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It's currently dumping and power just flickered, so if you don't hear anything just assume I'm swimming. ;)

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The stars are right.

This is a recruitment thread for the latest adventure path. If you are reading this, I assume you find the prospect of Lovecraftian horror mixed with Pathfinder heroics appealing. If you're not sure, I recommend the Strange Aeons Player's Guide. In fact, even if you are sure, I recommend you read it; because this campaign is a little different. Why you might ask, well if you'd read the guide you'd know, but just to make sure we are all on the same page. Your character doesn't know who they are.

Player's Guide wrote:
The only memories that remain are but vague hints and gut feelings—hardly clear recollections. A PC may recall only bits of an early childhood in a merchant family, while another might remember being born in Oppara, but nothing else.

So, keep this in mind when making your character. Although they had a past that led them here, neither they nor anyone else knows what that past is, yet. There are; however, three things that do remain with you. A feeling of kinship with your fellow amnesiacs, a vague sense of servitude, and a dread feeling of dark deeds committed.

For character creation and playing, I refer you to the excellent DoomHeroes' Guide to Play By Post gaming and Painlord's Advanced Play-by-Post Play. Please review these even if you are familiar with them.

Character Creation:

20 point buy. Scores lower than 8 and higher than 18, after modifiers, are not forbidden, but won't help your chances. Party balance is important and I'm not a fan of characters that overshadow the rest of the party or trivialize challenges.

All Paizo material or anything from Legendary Games Gothic line, subject to review, is fair game. If you'd like to know what LG offers that might fit your concept, shoot me a pm so I can give you relevant highlights.

Remember that the setting is initially in Ustalav and the campaign tone is heroic horror.


Posting is twice a day during the week. Weekend posting is not guaranteed. It may happen, or not. I make no promises. I am in the Central Time Zone US and will be posting in the morning and evening. If there is a conversation happening that requires a single line response, I may even pop in during lunch. I am looking for players who can do the same. So, this game will move faster than some. Please be sure you can handle a schedule like that, especially if you are the kind who likes interparty banter. Along with this, there may be times where I don't have time for a long post that gives a A+ description of everything, only a rough skeleton. Please bear with me if that is the case and I extend the same courtesy to you.

In regards to absences, they happen. If you are on holiday, give us a heads up and then don't worry about it.

Combat will take place in theater-of-the-mind, no maps, or maps on google drive as resources and time allow.

Due to the somewhat tricky nature of pbp combat, I will provide a summary of what occurred each round and reserve the right to alter character actions in order to keep things running smoothly. Such as when one character's actions negate the actions of another character. When two character's actions are in dispute, the character with higher initiative is given preference. Don't worry about posting in order, but feel free to include an alternative action if you're not sure the first choice will work.

Recruitment is open from now until I have a group of candidates I like. 24 hour notice will be given before closing and all characters will be considered equally. From the one submitted two minutes from posting this because you've been dying to play and have your spiritualist fully stated out, to the rough sketch submitted at the deadline because you only just saw the thread.

Even though your character doesn't know who they are, you do. Give me some idea of who that is, but don't worry about writing a three page essay. If it turns out the character you had in mind and the character who ends up existing in the game don't quite match, that's fine.

If you have a question about your submission, feel free to ask.

I give no preference to alias vs post submissions.

Player count will be between 3-6.

Thanks for taking a look and let's how long our minds last.

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While it probably varies a bit from diety to diety, most, particularly the lawful ones, probably act like most CEO's do.

Discuss with minions the status of various projects/objectives, modify/cancel/start as needed. Worship on planet Zorg is increasing. Sending a legion to help close the dimensional breach has significantly improved our image there. Excellent, check the legion for ascension candidates and shift our PR resources there immediately.

Do meetings that can't be pawned off on a minion. I know the Mountains of Quivering Delight have been part of your domain since the fourth conjunction, but ceding the Pass of Desires would significantly reduce transit times and prevent... altercations. *heavy breathing intensifies* So, you're open to the idea?

In addition there are some things unique to being a object of worship, namely making sure the people drawing power from you are generally keeping aligned with your divine will and ensuring that your domain in the planes of existence remains stable.

So meetings, meetings, and more meetings broken up by serious introspection and meditation. Occasionally you might get to do something fun like smite some heathens or work on a crafting project.

If you're a chaotic and minor diety like Cayden Cailean, drink with your minions, spend time making sure your house/domain doesn't fall apart, drink some more, visit Golarion for a laugh, maybe sire a nephilim. Basically work to ensure you never end up like the diety described above.

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Therrux wrote:
Jessica Price wrote:
thejeff wrote:
Jessica Price wrote:


But I think when you get to a species of only women using males of other species to reproduce you're talking something more basic than misandry.

Harpies don't necessarily hate men--they're just all female.

Hags explicitly hate men--and, I mean, everyone else, but they eat their male children.

Hags give birth to males? Doesn't that mean that there is potential for male hags? That is interesting.

Yeah, I didn't know that bit either.

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Jessica Price wrote:
The idea that physical, hand-to-hand combat is the default way to select a leader is in itself a misogynist assumption.


Jessica Price wrote:
Only if you assume it's a given that combat is the way to determine leadership. That's the way things went in many--but not all--Earth cultures, but it isn't a given, and even if it is, generals and kings haven't historically always been the best fighters among their people.

Hmm, that's not exactly what he said. Males have been the default military leaders and held greater political power in every major civilization. That could purely be a quirk of societal development on our planet, but I don't think so.

As for women being inferior, you said it not me. I'd go with different, as thejeff mentioned. I'd also add to that list of differences gestation.

I believe these biological differences are a primary factor in the development of different societal roles for men and women. The only factor, no, but a crucial one.

Jessica Price wrote:
Pray continue.

Sure. Where'd you like me to go with it?

Kobold Cleaver wrote:

It's a bit of a trick having those cultures be so universal in a setting (unless there are misogynist cultures I'm forgetting), but that's really just a bit of a coincidence, not inherently unrealistic.

I'd love to hear some thoughts from the Paizo folk on why things might have developed differently, honestly. I bet it's really interesting. I mean, we all know that the main reason is just sensible gaming logic—it's a more inclusive and fun setting this way, and allows for a wider range of characters. Flexibility is always good for a tabletop game world. But I know some of the Paizo staff are really learned on this subject. I'm sure they have ideas.

Same. Why did thing develop differently on Golarion? And why did the same patterns hold true for the majority of humanoid species? I am genuinely curious to hear thoughts, head-canons are fine, on why. We should probably move that to a different thread though.

I would also really like to hear thoughts on why Asmodeus is misogynist. Like I said, to me he seems like he ought to predate the concept. If I remember right he generally hates mortals as a whole, so maybe he hates women because they give birth to more mortals?

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Jessica Price wrote:
Actually, it's not the default in Golarion for men to have more power than women, and we've explicitly stated that Asmodeus is a misogynist.

So you've said before, and it's canon, even it does mean some substantial differences between pathfinder humans and the ones I'm more familiar with.

