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The party heads out into Copperman's Way and off to the Great bazaar. The giant souk has a little bit of everything, and the party spends a few hours picking up any basics that they need before heading out for more specific items

Any normal items you can find here at regular price, and by normal I mean non-magical

They head out into the rainy streets to try and find Blayze's Pistol first.

They head back to Copperman's Way, as traveling through the Clerks Ward would mean they'd have to go through the Hive, and that's an easy way to bollix up a perfectly good shopping expedition. They travel quickly through the Lady's Ward, passing the Noble's District and the Court District without incident.

The Temple District is jammed with priests and parishoners, mendicants and monks. They sidestep a raucous festival that seems to involve frogs and juggling swords.

Entering the Lower Ward, they travel along the long sodden sybaritic boulevard known as alehouse Row. Even in mid Peak the jam-packed taverns cater to a druken horde.

Gear Run angles off by the Great Foundry, the specialized shops proclaiming wares of a clockwork variety. Memnon zips down a side street and calls out

"We're here!"

Various shops with names like Flasbang Forge and Thy father's Gun line the quiet street. A few rugged looking cutters with holsters like Blayze's peer in the shop windows.

Give me a Perception check

Memnon bobs in his approximation of a nod

“In the Gear Run district there’s a neighborhood of gunsmithies. I can show you where”

Memnon whispers back

“Considering that this bar is the kip of a semi-deity on a power level that probably pushes the boundaries of what the Lady allows near her city. Most folks think that’s probably why the Grey Angel prefers to stay up in their rooms on the demiplane. Less friction than if they were walking about the Great Bazaar”

Memnon chuckles

“A place like this is accorded neutral territory, boss. It’s not even technically in Sigil. This is what’s called a ‘demiplane’, a limited pocket plane. This one’s been a concern for millennia, since before there were factions in the Cage. The boss is a recluse, but he’s rumored to be a high-powered rebellious disgraced celestial who wasn’t a fan of Asmodeus either, so he (or she, gender in celestials is a very fluid concept ) walked their own path of exile to here. He’s known as the Grey Angel”

Justin Case wrote:
Justin turns to Memnon. "Or is that rare and elusive creature, the 'Actually Stable Portal! Honest!'? Justin smirks, reaching out to touch the wall.

Memnon replies

“Stable portal boss. In fact the Udub has three that open up in different places in the Cage, along with an unknown number of portals elsewhere hidden in the bar itself. It’s a very popular spot with plane hoppers”

“C’mon , almost everyone I knew is dead. “


“Well, a good proportion at least. How many folks can last a thousand years?”

Memnon sighs

“This is probably the only place in the Wheel I WONT attract a lot of attention. There’s a whole ... gaggle? ....parliament? ...murder? ....of Mimirs here”

The muffled voice grows a bit harder

“Besides, we still haven’t worked out the terms of my contract *. Keep in mind, I am a sentient being with my own agency. I’m not some talking arcane tool. I can fly off any time i please”

Memnon starts talking slowly, as if to a child

“As for a better way to travel, I have this little thing known as constant telekinesis. I fly as Dexterous as a hummingbird “

Memnon levitates off of Justin’s hand and rapidly spins around him in a blur

*Prior conversation at their meeting

Memnon wrote:
"I accept conditionally. We can work the terms out later, but for now I will accompany and assist you until we reach a safe destination. Are you lot from Sigil? I would like to return there if I can."

“Boss, I’m tired of riding in this pouch. C’mon, this is my hometown! I haven’t been back in close to a millennium! Let a Mimir live!

“Boss, you need a new Schtick”

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So Hellboy, Thundarr , and Harry Dresden walk into a bar...

Memnon pipes up suddenly, his normally jocular tone icy cold

“Fry that b$%~&! Burn her to the ground! She’s a Master Necromancer. She and her buddies killed Ranaïs!”

