on the artifact will be enoigh for them to ask questions but players need info from multiple directions to get the hint. I neeed an event that the artifact can be usef to stop and that the players will think of on their owm.

Glories of the past 1 2 3 will be refluffed to be looking for something else they will nerd to lead them to the volcanoe and the artifact. This should lead them to glitterhold and clash of the kingslayets.

I plan ro change the divine source of the priestrsses rage to draangvit, who appears since the module was written appears to have. Bern made the doomguides patron. I was thinking the kings rimg might be what. The pcs are seeking. The lamasshtu stuff will be changed to droskar to fit the whole story beyter.

Presumably at this. Point they go to the volcanoe fight the dragon get the artifact and then go stop the impending threat. I plan to have them encounter the villain behind thr doomguides around this point. The villain may want the artifact to ensure the big threat comes to pass ( sort of like ensuring prophecy happens but not be the cause). We still have 1 book left in skull and. Shackles but I'm looking for ideas to flesh out the weak points in my story.

On a final note my appologies for any spelling issues typed this on a phone.

Hello, I am inquiring about the state of this order. I was notified on the 14th of october that it would be leaving soon, but has still not shipped.

The reason, i ask is my Credit card will be expiring soon and I do not have the replacement yet.

I was looking at this admixture. I'm cuious doed it suto poison with the vipers?


So, next week most of the people that i normally play with will be unavailable. We will have two players in fact. So, I have offered to Run a two player version of this module. Mainly it gives me a chance to test the Mythic rules since running something with Less players was one of the selling points.

So my thoughts were two make the players lvl 4 with 2 MT. (which i believe will let them spend MP to get extra standard actions)

Anyhow for those who have used mythic to run with two players will this be sufficient? At this point i do not even know if they are interested, just emailed them. However, i thought i would but some thought into this if they say yes.

Also, Two questions about stuff I had thoughts on. Though I have to re-read the mythic stuff over.


Theres a redcap in the module who seems like hes supposed to be scary. I was thinking of giving him a teensy mythic upgrade to avoid his being cake walked.
Not sure if it is needed though.


For the cleric at the end, should i either a) make her mythic or b)the skeletons. Also if i dont make her mythic would it be reasonable to just say she is treated as mythic for spells and effects. This would give her a bit of a defense but otherwise leave the fight at the original cr.

Anyhow I have only read the module over but not run it, and anything mythic related is currently all theory to me. So Opinions welcome.

Hello, I am currently playing a mysterious stranger gunslinger in skull & shackles we are currently level 11 and I wanted to make sure I was applying Dead Shot correctly. With lvl 11 and signature deed + lightning reload I can actually do a full attack every round and wanted to make sure I was doing it correctly.

Anyhow the character is 14 dex, +11 bab, 20 cha, +1 human bane musket and has point blank shot, precise shot, deadly aim, rapid reload musket, signature deed dead shot.

The first question is does Dead Shot work with rapid shot and haste? My origonal thought had been no. But the recent cafuffle around haste and spell combat would imply if something simulates a full attack it is a full attack.

That said without haste or rapid shot and using deadly aim against a non human target and applying focused aim.

+14/+9/+4 single bullet hit is 1d12+12. What I can't figure out is does deadly aim apply to all the hits? I know focused aim does. Simply put.

Is 3 hits 3d12+36? Or 3d12 +21?

The answer to this tells me how to add other stuff like the static damage bonuses from bane. I know the 2d6 damage from bane is only added once.

Hello a few days a go I posted a really. Vague plan for this ap. I came up with a character and we have done the first session but I want to avoid problems when we get to high levels.

Anyhow I came up with Agatha, changling rogue who will be on the trickster path. The plan currently is 5 lvls of rogue then 10 lvls of low templar.

Thematically thiz works out well because I have 3 built in moral choices and can reflect that in both the darkness light decisions and the confrontation with her mother.

Anyhow I have 10 str 14 dex 12 con 10 wis 17 cha.

And plan for the trickster path.

