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Leveled Wererats

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Sooooo..... Pounce is useless?

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The day I accept that Inigo Montoya can deal damage like Conan is the day I hang up my dice bag...

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Seconded on a First World AP. The adventure at the end of (unnamed Adventure Path) was pretty oddball in an evil alice in wonderland way.

I'd also like to see an entirely city based AP, either Absalom or Kaer Maga. Both cities are full of enough intrigue and adventure to fuel such a thing surely! Plus it'd be awesome to get a closer look at one of the bigger burgs in the setting.

Is there already an AP that deals with the Aboleths and the Azlants? If not, that would be a nifty look into some of the dark history of the world.

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There have been many over the years that have changed from edition to edition and even from day today, but the one that stand firm, player or character, is "No one dies on their first night"

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Ashamed to admit... ninja.

But like, the kind of ninja that can solo all the monsters at once. That kind.

Yeah, I watched a lot of TMNT as a kid. And Aeon Flux.

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Hit the tavern, flirt with wenches? That's what all my fighters do outside combat. Do it right and he may even create a combat...

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Reading these responses makes me feel like the paizo community consists of crotchety old men with walkers going on about 'When I was your age...'

...oh, wait. ;P

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Hmmm... Wasn't really familiar with this hex before reading this post, and yeah it definitely seems like there's a lot that could be clarified about this hex. It's seems easy enough to decipher what it is meant to do, but the presentation just seems... sloppy. It kinda reads like an sub-par RPG superstar entry, that would have been picked apart and summarily rejected. Cool idea, but terrible execution.

I tend to feel a lot of FAQ candidate threads are borne from willful ignorance, but if anything needs some errata, this certainly does.

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Yeah, symbol of pain all the way. Wrenching your back is generally just this side of crippling as far as mobility goes...

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OffTopic and sorry about it but,
@ Abraham and Mike: I now have the perfect post campaign idea for my S&S game... Thanks bundles!

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blackbloodtroll wrote:
Chainsaw Polearms!

Hey! You got your 40K in my Pathfinder!

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Odraude wrote:
...I made a barbarian and just spent two sessions killing all of his precious NPCs, good or evil.

I honestly see absolutely nothing wrong with this reaction.

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I'm pretty sure it's his fault all my socks have holes in them...

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Seems like the main consensus is that GMs should exercise leniency when it comes to attacking downed PCs which I tend to agree with. However, at the end of the day the GMs main job is to be a neutral arbiter in the game. This means that NPC motivation should technically trump not wanting to be a jerk to your players.

A good (horrible) example of this is the hungry ankheg. Last time I had one of these beasts pop up in a game, it managed to drop the gnome druid to the negatives. The next round, the rest of the party had to scramble to grab hold of her as they realized the ankheg was trying to abscond with her back into its burrow (almost certain death). Would I have felt like a mean jerk for killing her character? Absolutely. At the same time though, I felt like my hands were sort of tied. This thing had accomplished its main goal, so why would it bother to stick around in an obviously dangerous situation instead of retreating with the spoils? (Happily, they managed to slay the thing before it got away.)

For humanoid NPCs the main motivation in a fight is (rarely) hunger, though. However, I can think of many more reasons for NPCs to keep unconscious characters alive, (ransom, slaves, interrogation... ) rather than taking a quick swipe to finish them off.

And then there's this. "Oh, I have found myself next to an knocked-out foe in the middle of this fracas. what shall I do? My, that is a nice looking flaming sword he is carrying. Maybe I shall pick that up along with that nifty amulet he is wearing..."

As far as AoE attacks go.. well yeah, the character might just be boned. It happens.

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Dear God! This thread... will.. not... die! HOW DO WE STOP IT?!?!?

As an aside, I once got props for using 'defenestrated' in conversation.
Gaming also taught me the word 'formication' (note: not for-N-ication...)

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Yo mama so old, an Elder Thing offered to help her cross the street.

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This thread makes me sad... So many movies I considered classics, hated and disparaged.