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Probably Sarenrae her conform or die mantra doesn't seem very good for some one who is suppose to be good aligned.

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Slyme wrote:
Unchained Monk - Ki Pool wrote:
By spending 1 point from his ki pool as a swift action, a monk can make one additional unarmed strike at his highest attack bonus when making a flurry of blows attack.
Feral Combat Training wrote:

Benefit: Choose one of your natural weapons. While using the selected natural weapon, you can apply the effects of feats that have Improved Unarmed Strike as a prerequisite.

Special: If you are a monk, you can use the selected natural weapon with your flurry of blows class feature.

The way it is worded, it looks like you could add an unarmed strike to your FoB/FCT attack by spending a point of Ki, but not an additional Slam. Neither FoB or the Ki Pool are feats, and FCT does not change your Slam into an unarmed strike, it just lets you apply unarmed strike feats to it.

you are missing something big Special: If you are a monk, you can use the selected natural weapon with your flurry of blows class feature. this lets flurry of blows and everything you can get that will modify flurry of blow to effect the natural attack

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Slyme wrote:

After going back and re-reading the rules for monks, druids, and feral combat training, it looks like you would not get any iterative attacks with your slam, and you would also not be able to use ki strike with it either, as FCT specifically calls out being able to be used with flurry, but not with anything if your total hit bonus with your slam is +30, you would get your basic slam at +30 and your flurry at +30, and that is it, no matter what your BAB is.

If you were just punching people instead, you would get your iteratives + FoB + Ki.

Sorry if I got your hopes up, guess the devs don't want people throwing around 35d8+ damage every round, heh.

you get bonus attacks in a flurry of blows based on your bab a monk/druid with 11 bab would get 3 iritative hits and 1 bonus hit from flurry this applies to unarmed strikes, monk weapons and if they have the relative feats(feral combat training for natural attacks or crusaders flurry for favored weapons) they can use those attacks in the flurry ki strike is also a modification to the flurry of blows feature so yes they would also get an extra attack during the flurry

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there is one thing that is good for the wizard and bad for the cleric here, when they channel to heal they only heal alive people they don't harm undead they need to actively channel to harm undead to damage them but that means alive people wont get healing.

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assuming feral combat training 5, 2 from bab 1 from flurry 1 from haste and 1 from ki

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Dastis wrote:
Warped Savant wrote:
Lady-J wrote:
there's plenty of reason to not play it like pfs.

Would you mind expanding on the negativity?

What don't you like about PFS?

No houserules. Limited rewards. Limited materials for use. Limited to campaign modules. Alignment restrictions. Restrictions on possible player actions. Forced use of all official interpretations. Correct me if I'm wrong on any of those. Not entirely sure on all the rules. Not hating or saying badwrongfun but there is definitely reason

this and also needing to spend hundreds of dollars on books just to make one character because you need to own every book you take content from in order for your character to use it, there is also little to no customization, gm can't make anything new or change how game mechanics work, players also have less freedom in addition of if any one shifts to evil they just flat out lose their character and can't play them anymore which ruins a good character progression story, pfs also hates many many options and nerfes the crap out of them with and most of them just hurt martial characters while not really impeding casters in the slightest when martials need all the help they can get in the 1st place they also complain to paizo about things being omg op af even when their not so paizo goes around with their nerf bat making the things pfs deems op into the ground and making them useless thus ruining the game for all the non pfs people because there is now a pfs inspired erata on a thing that we use that is now trash just because pfs doesn't like it even though we aren't the ones playing pfs we still get effected

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Gallant Armor wrote:
Cevah wrote:

@GA: If you exclude non-lethal hp damage from hp damage, then you mult also exclude lethal hp damage.

Since you can die to non-lethal hp damage, and it is determined against hp, I think it is clear that lethal and non-lethal are just sub-types of hp damage.


You can't die from nonlethal damage. You can die from taking so much nonlethal damage that it becomes lethal damage. The attacker attempted to deal nonlethal damage but was unable to and dealt lethal damage instead due to the amount of nonlethal damage already taken. It is lethal damage that killed you.