The party steps through to the tomb. It’s looks as if nothing has been moved, and Thakhotis’ mummified corpse lies where he fell, a ragged burn hole through his chest. Memnon zips over the corpse

“Times like this I wish I had a sphincter “

Memnon zips around the ashes

“I didn’t expect this guy to go to pieces so easily”

He turns back to Justin

“Erelhi Cinlu is a city of Drow. They had some treaties and an embassy with the Abyssal Necromamcer Council on Ranaïs. They were a wild bunch, but no more than the Necros were. Chaos and evil as a main societal ethos is never pretty. “He looks at the ash pile

“Never heard the name. Must have been a second stringer back in my day. Or sucking milk out of his orc wetnurse’s dugs”

Memnon swoops over to the ash

“Hey don’t forget to scoop up some of tall dark and granular for later. Vampire dust is a valuable commodity in the alchemy world. “

A violet-crystal skull zooms around Justin’s back and zips towards Ramuah

“Well hello! A distinct pleasure to meet you!”

The flying artifact/critter parks very close to Ramuah. Although it can’t smile, she gets the feeling it is leering at her

“I am Memnon, Sage extroidinaire, doctor of Alchemy, and excellent chaperone for any ladies that might need a companion “

Memnon hovers by Justin

"Looking at the morphology of the critter, I'd say you have a dread mohrg hydra there, boss"

I'm purple by the way

NPC? *pfft*

You all are NPCs in *MY* adventure

The flying crystal skull hovers over Karrin's shoulder singing off key

"Riiing my bell-el-el,
Ring my bell!"

"Heh. If you hadn't noticed, smart guy, I'm made out of Dwarvenite*. I have about as much in common with the skulls there as you do with Mr rams horn over there."


Dwarvenite is a rare purple gem found only in the deepest mines under large volcanic mountains. It's real-world analog isTanzanite

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Justin Case wrote:

Justin nods at Blayze. "Useful." He agrees.

Justin's eyebrow raises, and he glances between Blayze and Karrin.

"Matched bookends." He murmurs to Memnon.

Memnon chuckles

"I'd love to be the Outlands in that planar scenario"

"Light them up like Solstice candles!"

Memnon finishes his buzzing speech and turns to the group

"Connie is fascinated by you lot. It feels a certain kinship to me, as we are both elemental spirits, but you are a conundrum to it. Your suffusion with life is very strange to its senses. The closest approximation I can gather is that you seem almost like high-level undead to its perception. "

Memnon pauses

"That sounds weird. What I mean to say is that Connie considers Negative Energy as the proper sort of 'life' energy. Positive Energy strikes it as sinister as we find negative energy. Thus, by your auras being suffused with positive energy you seem unnatural to it, although I have assured it of your benign intentions."

Memnon swivels to one of the portal doors

"That is the entry way that Connie traveled through. The lab/library is beyond there. Connie has assured me there are no mobile life or unlife forms inside."

Memnon talks with the Xeg-Yi a bit more. Nari does note a lot of similarities with Auran. It shares a grammatical structure, but it seems to be much simplified. Memnon turns back to the group

"Well, our new friend calls itself 'Concentrate Mrwlf*kol'. The last bit seems to be an untranslatable place name where it sprang into existence in an eddy of negative energy. I'm calling it Connie for short. It is willing to help us if we explain a bit about our origins. It has never even heard of the other planes. I have agreed to this and it has told me about the next room over, which is where it has been. From it's admittedly confusing description I think it is either a library or a laboratory. It thought it was 'cozy' which I have no idea what that would mean to it. I'm going to explain a bit about who and what we are,."

With that, Memnon turns back to the ebon energy sphere and begins the strange language

"I know some. Let me see if I can communicate "

Memnon floats a bit higher towards the energon and begins making a buzzing humming sound. The Xeg-Yi replies in a similar manner

"It's wandered in here by accident, but it is curious about the place. It calls it 'Shining Not-thing' It's also uncomfortable with Blayze's spell. Says it gives it pain. It might be a good faith gesture if you drop it ."

Memnon pipes up

"It might know Common Elemental. "

Justin Case wrote:

"That sounds great. A lot easier than drawing up a full conjuration summoning circle and defensive ward just to make sure that we dial in the right Plane. Can you work on the chant on the go? I can carry you while we explore."

Justin looks at Memnon thoughtfully. "Although, if you're going to be traveling with me, we should really find a better way for you to travel. Some way to protect you and make you easier to transport when you don't want to be out and about and easily noticed. Maybe a nice travel case of some sort?" He muses.

