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Could I have all of my subscriotions cancled please. I haven't been using the pdfs as much latelt and will grab the books from my FLGS.

Hello, I am inquiring about the state of this order. I was notified on the 14th of october that it would be leaving soon, but has still not shipped.

The reason, i ask is my Credit card will be expiring soon and I do not have the replacement yet.

Ahh. Never mind then ill just have to hope it gets sorted then. Really I should have thought of splitting it earlier.

Anyhow thank you for your replt.

Hello I was wondering if my order was likely to ship out soon? I Mosly have. Been agonizing while others talked about the new mythic book and had it would be out this week as I wanted the extra reading material of the pdf while on vacation.

Anyhow would seperating the mythic order from the two companions lead to it being shipped out tomorrow?

If this is the case please split the orders. If it wouldn't result in the mythic book being shipped out right away though then don't worry about it.
Really its a bit of my own fault as I did not think about the reason for the delay til tonight.

it worked at home. if it helps i had the origonal page open. here is the message.

Object not found!

The requested URL was not found on this server. The link on the referring page seems to be wrong or outdated. Please inform the author of that page about the error.

If you think this is a server error, please contact the webmaster.

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Fri May 11 17:40:18 2012
Apache/2.2.21 (Unix) mod_ssl/2.2.21 OpenSSL/0.9.8r

hope this helps.

first the inner sea workd guide as my test. theultimate combat. i am home now i will try on tablet again. then home pc to see if its a tablet

I tried downloading the lite pdf. then once it looks like its going to start the page shifts and tells me the link is wrong. this is on tablet on a bus though my earlier pdf download

I noticed if I have hold for my monthly shipments tabbed, goblins of golarion and ultimate combat are listed as shipping mid September. if I un tab it both items are listed as late July. but they are the only two products I'n the potential shipment.

I un tabbed it so they get shipped this month but was curious the reason for this.

could I have my pathfinder campaign setting subscription canceled for the moment and the items removed from my pending order. it seems I unfortunately have to prioritize at the moment.

could you remove the non subscription items from this order? after some review I would like to cancel them ( the non subscription items that is) and purchase them later when it's more feasible.

it's Friday now and has not arrived. though the mail has not come yet today. ill wait til next week to assume something is wrong though. and post the order numbers then.

Question is it reasonable to assume Two orders mailed at the same time will arrive at the same time? Or are the postal systems wonky enough that this is not actually likely to be the case?

One of my orders was Split in Two and the Larger half arrived last Thursday (the day before good Friday)

The other smaller half hasn't Arrived. Though im thinking the long holiday screwed things up/

No problem at all Actually. and thank you for your Quick Reply. Though It does suggest to me things will be less confusing next year If i use the discount on stuff thats actually in stock :)

But Thanks!

I have a question that I could not tell from the order issue. one of the items I'n this shipment has been delayed just about two months now. when I put the order inI used my jan11 discount just at the tail end of january.

anyhow I cannot tell if the discount was applied to it. there does seem to be a mention of some savings but I think that's the shipment size discount and the other two items being subscription items.

it's not a big deal just the only special offer I've had a chance to use. it may be if I get another such I'n the future to not purchase something that might be delayed o long. I suspect having the original order carved up didn't help.

seems I had good timing to do the switch then thank you.

k it's up. it says it's pending.

could you cancel my inner sea world guide hardcover. then stick me on the appropriate subscription fir it. then attach it to this order.

if needed I can just re di the whole thing though. I've noticed I've done thus several times with a spurr ofbthe moment order.

Hello seems i did not pre-think my ordering well here. Could you Combine these two Orders together? then Send Halflings of golarion as part of my subscription.

I will then pre-order the faiths one later.

concerning orders #1602414 and #1588608

Sort of On Topic but a few years ago our DM had us come up with our char ideas in secret.. and apparently all 5 of us picked barbarian.

Needless to say that was an experiment that was short angry and didnt work :P

usualy if people have made chars ahead of tiem i like to get an idea of what they have made so as to not duplicate anthing but the only time i ever co-ordinate is if say My char and another players char die in a game at the same time its easier to brin new charactrs into a game if they co-ordinae a backstory togethr and such.

But never sat down at a table and worke dit out with the whole group

This probly isnt a RAW thing but i always got the impressiont hat Rounds really had no start and end. theres a start of the fight but after that stuff just cycles through in turn order.

Everything with 1 round duration starts and ends on the turn of the person who did the action.

Otherwise the guy who rolled last in turn order would never affect the guy who went irst because it would just end when the 'round' started.

In our 7th level game the stink bomb is /awesome/ it has to do with how Stinking cloud and Nausia work. They dont just stop being nausiated when the cloud appears but 1d4+1 rounds after they leave the cloud.

You throw the bomb in to soften stuff up and let your party use the cover to approach bad guys. its worked wonders.