As stated many times previously the rules make no distinction between lethal damage and hit point damage, those terms are used interchangeably.

if i hit a commoner for 200 non lethal damage it will kill them so yes you can kill with non lethal

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Bluenose wrote:
Lady-J wrote:
scifi and fantasy can really work well together, i just find pathfinder does so poorly. there is no reason why i should need ammo for my sword, or any other melee weapon for that matter. Ammo is for ranged weapons, and charges are for wands and it should stay that way.
Wouldn't that depend on the melee weapon? A taser-style mace, a chainsword, an energy blade, or a vibro-weapon are obvious examples of a melee weapon that would use "ammo" of a sort.

yes they do but they shouldn't they are not firing projectiles they are melee weapons from an advanced society one that should have no restrictions to how much you can use it much like how in starwars there's no limit to how long or how many times you use a light saber you don't see jedi swapping out kyber crystals during or even after a fight why should my fighter with their lazer sword

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Scrapper wrote:

Doesn't Divine Health prevent Lycanthopy?

yes and no,its disease and a curse and would only make them immune to the bite of a wearwolf however it would not remove any effects of being a natural born wearwolf

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Lemartes wrote:
Chess Pwn wrote:
Lemartes wrote:
You mean wild fighting and the feat unfettered rage (ie: which is not a rage power)???
Yeah, the effect of the feat is the extra attack, and it says it can't work with anything that is similar, such as haste. Meaning haste is an example of what can't work and not the thing that can't work.
Thanks. Therefore, there is no point in going Wild Rager. :)

there still is, if you have access to the haste spell or another way to get bonus attacks then wildrager is better then the feat, wildrager also doesn't need to be raging to get the bonus attack so in circumstances were you want to save rage you can still get the extra attack

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BaneWorldSlayer wrote:

I would start by looking at the Werewolf template, and then asking your GM if you could apply it to a character. It implies a true born werewolf.

That said, I had a GM allow a fellow player in our group to play one with certain modifications. Had to be a human species (For floating +2), Didn't get the racial bonus, as it was replaced by the werewolf bonus, they got none of their racial benefits (Besides subtype), but got all the fun fluffiness that is the template itself, which is a +2 template in all.

the lycanthrope template is only a +1 template, its also only a +1 template because of the abilities it gives if your not applying the benefits of the template nore are you applying the cr adjustment you may as well just play a skinwalker which are decedents on lycans

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the issue with this is the want for something to be atypical about the ranged combat, because everything that is good for ranged combat is used for it on a regular basis and thus not atypical which leaves us with just options that are just terrible at ranged combat for the character that will be doing ranged combat as those would be the only atypical choices which means we will need to have at least some multiclassing to make it feasible. so i would say orc witch with a composite long bow and a 2 level dip into sanguine angel for str to hit with a bow

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dots are missing or they just might be to tiny to see cant easily view what forums i've posted in

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J4RH34D wrote:
Diminuendo wrote:
Dallium wrote:
The general rule of thumb is if Vital Strike would be good, you've made a mistake somewhere
Or you're a Heritor Knight

Or a giant hippo, or a cave slime thing.

or you are just using an absurdly large butchering axe

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celestial armor on the other hand counts as medium for proficiency

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personally i think the requirements for prestige classes should just be scrapped, the base classes are better then like 99% of them so it really shouldn't be an issue other then just slapping a you must be of x level to take a level in this prestige class

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Xenocrat wrote:
If the goal is to make flying things drop from the sky with magic, a Hold Person/Monster does the job just fine.

doesn't help with creatures flying via magic tho

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pogie wrote:
roguerouge wrote:
If you don't know he has a bonus vs. poison, and he doesn't know if the PC is saving against poison, how is the player supposed to get the saving throw number right? Just announce that it's a Fort save vs. poison, because if he failed or succeeded he'd know that it has a poison bite under the rules of the game.
In my view, if a player who has a plus vs poison is bit by something, it’s not unreasonable to expect him to announce “16 or 20 if it’s vs poison”. Obviously if a player is new to the game my expectations will differ. This way if he passes you don’t have to give him any information other than “you’re ok”

its generally faster for the gm to say its an x effect rather then the player reading out everything they get an additional bonus to, i had one character that i literally had to make note on a separate area then the normal save area for the extra bonuses vs x effects because there were so many then add in immunities on top of that you will be sitting there for several minutes trying to figure out what your save is vs a specific effect vs the few seconds it takes for a gm to call it out

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do we even know what law was broken by the gunslinger or is every one just taking a dump on them just because a paladin said they broke a law....