The problem I'm running into is I don't have a lot of experience after lvl 10. The character as I have it planned now works fine to that point. I could pump her charisma up and use itemz for her dex.

Trickster in combat trickery and some other abilities seems to support this.

So would just pumping charisma be fine as far as the mythic stuff goes? Or leave her too far behind the other characters in terms of combat?

I was also thinking of grabbing eldritch heritage and the accursed bloodline then mythic eldritch heritage.

The other option is to bump cha to 18 at 4 then everything dex after that.

Hello, one of the people I play with has indicated she wants to Dm wrath of the righteous. This provides me two opportunities, one to theoretically actually play a character to lvl 20, and two, I've always wanted to play a low templar.

However, ive run into some conundrums when figuring out the character.

The first is this, the groups I play with are filled with people that players that don't always make the best feat or other choices. If i made a character, who was aiming to be super say melee damage in the past it might have been too far above the other Pc's. Which ultimately affects their fun. What I have found worked best is making characters that are middle of the pack power level, but can often do more than one thing okay. I end up with a multi dimensional character and it mostly fits within the power paradigm of the group im playing with.

The problem though is between, mythic shifting the power bar and potentially playing at levels that I have no experience with. If i try to set the power bar for middle of the back' and miss it doesnt work.

Second, other than 10 levels of Low Templar and geting a lvl 14 planar cohort at lvl 15 im not sure how to progress the character. There are some things I noticed tho

I thought, between some of the Trickster powers letting the character move to a target as a swift action and the low templar's ability to retreat as a move action Mythic Vital strike might be good.

However, it occured to me doing some sort of trickster character like this might be kind of 'mad' So I should do a dex build using mythic weapon finess.

I was thinking, str 10 dex 16 con 14 int 14 wis 10 cha 14, human or half elf.

Ranger 5/Low Templar 10/5 something else with the two handed weapon combat tree would get power attack with a 10 str. If i went with the mythic vital strike bit i mentioned above it would be

1d6++36 normal hit with a +5 rapier and 4d6+144.

Rogue5/low templar 10 would be lower damage, but have 5d6 sneak attack and probably be in a better position to use some of the trickster trees skill options.

Anyhow Opinions are welcome

Hello I was wondering if my order was likely to ship out soon? I Mosly have. Been agonizing while others talked about the new mythic book and had it would be out this week as I wanted the extra reading material of the pdf while on vacation.

Anyhow would seperating the mythic order from the two companions lead to it being shipped out tomorrow?

If this is the case please split the orders. If it wouldn't result in the mythic book being shipped out right away though then don't worry about it.
Really its a bit of my own fault as I did not think about the reason for the delay til tonight.

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So I just had my character die in our game and my new druid will be able to scry on her snake familiar 12 minutes a day.

I realize though I am not clear on how to try targetting enemies through the scrying. This is only my second higher level spellcaster. (The other a magus being a magus didn't do anything complicated)

Anyhow I know spells need line of sight and line of effect. How do I tell when I only need line of sight?

For example geyser is 800 range at lvl 10. Can I have my familiarsneak up on the enemy while I sit in a cave. Then scry through the snakes eyes and drop a geyser on them? I'm pretty sure this woukd work. I'm also sure fireball wouldn't.

Anyhow is it a case of parsing each spell individually? Or do all spells need line of sight and effect unless explicitly stated they don't.

Just want to make sure I have this right before the nect game to avoid bogging things down with the new character.

So have two questions. The first is that i am unsure what necromancy spell to pick from my choices at lvl 2. the spells i might normally look at such as ray of exaustion or sickening will not be terribly useful in the short term. So I was wondering if there was a better suggestion? my Gnome is a 'dread gnome' and already has chill touch as sla.

Secondly when the dirge bard hits second level mind effecting spells can affect undead. I assume the actual wording of the spells still takes precidence? Ie since skeletons do not have a sense of humor its likely hideous laughter wont do alot? Or a spell like blistering invective still requires the victim to be able to be intimidated?

