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So I tried to make a purchase last night but the total was slightly more than what my prepaid card had allotted after currency conversion so I removed one of the books from the cart but now it just won't let me make the purchase.

log on last night everything is fine, log in today and everything looks weird and non of my links work

is there any way to get a raging familiar with out taking levels in skaled?

would it be a bluff or a stealth check to hide an effect you did?

is there a list of class specific items(or items that when used by a specific class gives even more effects) if there isn't one currently out there i would like to put one together here

would it be in anyway shape or form viable, only other race that gets +dex and con is hobgoblin and i don't really want to play one of those at the moment

which parts of the rules for teiflings are from the advanced race guide and which are from blood of fiends and which are from neither of those sources

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so apparently this is a subject that needs to be asked for an faq

all it needs is a simple yes or no, are supernatural abilities spells

im a bit confused on how they work, do you use your own stats or do you use the stats of the creature you are turning into, i know gear is melded into you but do you still keep the benefits of said gear like an amulet of mighty fists or a ring of deflection?

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So the fcc has decided to remove net neutrality in a 3-2 vote. So you guys in the united states need to contact your congressmen and let them know how bad of an idea that is. This will mean internet companies can throttle your internet speeds and force you to pay even more money to receive internet they can even then force websites and other online companies to pay exorbitant prices just to not have traffic to their sites slowed down for people using that particular internet service. The chairman of the fcc claims it will let the market decide which companies live and die if they do such things but that idea is fundamentally flawed in many areas around the USA only have access to one, maybe two internet providers in a given area. There still a chance to save net neutrality as there are a few more steps that need to be taken for them to remove it completely, but you will need to contact your congressmen and have them represent you and your needs and uphold your right to be able to have affordable un throttled internet.

are there any black friday sales for paizo books atm?

so im making a spell for a 4th level caster so they wont get the spell till at least level 13 but i wana know if it seems balanced
disintegrating touch
School transmutation; Level 4

Casting Time 1 standard action
Components V, S, M/DF (a lodestone and a pinch of dust)


Range touch
Duration instantaneous
Saving Throw Fortitude partial (object); Spell Resistance yes


your hand glows with green flames. You must make a successful touch attack to hit. Any creature struck by the attack takes 2d6 points of damage per caster level. Any creature reduced to 0 or fewer hit points by this spell is entirely disintegrated, leaving behind only a trace of fine dust. A disintegrated creature’s equipment is unaffected.

When used against an object, the attack simply disintegrates as much as a 10-foot cube of nonliving matter. Thus, the spell disintegrates only part of any very large object or structure targeted. The attack affects even objects constructed entirely of force, such as forceful hand or a wall of force, but not magical effects such as a globe of invulnerability or an antimagic field.

A creature or object that makes a successful Fortitude save is partially affected, taking only half damage. If this damage reduces the creature or object to 0 or fewer hit points, it is entirely disintegrated.

Only the first creature or object struck can be affected; that is, the attack affects only one target per casting.

besides zen archer and guided hand is there any way with in the pathfinder rules to get wisdom to hit with a bow? or str to hit doesn't really matter, i wana make a full monk and use wis(or str) to hit with out taking the zen archer archetype or any archetype other then sohei

there is an item called mock armor and i'm wondering if there is a similar item for shields

i'm fairly positive that i read some were about a class that at level 1 got to use their int to ac like how monks get wisdom to ac and i cant seem to remember the name of it any one know that class?

anyone else having issues staying logged in on the paizo site?

looking for a list of class specific items things like
-robes of eldritch heritage
-bracers of the merciful knight
-monk robes

i remember reading some where that they were developing a pathfinder mmo(pathfinder online or PFO for short) like how dungeons and dragons has DDO any one know what happend to it?

kobold press has a sorc bloodline that's goblin based anyone know exactly what book its in i don't want to buy the wrong one

is there a class out there that can manipulate shadows, ei create shadows that aren't supost to be there, make shadows actual physical constructs like a wall made out of shadow that no one can pass through that they don't want to

can a barbarian use a rage power to get a feat that has rage class feature as a prerequisite and would thus only be usable in a rage?

are there any flying mounts out there for large sized people?

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what are all the ways one can improve channel energy weather it be die size, amount of die, flat number boost and most importantly range(must not be a favored class bonus)

phylactery of positive/negative energy is already noted

so i just started looking into spheres of power and i have a question because i was told by some people that you get unlimited casting effectively with spheres of power but i'm seeing that everything you do costs spell points and each class has a finite amount of spell points. did i over look something, or was i misinformed and spheres of power isn't actually unlimited casting of stuff per day?

im looking for an ability similar to

Mystic Past Life (Su) You can add spells from another spellcasting class to the spell list of your current spellcasting class. You add a number of spells equal to 1 + your spellcasting class’s key ability score bonus (Wisdom for clerics, and so on). The spells must be the same type (arcane or divine) as the spellcasting class you’re adding them to. For example, you could add divine power to your druid class spell list, but not to your wizard class spell list because divine power is a divine spell. These spells do not have to be spells you can cast as a 1st-level character. The number of spells granted by this ability is set at 1st level. Changes to your ability score do not change the number of spells gained. This racial trait replaces shards of the past.

for a human sorcerer, anyone know if there's one out there?

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saw in the paladin thread that there was no forum complaining about barbarian or monk alignment restrictions, even though i doubt that i decided to make one here.

why can barbarians not be lawful and why are monks only lawful it makes no sense and just seems to be another thing stapled to the game based on this is how things were in the beginning which also made little to no sense.

is there any 3rd party stuff out there that would let a bloodrager have one of their bloodline powers that normally require you to be in bloodrage to be online without the bloodrage?

is there anything out there that could allow a bloodrager to benefit from one of their bloodline powers while not in a bloodrage?

if a divine class grants themselves their class features via their own ideas is their main weapon counted as a favored weapon?

can anything that has feats variant multiclass?

is it possible for a shaman to take a hex from another hex list?

whats up with threads being un dotted? like i see a thread and see it un dotted but i've posted in that threat so it should be dotted but its not

is there anything ingame that mimics thermal imaging?

if one were to say go wizard and get a familiar and dip into another class that has a familiar would their levels stack for determining familiar level or would you get 2 familiars?

what about a person who goes sorc/bloodrager and picks up a bloodline familiar?

what are all the ways you can use intimidate in place of other skills? weather it be class features, feats or traits

besides titan mauler barbarian is there any way to wield a 2h weapon of an appropriate size in 1h?

why is inflict moderate wounds a 3rd level spell and inflict serious wounds a 4th level spell but inflict light wounds is a 1st level spell?

i know bloodragers can get rage powers with primalist and any one can get sorc bloodlines via eldritch heritage is there any ways for one to get bloodrager bloodlines? this would be specifically for a barbarian

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i know feral combat training allows for natural attacks on a flurry is there any way for natural attacks to gain ititative attacks or gain the ability to use two weapon fighting?

i'm looking for a bunch of good utility spells for a sorcerer i might build they will primarily be using battering blast but would like a small arsenal of utility spells that they can use to help themselves and help the party in some situations

why is it so difficult to access the paizo site/forums?

how do templates interact with the amount of hd one can control for undead

looking for ways to get a minion type dude that will scale with the characters level, the character would be an anti paladin looking for a way to get the level 5 class feature to grant an undead as opposed to an outsider, also looking to make it be a dragon(so an undead dragon) so i'm going to need some way to get a animal companion as well as that feat that lets you use magical beasts as animal companions(cant remember the name of it atm) so it could be used as a mount

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