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We had a guy that played a rogue like Mr. Slave from south park, except he would auto fail the traps because he was a masochist.

Ciaran Barnes wrote:
I completely feel what you're saying, but surely you know that this is the internet, and lacking elements conveyed by actual human interactions, ideas and then opinions become our faces. I doubt these arguments happen often at the gaming table.

That quite possibly could be the case. It is my hope that the post will reach a genuine person where confusion had set in from reading to many others opinions and thinking otherwise. However if I'm in error and just over analyzing post then it is even better because people are past that point. So hard to often literally "read" into the posters true meanings.

So I have seen a lot of message boards lately where someone ask for help with something or why one thing is better than another. For those new to the game and a few that aren't so new there is no wrong way.

Create a character that fits the image in your head and ask for help with that if needed, but I don't think anyone should ever worry about being a specialty wizard of sonic because less monsters resist that element when the character they day dream about summons fire as if the nine hells have been awakened.

Also of note the best thing about RPG's is that you can change anything you want to fit your group and your play style. Many groups everywhere create house rules to add or minus from the campaign to tailor to their needs. Nothing is set in stone unless you make it that way.

Cosmo wrote:

I've returned your Paizocon badge and issued you a refund via store credit.


Thank you Thank you....off to buy minis I go!!!

I would like to return my etickets for PaizoCon this year as I will now be unable to attend. Is it possible to get a refund or some type of online credit as I don't seem to be able to find any function to do so on the account page. Any help is much appreciated!

Mercurial wrote:
Krixis wrote:
In response to your original post I have always liked the thoughts that a class should be more powerful if it is more challenging to play. I personally like wizards a lot a because while at low levels you aren't a powerhouse, if you make it through all the challenges you are more than a force to be reckoned with later.

I don't know if this is directed at me, but I'll answer... for me its always been about role-play, not min/maxing or 'roll-play'. I come up with a character concept that I really like, and then within the framework of that concept, I try to make the character as effective as possible. I figure I owe that to myself and to the rest of the party who will be depending on me.

This particular character (the original, not the one reposted as part of a challenge) was written as part of a storyline surrounding the offspring of a legendary Orcish Warlord, one of which was slated to become a recurring villian (his half-sister, a female half-elven/half-orc Summoner). He grew up orphaned and an outcast prone to fits of rage (see Traits) until one day he killed a boy in a fight over nothing. He fled to one of the temples afraid and not knowing what to do, eventually finding a path to redemption as well as a purpose with the Goddess Sarenrae. He's not a polite guy and is a ferocious battle-leader with little interest in politics or foolishness, but he focuses his inner turmoil against those who would prey on the weaker and less fortunate in a constant attempt to redeem his own sin.

Within that framework, I made him the best Paladin I could, even giving him a low Wisdom to account for his temper. It doesn't bother me in the slightest that the character is effective in combat - the challenges I look for on in the role-playing arena.

Regarding a character that was an early challenege but really blossomed and paid off later, I think of an Eldritch Archer. I've never had as much fun as I did playing that character... he was fairly ho-hum in the early levels as a Fighter...

Yeah it was directed at you and I wholeheartedly agree that the roleplaying is the most important part. When I was first taught to play using second edition the whole game was played by thinking outside the box where the rules were used only as the base for the character and not how the campaign would go.

In response to your original post I have always liked the thoughts that a class should be more powerful if it is more challenging to play. I personally like wizards a lot a because while at low levels you aren't a powerhouse, if you make it through all the challenges you are more than a force to be reckoned with later.

Psh..undead...I'll !@#$% them just like anything else.


I personally love this when it is done right and doesn't pull away from the actual campaign. In the campaigns I run there is a paticular city where a lot of our played high level characters reside so that they can be used or avoided at our whim.

Since you can sneak attack a constuct I couldn't see why sneak attacking a petrified person wouldn't apply as long as one of the conditions was met.

I didn't actually think to much on this until I read your post. When I play now it is all about getting the most out of my character through roleplaying. When I first started playing (about 20 years ago) there was always another character if this one died, and since we played every other day there was always plenty of chances to get the roleplaying in. Still wish I could play every other day though. ;)

Very excited about this! If there has been anything I have seen from the Paizo staff, it is that they don't just jump in feet first or make decisions on the fly for no reason. A lot of people talk about all the other failing MMO's and our sketchy about another. However, none of the others cared about most of the players in general as Paizo has shown that they do. One of the biggest reasons WOW is still around is that they will semi-cater to the gamers. I think Paizo's strength in this area at the very least gives them a better shot than most.

