What have you done to grow as a player / DM?

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I started playing my freshman year of high school in 2nd edition d&d and am now 27 years old. I don't play as much any more but when I do the stories and even my PC's are greatly changed. Is it just me or do you really want to feel challenged when you decide to give up a Sunday to roll some dice.I want the same complexity as a great thriller, and the action of a blockbuster. What about you.

I didn't actually think to much on this until I read your post. When I play now it is all about getting the most out of my character through roleplaying. When I first started playing (about 20 years ago) there was always another character if this one died, and since we played every other day there was always plenty of chances to get the roleplaying in. Still wish I could play every other day though. ;)

I found that it's more for the "get-together-with-the-guys" thing than it was when we played in highschool (mid 80's). Sure, we all like the game, and the stories, and all that... But now we just appreciate the one afternoon per month that we get to lose ourselves in my garage. What I'm saying is that, for us, it's not really the content or the system that's important, but more the company.

We absolutely don't squable(sp?) anymore over trivial things like treasure or where the party goes next. We come in, sit down, have fun for six hours, eat, drink, and go back our seperate ways.


Yeah I have just always thought of the game like writing a book and as I played and DM'd more I became able to capture my group for however long we play for and really just have a great time.

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