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master_marshmallow wrote:

Monks have medium BAB, you calculate Power Attack based off that, regardless of whether or not they are flurrying.

The damage never scales down on iterative attacks. Your BAB is whatever your highest attack is at, and that is the number that you apply to all of your attacks.

Untrue. If you're an 8th level monk making a single attack, you get the power attack bonus based on your normal BAB(in this case BAB=6), but if you were flurrying, then your BAB is equal to your monk level(BAB 8), and get the power attack bonus based on that BAB instead.

You can't knock people prone using bull rush, so how is he doing that to begin with?

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Then why not change the wording to something that makes more sense, like;

Benefit: When you gain a level in a favored class, you may gain +1 Hit Point and +1 Skill Rank, or you can choose an alternate class reward.
Normal: When you gain a level in a favored class, you may choose 1 hit point, 1 skill rank, or an alternate class reward.

That makes it much simpler and explains the intent of the feat without much confusion.

Straying a bit from the rules debate that's going on, I'd just like to point out the picture on P.7 of Varisia: Birthplace of Legends happens to be a Shoanti wielding an Earthbreaker in one hand, and a Klar in the other.

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Nefreet wrote:
Yikes. That's messy. At least the current version is cleaner.

I agree that the wording is messy, but the intent is very clear.

Nevan Oaks wrote:

I'm sorry what is the normal line? I don't see one for this feat. The normal line of a feat usually restates a rule such as you can't use a two-handed weapon with a light shield.

There is flavor text that states: you have masters the ancient shoanti thunder and fang fighting stile, allowing you to fight with increased effectiveness when wielding an earth breaker and klar.
This says in combat (b)I am better trained at fighting with earth breakers and klars. Then the benefit: how I'm better trained can wield earth breaker one handed

The feat originally appeared in Curse of the Crimson Throne(specifically A History of Ashes, P. 28) and was worded as such:

Prerequisites: Str 15, Two-Weapon Fighting, Weapon
Focus (earth breaker), Weapon Focus (klar)
Benefit: As long as you are fighting with an earth
breaker and a klar (and you make attacks with your klar as
your offhand attack), you can fight with both weapons as if
you were wielding a double weapon, and retain your shield
bonus to your Armor Class granted by your klar. Treat your
klar as a light weapon for the purposes of determining
your total penalty to attack.

blackbloodtroll wrote:
Martiln wrote:
blackbloodtroll wrote:

Are Natural Weapons not weapons?

I don't see them listed anywhere in the weapons table in the core rulebook.

So, Arcane Strike does not apply to Natural Weapons? No Favored Enemy bonus to attacks with Natural Weapons?

The "weapon attack" terminology comes up quite often.

Are saying this only means to include manufactured weapons, and also include unarmed strikes?

I was being sarcastic...

Had something like this just come up in a game I'm running:

Player got hit by an SLA that replicated confusion and also did 1d6 nonlethal/caster level. The player had diehard, and eventually got to the point where his nonlethal exceeded his current HP and knocked him out. our group thought it hilarious that even though he's hard to kill, he can still get KTFO.

blackbloodtroll wrote:

Are Natural Weapons not weapons?

I don't see them listed anywhere in the weapons table in the core rulebook.

blackbloodtroll wrote:
Does Channel Smite work with Combat Maneuvers?

It should work with trip, since that's the only maneuver I can think of where your weapon would come into contact with the targeted creature. Sunder and Disarm target items, and items aren't subject to channel smite.

Channel Smite requires a melee attack, which means it only works if you're using an attack action against the creature, and it does extra damage=your channel energy damage(will save for half).

The Agile Tongue feat allows you to use melee touch attacks with your tongue, which is only useful if you hold the charge on a spell or some other similar ability.

Now unless you're using the aforementioned ability, and discharging a touch spell(or similar ability)with your tongue, then channel smite won't work with the feat, because it calls it out as being "extra damage" which means if you're using your tongue and doing no damage to begin with, then you can't get the extra damage from channel smite.

Name:Caleb Awdest
Classes/levels:Vivisectionist/Internal Alchemist 4
Adventure:Tha Haunting of Harrowstone
Location:Secret Passageway
Catalyst:Gray Ooze
The Gory Details:

Caleb was subjected to the Iron Maiden's curse beforehand, so his Constitution was dropped significantly, and was caught unawares by the Gray ooze. after being dropped to 0 HP and grabbed, he took his final swing at the ooze and hit, but it wasn't enough to kill it, so he started to bleed and also took damage from the Ooze's slime. Unfortunately, the next person on the initiative count was the ooze, so he had no chance to be healed...

