The Frog Pond that Paizomatix's can't enter

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A shout echoes from far away.
[Kill da wabbit!]

*hearing the Wasp's shout The Bard runs to help.*
I'm coming little friend!

Shadow Lodge

Tis' a sad day when all must fight or flee....

Hops back to his proper spot at the burnt pond, Lemmiwinks in tow

Holy Moly there's lotsa strange stuffs afoot! I wonder if Mr. Tex will let me hang with him until things stop being all googlymoogly!


Kiba wrote:
Emperor7 wrote:
The threats still exist. More heroes will be needed. Too much hangs in the balance.

After listening to the conversation, Kiba walks up to the treat

and asks: "Ancient One what are these threats? And why do I feel drawn to protect the land from them?"

*DbJr. rises from the pond, and walks up behind Kiba*
"I too, feel the need to know this answer. What are these threats?"

The treant awakens. The creation of the Seed drew much of his personal power and he needed the Earth to restore him. He hopes the Seed is safe at the Place of Winds, or in the elder tongue Chia-Kah-Goe. The signs of batlle still mar the Frog Pond and its environs, but the Earth is strong here. This home will be restored quickly.

What has happened here? The taint of un-life is in the air, and in the soil.

While he waits he communes with the Earth.

Shadow Lodge

Candle Lighter came here and tried to take the Wasp. With The Bard's help we were able to drive him away.
*Looks at the RP thread and smiles*
It would seem my friend The Bard has awoken as The Champion of the Sea.
He is currently fighting the Steel Tsar. He may need help...

Calls down as she flies overhead, Any of you who are able to help, we are barely holding our own against the Steel Tsar over in the Roleplaying Thread. We could use some extra firepower.

Margarinefrog looks to Lemmiwinks

I know wes not strong, but our friends need help!

gathering up the rodent, he hops off for the Roleplaying Thread

*Flies in, looking depressed.*
We are in danger. The Candle Lighter has the Cleaver, and has kidnapped the Champion of the Boards. I must go.

*arrives, brething heavily*
Db3, where is Rio? I think we will need his help.

*runs up and hugs The Bard, then steps back*
Dad where have you been? And why do you smell like fire and sea-water?

Don't worry about that now we must get to Club Calistria now!
*Starts to sing, transporting them both to the Club*

Shadow Lodge

My poor thread was archived... :(

Hop hop hop

Hop hop hop

Hop hop hop

Hop hop hop

Hop hop hop


~Click whir~

~looks around~




The collective has been busy
We will get back to assimilation as soon as possible


you can not assimilate this!!!!!!!

We already have.

Oh yeah...Ribbit

runs into thread.

leaves instructions that species 327 is malfunctioning and unknown species collective is attempting to assimilate them. Rogue collective must be dealt with. Jack's Volleyball net.

runs out of thread.

cyberfrog needs a play pal

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