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So I have seen a lot of message boards lately where someone ask for help with something or why one thing is better than another. For those new to the game and a few that aren't so new there is no wrong way.

Create a character that fits the image in your head and ask for help with that if needed, but I don't think anyone should ever worry about being a specialty wizard of sonic because less monsters resist that element when the character they day dream about summons fire as if the nine hells have been awakened.

Also of note the best thing about RPG's is that you can change anything you want to fit your group and your play style. Many groups everywhere create house rules to add or minus from the campaign to tailor to their needs. Nothing is set in stone unless you make it that way.

I would like to return my etickets for PaizoCon this year as I will now be unable to attend. Is it possible to get a refund or some type of online credit as I don't seem to be able to find any function to do so on the account page. Any help is much appreciated!

Psh..undead...I'll !@#$% them just like anything else.


I am currently writing a fantasy novel that uses mostly Pathfinder style classes, a few cities and monsters. I'm not sure where copyright laws sit and how to avoid them. Any help on information would be greatly appreciated!

Recently I bought an Ipod Touch. Of course the first thing I did was look for apps that could help me as a gamer. I was very disappointed to find that most things on the internet where months if not years old. On that note so far I have found two that I would like to share, and get some feedback on what others have found.
First was to find a pdf viewer. I tried several and ended up with Goodreader. The app opens all of my pdfs fairly fast, as well as having all the features and speed required to look something up in a reasonable time. There is a lite version currently out that is free and I definitely encourage checking it out.
Second was to find something to draw dungeons with. My final decision for this was Sketches2. This app cost 4.99 so I was very hesitant at first. There are many cheaper ones that can throw you off but this was definitely the right choice for me. It allows you to import and export pictures very easily. It also contains a text feature that while limited was extremely useful. I imported a picture of a grid and went to town making dungeons.
Hope that this thread saves at least a few people some time.

Before we get started I want to make it clear that this thread should only be for constructive comments and not complaining about how someone bumbed into you.

1) Me and the two friends that went found that the room where the banquet was held was too small and very crowded. As this seemed to be a main focus for the event, we were kind of dissapointed at that. Perhaps there is a movie theater or something similar to handle larger quantities of people for a low price.

2) The room where the Paizo stuff was sold was perferct for the stuff that was there, but we would have liked to see some more things from other vendors(Probably meaning a bigger room or the use of two). When we went to some of the game stores around the area(as we are from Nevada), we found everything we wanted and more. Perhaps some of the local shops might rent a booth or room from Paizo at the Con. The things we were hoping to see where a larger selection of dice, books, and mainly miniatures.

3) While the panels were very informative, they seemed to be lacking the show and tell feeling. I was expecting some powerpoint or maybe doing some hands on stuff, but found mostly Q&A.