Out of curiosity does anyone know what walkenas alinment is? I had always assumed Let because he's a mummy and the very small amount of info I've read from heart of the jungle seemed to imply a form of mwangi first national facsism as one of his selling points.

But saw in the npc guide the sample characters for him were both neutral. So is he NE?

Would be nice to see more written up on him.

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Ive decided that I am going to run a game starting at low levels that takes place in Sarkoris Either operating out of Gundrun or the capitol of Mendev. The main focus will be the area in and around gundrun and Storasta.

The plan is to use the adventure hook presented in Lost cities where the Green hag agent of the corrupted ent Carrok. The Initial bit is going to be fairly strait forward, Sending the players to look at druitic sites or for druidic artifacts.

I found three PFS modules so far that are useful for my over all plan.

Tide of Twilight, and for Pallid Plague i'll have Gundrun stand in for Falcons hollow. Finally The sarkorian prophecy when they are older.

So anyhow does anyone have any other suggestions for modules or such that fit this plant/fey theme?

Anyhow the final bit i need to figure out is this. Id like them to either figure out about the green hag and Side with or against her by lvl 8 or so and i came up with an idea. They are going to be wadiing hip deep in the effects of Carrocks how for about 8 lvls and collecting all these druidic artifacts. (one of the ones in the modules turns you into beasts)

any i wanted the idea that they might get turned to chaos from the effects of spending too much time around this stuff. But im not sure how to present it. I know i could intoduce magic items as part of the collection process but that seems a little too obvious to the players.

Anyhow thoughts?

So I was bored today and reading up on animal companions. This one if you can figure out how to make it walk or fly would be pretty awesome.

So wanted to be sure with the gnaw ability if I understood it.

Basically round 1 your eel charges the enemy bites it, does bike damage and checks for grab. On grab it gets a second bite from the inside jaws.
So probly around 8d8+30 or so round 1.

Round 2 it automatically does damage, then maintains for more damage. Does it also get the second bite this round?

It also seems to me with haste and gnaw it can basically bite 4x at lvl 7 or so.

Anyhow do I have this right? Just need to figure out how to get around the whole fish thing...

So my Magus just got lvl 7 and my group briefly tangled with some under water hag the group is re grouping and I had picked beast shape 1 as one of my 3rd level spells.

So I know that beast shape etc gives you exactly what it says it does and so wanted to clarify something.

First, the first two rules I don't think will actually be an issue witon my DM but I figured I would get the technical details clear.

Anyhow I understand the aquatic subtype is what actually let's creatures breath under water so it looks like if I turn into a shark I technically cannot breath under water.

As well, I noticed There are no actual medium sized sharks in the book. I'm guessing This technically means I cannot turn into one.

Anyhow, I don't think my dm will object to a medium sized shark breathing water. But I wanted to know what the rules were.

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I was looking at the wave warden and notice either the archetype or race as is in the ARG get proficiency with nets. Does anyone think this is deliberate or an over site?

When I was figuring out feats having to spend your lvl 1 feat on exotic weapon net makes the at rather feat starved unless you don't use the net stuff.

I wanted to try a new exercise when we started this and decided to have my character write about her adventures. If anyone is interested it can be found here.

https://docs.google.com/document/d/1CwsqK5uulUu0DXHo5RHI5ztIKznsMyw3R_KCx9L Jo_g/edit

Please be kind, I realized when I started this since I haven't been in school since the early 90's just how much my writing skills and connection to things like grammar had atrophied. I got a friend to help me Edit it but there are probably still some weak points in the writing. Especially chapter 4.

Im taking an English upgrade course in September but I hope people enjoy this and that it is not too hard to read.

It only covers the frst book of the AP so far.

How is suishen affected by caryatid collums ? Since its an artifact were not sure how it fits into this.

I thought of this near the end of my group finishing rise of the runelords with my rogue but at a point where going back to get the ring didn't make sense time wise.

Anyhow if you have a ring of telekinesis and a situation where the rogue would get sneak attack whether invisible or hidden or whatever) and say lob 8 sharp objects at a bad guy with telekinesis do you get sneak attack?