"I don't know boss. I'm pretty quick on my feet ... so to speak"

"I think a summoning of the Fifth Circle would work. You might need a sympathetic item, perhaps a curative potion instead of the normal bag and candle. I can start working up a proper summoning chant. It shouldn't take more than an hour or so"

Memnon spins a bit in place. Justin is starting to know him well enough to know this means he's thinking

"Well Boss, There's the Xag-Ya. It's an energy creature from the Positive Material Plane. It can shoot positive energy beams that can harm undead. It's kinda like an ooze, but more like a glowing ball of energy with tentacles"

GM link:


Memnon guides Justin through the potion process

"Yep. Take that bladderwort and toast it a bit. Crush it there. NO DON'T BURN IT! OK, now add a pinch of that diamond dust. slowly. Slowly. Slower than that! OK, oak gall next, just a dram's worth. Then the rest of the dust. OK... I'll get the chant going."

Memnon starts spinning lazily in place

"Restoratus ressurectus!

Sutcerusser sutarotser!

Resrotatsu resrusecsut!"

There's a puff of blue smoke and the fluid in the pot turns clear

One Restoration potion. Scratch a 1,000 GP diamond off the loot list

Memnon zips out of the bag he's been resting in and floats over to Justin.

"Actually boss, I can do a bit of that" He says off-handedly

His eye lights shine a bit brighter

"They're normal. As far as that goes"

Memnon's eye lights twinkle

"He's a smart guy, seems like. Maybe I should have worked for him"

The skull wiggles in the way that seems to signify a shrug

"You need diamond dust mostly. A base liquid, I prefer using distilled alcohol of some sort. A pinch of salt and some iron filings and *shazam*"

Justin Case wrote:

"I still had a Fire Serpent spell memorized. Now I can't even recall how to form the syllables. B@st@rd drained my life energy, my experience." Justin mutters wearily. He looks ashen.

Memnon tsks. How he does it without a tongue is a mystery

"You need A restoration potion. I can help you with that"

Justin Case wrote:

"Die again? Re-die?" Justin mutters as he shuffles towards the exit with extreme intent, if not athleticism.

"I SO do not want to die here. No telling what I could come back as in my present state of mind." The mage mutters grumpily as he literally falls with relief into the room's doorway/portal.

Justin hears a muffled voice from his bag

"Boss? What the seven nipples of Azathoth is going on out there?"

Memnon, floating at Justin shoulder, whistles

"Nice BBQ boss!"

"They are pure energy. They don't talk, but they can communicate mentally. You're in for a whopper of a headache though. "

Memnon spins lazily in place

"Hmm. Well, I know of a wizard that summoned a Negative Energy Elemental this one time to disrupt a gathering of his rivals. I have the particulars of the summoning here..."

Large elemental is on the SM V list. With Memnon's assistance I'll allow you to conjure a negative energy elemental should you wish. They are neutral so no bad mojo for bringing one forth.

Justin Case wrote:

Justin turns to Memnon.

"How's your InterPlanar knowledge? If Karrin brings back something big and ugly as company, I would love to know what it's weaknesses are before I have time to finish my first spell. OK?"

The skull wiggles in place. Justin takes this as a noncommittal shrug

"I know a lot about Demons. It was a hobby around this place. Anything else I have a reading knowledge of."


The flying skull scurries back to his hiding spot behind Justin

Karrin Kind wrote:
Naridre Ro'Arisahshe wrote:
"Eep!" Nari squeaked at the sight of the floating skull, scurrying back to her hiding spot behind Karrn.
"What the heck is that thing Justin?" Karrin asks, pointing her ax at the flying skull, "Some sort of undead?"

"I'm the flying king skull, baby!" The purple skull replies cheekily

The skull zips up to Karrin

"You're a cute thang, miss silver caps! Do you have a boyfriend? How do you feel about May-December romances?"

Memnon lets out a sound between an sob and a sigh

"It was never truly my world, and the Syndics of the Abyss were truly epic asshats, but there were good people that lived here. I had friends. I had watched generations live, laugh, and love despite the cruelty of their culture."

