Damaging suishen

Jade Regent

How is suishen affected by caryatid collums ? Since its an artifact were not sure how it fits into this.

The Exchange

An artifact can only be destroyed in one specific way, listed in the description. Nothing else damages them. So, Suishen isn't affected by caryatid columns at all.

We weren't sure, being unable to destroy it and damage it are not the same thing. But given repairing it would otherwise be impossible that makes sense.

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It isn't. Artifacts can only be destroyed ( or damaged ) by very specific circumstances. Suishens weakness is not "CR 3 monster".

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And actually, in the case of artifacts, destruction and damaging should be in the same category. Think the Ring of Power in LotR, that scene at Elronds council.

Oh I understand the concept. In a game I dmed the PC's created such a story from a cursed item from a lvl 2 module. But I havens had do deal with an artifact in a game in ages as a player and really didn't want to hit one of my least liked monsters with it. In this case I only got a high enough knowledge check for the name so had no reason to not attack. then missed the statues 4 times before one crit and nearly killed me.

Just wanted to make sure the rules were clear in general. But looks like it just can't be hurt til whatever special conditions are met and as someone said those conditions are not like
Y cr 3 monster.

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