The problem I think is that the objects being thrown in many cases might not even be on the rogue . I think for many gms this might be an issue but not sure from a strict reading of raw if it matters. Though you could solve that by just carrying enough daggers to make merisiel jealous.

I have a question, I am playing a Magus currently and we got one of these as a reward. I was wondering if my char can draw a weapon Get the Enhancement bonus for the limited Turns then use the Magus ability to boost the weapon.

In todays game, I Moved, Drew the sword Adding +4, swift action at lvl 5 added +1 keen to the weapon then cast blade dash Critted and insta anihilated a pretty geared bad guy. There was no complaint from the DM but. I figured i would double check.

Basically does the magus ability to increase the power of a weapon that is already enchanted work if Its a temporary enchantment (such as greater magic weapon or, in this case the scabbard of Vigor)

So I was working out a char idea for a possible game Id like to do a Synthesis on a Vampire theme, the goal would be to simulate the abilities as best possible, while produsing a social character that is reasonably competitive at combat.

So the Stats i went with to start were str 10 dex 13 con 12 int 14 wis 10 cha 18.

Bipedal Eidolong base, str 16 dex 12 con 13.

Slam, Undead appearance.

Would end up with HP 9 (7 temp) slam for +4 1d8 +4 to start.

I was looking at Imp Unarmed Strike and then Imp grapple as starting feats. (though as i wrote this up i noticed the char would initially be unable to use imp grapple until the eidolon got its first boost to str/dex)

The game is likely to be half brand new players and the goal is for a fun theme but to be able to let the new players shine while sticking to my theme and using the summoner spells to buff myself and others.

the problem i noticed with my initial Design though is that the Damage output sticking with just the Slam as my only damaging attack looks to be Sub-par.

One thing i am un-sure of is taking the Bite evolution for the vamp bite, Vampires tend to not bite mid fight unless they grapple somone and its easy enough to simulate that with the grapple and slam damage.

One thing i noticed when looking at GRAB also is that, it doesnt seem to follow the same rules as the Beastiary 2. I assume the Eidolon grab description takes precedence.

I tried downloading the lite pdf. then once it looks like its going to start the page shifts and tells me the link is wrong. this is on tablet on a bus though my earlier pdf download

I was curious how many groups fell for the skeleton in the robes with all the runes on it. Our group fell for it we never got to hear its speach though as we had silence up to prevent the...completely normal skeleton from casting.

I noticed if I have hold for my monthly shipments tabbed, goblins of golarion and ultimate combat are listed as shipping mid September. if I un tab it both items are listed as late July. but they are the only two products I'n the potential shipment.

I un tabbed it so they get shipped this month but was curious the reason for this.

could I have my pathfinder campaign setting subscription canceled for the moment and the items removed from my pending order. it seems I unfortunately have to prioritize at the moment.

Do the hampered vision and blindness states attack?

example does a 30 move char that gets blinded treat every square as rough terrain regardless of the acrobatics roll?

basically it means a char. who cannot make the dc 10 check is reduced to 7.5 move.

it also means if they do not stack hamperd vision can be ignored for full move by closing their eyes.

secondly where is hampered vision defined? I know the table that says it's x2 movement but not what qualifies as hampered vision.

silky question here but where is the backpack ( and amount it carries) explained In the rules.

for a while our game has had a rule that it's a full round action to get an item from a backpack. one of the players I'n a side game pointed out he cannot find the rule anywhere.

so I looked it up found the reference to retrieving a stowed item being a move action.

the adventuring gear section lists backpack but when you go to the description of items all the descriptions start with the c items.

at this point it's just a curiosity since I figured this item would be defined more somewhere and one person I'n my main group insists he read it somewhere.

a little bit ago I played a summoner who's main focus was party buffing and some control stuff the eidolon didn't play a big role and often did not bother with it while I just used spells and summons.