Jessica Price wrote:

I find it amusing that people don't have any trouble imagining him just being "accidentally" misogynist because he's into "survival of the fittest" and men just happen to be the fittest, but the idea that he is a misogynist but puts his pragmatism above his misogyny is somehow difficult to believe.

Misogynists sometimes promote women. They just treat us as if we're exceptional, and Not Like Other Women, when they do.

Why would Asmodeus have a bias against women/females? He kind of predates the entire concept of gender/sex. It seems like an odd trait for 'him' to have. I can see him being misogynistic because he believes women are weaker, whether they are or not is another matter, and I don't think that counts as accidental. I see him being racist towards halfings for a similar reason.

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Getting back to OP's question. Gyronna is the main one that comes to mind. "No men! Except maybe eunuchs, and then only maybe...."
I don't think Lamashtu has any of that. A bit more focused on females, but that's her shtick. She births monsters. If you don't birth, well she's not as into you.

The only real misogynist divinity I can think of is Kostchtchie.

Asmodeus falls in that direction because he is all about power. Human males generally have more power than human females, so he favors human males over females. In another species, the generality might be different. Either way he gives power to those worthy of it it, and cares nothing for vagaries the meat-sack worn. The First is beyond such petty concerns. We are but worms before our Prince.

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Lady Kamari Ipeq wrote:

Picture a real-world police department.

Vast majority of the cops will want to promote law in order. In Pathfinder terms, most of them are Lawful, and the rest of them have to at least pretend to be Lawful to some extent or another.

Some of them will genuinely want to "Serve and Protect" - they will try to uphold the law and protect the innocent - probably in this order. These guys are Lawful Good. But many of them are still not above delivering you a world of hurt if you resist arrest.

There will be plenty of "rules are rules" guys. Government tells them take away medical marijuana from eldery ladies in wheelchair, and they do it. The law changes, and they will stop doing so. New government outlaws cucumbers, and they will bust down doors of cucumber growers. These guys are Lawful Neutral.

And then there are the guys will will obey (or hide behind) police procedure, and if you don't give them a hard time they will probably not pound you. But they will not see a problem throwing a flash-bang grenade at a baby's face as long as rules are followed and proper paperwork is done. These guys are Lawful Evil.

And much of the time, they will all work together. If you are an ordinary citizen having to deal with the police concerning some routine mater, you might even have difficulty telling them apart.

So, think of Hellnights as elite, somewhat brutal police.

Of course a Lawful Good Hellnight will have a different worldview than, say, a Lawful Good healer - but there is nothing in the notion of "Lawful Good" precluding that.

I second this answer.

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Keep it up! Only.... nine more days to go!

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Jessica Price wrote:

Kelesh is a large, ancient, and extremely powerful empire. It's not a nation: it's a governing body that contains many nations and cultures. (As I hinted at in Inner Sea Races, the "Keleshite" designation is less an ethnicity like Kellids or Varisians and closer to "Tian" -- which is to say, it's not monolithic, and has more to do with Avistani not really understanding the different cultures and peoples and lumping them all into a single designation that basically equates to "I dunno, they're from Over There.")

Kelesh itself has a lot of desert, but it also has jungles, grasslands, temperate forests, and other climates, and cultures that developed within them. The Imperial Family and a lot of the nobility originate from desert tribes, and a lot of citizens imitate some of their practices and dress because they're seen as socially prestigious, which is why Keleshites are seen as "desert people" in Avistan.

Vudra is also extremely large and potentially powerful (and probably better defined as an empire than as a nation), but it's a collection of a ton of different smaller nations and while the maharajah is the supreme ruler, its administration is less tight than Kelesh's -- a mahajanapada is more independent than a satrapy.

Vudra hasn't conquered the world because A) overall they're not inclined to and B) they're not particularly centralized.

Kelesh hasn't conquered the world because after they got rich enough, they decided that instead of engaging in military conquest, they'd try economic/cultural conquest instead. (Join up, get free shipping on luxury goods from around the world!) They're confident that the quality of life the Empire provides its citizens will lure the rest of the world under their rule eventually. They don't need to force it. Qadira feels differently, of course.

Thank you for this Jessica!

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The Scorpion King

Why it's bad: Action adventure doesn't get much cheesier than The Scorpion King. (So say the critics)

Why it's good: It's FUN. It's cheesy, knows that's it's cheesy, and glories in being what it is: A fun action adventure that doesn't let history, accuracy, or anything else get in the way of having a good time. Guy experimenting with gunpowder thousands of years too early. Sure. Flaming swords, hell yes. Sub-Saharan African amazonian kingdom in the middle east. Why not?

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I'm not sure I'd worship one primarily. I'd probably be one of those with a small shrine holds the icons of several.

My shrine would probably hold icons too:
Abadar: As patron of civilization and my profession.
Sarenrae: Light of the world.
Pharasma: I just like her and someone worthy of showing respect to.
Erastil: I appreciate nature and his values most resonate with me.
Shelyn: Love and beauty are worthy of worship, and I could use more of both.

If I had to choose one, I think either Pharasma or Nethys. I could see being a cleric of Pharasma for area, and could represent other deities as well who don't have clerics in the area. I help you on the way in and out, very practical faith that, and like contemplating eternity. Wouldn't mind becoming a psychopomp helping the flow of souls along either after finishing with life.

If Nethys, mystic theurge dedicate to learning all the things. I seek phenomenal cosmic power! (Probably end up being a magic 101 teacher for prospective wizards and clerics.)

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Gorbacz wrote:
Ragathiel, on the other hand, is a psychotic omnicidial monster who covers his head with a sheet of lead every time his fellow empyreal lords cast detect evil on him.

Perhaps in your games G, but that is not how he is presented in the source material, and it clearly isn't how everyone else sees him.

For me, Ragathiel is a very welcome, and necessary, part of the Good community. I like an obedience that I might not get every day. It's more powerful than most obediences and is appropriately more difficult to perform.

As for his flavor/nature that people find disagreeable, that doesn't mean he isn't Good. I don't care for Arshea, but that doesn't make he/she/it not Good. Take away Arshea and Good is too sexless. Take away Ragathiel and Good becomes too fluffy bunny. We need both.

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Zhangar wrote:

The article makes it clear that she completely approved of the Runelords, and really did recognize Runelord Krune (who was a straight up wizard, not a cleric) as her High Priest. Amusingly enough, her teachings favor arcane magic over divine magic, and so seeing her divine servitors dwindle in favor of arcane casters was not a surprise.

(Like Sorshen apparently murdering an entire city to become immortal. If I understand Lissala right, in Lissala's eyes Sorshen, as the master of those people, actually had the right to kill them all to further to her own magical advancement. By Lissala's teachings, those people had a duty to die for Sorshen's whims.)

That is actually the opposite of what I got from her article. When talking about Thassilon's downward spiral into depravity, it specifically mentions that this was the result of the nation's culture, and not a directive of the goddess. Although the more distasteful practices did not conflict with Lissala's teaching, they don't seem to have been encouraged either.

Lissala's slow withdrawal from Thassilon always struck me as a sign of disapproval. The runelords and her church were abandoning her directives and so she gradually moved away, or perhaps she viewed it as the other way around.

