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Might seem weird, but I think Cevah is right

"Intelligent items can actually be considered creatures because they have Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma scores. Treat them as constructs. "

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Leveled Wererats

kestral287 wrote:

Not quite, since casting another spell would override the charge on Shocking Grasp. That said, it is legal to declare Spell Combat -> Cast Bladed Dash -> Move, attack -> Full Attack -> cast Quickened Shocking Grasp -> deliver Shocking Grasp via Spellstrike.

Ah. My timing was off a bit. Still, good to know!

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Sooooo..... Pounce is useless?

Here's a hypothetical... Supposing I have a 13th level Magus who is hasted. I have Bladed Dash and a Quickened Shocking Grasp memorized. Could I cast the shocking grasp, then cast bladed dash, make the bladed dash attack, make a free attack for the shocking grasp spell, and then take my three normal attacks?

If so, I know what my next character will be. :D

ryric wrote:

Craft Staff requires level 11 to begin with, so him friend no make magic staff after all.

Umm... yeah... well there's that too. um.

8000 gp. You don't divide by the charges the staff has...

Still, 8000 for a +5 weapon that can cast a 1st level spell ain't bad.

EDIT: Ninja'd on the price, but the 20th level caster thing is still legit. The only prerequisite for magic items that cannot be ignored by upping the craft DC is the item creation fest (and relevant spell if it's a completion/trigger item like a potion or such...)

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The day I accept that Inigo Montoya can deal damage like Conan is the day I hang up my dice bag...

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Seconded on a First World AP. The adventure at the end of (unnamed Adventure Path) was pretty oddball in an evil alice in wonderland way.

I'd also like to see an entirely city based AP, either Absalom or Kaer Maga. Both cities are full of enough intrigue and adventure to fuel such a thing surely! Plus it'd be awesome to get a closer look at one of the bigger burgs in the setting.

Is there already an AP that deals with the Aboleths and the Azlants? If not, that would be a nifty look into some of the dark history of the world.

Hah. I actually made a cat sorcerer several years back with the 'wizards familiar' as the justification. Unfortunately there was a deck of many things floating around the party at the time. He never even made it out of the inn he started at...

Might be a little cliche, but I feel like 'Egyptians' should be powerful beast-headed folk that use humans as chattel and slaves.

As for the Greeks, they had no shortage of mythical demihumans in their legends, most of which already have analogues in game that with a little scaling down, would serve as suitable races. I'm thinking cyclopses, minotaurs, centaurs, satyrs, gorgons, etc.

Actually, if you can snag a copy, take a look at the Runner's Companion from Shadowrun 4e (or just check out the Shadowrun wiki). They had racial variants for all the demihumans from all around the world like the Wakyambi (African elves) and the Kokuroburi (Japanese dwarves) As far as I can tell they mostly draw from real world (figuratively speaking) inspiration, so maybe that's what you're looking for?

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There have been many over the years that have changed from edition to edition and even from day today, but the one that stand firm, player or character, is "No one dies on their first night"


Not only do I get all the cool RP bonuses, but I'm one of those weirdos who likes to play female characters and I need my ladies to be HAWT!

(I am so ashamed...)

Cripes! Nine players!?

Sad truth is PF (and really all RPGs) aren't meant to handle that kind of load.

Way I see's it, you've got three options.

1) Run encounter as planned. Encounter takes forever to run. PC's absolutely ruin the monster/NPC's day.

2) Double encounter NPC participants. Encounter takes forever times 2 to run. PC's might absolutely ruin the monster/NPC's day or TPK.

3) Find a way to reduce number of participants.

Sorry, I'm not usually this cynical but that's really a situation where no one wins. I'm sure others on this board with more ranks in diplomacy can elucidate, but (and no offense) nine players in one game means no one has time to have fun.

kyrt-ryder wrote:
Touch of the Sea A first level spell, crapping all over skills all over again.

Yeah, true story. Though let's be honest, this really boils down to math.

Aquatic Campaign = prepared for swimming

Non Aquatic campaign = drowns...