All the creatures mentioned appear to be in the Pathfinder SRD. If you do a search for Summon monster there is a List some of the creatures already have a seperate summon monster link with the stats for celestial or fiendish. Mite Goblin dog and the others mentioned are all int he SRd fromw hat i saw.

Historically in D&d the real advantage of playing humans was that they are everwhere. But as the games evolve this benefit of 'almost everone is like me' has mosy disappeared unless Dms go out of their way to show off stuff like speciesism and whatnot.

humans are easy to identify with and they good race benefits. there is no reason not to play them.

Really you can't have your cake and eat it too. The answer ton your question really is in your original post. You either wield a double weapon as a double weapon with all the benefits and penalties. Or you wield it as a one handedvwiepon.

I think the mistake you are making is the assumption that a double weapon is a two handed weapon. It isn't it is a double weapon. The fact that you need two hands to you a double weapon is irrelevant. If you want to get a two handed weapon bonus you treat it as a one handed weapon wielded two hands.

Really the benefit of these is they reduce some of the feats you need by needing only one weapon focus etc for the weapon. The fact that many of them are impractical is unfortunate

Pretty sure golems cannot have their immunity to magic lowered. As it is an immunity not spell resistance. Though I would think in the case of the over all topic it's a matter of building the golem with the extra stuff in it. If you want your golem to have a sword hand you build him with a sword etc.

Well theres a few other items that seem to 'break the rules i saw horse shoes of the zephyr are a level 3? item but need haste. so shouldnt they be Cl 5?

Anyhow thing is for alot of the stuff the cost would prevent abuse.
in your 5th level wizard example the 5th level wizard would still need 8000 gp which would probly involve him selling everything he has to maybe pay for it?

i am glad somone else noticed this though i wanted a clearer undrstanding before i braught it up with my dm.

Hopefully this is not a stupid question, but looking over the item creation rules i stumbled on something a bit confusing.

All it says abou CL is its used to determine the Dc for making the item thats strait forward. But Cl is not actually listed as a caster requirement for any of the items and this is where the confusion starts.

like necklace of fireballs do i need to be level 10 to make one?

The reason i ask is there is a few items which have a +1 +2 +3 +4 etc version of the item which have special instructions. so to make bracers of armor +4 you need to be level 8. Brace4rs mof armor are listed as aura Cl 8 so do you need to be level 8 to make bracers of armor +1?

So far at this point i was thinking yes.

However i think the pearl of power is listed as Cl 17 and has a note that you have to be at least of a level to cast spells for an appropriate pearl of power to make it. but given CL 17 can cast level 9 spells in most cases this would be a pointless stipulation.

It also struck me as odd that pearl of power level 1s have an aura of CL 17.

Anyhow i was bored at work looking through the SRD and mau have missed something.

really it i likely that any variation of mister hyde or some sort of monsterous hag are the best models for alchemists under the influence for strength.

However i thought of the same idea you seem to hae as far as characters go. The problem is by going for the barbarian you deny yourself the capstone for that style of play of alchemists.

Admitedly not everone's game goes to 20 but its always good to keep this stuff in mind when figuring out concepts.

but you can probly do a single class alchemist with 16 str 16 int. so you would be 20 str 14 int will juiced up but still be able to think clearly.

You Might want to have the players who have played a long time sit down and read the PF book. I actually understand why this situation has arisen from personal experience in that when youve played several versions of a game and go by memory the lines between edtions blurr a bit.

though in the case of my group when an issue arose we jsut looked it up everone agreed with the book and moved on.

But as several people have said PF and 3.5 did away with facing in a highened combat situation it is assumed every one is looking every direction.

There seems to be some confusion. Chill touch is not a level 1 spell that on casting gives you a bunch of attacks for 1d6 damage per level.

Ie a level 12 wizard coesnt cast chill touch and suddely hit all the peasants surroundinghim

It lets you make a number of touch attacks but doesnt change any of the attack rules ex

round 1, cast chill touch get the swift attack from casting the spell
round 2 make one touch attack at +6 and another at +1

repeat until all charges are used.

having a level 1 spell do so many extra attacks in one round would be broken over powered. Even worse combined with spectral hand.

But anyhow it works as i dtaile din my round 1-2 but.

Hmm seems they are stronger than they realized. Although im not sure how Much its an issue in either case.

For my witch lots of stuff has made the Dc 16 save for 5th level. And in the case of the Fey ability i dont know how over powered making somone laugh for one round is.

Im not sure people really understand how this works, or even how the Witch sleep works since it was brought up.

first In the case of laughing touch its a Su ability not a spell. I am pretty sure you /cant/ charge it.

It provokes attacks of oportunity.

I had had a Cleric with the charm sphere i had planned to use their variant of this to touch people so i could run away from them. But the OOO's really remove its usefullness.

In the case of the witch Ability its limited by the targets Hd. The Witch cant sleep something with more hps than It and anything immune ti sleep effects ignores it.