Also, nothing in the article indicates she approved of Krune. He was the head of her church, and many people thought him to have a special connection to the goddess, but there isn't anything that really supports him having her approval.

I quite like Lissala, and she seems like a quite positive deity. Her church was heavily involved in the local community, and even today emphasizes service regardless of the facade the cult is using.

If a slave isn't a good fit for the church's rigor, sell them to a owner with a more suitable post. Apprentices who aren't happy should be encouraged to seek other careers, not punished and forced into conformity. Sounds like deity we need to bring back. Lissala 2015!

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Good luck and have fun at Gen-Con.

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Norasha Mountainrunner wrote:

@Hammas Wow! Excellent character you got there! Good luck!

Thanks! I used your alias as template for mine, so thanks for the assist!

Quill the Owl wrote:

Indeed! Hammas looks like a well thought out character. I wish that they offered more variety in the non-iconic female half-orc avatars, but it is what it is. I looking forward to seeing which characters are chosen for this adventure!

Thanks Owl! Hurray for cuddly half-orcs!

It would be really nice to get some more portraits of the different races. Imrijka is great, but she doesn't fit very for a lot of characters.

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Female Half-orc Ranger 1
N Medium Humanoid (Human/Orc)
Init +2, Senses: Scent, Darkvision
AC 15, touch 12, flat-footed 13
hp 12
Fort +4, Ref +4, Will +2
CMD 16
Spd 30
Melee: Greataxe +4; 1d12 + 4, Bite -1; 1d4 + 1
Ranged: Mwk Composite Longbow +3; 1d8 + 2
CMB +4
Str 16, Dex 14, Con 14, Int 10, Wis 14, Cha 10

Feats: Keen Scent
Traits: Tusked, Trunau Native
Racial Traits: Bestial(+2 perception), Shaman's Apprentice(Endurance)
Skills: Perception +8, Survival +6(+8 vs fish!), Stealth +6, Handle Animal +4, Knowledge: Nature +4, Climb +7, Craft: Bows +4
Languages: Common, Orc, Sylvan
SQ: Scent, Darkvision
Diety: Erastil
Favored Enemy: Orc
Wild Empathy
Composite Longbow(+2)
Studded Leather Armor
Masterwork Dagger
Pig (Garm)
Pathfinder Kit
Cooking Kit
Tent 2-person
2x winter blankets
2x waterproof bags
Fishing Net
Fishing Tackle
5x Bear Traps
Spike, Iron
10x Oil, pints
5x Tindertwigs



Hammas is a female half-orc, though the human side isn't very evident. Pig-like tusks, enlarged ears, and strong coloring leave her looking full orc, and a bestial one at that. Flaring nostrils and twitching ears further cement her status as a wild creature, almost a beast herself, in the minds of those who meet her.

To those in the know however; she appears as one of those hunters, man or orc, who travel the rocky wastes of Belkzen alone.

Height: 5'10"
Weight: 208lbs


Some become trappers because they can't stand civilization, or civilization can't stand them. Some because they are hiding from something. And some because they'd just rather be alone with Gozreh. Hammas falls into the last group, and perhaps, if we're being completely honest, a bit of the first as well. Trunau is about accepting as an area can be, and there are plenty of half-orcs around, but that doesn't mean people don't share a preference for those with white, or at least non-green, skin.

This became more apparent as childhood turned to adolescence. Not that those around her were cruel, but children will play with the girl who can find the ripest berries and men will drink with the hunter who can follow a wounded deer on a moonless night, but suitors don't bring flowers to the girl whose ears swivel or whose tusks threaten to blind those who lean close, and that hurts.

And so, Hammas drifted more into the company of those wild men and women who roam the wild moors and rocky crags. Her talents made it easy. Hunting brought in meat and money, both of which are always needed, in large half-orc families especially, and earned respect from everyone, though no offers to join at the Rose's alter.

Central to Hammas' life is her family. To understand her you have to understand where she came from. As long as her home exists, with loving parents and noisy siblings, all is right with the world. It is the rock that anchors her.

Two half-orcs met and, like what happens to most of us, decided that they rather enjoyed one another's company and enjoyed it enough to not kill each other or the squalling brats when they inevitably came along. More children came, and more children, and some how a few more snuck in, which Hammas' father is firmly, or at least loudly, convinced that someone simply dropped off and forget to return for, surely he wasn't responsible for all of these. To which her mother would loudly reply that yes he was and had he forgotten how it came about. Ah well then, perhaps you could remind me how its done, and soon after another child would sneak, or rather come lustily wailing, into the house to join to a near dozen others.

To the credit to Halgra and the rest of community, most of those children are still alive today. The oldest was killed defending the wall against an attack, one was stolen in raid, and two others died of illness, but that isn't bad for the frontier.

In a crowded, noisy environment like that a middle child has two options for getting by, get louder or be quiet. Hammas went quiet. Since others had first call on attention, she learned how to solve problems herself. When someone was looking for a target to harass, Hammas just wasn't around.

Time in the wilds, with the chance and need for careful consideration that trapping provides, strengthened this tendency. In group conversations, she tends to hold back. Waiting until everyone else has finished. When she does speak, sudden pauses give an odd rhythm to it. This isn't to say that she is shy or retiring. One on one, she can become quite chatty. Willing to listen for hours and share stories about the things she sees. In general though, Hammas is most comfortable expressing her feelings through action, which she doesn't hesitate to do. A firm handshake, a warm hug, or light punch to the arm.

Today Hammas is a respected, if junior, part of the trappers and hunters that make up the town's first line of defense. Her senses have led her choosing/being assigned to a rugged section of the hills to the west. That's what being able to follow a scent over stones that hold no tracks gets you.

In keeping with this, she travels with a somewhat tamed boar named Garm, who is better able navigate the difficult terrain and attracts less attention than a more traditional pack animal. A tusked green-skin with a pig doesn't generate much excitement. A woman with a mule would.

Known Ally:

Sara Morninghawk. As owner of Trunau's smithy, Sara is an critical person to know, and Hammas is just the sort of person Sara likes, competent, honest, and doesn't insist on trying to talk in a loud forge. Sara and Agrit's unusual, but seemingly happy, marriage has led the quiet ranger to start seeking advice on romance.

Unknown Ally:

As it turns out, someone has noticed Hammas, and thinks she's perfect. A young orc by the name of Grishnákh has noticed the hunter that roams outside his tribe's territory. The others may be too dense to notice, but he's investigated some of the camps she's made. That non-descript figure on the hills is female. A strong, healthy, and most importantly, unclaimed female. Grish has taken to voluntarily patrolling that section of hills, which allows him to keep other's in the tribe from finding out, as well as leaving tokens of affection in areas she's likely to visit.

Known Enemy:

The Bone-Fist tribe doesn't often come into conflict with Trunau. The town is just a bit too far to be convenient. That doesn't stop a the occasional group of young males from trying it to gain prestige though. One of these raids caught Hammas' brother Nisk out a little too far from help. The family doesn't know his fate, but hope for death rather than the alternative. One pride of place on Hammas' tusk necklace is set from a warrior from the tribe who thought the humans couldn't find him in the dark.