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Mykull wrote:
They must still get to Mordor, by-pass the Black Gate, face Shelob, infiltrate Mt. Doom, and destroy a major artifact.

at 1st my brain read this as "They must still get to Mordor, infiltrate the Black Gate, by-pass Shelob, face Dr. Doom, and destroy a major artifact." and was all like what the heck kind of lord of the ring are you reading/watching were the hobits face off against Dr. Doom

now i really want to see a LotR and marvel crossover......

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Gray Warden wrote:
Last time I checked, they were two different games.

pathfinder is literally just 3.5 with a metric s%@% ton of 3rd party and house rules

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one should only touch a gnome if they are punting it

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umm it would have more feats then a fighter/cleric 16 feats on a 50/50 split cleric fighter and 17 feats on a warpriest and better saves 12,6,12 base as opposed to the fighter/cleric 14,6,9, there are plenty of reach weapons that have lower base die especially with the whip that has a base of 1d4 and threaten both 5 feet and 10 feet away from you.

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why not just go warpriest?

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one i just though of needs a little of multi classing on both ends and access to some decent firearms but gunslinger 5/sohi monk 15 gestaulting with wild rager with dervish of dawn fighter 18 will get 11 attacks on a full attack if you are hasted and burn a ki point altho each attack will be getting a -6 penalty but with a decent fire arm you will be hitting vs touch at most ranges anyway

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so now instead of 1 chance to get a miss you now have 5 chances to have a miss..... really doesn't seem fair to martials

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avr wrote:

It got nerfed in ultimate wilderness; it used to be all your natural attacks.

BTW Lady-J, do you know if feral combat training gives you a full attack by BAB, plus 1 or more based on your monk level, or just the one natural attack, plus 1 or more based on your monk level?

with out the monk level you just make one attack with the natural attack like normal natural weapon rules you can just use feats that have improved unarmed strike as a prereq with that natural attack, with the monk level you can forgo your other natural attacks to flurry with one natural weapon and get attacks based on bab/flurry progression

example fighter 10 monk 10 would get 6 attacks with their flurry, a monk 20 would get 7 attacks with the flurry monk 5 fighter 15 would get 5 attacks with the flurry, unchained monk changes things a little as they only get one extra attack on a flurry with a 2nd extra one at 11th level. all these assume no spending ki on an extra attack and no haste buff

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wraithstrike wrote:

Unarmed strikes are things such as elbows, knees, and punches. They are not things you can create.

The rules tell you what you can enhance. They aren't going to list everything you can't enhance, and no you can create elbows, and people are not listed as craftable weapons or enhancable weapons.

A GM can allow it because a GM can always change the rules for his table, but that is the only way this will happen.

Also a +30 skill check is not really that high with regard to someone actually focusing on a check. You can get a +30 well before level 20 if you really want to.

In addition if you could enhance creatures there'd be no reason to buy the amulet of might fist.

That is my rules answer.

My partially non-rules answer:
Get the GM to say these kids have the monk's ability to have his unarmed strikes enhanced due to genetic manipulation. Crafting wouldn't work, but he could have hired someone and/or used magic who could make this happen.

