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Hee hee!

Where's my floaty!


flash_cxxi wrote:
Apparently we taste like Frog's Legs...


Yay new fwiends!

Hay brother! I had the strangest thing happen! Dis big guy tried to grab me, but he got my Acme Twin-o-Bot™ instead. I jest got it for me birthday too!


You say you have pretzels?

Hugo Solis wrote:


PS: Forgot to ad, GO FLUMPH YOURSELF! or frog yourself for that matter :P

Yes indeed, FLUMPHS RULE! (as do froggies!)


Check your mail :)


Throws chew toy for CP

Go gettit boy! Go on!

Awww ...Who's a good puppy! You are! Yes you widdle poodle you!

Motions to Butterfrog

Hay brother! Come an' play with the cute puppy!

Pets CP

Brother you scared the puppy!

Scratches CP's ears

Who's a good puppy? You are!

Tosses it again

Here you go doggy! Fetch!

Tosses Cockapoo the toy

Go gettit doggy!

Good doggy! Doggy want me to throw it again? Would you?

Don't mind him doggy. That robot is whacked in the CPU. Oh, hey a chew toy!

Tosses it for CF

Go gettit boy!


HAY! You in bigtime trouble now mister Jack! Wait 'till I tell Lynora!


YAY! No meanie Jacks!

Points at JRHM

HAY! I'm good friends wif Lynora an' I'm tellin'!

Maybe we can buys us a robot jukebox or something?

Hops over to the pond

Hay where did all those mean old borgies get to?

Rio, Pokemon Trainer wrote:

*He smiles as he kneels down*
"That's okay we all were scared. But you still went to fight didn't you? Remember, courage is not lack of fear, but doing something even if your afraid. Now, how about a swim?"


Puts down Lemmiwinks and dives into the Olympic-sized pool

Rio, Pokemon Trainer wrote:

"You don't have to worry, I'm fine. Better than fine. Look I'm standing on water! Also,"*Water rises up to swirl in his hand, making a Margarinefrog and Lemmi statue*"I can do this. What's happened in the months of we've been gone? Did you and Lemmi become heroes?"

Margarinefrog looks up in awe at the water statue

Dat's a neat trick Rio. Gee you've gotten good!

When Rio mentioned being a hero Margarinefrog looks down

Well, when we crashed I woke up an' there was all dis fightin' an' Lemmiwinks was hurt real bad, an' ..

Scuffs webbed foot

I got real scared He says in a small voice

Margarine hops towards Rio

I thot you'd gone splat Rio! Me an' Lemmiwinks woke up in de forest right in de middle of battle, den we say this shadow guy an' we were real scared, right Lemmi?

A small frog staggers from the crash site, clutching a small pink rodent

What happened.. where am I? He mutters dazedly


Rides alongside Rio. See Lynora-Jill and waves



YAY! I like flies!

Hops up and down with excitement

Rio, Pokemon Trainer wrote:

*Climbing out of the pool, Rio picks up the froggie and lemmi*

"Why don't you stick with me for this? I can help you find some really cool armor, and you can help pick out a weapon! We'll be heroes!!."

*The trio stes off to look for an armory and come back decked out in cool looking armor, a short sword and light shield clutched in Rio's hands.*

YAY! I wanna be a hero like my pals! Can I have a sword Rio?

lynora-Jill wrote:

*casts summon cthulhu floaty*

Here, margarinefrog. Does that help?

YAY! Thanks Lynora!

Hugs the priestess and runs to the pool. Dives in and begins paddling

A small frog hops out from the pool cabana and comes to sit by Lynora-Jill.

Lynora, Lemmiwinks is still sleepin. I'm bored .

Rides the crest of the pool's agitated surface


Rio, Pokemon Trainer wrote:

"Well hurry up will you? They haven't had a real good swim in a while..."
*goes to the pool waiting for his father to remove the chemicals*
"Hey froggie, lemmi, hows the floaty war going?"

Looks up at Rio

I'm winnin!

Looks at Lemmiwinks

'Course he can't paddle so good ...

A small frog and a small pink rodent come scurrying out from the clubhouse and begin chasing each other around Lynora-Jill's legs.

Can't catch me Lemmi!

Floats in the middle of the Olympic-sized pool an a big dragon floaty, Lemmiwinks curled up on his tummy

LYNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORA! Lookit dis cool floaty I found in de pool house!

Waves at Lynora-Jill frantically

A small frog hops off a wasp. cradling a small pink rodent

WHEE! Dat was lotsa fun! OOOOO .... nachos!

Hops to a buffet table Rosie is busy setting up.

The small frog hugs Lynora-Jill

We never fail if'n we keep trying, right? Dats what my big brother Butterfrog tol' me once.

Did we get de meanies Lynora? The small frog says

A small frog cradling a small pink rodent hops into view

Lynora! Wes come to help you guys fight de meanies!

Margarinefrog looks to Lemmiwinks

I know wes not strong, but our friends need help!

gathering up the rodent, he hops off for the Roleplaying Thread


Hops back to his proper spot at the burnt pond, Lemmiwinks in tow

Holy Moly there's lotsa strange stuffs afoot! I wonder if Mr. Tex will let me hang with him until things stop being all googlymoogly!

Looks up at Lynora-Jill and cheers


hugs Lynora

I have no idea how Margarinefrog ended up at the wrong pond!


Cradles the small burned rodent in his webbed hands


Sobs uncontrollably

Paddles back, observes the smoking ruin that is the shoreline.

Oh man dey ruined the pond!

Sobs softly

Looks back at the pyrotechnics


Paddles faster


Gets in his Cthulhu floaty and starts paddling rapidly away from the dracolich that has appeared


Shoo wasp!

The small frog waves his webbed hands at the grouchy insect

I wonder where my pal Mr. Tex went off to?

Wanders down the shoreline and picks up his Cthulhu floaty

A whistling sound echoes over the pond


A small green frog lands into the center of the pond with a huge splash



The small frog launches into the air, dwindling to a small green speck rapidly


Hops on the golem's shoulder

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