Unknown Enemy:

Just as Hammas activities in the wild gained her an admirer, they also bought her a bitter enemy. One of the other town hunters by the name of Darien had a found a nice side-line in selling goods and information to the orcs tribes. Once it was decided that Hammas was best suited for the rocky areas, he lost any believable excuse to travel there and his income dwindled. Darien was willing to let it go. His wife, however, was not.

Posting: I can post once, sometimes multiple times a day. I'm currently running a pbp here on the forums. I usually am on in the morning (6-9) and evening (6-9) pacific time.

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I've abandoned pbp games...

"Shame! Shame! Shame!"

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This is a private game

Five years after a tragic fire and spate of brutal murders, the people of Sandpoint eagerly anticipate the Swallowtail Festival to commemorate the consecration of the town’s new temple.

Level 1
Max hp for level 1
HP gain upon leveling TBD whether averaged or rolling

20 point buy
Final ability scores no higher than 18, and no lower than 8

150gp for all classes

2 Traits, 1 strongly encouraged to be campaign. All traits must be incorporated into the character's backstory/personality.

No custom races

All paizo classes, archetypes, races, etc allowed, so long as they fit the character and don't unbalance the party.

Background skills from unchained are recommended. For those who don't have the book, you get 2 bonus skill ranks (per level) that can only be used in the following skills: Appraise, Artistry, Craft, Handle Animal, Knowledge (Engineering, Geography, History, Nobility), Linguistics, Lore, Perform, Profession, Sleight of Hand. Use these to help flesh your character out.


There will be changes to the Adventure Path. That's the nature of role-playing games. I tweak this, you save instead of slay, and pretty soon our campaign doesn't look quite like anyone else's. Don't fight it, embrace it.

Content in my games tends to run a bit mature in places, especially in a game like Runelords where you face ancient and monstrous evil. I don't try to be shocking or gratuitous, but entrails are spilled, people get naked, and the terrible things that can happen to the helpless don't always take place conveniently off-screen. This isn't to everyone's taste, and I wanted to let you know.

I will DMPC your character if the party is waiting on you, generally this will be after ~24hrs, but it will really be a more a matter of feel once we're familiar with everyone's posting schedule. This usually only occurs in combat, and role-playing someone else's character is awkward. Speaking of which...

PbP has some... quirks. On the one hand it's much easier to be in character and get some serious role-playing done. You have time to really think about what to do. On the other, turns are often a day long, with posting order and character actions tumbling all over each other. So, at the end of each round of combat I will be posting a summary of the official version of what happened, and reserve the right to change character actions so everything goes smoothly. This works quite well, and the changes are usually on the order of, 'Slew goblin z instead of y because [Other Character] killed y first.' So, when you post your action, feel free to give me some alternative actions or what he wants to accomplish in the fight. i.e '[charname] is going to take out the bodyguards first. Or [charname] will heal rather than attack if someone goes down.

If a conversation starts up between a single character and a npc, we will probably continue it in spoilers rather than holding up the whole party while you harmlessly flirt with the bar-maid. Same goes for 'small talk' conversations within the party. These are one of the most enjoyable parts of role-playing, and so I want to encourage them, but an ongoing dispute over who is the worst cook probably isn't going to drastically change anything, unlike, say, a conversation about whether we kill the prisoner or not. That does need to be resolved before moving on, and don't feel the need to rush it. If it takes a week to figure out what to do with the BBEG, that is OK.

I plan to have traps, poisons, diseases, puzzles, etc to further enhance the game beyond "I kill all the things!" There will be different ways to accomplish an "encounter", be it by combat, diplomacy, intrigue, sneaking, etc.

There will be time for crafting, professions, artistry, and performances

Metagaming, spoiling the game, harassing players, and verbal abuse are all serious. Please play respectfully. I will eject players that are jerks. Also, 'It's what my character would do!' is usually not a good enough reason for disruptive behavior.

Posting expectation is 1/day. If possible, more posting is good, especially in combat, the bane of many pbps, where all you really need to type one or two sentences and enter a dice sequence. However, if you can't post for a couple days, I understand. Though a head's up is always nice, I won't kill you off just because you got sick or had a test. Likewise, if there is an usually long silence on my end, don't panic, role-play.

Final thing, The world in the game will continue on without you, but the game itself will not. Your character does nothing if you don't type it. Your character feels nothing if you don't type it. When possible, don't give us, your fellow cast members, 'Charge Goblin in L4, power attack with longsword.' or 'I flirt with deh w3nch.' I recommend these two guides for ideas. Doomedhero's guide and Building a better Doomedhero

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Your company departs early the next morning. As you load your relatively meager belongings onto the ranger's packhorses, the rising sun illuminates a sea of fog covering the bay and surrounding valleys. The higher hills, such as the one the ranger's camp is on, rise from the mist like islands. Diorn warns to keep a favorite weapon or two handy. The way we take is usually safe, but things have become unsettled since the king's death. Keep your eyes open for ambushes. There are some who would welcome a chance to strike down those who keep the peace.

Diorn provides Athene with three simple, but well made, copies of a book. One in archaic elvish, the ranger's language, and the common tongue of the kingdom. Though there aren't enough to provide copies for all of you, one or two additional books could be loaned to anyone interested in either the ranger's language or common.


You descend into the misty valley, and follow a twisting trail through the hills to your east. You descend to the valley floor around noon. The morning fog has burned away, giving you clear view of an area much more populated than any you've seen yet. A simple stone keep stands watch on a small mound just below the where the trail enters.

Patchwork fields cover the valley with similar keeps dotting the edges. A league or so to the north a true castle with curtain walls anchors a bustling town near the middle of the valley.

As your horses pass the keep a youth watching from the battlement waves and shouts greeting, which the rangers return.

A low wall surrounds the town, which looks to hold a couple thousand, and carts and wagons make a steady stream in and out. The townsfolk and those in the field surrounding look much like those you've seen before. A melting pot of the northern inner sea. The men mostly wear loose trousers and shirts, sometimes with a tunic or vest over. Unlike what you've seen before, the women are all clothed in long bodiced-dresses with a white underdress beneath and cap or hat. Almost everyone wears an armband or other piece of black clothe.

Your group receives plenty of attention, mostly positive, with many offering bows or curtsies. A, relatively, brief lunch is taken within the great hall of the castle, which flies the grapes quartered with the red eye at half mast. The lord of the castle is well into his middle-age, well-dressed in somber black. Though he greets you courteously, his attention is focused on Mary, Ritva, Ian, and Ingolf. Apparently there is a great deal to discuss. Several small packages and packets of letters are exchanged, mostly added to your saddlebags.

With no more than an hour or so spent, you once again head west. Climbing out of the valley, you pass a earthen dam, a hundred feet high or a little more holding back a medium sized lake. Another keep watches over the dam and the valley below.