I wanted to look at ideas for another spell casting focused summoner and looking at the synthesist I came up with the idea of doing a Naga theme for this.

all I could think of mostly was high Cha 18 or 20 to start and serpent form eidolon. one thing I did notice though is the char had ALOT better defenses. the other char at lvl 9 with magic items was 26-28 or xo the brief glance I did seems to put the naga synthesist at around 25 ac before buffs or gear and 30ish by lvl 10.

anyhow was curious if anyone had any ideas or had tried this style of play with a summoner. ( control and party buffing etc)

could you remove the non subscription items from this order? after some review I would like to cancel them ( the non subscription items that is) and purchase them later when it's more feasible.

My group is just part way through hungry are the the dead. I was curious if any more has been written about the other seals or the dungeon of ten thousand tears. ( assuming I have the name right I don't have the module handy)

So i was thinking about Making a Dragon shaman with a Monitor Lizard Companion, it looks like the Monitor Lizard is the Komodo (given the Dragon reference in the lizards description)

But it occured to me that the Lizards Poison if this Is the case seems a Tad Weak.

Though not sure if its relevant they were saying recently they think Komodo's are actually poisonous and that its not just the massive Bactiral infestation in the Saliva that kills people.

our dm was wondering if the bad guys are tossed off a cliff do they get any save to not die?

Something came up with this One shot game i will be doing. The group is going to all be playing Orcs and the player playing the Warchief made a Barbarian 2/Bard 1/Cavalier 2/ Battle Herald 2.

He is Taking Amplified Rage as his Tactics Teamwork feat for Cavalier so he can gtive it to all the other Orcs.

What i am not sure of is if a Orc Fighter Recieves the Teamwork Feat does he qualify to use it if under the Effectsof Either Rage Spell or Sympathetic Rage.

I am pretty sure a Barbarian under the effects of the Rage spell would benefit from Amplified rage but i am not sure about other classes.

He took the Warchiefs Rage Feat (might have the name wrong) and it looks like he'll be extending Rage buffs to everyone who qualifies with the whole setup. Its thematically solid for the theme of the game for the one shot but a little iffy on Wether the Tactics would work for anyone but barbarians.

next week because one player will be missing we are doing a one shot Orc session. where well they all play orcs I'n a war band lead by one of the pcs as war chief.

anyhow I mostly have my ideas laid out but I am stuck on something. they ate going to be apl 6 and one of the little quests I have figured out is to ally with a wart pack. they'll need to kill some big monster to prove they are strong.

but I'm not sure what to use. the war chief will be lvl 7 and the witch will be lvl 8 with every one else lvl 6.

I'm not sure they are strong enough for a large sized dragon though and while I don't know what most of them will be playing Iim expecting alot of barbarian or fighter themes and I don't know if a flying monster would work.

I hope this doesn't come off as strange but... I never noticed it was a martial weapon. I thought it was a monk weapon fir some reason and only noticed tonight when hero labs red flagged it for non proficiency. which is when I looked it up.

last night my group got into a fight with 3 bloody bones which have 4 tentacle attacks and 30 foot range. the tentacles can be sundered.

anyhow one problem arose.

one tentacle hit him at range and pulled him closer then next round he reversed the grapple cutting at the tendril with a dagger. but at that point I was not sure if the bloody bones still 10 feet away was grappled (with penalties) and when other tentacles hit do they test fir grab as normal? or just aid other the first tentacle.

it created a weird situation where the tentacles were seperatevdiacuszion creatures and I think I did it wrong. it confused more when he got next to the monster and wanted to stop grappling the tentacle. I let him since that made it less confusing but I think I did some of this wrong.

Not sure if this is the right spot for this but ..

I mostly just wanted to say that i think this is how the Monk should be Done all along. Although I did notice that Some levels of Powers seem to get Missed. the level 8 ones specifically. As there is a lvl 7 swap then a lvl 11 swap.