Sorry for the necro, but this issue came up in my group recently also, so we're curious about initial grapple rule as well. specifically a flying character was grappled by a huge creature with 15 feet of reach and the grab special ability. The grap triggered off of an Attack of Opportunity, and the flying character was then moved to a square behind the huge creature above a 1000 foot pit(that the creature just climbed out of), and when the flying creature was knocked unconcious, the creature released the grapple and dropped him into the pit.

Do you want build suggestions, or do you want us to improve upon your character concept?

I'd swap Defensive Combat Training with Great Fortitude, since DCT doesn't give you much in returns until later levels whereas Great Fort is a +2 right off the bat. Improved Initiative is also a great option for 1st level, going before the enemies is something every adventure should strive for.

Tark, the drawback with Improved Share Spells is that if your Eidolon moves more than 5 feet from you, it loses whatever you buffed it with. I mean it's still a great feat, but only if you plan on using your Eidolon as a mount =/

I've noticed 1 little problem with the bloodrager: at 3rd level, the table states that they get a bloodline power, when according to the text(for the class feature and under all of the bloodlines), they don't get a bloodline power until 4th level. Were they supposed to get something else at 3rd, possibly a bloodline feat, or is it just a dead level?

Half-Elves aren't a valid option for racial heritage because Half-Elf isn't a humanoid subtype. Half-Elves have the human and elf subtypes, so paragon surge is literally a half-elf only spell.

Xaratherus wrote:

It has to be related to a 'hand' type of appendage, so you would discharge a touch spell through a claw but could not through a gore, bite, tail slap, etc. That would be true on an AoO made with a 'hand'-type natural attack as well.

I would think you'd gain the +3 attack bonus (from Shocking Grasp, I assume) on the AoO as well, as long as the target was wearing metal.

Tell me where in the CRB it says it has to be a "hand" appendage for the purposes of discharging a touch spell. I'm not seeing it.

If alchemists can absorb items into their hand with a touch...

Aelryinth wrote:

It's been used multiple times that enchanting a shield as a weapon and a shield are two different things which do not generate a surcharge.

Enchanting a Ring as a Ring of x and a Ring of Y generates a surcharge, because they overlap.

Also note that a Shield IS a weapon and armor, and there's no rules anywhere for applying surcharges to weapons and armor. The costs already increase as you ladle them on!

And kindly note that a bashing spiked light shield goes from d3 to d8, or d4 + bashing to d8. It doesn't add a increases the effective size twice. If it's not spiked, you get a heavy for d8 and light for d6.


A spiked heavy shield does 1d6 damage. Add bashing onto that(which increases the damage die by 2 steps)and it becomes 2d6(1d6->1d8->2d6)

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Tiny Coffee Golem wrote:
Bruunwald wrote:
Dr. Guns-For-Hands wrote:

I'd say Woodland Stride is the scariest thing about Druids.


"Well from the looks of the state of the camp, the mutilated bodies, the claw marks, the bite marks on the wagons, and the shape of the burst marks on the tents and trees, it seems like these campers were ripped apart and crushed to death by the biggest Allosaurus I've ever seen."

"But there are no tracks...."

"Oh god, why is it so quiet?!"


Then again, if you were an experienced CSI in a fantasy forest and you noticed there were no tracks to speak of around the crime scene, your list of suspects would be reduced dramatically.

Round up the Usual Druids!!

Good luck finding them.

Start a forest fire, that should round them all up in a blaze.

MundinIronHand wrote:

create pit -almost never going to happen in a paizo AP. not a spell im going to worry about. and my ref save is not half bad.

Steel Soul - My will sucks, it will take iron will and improved just to get them equal. But it is a great feat to boost all my saves if I have room later on. I think a reroll on will is worth more than + t all my saves.

Stand Still - I like it, full attack goodness, needs combat reflexes. Gonna have to map out my feats again and see how many floating spots I have. its either 3 or 4.

Create Pit is 1 example, and that way of thinking is metagaming. Besides, Forcecage has a reflex save as well, and can also take you out of a fight.