Once more traveling through winding hills, you spend the night camped in the pasture of a fortified manor/keep resting in a small valley tucked between the folds of the earth. The minor lord provides dinner and breakfast and suggests making your way quickly to the outpost that is your next day's destination.

You make good time the next morning. The road gently winding south through a valley that shows signs of once being inhabited before turning sharply north into a maze of narrow valleys. Abruptly the valley you are following jinks and as you round the bend becomes a narrow lake.


The valleys are now all shadowed as you round another bend from where a bone of the valley juts out into the water. The road has been sliced into the hillside and the grade slopes steeply up both above and below you.

In the evening quite of birds and insects, you hear several sharp cracks, followed by the crashing, crunching rumble of stones sliding down the mountainside. It's a landslide, and it's heading straight for you!

Perception DC20:

A small something, a dislodged stone or flicker of movement, catches your attention and you suddenly notice several humanoids concealed in the brush above you. You are not caught off-guard and may act in the surprise round.

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True. But they didn't do a Numeria AP until they had the technology rules. I'm thinking it's the same with Vudra. No Vudra AP until the psychic rules are in place.

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You sir, have murderhobos. Honest to the abyss cannibal murderhobos.

If used as the villains for a traditional party, they would be regarded as 'unrealistic' or 'Oh, s%*@! We're dealing with like, possessed demon-cultists aren't we.'

If you encountered the Stag Lord's gang, they would be revolted, then do their best to kill the party. Being a capricious murdering cannibal has that effect on people, even bandits.

I'm kind of surprised they didn't add rape into the mix.

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Just popping in to say that the above poster is a gentleman and scholar with excellent taste in books.

As for the topic. The worst background I've seen was, "Well... really I just wanted to maximize the potential of a bomb throwing alchemist. No, don't really have any goals for him or anything, just wanted to see how the numbers turned out. What, oh yeah. It's a guy I guess. I play guy characters. I should probably put the name and gender stuff down shouldn't I?

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Hear me Locust! I will unmake you. I will turn your wasteland into a paradise. I will lead your scorned children to heaven. I will burn your body and from the ashes grow a garden of such beauty and goodness that all who see it will be restored. I will name it Deskari so that in time your very name is one with life, joy, and love. I will take everything that you are and make it holy!

Lord of the Verdant Waste
Son of Vengeance

Home: The material plane

Alignment: Lawful good

Temples: Former temples of evil faiths. Wastelands. Ruins.

Holy Symbol:

Portfolio: Wastelands

Mendevian crusaders
Residents of the Worldwound
Tiefling paladins

Domains: Fire, Good, Law, Plant
Subdomains: Archon, Ash, Growth, Redemption

Favored Weapon: Bastard Sword

Tuoni is a not properly a deity, rather a mortal risen to the heights of mythic power. The scion of Ragathiel and a tiefling paladin devoted to his service, Tuoni’s nature and heritage are an important part of who he is. From his father’s side he gained a heritage of iron, fire, and vengeance, but also fertility, honor, and leadership. From his mother, mortality, the fury of the abyss, and a desire to create new life. Raised by his mother and adoptive father, Tuoni was taught early, and firmly, the importance of discipline and self-mastery, and the need for order. For some it might be enough to simply follow their heart, but for him, and his mother, righteousness was a code found in the sacred texts of good divinities. If the heart cannot be trusted, something else must guide it.

This reliance on external codes, and the identity of his parents, made becoming a paladin a natural choice that he trained for from early on. Having spent many of his formative years in Lastwall, Tuoni identifies strongly with that crusader tradition and bears the shield and sword mark of Vigil proudly.

During the fifth crusade, particularly with the reclamation of the city of Drezen, Tuoni became an beacon to many, and organized his followers to best help in the restoration and defense of the city. As he grew in power, he found that his most devoted were able to draw not just inspiration, but real, tangible, power from him in an manner not unlike how he did from his father. This humbling, and exhilarating, power would have great effect on the path he would take.

The attention demanded by being a good leader caused him to notice, really notice, the tortured landscape. He heard stories from crusaders whose ancestors had once called this land home. Of temples desecrated and herds that had once provided sustenance turned into undead abominations. And through all this, in the middle of a war for the soul of a world, children were born. New life was made, and the only horizon for those children to see was a hellscape from a lunatic’s nightmares. This would not be tolerated. The hordes of the Abyss would pay for this crime and the land would be restored. More than restored, it would be made good.

An important part of the Verdant Waste’s faith is the belief that all sentient beings have the ability, and right, to determine their destiny, and so is popular among those who have decided to reject their heritage. Though many of these are individualists who favor the flexibility of chaos, this is not the case for all. Some desire to change, or recognize the validity of arguments in favor of it, but lack, or feel they lack, the ability to do so one their own, and seek a firm structure to build their new lives around. These are often individuals who have failed to achieve their goal previously, or for whom it is an ongoing struggle, such as pit-born tieflings who must continually master their fiendish heritage. Others simply recognize the strength that comes from being part of a united community. Marks of Justice and other magically binding oaths are popular among the faithful. Though there is some variation, all require the bearer to be truthful and uphold the noblest crusader ideals.

X has a fondness for bees, particularly honeybees. As creatures which work together to enrich and benefit all around them, they represent the ideal X strives towards. They turn hollow trees and rock clefts into astounding and beautiful homes full of multitudes working together. From this reclaimed home, they go forth, promoting growth and turning nectar into a delicious and nourishing food. Though generally unaggressive, bees are willing to give their all in defense of their hive, and their sting is painful and lasting. Bees are also the source of X’s prefered libation, mead. There is an element of pugnaciousness in the choice as well. As insects tend to be favored by gods of chaos or evil.

As much of Tuoni’s limited time as a quasi-deity has been spent trying to reclaim the world-wound and restore natural order there, he works with many that would seem uncomfortable fits. As beings connected to nature, azatas, fey, and druids are are frequent presences in project camps. Seeking to right the wrongs done, he has sought out beings who lived, or are descended from those who lived, in Sarkoris prior to the wound. Just as important, Tuoni seeks to make the land itself whole. Proper placement of forests, water-courses, plant and animals species. are all considered before taking action. It is not enough to know what was here, though that often provides an excellent blue-print to work from, it needs to be the right choice.

Make the desert bloom
Even the most blasted waste can be made beautiful with enough skill and sacrifice. This applies not only to physical wastes, but to spiritual or personal ones as well. A personal failing or weakness is a chance to prove mastery over self and create something truly unique. Likewise, a thing’s origin or nature does not determine it’s destiny. Some of the emptiest deserts can become the most productive farms with proper watering and tending.

A thousand strikes cleave the mountain
Adapted from one of Deskari’s own aphorisms, this can be used to emphasize the importance of persistence or community. It takes consistent and determined effort to affect lasting change. If you wish to truly make a difference, carefully count the cost, then proceed with fortitude. Likewise, a task that could take one man a lifetime can be done quickly with the aid of others. Much good can be done as a community if it united in the same task. Gather others of a like mind together, and everyone’s goals will be accomplished sooner.