Then have the kids get greater magic weapon, and permanency cast on them. With millions of gold that is more than enough to pay some high level caster to do it. Now you have kids with +5 unarmed strikes.

that is debatable pretty sure a robot monk could be created as masterworked

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just one so you only get the extra damage once unless you go monk and take feral combat training

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with two hands and the throwing enchantment, two handed thrower feat, dip a level into hurler barbarian, quick draw, far shot, belt of mighty hurling and the distant thrower feat you can full attack with a throwing greatsword at people 90 feet away from you with no penalty

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mithril counts as silver for bypassing things so adding it in is redundant

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1. neither ability is a spell so the entire spells not stacking with one and other is mute
2. the wild shape is not increasing the size so would stack with size increasing things(being able to have one size increasing effect at a time)
3.the enlarge effect from the bloodline happens no matter what, you enter a rage you get bigger weather you like it or not only way to get rid of that effect is to trade out the power for something else

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if your going for a pounce build you should be taking dragon style.....

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Ryan Freire wrote:
Lady-J wrote:
Moonclanger wrote:

One thing this thread hasn't yet discussed is what do we mean by "overpowered"?

For me, a PC is overpowered if he is so powerful, relative to his fellow PCs or the challenges presented by the GM, that it adversely affects people's enjoyment of the game. E.g. the other players start to feel useless or the GM feels frustrated because he struggles to challenge the powerful character while remaining fair to the rest of the group.

So as long as everybody is having fun it's doesn't matter if some characters or classes are more powerful than others.

Playing PF I've only yet known one PC who was considered overpowered, and he was a ranger with an archery build who around 10th level became so much more effective in combat than the rest of the group that they began complaining to the GM, and so he imposed one or two changes on the ranger's build to correct the power imbalance.

sounds like the others were claiming bad wrong fun on a player that just had an effective build, the better call would be to have that one player help the other players improve their own characters and make them more effective then to swing a nerf bat around at the ranger
If you're the odd man out at a table you get changed or find another table, facts of life.

archery is one of the rangers main schick and it still takes them quite a bit of effort to even be good at that if the ranger is "too good" the rest of the party need to step up their game not fair to punish the ranger just cuz the rest of the party is bad at making characters

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Trinam wrote:

You're not wrong, Vid. Her quoted numbers are not only consistently completely impossible, but also generally pulled out of nowhere.

This is a feat I can normally only accomplish by entering rage and holding down the shift key. I'm impressed.

if you did something called math you would see that many of the numbers actually are achievable take the above example of the numbers your blaster sorc should be pulling on a regular basis you go cross blooded and blood havoc for +3 damage per die, then with the spell specialization you have +2 caster level to you favorite spell so 17 caster levels 17d6 with fireball because you are also using intensify bloodline mutation 17*3.5=59.5, 17*3=51, 59.5+51=110.5, 110.5*1.5=165.75 average damage for the sorcerer, next we have disintegrate at 34d6, 34*3.5=119, 34*3=102, 119+102= 221, 221*1.5=331.5, or battering blast at 3 attacks at 9d6 for 27d6 total, 27*3.5=94.5, 27*3=81, 81+94.5=175.5, 175.5*1.5=263.25

for a total of 165.75 average damage on a fireball, 331.5 average damage on disintegrate and 263.25 average damage on a battering blast which falls into my claim of 150+damage per target in an aoe situation on a failed save and 250+ damage vs a single target for a level 15 caster

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Doomed Hero wrote:
jimthegray wrote:

yeah a well played druid is brutal, its telling that most druid archtypes tend to weaken druids a little :)

This is a pretty important point.

Most martial archetypes are designed to make certain concepts functional. (Go ahead and try to make a whip wielder or a dual wielder without an archetype)

don't know about whips but base fighter, ranger or slayer make pretty good two weapon fighters

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i don't know what hes talking about that club is clearly +7

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pretty sure some poor group out there did a way of the wicked campaign and was unable to escape the 1st room of the prison and was then executed 3 days later

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So the fcc has decided to remove net neutrality in a 3-2 vote. So you guys in the united states need to contact your congressmen and let them know how bad of an idea that is. This will mean internet companies can throttle your internet speeds and force you to pay even more money to receive internet they can even then force websites and other online companies to pay exorbitant prices just to not have traffic to their sites slowed down for people using that particular internet service. The chairman of the fcc claims it will let the market decide which companies live and die if they do such things but that idea is fundamentally flawed in many areas around the USA only have access to one, maybe two internet providers in a given area. There still a chance to save net neutrality as there are a few more steps that need to be taken for them to remove it completely, but you will need to contact your congressmen and have them represent you and your needs and uphold your right to be able to have affordable un throttled internet.