On that same note look how many paper and pencil games are out and Pathfinder is kickin A$$.

This is actually something I have done before and took a lot of time to make everything work out. First was that everyone started at what we eventually called 0th level. Basically the character is their stats to begin with and the PC's roleplay into the class they want to become at 1st level. We usually make it about 500xp to get to first level which goes away once they actually get their class. Each class gets a bonus that would semi replace magic items, ie Fighters get +1 AC every other level. However, this style can be extremely brutal but fun if done right. Also when we do this instead of taking out damage reduction we just changed the system so every reduction has a type instead of a number, ex +1-+2 just becomes metal, +3-+4 just becomes silver and so on. If you want no magic items just take out the creation feats. If you just want them rare then make it known that they cannot just gain a feat, but have to roleplay it being trained to them somehow, perhaps by a celestial.

jeuce wrote:
I'm starting my first session as a GM, I'm looking for pointers as to get players to role play. any suggestions?

I have gotten people to role play in groups I have joined when the other people would say "he doesn't come to role play, he just comes for (insert reason)". The trick is something that one of my DMs told me once when I first started to DM and that is people will only be as involved as you are. Being a DM is easy, but being a good one is hard. If you don't already have one you might want to check out getting the Game Mastery Guide for Pathfinder.

If I had to give any set of tips I would say always remember what you tell people: NPC names, locations, magic....etc (I have a small notebook to write things I use when I pull something off the top my head) and try to involve everyone through planning, example being monsters that everyone can be effective against and a story that involves each person separately but gives a good reason for the rest of the party to tag along.

Hope this helps. :)

Ravingdork wrote:

In a game Saturday night, I lost a very important combat round because I had to stop and pull a weapon out of my backpack.

The GM spontaneously ruled that it was a standard action for me to do so since, according to him, I had an overstuffed backpack (I carry 245 lbs., much of which is armor).

I disagreed vehemently, citing that drawing a weapon was a move action (the weapon is not "hidden," merely stowed away) and that my backpack was only overstuffed if I described it as such. After all, it was a masterwork backpack and came with hooks and harnesses and a myriad of other little things to make carrying lots of gear easier.

Eventually he won out, I accepted his ruling under protest and the game moved on.

What I want to know is this: Is there a rule ANYWHERE that says pulling out ANYTHING from ANY container is a standard action?

My GM cited the bag of holding and handy haversack as examples of it taking longer to pull items out, though I don't think those are valid since for them to be "overstuffed" they have to hold more objects than a mundane backpack (even a masterwork one) could possibly hold (in other words, it takes longer due to their magical nature, not due to a general rule of some kind).

What do you think? Was the GM in the wrong for suddenly implementing a random and needless house rule out of nowhere? Or am I just not accepting of a GM's realistic rulings?

In the rules it says that drawing a hidden weapon is a standard action. As you axe was in your bag and less available then most weapons it seems fair to me. In this instance it even uses the word weapon instead of item. I think that this could have gone either way but wouldn't think to harshly of your DM because of it.

Agrees with BigNorseWolf

gnomewizard wrote:
So yeah does anyone else have the problem that I have? When someone asks me what I did on the weekend I just say I played D&D. They usually nod, and are fine. However, if I say Pathfinder they get all confused, and say what is that, and of course then you have to get into the whole D&D 3.5 to 4th ed. and how paizo changed the face of gaming convo. They usually look at me sigh and say something like oh TMI, Blah whatev. etc. So it is just easier to say play I played D&D. I feel like a Paizo traitor, a real 20th level Benedict Arnold, and I am a Paizo Purist. What can I do? somebody please help.

I used to say I played D&D until I ran into a 4e enthusiast, so now I say Pathfinder. You never know when you will run into a fellow gamer. By the way no offense to those that like 4e. I tried it and just found that it wasn't my cup of coffee. :)

I am currently writing a fantasy novel that uses mostly Pathfinder style classes, a few cities and monsters. I'm not sure where copyright laws sit and how to avoid them. Any help on information would be greatly appreciated!

I have to agree with Mnemaxa on the no level cap.

I'm not a big fan of premade adventures so seeing books for that wouldn't interest me nearly as much as the actual rule set. Epic abilities, feats, and spells (that don't work off seeds) would be a definite plus. A bestiary with epic level monsters would also be a must, even if some are just a few upgraded versions of whats in the other bestiaries.