Relations with other religions: Tuoni is the son of the empyreal lord Ragathiel, and so grandson of Dispater and Feronia. He has good relations with his father, rising to power as a paladin in his service. Ascension to near equal status, choosing a different focus, and granting spells to his own worshipers has complicated the relationship. Currently neither are exactly sure how to proceed and have been seeking advice from older deities. A quite religious mortal, X is endeavoring to cultivate relationships with a wide array of divinities, most notably Iomedae and the gods of the crusade, whose servants he has fought alongside, Pharasma, who he feels everyone should be on good terms with, and his paternal grandmother Feronia, with whom he shares many interests. Cayden Cailean’s advice has been sought in regards to the proper fermentation of honey and as a fellow mortal who gained divine power unintentionally. Overtures have been made to Erecura, Dispater’s current wife as a first step in trying to resolve what is, for Tuoni, a troublingly unsettled relationship with his grandfather.
X also has a number of divine enemies. First of all these is Deskari. The demon lord’s incursion into X’s homeworld, and X’s and company’s subsequent foiling of his plan created a fierce enmity. Slaying him in his seat of power and vowing to unmake him roused the dispassionate Lord of Locusts to an eternal hatred, which the Son of Vengence is more than happy to return. Baphomet is a close second for his part in corrupting the crusades. X has also sworn oaths of destruction against Cyth-V’sug, Treerazer, Apollyon, and Trelmarixian, though he freely admits those, with the exception of Treerazer, are long term goals that would require significant help to accomplish. Still, having specifics in mind is more useful than simply saying all of Abaddon and the Abyss.

Holidays: Holidays form an important part of the growing faith as they bring a community together. They are also favored by X himself as opportunities to honor other deities or events worthy of praise, and engage in revelry. X and his followers specifically honor the first day of spring, both as a celebration of new life and to frustrate Deskari’s cultists, and the other equinox and solstices as important markers in the cycle of life.

Apologies if this is in the wrong place. I drew inspiration from this Hekatriggan and so finally decided to put it in the same place.

Feedback, suggestions, etc. Are all welcome.

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I play because it generally turns into three hours of shared laughter. It's also fun. You play video or board games and always think, what if I could do X. Here, you can, and we do.

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Tacticslion wrote:

** spoiler omitted **

Spoiler'd because or my quantum state of potential sleep deprivation aside, I recognized it for the off topic it is!

Your bed. It calls to you. Give in to temptation! ^_^ Also, the captain is correct, you're doing fine.

So, as we're currently on the topic of boundaries and punishments, a question that has puzzled me. Why is disappointing others sometimes an effective form of punishment, and why isn't it at others?

As I mentioned up thread, the primary punishment I received, after the age of 8 or so, was knowing that I'd disappointed my parents. That was it. I'd know they'd be disappointed, or I might see it in their faces, and I'd be crushed and vow to myself never to do it again. Why did this happen and why was it effective?

Even today, independent adult and all, if my parents requested something, I'd almost certainly do it. The thought of disobeying a actual command is, while not unthinkable, foreign. That just isn't how the world works. Yes, I have sometimes wondered if they slipped mind-control nanobots into my cereal as a child.

Orthos, I think your analogy is pretty accurate. We may all be talking about X, Y, and Z, and we're even using the same labels, but each of the variables is slightly different in each experiment. X with Y explodes, unless it's Xa or Yi-Yo, but if you use Xa with Yk then it melts a hole in the floor, and Z forms are great alloy if you're using the later sequence of X, but if you add....

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Diorn, through Athene, tries to answer as best he can. "No. This house is not dedicated to any of the powers. Collecting his thoughts for a moment, "I will tell you the names by which we know the powers. Perhaps you will recognize who you worship by a different name. However, this Calistria does not sound like a form of the Powers I know."

The Queens of the Empyreal Lords are seven. Greatest is the Sublime. Who we call Star-Queen, Star-Kindler and the Ever-White. From the beginning she saw the darkness of the Enemy and hated him. She hold dominion over the stars and light, and so the servants of the Dark cannot stand her name or presence.

The Giver of Fruits is Queen of the Earth. She created all green things which grow in the earth, and gave life to the trees.

She Who Weeps is the source of grief and hope, for they are twins who never part. She offers solace when none other will, and teaches compassion and pity.

Rest heals the wounds and weariness of the world. She gives us the night that in her sleep our souls may be renewed.

The Weaver's storied webs cover the halls of the Judge, recording the story of all that has come to pass.

Beauty dwells in the forests of the Hunter. At her passing flowers bloom and birds sing. It was her love that caused the Sun to blossom from the golden tree.

Young forever dances over the fields of the blesssed realm with The Valient. She watches over deer and all other things which run upon the earth.



1d20 + 10 ⇒ (15) + 10 = 25
1d20 + 7 ⇒ (7) + 7 = 14

1d20 + 10 ⇒ (1) + 10 = 11
1d20 + 7 ⇒ (4) + 7 = 11

1d20 + 10 ⇒ (19) + 10 = 29
1d20 + 10 ⇒ (7) + 10 = 17
1d20 + 7 ⇒ (8) + 7 = 15

The audience looks on and whistle appreciatively at Staveon's performance, particularly his display with the dueling sword, but it is the offering of a friendly duel that really perks their interest. After some good-natured jostling and cat calling, a tough-looking woman steps forward. Perhaps a few years older than Staveon, her scarred arms indicate she's used to the clash of melee.

Nonetheless, this is Staveon's dance. One-on-one, especially in front of a crowd, is what the Aldori style is meant for, and it shows. The first round is clearly in Staveon's favor, but the second see him nearly dropping his sword after trying a particularly fancy maneuver. His opponent begins to laugh at the spectacle, but it was all a clever ruse. In the blink of an eye, her sword is gone and the swordlord ends with a flourish.

The performance earns wild applause from the rangers. Mary and Ritva roll their eyes and mock shudder, but clap with the rest.

Pavo grins as he comes forward. Thanks for setting the bar so low.

Though he doesn't challenge anyone, he puts on an impressive display of tumbling and juggling with his daggers, seemingly making them appear and disappear from improbable places.

This is also greeted with enthusiastic applause and offers of wine. These are martial people, and skill earns their respect.


Discussing travel plans makes it clear that the five leaders and those who will be accompanying them had planned to leave before the met you. Mary tells you, via Diorn. It was by chance that we were finishing some matters with the Bearkillers when you arrived. We have only stayed this long to ensure matters are settled and preparing here. Now we must head north for the funeral and war councils, though we would not object to your presence. Perhaps I should not say chance. There doesn't seem to be such a thing where Powers are concerned. Your arrival at this time could not be anything but fate.

Nevertheless, you are not part of this kingdom, and so we have no authority over you. If you feel it would be best to stay and investigate what brought you here, we understand.


As you are discussing the matter Pavo offers his opinion. I think maybe we should split up for a bit. With a wide grin, Not that I don't like you guys, but right now there are a lot of fish we need to catch, and all of our lines are in the same spot. And it's not as though it'll be hard to find each other again. We just ask where the aliens are.

Mulling things over, I'm with Staveon, I could go either way. Here and there both seem good.