The skull turns to Justin, his joking manner turned serious

"I accept conditionally. We can work the terms out later, but for now I will accompany and assist you until we reach a safe destination. Are you lot from Sigil? I would like to return there if I can."

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Memnon starts babbling to himself

"Those damn Necromancers and their dabbling in Lifeforce Energy Weapons..."

His disembodied voice rises to a shriek

"You Maniacs! You blew it up! Ah, damn you! G0d damn you all to hell!"

Justin Case wrote:

Justin nods. He seems genuinely to sympathize with the crystal Mimir.

"Don't worry. It's not just you. That ties in with what we've found here today. Seems a very powerful Power ticked off enough other Powers to get himself erased from existence. It didn't erase knowledge of what went on around him it seems, just actual knowledge of himself. The fact that you know he was Jerk-faces' grandfather is more than we've discovered. What we have is a lot documents and murals with blank spots in them. Some demon-ghosts seem to be trying to put the pieces together by looking for the holes in history. Filling in the blanks by what is left around them. And yes, demon-ghosts is ANOTHER mystery we're trying to unravel."

Justin gestures around them.

"This tomb is located underneath an ancient Cathedral. Presumably dedicated to 'him'. The world itself is long dead. By 'LOng' I mean as in centuries. And by 'Dead' I mean completely dead. The only non-dead here are the UNdead. If this city is 'Mov', then unless the F'Mirlan family are vampires or other intelligent undead, I'm afraid that they, and everyone else, are long-gone."

Justin suddenly looks abashed,

"I'm sorry Memnon. I wasn't thinking. That's a heck of a way to find out. But I honestly don't think there's anyone left to contact. Not on THIS world anyway."

Memnon swivels to Justin

"So you are telling me that everyone on Ranäis is dead? Like, the entire world?"

His eye flames flicker

"Wow. I mean. Wow"

Hamar of the Hyena Tribe wrote:

Hamar turns to the skull as he clips the new scimitar onto his belt trying to adjust it so it does not interfere with his movement, "Live? On the surface? Nothing is alive up there. Before you stand the few living beings on this Godsforsaken planet.

Come, it is time to start transporting all of these goods back up, then begin moving. The dead are bound to stumble upon us again if we remain stationary".

Memnon's eyes flare suddenly

"Wait ... What?"

Justin Case wrote:
Memnon the Mimir wrote:

The skull makes a hem hawing sound

"Weeeeeeel, I know quite a bit about the theory of things. Oh, and I know a lot about potion making. And if a nice wizard swaps bodies with me I can even make them for him"

"As for the assistant gig: How much do I get paid?"

Justin gives the floating crystal skull a knowing look.

(All of a sudden the Magic Jar aura of the skull starts to make sense.)

"I'm presuming that this 'swap' would have to be allowed voluntarily? And that the 'nice wizard' involved should word his permission carefully? So as to avoid any 'misunderstandings' regarding the length of time said swap should be allowed to last?" Justin asks Memnon. His smirk barely visible.

After waiting for response

"Well Master Theory-Crafter. It just so happens That I am NOT looking for an instructor to teach me more powerful spells. I AM in the market for an able and knowledgeable assistant to work with me in the research of new spells, and the creation of magic items. Including potions. You seem to be available. I'm not certain what you would need with money,... but I'll bite. What are you asking for?"

Memnon snickers

"Any wizard who doesn't know how to word his permissions deserves whatever he gets. And yes, it is voluntary. I don't body-snatch. I leave that to the Necromancer's Guild. "

The purple skull pauses, considering the second part

"Well, honestly I am flattered by the offer, and I haven't been off the Prime since forever, but I do have a long-standing relationship with the F'Mirlan family. I don't know if they still live in Mov after all this time, but I should at least make an effort to contact them. Is this tomb near Mov? I am surprised old Horny would have consented to some out-of-the-way tomb spot. I would have thought Thakhotis would have been buried in the Temple of..."

Memnon's eye flames flicker

"Temple of ... Temple of... That is strange. I have never actually forgotten anything before. In fact, I would have thought it impossible, but I cannot recall Thakhotis' grandfather's name. Not something easily forgotten.."