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2bz2p wrote:
Lady-J wrote:
pretty sure things like fast healing would heal the simulacrum


To quote directly again: "The only way to heal damage caused to a simulacrum is to do so as described in the last sentence of the spell—by spending 100 gp per hit point and 24 hours in a magical laboratory to fix the damage. Healing spells don't cut it. It's only partially real, after all."

Simulacrum trolls do not regenerate, for example.

jj is also not the rules guy

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remember monologing is a free action

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LeesusFreak wrote:
Grandlounge wrote:

An option that is to good is labbled power creep, but you can opt out of taking a strong option or choose to use it to help make a bad build good. Some people will over optimize and make a game boring but you can solve this by having a conversation.

Most nerfed option are bad to the point of disuse. I have never seen a new jingasa. These just become bloat. They sit in the pile of "if my gm throws it in loot I will wear it until I sell it". They make resources harder to go through for gms and players while adding nothing to the game.

But your argument can also be used against you to an absurd degree. You really think that Divine Protection was fine the way it was? You think Pageant of the Peacock is fine in *any* game? What about Sacred Geometry?

You notice that the content that was nerfed rarely shows up because it was attacked too hard, but did you ever pay attention to the rest of the content that is in line with it? Like, say, Bulette style or something? No, you've probably never heard of them. There's a false equivalency in your argument that implies you're aware and regularly see all content in the system.

divine protection was fine as it was now its just a hot steaming pile of garbage

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if you want challenge way of the wicked is probably one of the best for that imo

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bad puns?

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pretty much anything but skulls and shackles, the 1st book is so boring you will want to put your head threw a wall

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Mysterious Stranger wrote:

I wish I was really strong: 8 year old child now has 20 STR.

i had a character like that, child rogue with 16 str, i would drag our caster places that i wanted to go and he was all like well i guess i gata go over there now cuz i only have and str of 10 and this small 5 year old is stronger then me

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Tacticslion wrote:
Also, "I wish I lost commoner levels to gain levels of anything else" is an extraordinarily meta thing to wish for.

you can phrase it so its less meta like i wish i was as powerful as the wizard from that party of adventurers that saved our village last week

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commoner would probably wish for class levels in a more useful class

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PossibleCabbage wrote:
Lady-J wrote:
there's also a plethora of other normal adventure things that a paladin would fall for doing or not doing the paladin code as written is unworkable.

I mean one of the people I play with is literally a moral philosophy professor, and I'm pretty sure she would disagree with you here. In my experience, the Paladin will only fall for doing "normal adventurer things" if:

- Your GM has an atypical view of how alignment works.
- Your group has an atypical view of what constitutes "normal" adventurer things.

killing is evil, orphaning children is evil, if you want to remedy that evil by killing the children that is evil, ignoring people in need to save the relm is evil, spending time that should be devoted to saving the relm to help those in need is also evil, war is evil, mass eradication of a species is evil the damning of souls to hell is evil, these are all normal adventuring actions done pretty much every day.

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Jurassic Pratt wrote:

Oh this thread is alive again? Goody.

I'll offer the usual reminder that it's pointless to argue Paladin Code and Alignment with Lady-J due to their atypical view of morality which causes Paladins to fall as soon as they kill someone.

Lady-J wrote:
Faelyn wrote:
Lady-J wrote:
killing people is evil no matter who is doing it however it is necessary in some cases but that's part of human nature every one is capable of great good but they are also capable of great evil
That's your opinion, it is not a universal fact. I would agree that murder is evil, but killing by default is not. These two things are not by any means the same thing.
that's what murder is killing some one

there's also a plethora of other normal adventure things that a paladin would fall for doing or not doing the paladin code as written is unworkable.

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