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The white board is already covered in lines, circles, and symbols. It appears to be some sort of primitive map. Several humanoids are gesticulating wildly and making excited noises. A hush falls as you enter the room. The humanoids begin to smile...

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Falling - DJ Encore

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Purple Dragon Knight wrote:
Pfft! everyone knows that "ioun" means "magic" or "tiny orbiting planet" in Azlanti!

In Thassilion it means, "Only pansies use floaters."

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If you can recruit enough people into your cult, you might be able to entice her back. Her herald would certainly thank you.

Something I'm a bit curious about, what is the herald's relationship with the Rune Giants like. They're the only followers of Lissala I can think of with the power to summon the herald, and they seem like they would have quite a bit in common.

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Going along with what people have said, it isn't the most practical choice.

Not everyone, about half the population probably, has the ability to cast 0-level cantrips. The percentage of the population able to cast the spells goes down with each increase in spell level. It's like today, not everyone can get a degree in mechanical engineering.

It takes a large investment. It takes seven years to become a first level cleric/wizard. That's about the time required to finish a Phd. That's huge! The number of people with the interest and resources to study for that long isn't very high. Especially considering the following.

It isn't very useful. You're brighter than the average joe, and you've just spent 7 years of your young life learning how to.... shoot a pretty pathetic ray of cold, and maybe a small cone of flame once a day. Yay. With that and some social skills you might get a job in a local tavern. Meanwhile, your friend has been in the city guard for several years as a fighter, just got promoted to sergeant, and is married.

Unless you're something special and have the ability and interest in getting somewhere in the 3-5th level range, studying magic is a bad investment. It's like studying philosophy or ancient greek, and stopping at bachelors. If you've got something else going for you and this is to make stand out, or you're just interested, great. Prestidigitation is a neat bonus if you're a carpenter, but probably not worth the trouble. Now, if you are one of those rare people, adventurers, it can be a great choice, just like some people become famous archeologists digging around the dead sea for treasure. For your average person though, stick to something with a better return.

Now, as for why more nations haven't invested in a few on command rock-to-mud, mud-to-rock, and wall of stone items for road construction ,or a plant growth thing increasing crop yields, I don't know. My general assumption is they have. That's why there are stone bridges in the unpopulated countryside and a higher than expected portion of the population not involved in agriculture. You just haven't encountered it because how often will peasants in need of a hero mention that the tax collector also cast a spell on the fields and part of the tax is a 'spell' tax?

Actually, a friend and I spent several mornings at work creating a setting where people had exploited magic. It turned into this apocalyptic wasteland populated by flying iron fortresses equipped with disintegration cannons and anti-magic bomb launchers. Orbital bombardment platforms destroyed anything that couldn't hide, dig deep, or move fast. Everything was based around magically hardened adamantine 'wish/miracle' spheres and the engineers who used them.

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Going back to descriptions, I like the way Butcher does his. Sure, sometimes I wish there was a bit more, but I can't recall ever wishing for less.

As for spending more time on pretty females than other characters, sure. I'd have to got back to confirm, but I'd believe, and it doesn't bother me. First, it makes sense from a character standpoint, which as people have pointed out is the view point we have, but it also wouldn't bother me if it was just the author's preference/style. I like hearing what Mab looks like.

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One of my favorite things to do with treasure, not just for dungeons, is to describe them. They aren't just coins, I describe the coins. If there is a bolt of silk, I try to give it a color or pattern. This has led to some great parts of campaigns. Take just a bit of extra time describing loot, and players will think it's more important and start handing you plot hooks by the bucket load.

"The next item is an elaborate blue silk dress, done in a classic Cheliaxian style."
"Wait, we're like, really fair from there right?"
"So... why do goblins have a fancy dress. Do people dress like that here?"
"You've never seen anyone dress like this in Sandpoint."
*And now a new side adventure begins.*

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Khan: No... no you can't get away. From hell's heart, I stab at thee... For hate's sake, I spit my last breath at thee...

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Off-topic Tacticslion:

Alright, you've got to explain this to me, what does being from Miami have to do with anything? I come from the land of ice and snow. Your palm-tree ways are foreign to us.

Yeah, I've gotten similar things about sex, and porn. Probably most uncomfortable conversation of my life was riding the train to work while a couple guys tried to figure out what kind of porn I was into. Like the boob conversation but worse. Telling them I wasn't just convinced them I must be into the really kinky stuff. I learned much that day. Much that can never be forgotten.

As for roommate, wow! Were you there at the time? If so, that's sitcom level.
I have a mat in the lab that I not infrequently use, but that's because my neighbors love their sound system. Related story, one of the most amusing moments of the last year was visiting my roommate at his fiancee's house. There was this weird, awkward silence. When I finally asked what was up, they informed me their neighbors in the building were newlyweds, and the walls are thin. Very, very thin.

Sounds like our high school experiences had quite a few similarities. Our group was the 'Other' box of society. We couldn't even divide up by weirdnesses, because then we'd all be in groups of one. Strange times. Interestingly it was opposite with anime. I was trying to get us to branch out beyond Gundum and Dragonball, everyone else wasn't so sure. What are these 'subtitles' you speak of?

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Agreed. You can see him getting better every time, and Butcher himself has talked about how much his writing has improved and how he looks for ways to make it better, but even his first books are enjoyable. I think he is a great writer. Not in a 'Giants of English Literature 201' sense, but he is a damned fine storyteller. I'm never bored or skimming over sections. The writing draws me into the story rather than pulling me out. I laugh, I chortle, and I'm left feeling pumped and excited about life after reading one of his books. Hard to do better than that.

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Tacticslion wrote:
Orthos wrote:
NobodysHome wrote:
over 95% of U.S. teens explore alcohol, a nearly-as-high percentage explore sex
Woo~! *proud 5%er*
Bro-fist for a fellow! (I felt so weird and out of place in high-school and almost embarrassed to say I was engaged...)

We are the 5%!

Tactics, I think a lot of us felt weird and out of place there. It's a weird and out of place sort of place. Why pseudo-embarrassed over being engaged?

As for the more general discussion over teenagers and being one, no real interesting stories to tell. Closest thing to pubescent craziness/rebellion was forgetting to fill up the gas tank after using a car. I know we had rules, but they were basically 'Be nice'. The closest thing to an arbitrary rule I can remember was to let someone know if we'd be out after 10. (The punishment for breaking said rule was to have our mother get worried and stay up late, thus making you feel like a terrible human being because you made her worry.)

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Thinking about it, my games seem to vary quite a bit between sessions. If a campaign were turned into a movie, it would probably be R due to some of the fight scenes. It isn't that we dwell on the gore, but we do describe what happens. I'm not sure there's a PG way to depict being bitten in half by an owlbear, incinerated by multiple fireballs, or the aftermath of a troll family vs ogre clan fight. Aside from that, totally PG/PG-13. Maybe LOTR PG-13? My players have a tendancy to muck around with the insides of dead enemies and allies.

Overall: PG/PG-13. With a notable exception of when we ran Carnival of Tears. That thing starts at gorefest R and heads south from there. CoT is also responsible for the kingdom's zero tolerance policy towards evil fey.