Anyhow since its new and i find i miss stuff sometimes in PDFS i could have well missed it but is there a way to grab more of the powers? Allowing you to get the lvl 8 ones without swapping out a higher level ability.

if a lvl 7 Oracle with the Command Undead Revelation Multiclasses to level 1 Cleric how do the Two channel abilities interact?

Does the character end up with
a) Channel to harm of a lvl 1 cleric and channel to control of a lvl 8 cleric?

b)the Two just combine for a full working lvl 8 channeling?

or c) Do they not interact at all since cleric and oracle Channeling uses different stats.

finally apologies for Posting this again, I make a lot of typos on my iPad so decided to re-word on a proper Keboard.

oracle of bones just hit lvl 5 and I was looking as to wether I should take her I'n any specific direction.

I currently have death touch, armor of boned and the bleed revelations.

I thought of two things to do with my character though I'n one. case I'm not sure if it even works mechanically.

the first is taking a little bit if shadow dancer, I've tried to focus some of my theme as dealing with spirits and HIPs would suit this along with helping me get close fir negative energy effects. the problem is I did not think of this til after char creation and currently only have dodge as a prereq. so couldn't do this til lvl 8 ( and probably would wait til lvl 9 after I got fear) and as always lost cl is an issue.

the second idea I don't know if it works mechanically. it would be getting 1 lvl of cleric to be able to channel neg energy . which would work with the bleed revelation but I cannot tell how it would interact with the command undead revelation ( or if it would even I interact at all)

if I take the oracle of bones ability ot command undead then take 1 lvl of cleric would the to abilities stack? or would I end up with 1 lvl for trying to wound things sith channel and onkt stack fir commanding undead?

I was thinking lvl 1 cleric might be good for dumping out channels for bleed but not so useful if it stays 1d6 channel damage.

Question is it reasonable to assume Two orders mailed at the same time will arrive at the same time? Or are the postal systems wonky enough that this is not actually likely to be the case?

One of my orders was Split in Two and the Larger half arrived last Thursday (the day before good Friday)

The other smaller half hasn't Arrived. Though im thinking the long holiday screwed things up/

do oracles need to set a time of day to pray for their spells like clerics? we got a ring of sustenance and trying to figure outbid it's any use to my oracle.

I had a thought today, though I am pretty sure you cannot do this by raw. if you have someone grappled when you succeed on your maintain can you substitute a combat maneuver that would normally be I'n place of an attack?

eg mo k maintains instead of crushing his opponent he footsweeps him. it's thematically propriate but may be why one would need greater grapple.

So my oracle of bones with the haunted curse hit lvl 4 and I was looking at spells to take. I thought about the spell to give others my curse.

the problem is I cannot figure out what it would actually dp. I had initially thought it would hamper enemy spell casters but someone pointed the FAQ to me that said it didn't affect spell component pouches.

I like the curse having ALOT of fun with it but the mechanical bits for it are a little fuzzy.

so as I mentioned I'n another thread I was trying to come up with a few side plots for my Players between modules. I came up with something I think will be fun for my players. they should be lvl 4 or 5 when this happens though I can adjust based on that when it happens..

so part of the. idea was weregolems! I was going to have my villain doing un natural stuff with nature and golems. using both the carrion golem and the flesh golem. with werewolf parts and a magic altar I'n the forest

so the first question is, if I give the carrion golems a bite and have their disease be lycanthropy is that enough to add +1 cr. the bite as a secondary attack and will be at +2 and have trip ( as per the werewolf theme) but it likely will not hit ALOT at +2. the disease is already factored in but is worse than what the golem normally does.

secondly, my original idea involved my villain being a Druid doing a ritual, there are 2 of the weregolems there to slow the Pc down. the idea is the the Druid finishes the ritual gets hit with the transformation and goes all wolfy. I was going to then strip him of his magic and have him be under an effect like transformation so no magic.

the idea being the players defeat him before the effect wears off. the problem is I can't expect they won't disrupt the ritual.

so would making him a lv 8 adept be better? ( will Also keep the cr of the encounter I'n balance) in case they disrupt it and have to fight a full caster. ( there will be a werewolf Ed flesh golem I'n another area so needs to be lvl 8. I could fudge this for story but best to stick within the rules)

this is my first attempt at making my own encounters. so struggling between theme and balance. though everything but the villain is In their range to fight.