IMRHIIDSSMSO, Golarion is actually more like Greyhawk than FR. I don't know if you're familiar with that setting, but it really was kind of a fantasy kitchen sink, and it also had the benefit of being beset by evil forces at practically every turn, much like Golarion.

Like seriously, read some old Greyhawk lore and compare it to modern Golarion stuff. The forces of good are NOT winning...

Apologies in advance for 2:30 am / tired and confused posting.

Aside from rules and adventures, there are a ton of sourcebooks that focus solely on the game setting of Golarion, ranging from general world info to individual cities and countries. If you like the locations and storylines implied in the card game, then friend, you ain't seen nothin' yet.

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Ashamed to admit... ninja.

But like, the kind of ninja that can solo all the monsters at once. That kind.

Yeah, I watched a lot of TMNT as a kid. And Aeon Flux.

insaneogeddon wrote:

For that matter elves have small testicles, dwarves have big ones.. seriously: the gonadosomatic index (GSI) is one of the measures of maturation age.

Hmmm... Page ref.?

(sorry, I'll leave now)

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Hit the tavern, flirt with wenches? That's what all my fighters do outside combat. Do it right and he may even create a combat...

"You know, when people call you 'chum', they aren't being friendly."

"Whatever, roe for brains"

"You'd be better looking if your halves were reversed."

"Someone better get Fishguts[the cook], the dinner thinks it's a person again."

Just wait until your players discover the joys of iron spikes, stone shape, mahogany bookcases, ropes and pulleys, etc...

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Reading these responses makes me feel like the paizo community consists of crotchety old men with walkers going on about 'When I was your age...'

...oh, wait. ;P

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Hmmm... Wasn't really familiar with this hex before reading this post, and yeah it definitely seems like there's a lot that could be clarified about this hex. It's seems easy enough to decipher what it is meant to do, but the presentation just seems... sloppy. It kinda reads like an sub-par RPG superstar entry, that would have been picked apart and summarily rejected. Cool idea, but terrible execution.

I tend to feel a lot of FAQ candidate threads are borne from willful ignorance, but if anything needs some errata, this certainly does.

I'd presume that anyone powerful enough to do this, would probably have enough foresight to anticipate such concerns and plan accordingly...

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Yeah, symbol of pain all the way. Wrenching your back is generally just this side of crippling as far as mobility goes...

Mark Hoover wrote: what level are Pathfinders supposed to have a means to deal with Flying, Swarms, Darkness and Invisibility?

Flying, Swarms, and Darkness. I have seen all three in 1st level adventures. Flying and darkness aren't too terrible, but swarms can really ruin a party's day.

See invisibility is a 2nd level spell so... 3rd level?

I am of the opinion that rolling multiple dice is the better option, because rolling multiple dice is always a better option.

OK, first off, you are now officially my favorite person on the internet for this.

As for statting movie based NPC's, the best advice I thing I could give would be to try not to cleave too close to the source material. Think inspiration, not simulation. I say this with some experience as I tried to run a Feng Shui game many moons ago with the exact same concept and it.. didn't go so well.

That said, the base classes you've got sound great for those particular NPC's. I'd go just straight sorcerer for Lightning, but maybe throw him some weapon proficiencies along with relevant feats to supercharge the rare melee attack. Truthfully, They all might have some level of spellcaster, (except maybe Rain... what was his deal anyways? Super agility?) to reflect their otherworldly abilities.

Oh yeah, and Lo Pan is totally a ghost. He has the Curse of No-Flesh.

Kinda surprised no one has brought up this guy yet.

Rakshaka wrote:

Rogues- Obscuring Mist

Beware the Shadow Strike feat, otherwise that nerf just became a TPK...

Hmmm. Without going into all the heavy physics stuff that I'm sure others on the boards could elaborate on better, I'm pretty sure that lack of gravity would have little to no effect on most spells that have a 'weight' limit. Sub 'mass' for 'weight' in most spell descriptions and it would make a lot more sense...