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The more you despair. Norgorber can help with this.

As for Skin Game,

I love the scene with Hades. Who's a good dog?

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That's true, but I'm running it as part of the campaign, and I don't think Fellnight has its own obituaries section.

For me, carnival of tears and fellnight realm are the forgotten chapters of kingmaker.

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Maleficent(The real one): "Now shall you deal with me oh prince, and all the powers of hell!"

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Your hosts pay close attention as Diorn translates Athene's description of your arrival and initial fight, and are interested in any additions others are willing to provide.

Once the details of the fight are covered, Mary and Ritva examine the map of the planets Therin and Athene have sketched. They aren't identical by any means, but do seem quite similar. If you switched out Verces and Eox for their belt of pebbles, the first six planets would be identical, Liavara's rings and all.

The slightly awkward four-way conversation continues for a while longer, but as the shadows lengthen Ingolf indicates the it is time to bring things to a close for now.

Diorn leads you down one wing of the building to a set of richly furnished bedrooms. There are enough beds of everyone, and the embroidered quilts and shimmery sheets indicate a night of luxurious decadence waits. Diorn informs you that the rest of your gear will be brought here once it's finished being cleaned.


Dinner is a communal affair. Family and friends sit on chairs or the ground together. Mary, Ingolf, Ritva, Ian, and Diorn likewise wander from group to friend and back again, with little to distinguish them from the rest. The atmosphere being generally relaxed and amiable. The conversations themselves are curiously animated, with gestures and hand signals seeming to play as large a role as voices. Platters of bread and bowls of raw vegetables and fruits cover long tables, along with pitchers of cool water, wine, and milk.

The centerpiece of the meal is a large boar who was probably a few hundreds pounds before the cooking started. Apparently the favored method of here is to stuff it with vegetables and fruits, cover in herbs and salt, then bake slowly in a pit over the course of the day. It is delicious.

Throughout the meal you all get plenty of long glances and outright stares, though Athene continues to be main focus. Occasionally someone, usually younger, will approach and attempt a stilted conversation in the archaic elvish, but most seem to content to call Diorn over and leave the speaking to him.

After everyone has had time to eat and chat, Ingolf moves to the center and get's everyone's attention. Individuals stand a give reports, questions, or whatever else seems to be their concern or purview.

Once this is finished Ingolf gestures for you to come forward. After a short speech he sits back down. Diorn tells you that it is customary for new arrivals or guests to give a short introduction or demonstration. It isn't mandatory, but appreciated. Apparently Diorn's mother, one of the founders of the group had a penchant for drama and showmanship.


Once dinner is over, the night ends. Most of your gear is waiting for you in the rooms, and the only thing left is to rest and face the new day.


Do not be concerned over those you slew. They were servants of the enemy, or at least friendly to those who are. There are those who, while they have not changed as much as the bringers-of-fear, have still been twisted. Many of these are given strange powers to tear and peer into the minds of others. If would show us anything else you took from them, and where you were on a map, it would be most helpful.

We have heard of the pathways through and between the world, but the stories say they were all closed long before the third age.

Your question does not offend me. Indeed, as best we know you are the first elf to be seen in several ages, many, many centuries at the least. Nor were there any half-elves, as you have called me. What blood of the eldest and the west remained lay dormant, perhaps a hint of eye or body in those who it was particularly strong, but nothing more.

Since the Change, it has begun to quicken, and call those who share it together. Every year more children are born who bear a physical symbol of our ancestry. We know not why. The common thought is that as the enemy wakens and struggles to break free, he calls and wakes the blood of his servants. And so the Lord of the West and Lady of Stars calls to what remains of the firstborn that we may contend with him as we have always done.

Your map/understanding of the solar system isn't spot on. I rolled and geusstimated what people might know, and I figured someone would know the inner planets and the two big gas ones. Anything else, probably not.

This end point can be anything you want, including nothing. Sing/dance/magic/swordsmanship/etc. People are entertainment, and new faces are a plus when you live in a small community.

Something for people to be thinking about. Our five leaders you've gotten to know will be leaving tomorrow, heading north towards the center of the kingdom. Will you go with them, or stay here? Either way there should be some action, i.e. killing and dying, soon.

One-eyed blonde is Mary. Her husband, the man with her when you met at the bridge, is Ingolf. Ritva is the other blonde. Her husband is Ian.

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The stars are aligned, and shockwaves from a momentous event wake the sleeper. It is the return of Eye-thulhu!

Not nearly as awesome as having a baby.:

Brief explanation. New semester started and I found out that it would be possible to graduate a semester earlier than anticipated. This would be possible by dropping all fun classes and packing the next two semesters with courses of doom. I chose doom. It felt very Kirk-like. "I don't think you can take it." "I can take it!"

Plus side is I get to graduate in time for the summer market, which is good, and have a couple of promising offers for jobs/labs. This all seemed like such a good excuse, only to find out that other people are posting while having children.

Athene, golden princess is good. I just wish the rest of the series was out.

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Three cheers for the dove and the lion! Huzzah! Huzzah! Huzzah!

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Orfamay Quest wrote:
HowFortuitous wrote:
Try thinking less of evil as active loyalty to doing evil but as varying degrees of amorality. The character doesn't pursue evil but morals may be viewed as chains he won't suffer or simply not his department. Thus a bandit is evil due to the lack of empathy, and chaotic due to the casual disregard of law and order in favor of personal gain.
So if evil is simply amoral, what is neutrality?

Neutral, in terms of people, is just doing your thing. Most people are neutral in regards to good and evil. They think good is good, but don't do that much to increase the amount of good in the world or themselves. aka townsperson/npc alignment.

Amoral is to be unconcerned with good and evil, which translates into evil. If you don't care about something, chances are you end up not doing or being the opposite/negative of it.

Let's use cleanliness/messiness to illustrate. A person who is actively concerned about this is likely to be clean. A normal person likes it clean, but still leaves some dishes in the sink longer than they really should. The sink and fridge of the person who doesn't care have gained sentience are are waging war against the heathens of the clothes hamper.

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Never been on morphine, just a little Tylenol-3, codeine. This may be a weird question, but did they let you keep it?

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EntrerisShadow wrote:

We are all responsible.

No. No we are not. I am responsible for things that I have control over, things I have done. I am not responsible for the demographics of gencon. A person may be rude toward me for things I have not done, but I don't have to listen to them. A person is not responsible for the actions of their parents, or their racial group, or their state.

Caineach wrote:

I just read the article on the Nazis. I'm surprised the Nazi pinups wasn't a complaint about the card game Barbarossa.

Did not know that was a thing.

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Damon Griffin wrote:
The typical goblin must be considered insane and/or evil by human standards, but they presuambly have no genetic imperitive to burn, kill, steal, eat sentients and their babies, torture small animals as part of games, etc.

If they sprang to life from the spilled blood of an evil demi-god, whose body is more or less composed of solid, as in tangible, evil. Yeah, evil's probably written into their basic structure.

The cages thing doesn't help either.

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