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Has anyone out there played Confrontation before? I've seen the minis at stores before, and I'm starting to get the urge to pick some of them up. (I haven't painted a mini in so long, just looking at the models makes my paintbrush hand twitch) If anyone's played, let me know what you think. If it's pretty fun I might have to grab some.

Also, does anyone know of any good online stores I could get some of the metal figs at? Apparently they're not producing them anymore, and my local stores are starting to get low on stock apparently...

So... I was wondering if it might be considered unsporting if I slipped the Harbinger a little treat before the final encounter... Something like a scroll of Time Stop?
Basically I'm looking for a way to let him use some of his higher level defensive spells which would likely not get a chance to come out otherwise. (I mean really, is a mirror image, a shield, and whatever lower level buffs really going to be enough to hold off a party of high level adventurers for more than half a round?)
Any opinions? Would this make a seemingly overrated monster the tough challenge it's supposed to be, or would it just be overkill?


Do not read this post unless you are a DM, or the mighty gods of something or other will smite you, verily!

Ok, So I'm going to start the characters through the HoHR soon, and I really liked the whole party infiltration aspect, what with the dopplegangers and all. I've already gotten a player to be my stooge, and he's ready for the role. I was wondering who else opted to go this route. Anything I should keep in mind or any unforseens I should know about?