Then again, that is probably delving into the whole accursed RAI vs. RAW territory so...

EDIT: apologies in advance for enraging williamoak...

Yeah, to the best of my knowledge that's correct. Going up a few levels and looking at the summoned boar, it follows that rule so yeah, augmented rat 1d4+3 sounds about right.

DonDuckie wrote:

This might be a big reason why Paizo is publishing a 160 page guide to PF/CRB.

Wait, what? Really? They're publishing a rule book to explain how to use another rule book? ...Wow.

I knew there was a reason I love this game!

Take a look at the spells per day chart. See all those little dashes? Those mean you cannot cast spells at that level.

For added fun, take a look at the spells per day chart for the ranger. See all the zeros? Those mean that even though the ranger doesn't get a spell slot at that level, he can still technically cast spells of that level if he were to say, gain a bonus spell slot from high wisdom.

Wizard has no zeros, therefore there is nowhere for a bonus spell slot to go until he gains his first normal spell slot of that level.

EDIT: Semi-ninja'd

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OffTopic and sorry about it but,
@ Abraham and Mike: I now have the perfect post campaign idea for my S&S game... Thanks bundles!

I already won this, and I'm still waiting on a prize...

I'm starting to think the fix is in.

Currently orbiting planet Brisket deep within the Bacon Nebula.

Ok, fine. Call me Columbus.

I'd just make a foul-mouthed dwarven fighter, slap him in some full plate, and give him the antagonize feat.

He's got the AC, he's got the HP, and he's got the moxie!

EDIT: Maybe also Skill focus Intimidate for good measure... It's not like he'll be feat hungry. :)

EXTRA EDIT: Your party might also appreciate it more. Would you rather deal with a holy-roller stick in the mud, an enigmatic lion-gal, or Gimli?

You should check out 'A Chinese Ghost Story'.

Swordsman Yin can bust out hella rhymes.

Umbral Reaver wrote:
Kobold Cleaver wrote:

I am one of those nutters that liked Vriska. She was nasty, but I enjoyed the character.

Same here. At least she hasn't let a little thing like being dead slow her down though.

I miss Jei from Usagi Yojimbo. He was a hell of a villain.

I would also say I was upset about Nico Minoru, but

A: She got better (two issues later)


B: I knew she would :)

Seems like deadpool would have some levels of barbarian too. He's not so much concerned with avoiding attacks as just powering through them.

The barbarian rage could be reskinned as 'crazy awesome'.

Is it just me, or does it seem like maybe it's the listed target (creature touched) in the spell description may be faulty?

Granted, you attack a creature with the spell, but wouldn't the actual target be the caster since it's affecting him before the enemy? I mean, since you could cast the spell and hold it before even seeing a creature to touch, how is the target 'creature touched'?

Kind of like drinking a potion of fire breath. Ultimately its use is for attacking a foe, but the person drinking the potion is the one being imbued with the magic.

Like hell I did! Prize. Now.

Sweet! I win! Now gimme a prize!

Huh. I generally consider myself to be pretty good when it comes to rule interpretations, but I gotta admit this one is pretty sticky. I really cannot make up my mind which way is right, because both arguments have valid points.

Would this be a valid FAQ candidate?

We ran into a random ghost in the middle of the night while on the boat. The player on watch got one hefty scream out before the ghost killed her. In fact, this whole adventure has been a meat grinder so far. We've lost four characters and haven't even gotten to this so called 'city' yet.

Ginglebrix wrote:
Would the Spectral Hand provoke an AoO for it's melee touch attack?

I don't think so, because the hand would be considered to be making an 'armed' attack...

...Even though it is clearly 'un-armed'! or possible 'dis-armed'!

Thank you, I'll be here all week!


Could a wizard use it to cast out of a bonded object though?

Technically, the prepared caster could activate the ring to access its abilities, but since he isn't a spontaneous spellcaster (and has no spontaneous spell slots) it would be worthless for him.

EDIT: Though now that I think of it, maybe a wizard with a bonded object could use it...

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