Iron will and Improved are both really good, but as you said, the bard uses saving finale on you for rerolls, take steel soul instead.

Stand still is a great feat. It would be better if it wasn't a naked combat maneuver check. At least with trip and disarm, you can add your weapon bonus and relevant feats/features to the roll. Stand Still is best employed by brawlers, unfortunately. Another combination you want to consider since you're a 2 weapon warrior is combat reflexes and pin down. keeping an enemy nearby so you can full attack is awesome.

I've only had 1 problem with the TWF Double-Barreled Pistol strategy abuse, and that's because of the following rule:

"If you get multiple attacks because your base attack bonus is high enough, [b]you must make the attacks in order from highest bonus to lowest.[b] If you are using two weapons, you can strike with either weapon first. If you are using a double weapon, you can strike with either part of the weapon first."

Emphasis mine. So let's say you are a 2 pistol gunslinger who uses the glove of storing and weapon cord to maximize your attacks, and you have a bonus of +20/+20/+15/+15/+10/+10/+5 when TWFing(no rapid shot for simplicity's sake), and you fire right, then left, drop left, reload right then shoot. You're now ignoring the rule that says "highest to lowest bonus" by shooting all of your right handed shots, and THEN your left handed shots. By the rules, if you're TWFing, you'd have to alternate hands each shot, in order to go from highest bonus to lowest bonus. That puts a stop to abusing the weapon cord trick, since it's a swift action to retrieve the weapon. The glove of storing, not so much.

if you're a cleric if Zon-Kuthon and looking for better damage, might I suggest a spiked chain?

Or you can wear Armor Spikes. Nuthin' wrong with Armor Spikes.

well pack tactics increases it to +4 when flanking with your war beast, whereas outflank increases it to +4 when flanking with someone else who has the teamwork feat, so there's no point in giving your war beast the teamwork feat, but you and your other allies might want to still take outflank, so you can get a +4 when flanking with them.

You replace the AC you had from your oracle levels with a huge wolf which stacks with your oracle levels to determine its overall level and bonuses, one of which said bonuses is a 6 INT.

Ravingdork wrote:

Here ya go Martiln. Julian is feared far and wide for his unique form of magic.

BBT, Gudruun likes to pretend he's a hobgoblin.

His Corrosive Bolt lasts 20 rounds? How'd you manage that?

Do you ever use a ranged weapon to deal with baddies while cheering on your companions, or is that beneath you?

Ever thought about building a character that uses Words of Power?

Did this thread get forgotten or something? Bump.

So using that ability multiple times in a round would have no effect, but having multiple Orange Prism Ioun Stones would.

That's a typo. An Earth Breaker is a 2 handed weapon, and a Klar is treated as a light shield, meaning you normally can't wear a Klar while wielding an Earth Breaker. The feat lets you bypass that. Also Birthplace of Legends just recently came out, there's no way it was written with the 3.5 rules in mind.

You mention needing Diehard for getting into the class a few times, but the only feat requirements are: Dodge, Endurance and Toughness. Another thing to point out is if you're enlarged and using the lunge feat with a reach weapon, you can actually hit people that are up to 5 squares away, since being enlarged with a reach weapon lets you hit someone from 15-20 ft away in the first place.

Also why are you so adamant about putting keen on kukris as a dex rogue? landing a crit isn't that great unless you're adding something meaningful to it aside from weapon enhancement damage. If you made them Keen Agile Kukris, it would make more sense, since then you'd be getting your DEX to damage, then doubling it each time you landed a crit, but other than that, and you're fishing for sub-par crits.

Rolling a 1 on any skill check is no longer an automatic fail. That was a 3.5 rule, and no longer exists in pathfinder. You should reflect this in your "Rogue Wands" section.

blackbloodtroll wrote:
I am not sure how holding a weapon, like a Greatsword in hand, is related to wielding, and being able to attack with Armor Spikes, or other non-hand weapons.

You can wield a Greatsword using two hands, but if you hold it only using 1 hand, you're no longer wielding it since it requires 2 hands to wield.

As the subject implies, I have a 1st level Fighter that is multiclassing into Wizard for his 2nd level(Eldritch Knight is the plan), and I was curious about something;
Wizards begin play with a spellbook at no additional cost. Does this still hold true even if my 1st level of Wizard is my 2nd Character Level? does the book just magically appear in my gear, or do I have to pay?