It would also be nice for the feel of the game to seem epic so feats and abilities almost seem to have a god like quality to them such as a new stackable trait that can't be gained until higher levels. Kind of like how dodge stacks.

If the book that gets put out is as good as the core book then it will be worth the wait.

Two handed weapon fighter with a focus for sundering. The DM at the time made us all fight each other in a dream state type illusion and I killed the whole party because I kept cutting everyone's weapons in half.

I would say don't worry about it. I have killed a few PC's and had a few of mine killed as well. This may be just the groups I have played in but it also helps to let players know they aren't invulnerable and keeps them from doing things their characters normally wouldn't because they aren't afraid to die.

This definitely not what I expected when I see a title for 4 on 1....

I can tell you first hand that the DM should probably re-inspect his personal involvement into the PC’s gear and story. I have made this mistake myself a couple of times when I thought the person would like the stuff I had given them. It turned out that, that wasn’t the same picture in their mind. I have since learned to give players the option of the taking the powers given and asking ahead of time how they would like to see their character develop. On that note I don’t believe on most occasions the DM should have any real control over a PC or their back round. However, players shouldn’t act surprised either if the DM ask them to come up with something different because it seems improbable to have happened.

Derekjr wrote:
There is a pathfinder SRD app. I find a need to use it every game.

Thanks a ton!! I feel like I was cheated by not knowing about that website and their app.

Recently I bought an Ipod Touch. Of course the first thing I did was look for apps that could help me as a gamer. I was very disappointed to find that most things on the internet where months if not years old. On that note so far I have found two that I would like to share, and get some feedback on what others have found.
First was to find a pdf viewer. I tried several and ended up with Goodreader. The app opens all of my pdfs fairly fast, as well as having all the features and speed required to look something up in a reasonable time. There is a lite version currently out that is free and I definitely encourage checking it out.
Second was to find something to draw dungeons with. My final decision for this was Sketches2. This app cost 4.99 so I was very hesitant at first. There are many cheaper ones that can throw you off but this was definitely the right choice for me. It allows you to import and export pictures very easily. It also contains a text feature that while limited was extremely useful. I imported a picture of a grid and went to town making dungeons.
Hope that this thread saves at least a few people some time.

Before we get started I want to make it clear that this thread should only be for constructive comments and not complaining about how someone bumbed into you.

1) Me and the two friends that went found that the room where the banquet was held was too small and very crowded. As this seemed to be a main focus for the event, we were kind of dissapointed at that. Perhaps there is a movie theater or something similar to handle larger quantities of people for a low price.

2) The room where the Paizo stuff was sold was perferct for the stuff that was there, but we would have liked to see some more things from other vendors(Probably meaning a bigger room or the use of two). When we went to some of the game stores around the area(as we are from Nevada), we found everything we wanted and more. Perhaps some of the local shops might rent a booth or room from Paizo at the Con. The things we were hoping to see where a larger selection of dice, books, and mainly miniatures.

3) While the panels were very informative, they seemed to be lacking the show and tell feeling. I was expecting some powerpoint or maybe doing some hands on stuff, but found mostly Q&A.

We have been using the new system where you take 24d6 and assign a minimum of 3d6 to each stat. A character who wants a high str puts 6d6 to str and takes the highest 3. I'm usually generous and let my players assign 28d6 though.

Spacelard wrote:
Mok wrote:

So the party kills off an enemy wizard and finds his spell book. The PC wizard's eyes sparkle...

Now, from how the rules read, while it might take a bit of time, it sounds as if the entire contents of the enemy wizard's spellbook could just be copied into the PC wizard's spellbook. Sure rolls need to be made, perhaps the wizard needs to wait another level to get more spellcraft ranks, etc. But the end result is that it sounds as if the PC wizard can basically get a bunch of spells for free and then sell the enemy wizard's spellbook for half price.

How do people deal with this little nuance of party distribution of wealth and power?

Why is selling a wizard's spellbook different to selling a spare suit of +1 armor?

I think alot of what you do depends on how you play or what you want for your group. I personally like when players get things that make them feel as if they earned it... Especially in this case where any wizard worth noting is probably going to teleport away before he dies. As a DM you will always have the ability changes things within and out of the game. For example I let all of our wizards copy spells into their book for free because it doesn't change the fact that they still have to memorize their spells for the day and I can always adjust any fight as needed.