He goes silent as the eye flames recede to pinpoints in his eye sockets

Blayze wrote:

That's why I hadn't responded yet.

Blayze looks at the floating skull with a looks that seemed part amusement. At Justin's comment flicker of a smile tugs at the corners of her mouth. Apparently even on a world of the dead, some thing never changed.

"What am I doing here? Trying not to become food for any of the millions of vile monsters roaming around at any given moment. And he's right sparky, eye contact'll go a long way."

The floating skull doesn't have capillaries, but Blayze gets the distinct impression he's blushing

"Yes, well, I'm sorry. In my defense, I've been stuck in a demon giant's tomb for a long time. I shall try not to ogle so blatantly "

Justin Case wrote:

"Um, Well Hamar. I do know of a couple of spells that can grant different forms. I just don't know of any three-armed humanoids to change you into. But if we discover one,... I could probably manage to change you into it for a few minutes. A 4-armed ape or something similar should still let you wield weapons as you usually do.(?)"

"Memnon, AM I understanding you correctly? You have FIVE HUNDRED years of magical knowledge from working with various wizards?!? So you know Metamagic, Item enchantment, and spells?!?"

Justin seems suitably impressed with the thought. (His eyes are wide as he tries to figure out how much knowledge he could gather in such a length of time.)

'I think I just found my new best friend!'

"Memnon. How would you like to be the assistant of a planar-traveling wizard?"

Justin glances at the others.

"And company."

The skull makes a hem hawing sound

"Weeeeeeel, I know quite a bit about the theory of things. Oh, and I know a lot about potion making. And if a nice wizard swaps bodies with me I can even make them for him"

"As for the assistant gig: How much do I get paid?"

seph wrote:
"So you know a lot about spells then?" Seph having his curiosity get the better of him and prefering to focus on this rather than what happend up stairs.

Memnon nodded

"Oh sure! You don't pal around with wizards for centuries without picking up a little this and that. "

The skull huffs again

"I don't need fingers. I've got fire beam eyes. Don't you forget it"

Memnon looks at the scimitar

"I know that blade. The ancient Nargol folk called it 'Mevrigian'. That loosely translated to 'Guillotine'. It's blade was so fine it could slice a person's head clean off with a well-placed blow. It was carried by Ferneth the Strong during the Consolidation Wars when the Nargol resisted the Abyssal Alliance and were exterminated"

Justin Case wrote:
Memnon the Mimir wrote:
Blayze wrote:

Even as Justin speaks a blue-white glow begins to emanate from Blayze's eyes as she quietly studies the skull.

Detect Evil

The skull turns to Blayze

"Well hell-O!"

The skull's eyes seem to glow brighter.

"Don't worry. I am not evil ... unless asked nicely."

The skull floats a bit closer to the gun-weilding paladin

"What's a beautiful woman like you doing in a tomb like this?"

"Oi! Manners!" Justin reaches out and taps the crystal skull on the back of the head.

(He's not entirely sure why he did that. Other than he's maybe jealous that the skull is stealing his lines?)

Justin reaches out and gently lifts the skull UP a few inches, so Memnon is staring at Blayze's face.

"Her eyes are up here."

The skull swivels back to Justin

"And HOW was I rude? I was merely introducing myself to your companion. Is she your wife or something? I see no ring on her finger. "

Memnon's eye flames flash red

"and hands off the merchandise, bub! I have a lot of spells I could cast on you, so if you like being a mammal with opposable thumbs I suggest you mind YOUR manners."

The skull makes a huffing noise and turns back to Blayze

"Wizards. You'd think all that book knowledge would translate into some common sense, but nooooo. They're a lot of robe-wearing secret-handshake live-action-ritual-playing ninnies if you ask me. Now, give me a straight-shooting warrior maid any day..."

Blayze wrote:

Even as Justin speaks a blue-white glow begins to emanate from Blayze's eyes as she quietly studies the skull.

Detect Evil

The skull turns to Blayze

"Well hell-O!"

The skull's eyes seem to glow brighter.

"Don't worry. I am not evil ... unless asked nicely."

The skull floats a bit closer to the gun-weilding paladin

"What's a beautiful woman like you doing in a tomb like this?"