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we ran I to a curious issue last night. what are the penalties for being grappled if someone outside the grapple attacking.

the description of grapple says -4 dex I think. but the quick chart says someone atacking from outside the grapple the person I'n the grapple looses all dex bonuses to ac.

which is it? or is it both?

Hello. I am looking for some suggestions on a plot idea I have.

My group is currently Doing D1 Crown of the Kobold King and last session ended with Two rooms Left. Currently they are level 3 (6 people) and likely will be level 4 when it finishes.

Following some of the 'what to do from here' suggestions at the end of d1 I wanted to give the players a chance to be involved in Local politics either Locally Or some sort of regional thing vs the Lumber Consortium.

I figure they are in a good level range for this, I had planned to do i think its d3? after which is APL 6 and i figure when that is finished they will be too Strong for Falcons Hollow (Ie higher level than everyone in the town)

So this gives me a little bit of l a level range of 4 to part way through 6 to let them be involved in the Area.

Secondly last year on black friday i baught a bunch of the little 3.5 mini encounters for $2 each and i thought i could maybe Use some of these.

So first a Spoiler thingie involving post d1 stuff.

Falcons Hollow:

Basically the Two bits for Falcons hollow that i think have room to develop for stuff Is the Mother of one of the Children, and the Sister of one of the children.

The mother is Married to a Elf Ranger who goes away for periods. I was thinking of casting him as a Cross between Davey Croclet and Legolass, but that might be too Much badass in one NPC. This tangent really jus thas Short period Interpersonal stuff and i have no idea if any of my players will Take a liking to her. Ive never tried having an NPc seduce somone before.

The Sister of one of the Other Children i think is the Angle To have the players Involved in Local politics. She is Nice Friendly and Will be Deliberately Trying to Not have the players notice she works as a Prostitute. (It doesnt really say But im going with Financial debt reasons perpetuated by Poverty and Taking care of a younger brother)

Im guessing the Players will take interest In the Sister and This will likely to Lead to investigating Conditions Etc which will lead to Thuldrin Kreed or his Chief Thug ( cannot remember his name off the top of my head, the half-Orc whos nose was smashed in by the sherif)

Two of the Children have the potential to become bad guys. Kimi and Hollin I think depending on the Mother here Kimi can become good or bad But the Hollin Tangent wont play out for several years when he is older.

Anyhow I have Two of these Encounter things i Think i can use in the Area, one of them The Grove of the Mad Druid (where the recently refurbished Corpse golem) was first introduced. This i think i can just use as a 1 off.

The Second is the Ninja Death Cult

Ninja Death Cult:

Im really just Mining this for Ideas, But Theres Three NPC involved in this.

Feldren Thull The leader, per this Cleric 3/Rogue 2

Kelzern Thought Stealer Dopilganger Monk 2

Eselda Nightstar Rogue 5/assasin 3

Feldren is the Cult Leader and Eseldra is a complete and utter Innocent who is under a Curse with demonic influences.

Anyhow I Dont know wether to Rebrand the Death cult as a Urgathoa Cult being used by the Overboss to do his dirty Work. (when the players start medling in local politics) Do i Remake them as Actual Ninja?

Im also not sure How to Drop hints one of them is Redeamable.

Lastly for the whole Start of this All i have For ideas is a posible Expected initial Conflict at the Brothel. I was thinking of Casting it as something like a fight yod see in a western. This shoul dbe alot of fun thematically.

Final Bit


When the Party was in the Forest The little werewolf girl Got away after killing one of the Players. However One of the players Has her Doll. This Could just be its own side tangent or maybe a Re-werewolfing of the Grove of the mad Druid. But i was thinking she wants her doll back.

But Looking for ideas how to Tie it all together. One of the people id normally Bounce these ideas off of Just left the country and the other is a player.

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