Only Alchemists can use Craft(Alchemy)to identify potions, otherwise anyone can use perception to identify them.

Angry Wiggles wrote:
4a. The bite attack would be at 1.5Xstr IF you did not make any other attacks that round, weapon or otherwise. If you make a weapon attack or unarmed strike, all natural attacks are treated as secondary attacks for that round.

Uh, that's not how it works. You only get 1.5 STR if it is your only natural attack, not if it's the only natural attack you're attacking with.

By RAW, I can agree with that, but GMing in my group, I allow it. It makes sense to be able to take your hand of/on a weapon even when it's not your turn if you're able to reach into a quiver and pull out an arrow, which seems like it would require more effort than shifting your grip on a polearm, spear and so on to punch someone when they're in your face.

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If I am wielding a Reach Weapon in 2 hands and also wearing a weapon(such as Armor Spikes, a Cestus, Spiked Gauntlets etc...) am I able to make an Attack of Opportunity with either weapon?

For example, if a foe is 15 feet away, and moves into 1 of my adjacent squares, he provokes an AoO because he moves through my Reach Weapon's threatened area. He then uses an action that would normally provoke an AoO while adjacent to me(sheathe a weapon, cast a spell, shoot a bow etc...), am I able to hit him with an AoO with my worn weapon(a Cestus)?

I would assume the answer is yes, and here's why:
1. after my turn ends, I am no longer two-weapon fighting
2. taking a hand off of a 2 handed weapon is a free action, and it's also a free action to re-grip a 2 handed weapon
3. using an off-hand seems to only matter when two-weapon fighting, and since I am doing neither, see 1

Thoughts and FAQs appreciated.

Good question, but I think the answer is no, since 1 of the 2 domains you get from cleric has to be your domain for inquisitors, and inquisitions replace the domain feature of inquisitors, if you have levels in cleric, you HAVE to take 1 of the domains for inquisitor, otherwise you're not replacing anything, and just adding on to it, which would break the rules.

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Barry Armstrong wrote:

Actually, they are restricted. They only do damage on a grapple check. And I don't think anyone will argue that you cannot make an AoO on someone while in a grapple.

I'd say the attempt to use Armor Spikes outside those specific boundaries set in the rules is definitive justification for Munchkin comments. That's what a munchkin is.

Yes, it's unhelpful. Yes, it's mean. But it's also truth. The fact that it's been FAQ'd and still argued about lends further credence.

Houserule it or live with it.

EDIT: Ninja'd by Nicos!

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Well, Mark does call out light weapons requiring limbs to be wielded, so let's roll with that for these examples;
Spiked Gauntlet/Cestus: Requires a hand
Boot Spike: Requires a foot, and is a limb
Dwarven Boulder Helmet: Requires a head, might not "technically" be a limb, but let's try to use common sense and say wearing it means you're wielding it
and finally, for the armor spikes which seem to confuse lots of people, your arms and legs both count as limbs, and if you can use an elbow or knee for an unarmed strike(legal), then having armor spikes on your knees or elbows count, and meet the "requires a limb" prerequisite. Now that I think about it, you can use a headbutt for an unarmed strike as well, so there's the solution for the boulder helmet.
Try not the limit yourselves to hands only when thinking of how you can attack an enemy, otherwise threads like this arise, and things get, well...out of hand. Anyway, hope this helps.

TGMaxMaxer wrote:
Wow... re-reading that... every single one of the domain/bloodline touch powers provokes. Thats... asinine.

Not entirely, only the ones that are ranged and ones that are spell-like abilities. Unfortunately you always provoke when attacking with a ranged weapon(point-blank master and similar abilities excepted), but supernatural abilities generally don't provoke unless otherwise noted, and spell-like abilities CAN be cast defensively.

In the equipment section, you listed the mithral breastplate having no ACP? That's not true, it has a -1 ACP, since it starts at -4, and mithral reduces it by 3. If you take the armor expert trait, it's fine, otherwise a -1 to attacks all the time isn't worth the +2 AC in my opinion.

I still don't get why so many people suggest spellstriking with arcane mark, it doesn't do any damage or cause any status effects...

Time's Memory wrote:
I certainly agree that the potion would be "used" even if you didn't swallow it -- no spitting it back in the bottle.

Only Alchemists can do it

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