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My delivery (not expected until Sep 6th) arrived in London today, so things weren't as bad as they could be :)

I'm trying to understand why it takes 3 days to get to Italy, but more than 30 days to get to London. By the time it arrive the school summer break will be over and I will have no time to play.

Send more Sandpoint!

Since this forum is for the Beginner's Box set where there are no mages and no Azlanti, I think this needs to be moved.

Hi Kiwionwheels,

This forum is for the Pathfinder Beginners Box. Judging by the fact you are playing a Drow, you aren't playing the Beginners Box. You might be better off asking in another forum, although I expect this will ne moved to the appropriate forum at some point.

I've been working on a campaign, but it's got a bit stuck. You can view it here: Trouble at the Border.

The first part is a dungeon crawl, the 2nd part ends a bit abruptly. The main reason I stopped is that I can't decide whether to rewrite it for core rules (core rule book and bestiary 1) or continue using just the BB.

There's a bit at the end where I try to fit the Survival skill into the rules, but I will probably take the need for that out.

Feedback appreciated (you can message me here.)

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I have Right <ctrl> mapped to push-to-talk. It works for me.

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I'm glad I'm not the only one. I spent a while talking last night with another player and we figured out how the tool tip for our rogue armour feat applied to our armour. This involved a lot of getting naked, a run to the auction house, dragging and dropping UI windows all over the place while they randomly decided whether to auto-wrap the tool tips or not...

I expect a learning curve, but at the moment it's a cliff when it needn't be.

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Ok, I've been in game 1 week now and still know next to nothing!

I found out last night in chat that I have been wasting XP buying feats that, while they are the main feat I use in combat, leveling it up has no use to me. This is totally counter-intuitive.

I have started to learn a bit more - my armour feat is now the right one for my role and I have +1 armour so I understand how that part of the feat and skills work.

But weapons feats? I use distant shot a lot, so I assumed leveling that up would improve my damage, but I am told that leveling a weapon feat to level X is pointless unless you have a +X weapon to match it?

Also, I thought I read that if I buy lots of shortbow feats my dexterity will go up? How many do I have to buy?

Is there somewhere that explains the mechanics of the game? I have looked through everything (there are a lot of guides, documents and spreadsheets), but I have not seen anything that says "This is how an armour feat works with your armour; This is how weapons feats work with your weapon; This is how class roles work; This is how implements work; This is how combat works; This is how maneuvers work; etc..." (Ok, I admit, that last one is a joke, no-one has ever seen a maneuver in the wild.) I know the details of these things are changing all the time, but the actual concepts should be pretty much set in stone now.

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We had a good run on Saturday night - about 12 players at the escalation hex next to Stoneroot Glade and then the monster hex next to that one. Hopefully we can do it again this coming Saturday with a few more players.

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I assume they mean long time player of the P&P game.

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Is there an actual rogue guide anywhere? I've already made a lot of mistakes on my main char that I wouldn't want to make again, and I have started an alt just to note down everything I should do, but it would be really helpful if someone else has written a guide.

I only learnt last night that I could be wearing heavy armour. It's all very well for someone to say "encumbrance isn't implemented", but that doesn't translate into "you can wear whatever armour you like."

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I am more interested in another MVP - Minimum Viable Population. At the moment players are few and far between, particularly in UK playing time. I get about a 3 hour playing slot at the weekends when the US players are on, nothing at all really during the week. I'm hoping EE will bump up the number of players, even if they are just trying to kill me.

People joining EE should be expecting MVP, which is what we will have if the bugs are fixed.

As for EE players having an advantage to players starting in OE, well 15 months of play is a pretty massive advantage in itself. We are going to be the ones building the content for them to play.

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I agree with the bug fixes. I can live without the rest.

The one thing that does need fixing is the camera angle. You should be able to fix it and have it the way you set it when you last logged out. It shouldn't be moving when you drag and drop or move UI windows.

And 1 tiny thing to implement: I haven't played an MMO for a couple of years, but I continually hit / expecting it to take me to the chat window with a / already there, so I guess this has been a common feature of every MMO I have played.

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Anyone know where I train shortsword feats? I have tried everywhere?

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Many thanks. I have read a lot, and now I feel like I know even less than I started out knowing! A few questions in bold.

I want to be a Rogue, so I already got the short bow and some bow skills (distant strike and the one that causes bleed seem to kill most foes quite quickly). I got some footpad's armour from the AH and 3 armour feats (I've slotted chameleon for now). I still have my starter club, and I got a couple of feats for that (per the tutorial, plus Conk), I should probably upgrade that to some kind of sword. I am Rogue level 2 now (I think, anyway, 1 level up from the starter level). What is a rogue kit, and where do I get one?

I also took feats as I found them (I started out with a lot of XP) - a bunch of knowledge level 1 skills from the library (I should probably take them all), most of the skills from the rogue trainer, and some from the skirmish trainer. I think I also took mining.

I want to be a tanner/leather worker (I always like to be able to make my own armour in MMOs), but so far I have looted 1 pelt, so that seems to be a bit slow. I obviously need to improve my midden searching.

I have run around and killed a lot of goblins, several wolves, a handful of bandits and run away from a lot of ogres, meanwhile looting any nodes I have found. How do I use the many tokens I have looted?

I have an awful lot of slots on my paper doll that are empty, how do what do I need to fill them?

I really don't understand the keyword concept?

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I was an EQ player for a couple of years, SWGO for a while, and then WoW for a couple of years. I am mostly PvE, although I do PvP a bit. I finally had the time yesterday to download and start playing and here's what I found.

As with most MMOs, the learning curve is huge. The quick guide is ok, but it leaves an awful lot unanswered. This forum is pretty much useless. There are 3,682 threads in a single forum. New sub-forums need to be created for classes and crafting at a minimum.

I had planned to spend today reading up about crafting, combat, classes etc., but I don't have any resources. I would have hoped for at least something pinned to the top of this forum with a list of links to resources.

From the start the in-game community has been great. If I had any questions they were quickly answered, but I don't want to be that guy who needs his hand held through everything.

j b 200 wrote:
ok, listing doesn't say that anymore. I was very sad, since I buy every single one of the Pathfinder Tales books for my kindle

Do you read it as a PDF? This is my first Pathfinder fiction as I got it through the Kickstarter. I got the paperback and the download, but I find the PDF is just too small to read on my kindle.


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This copy of Skull & Shackles The Wormwood Mutiny is on sale on eBay for £808.52 (about $1350)! I hope it's made of solid gold: The Wormwood Mutiny.

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Half-halflings only get a quarter page.

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I think it's a big leap from BB to CRB, especially if you are playing with children.

It is a bit steep. My last order to London was $46 for goods and $35.26 for shipping. It only makes it worthwhile to order if items are severely reduced in the sale.

Some of the errata are in the downloadable Player Pack and GM Kit, but it would be handy to have them in 1 downloadable document.

I wrote something similar about wanting an expansion to the BB rules to level 10 here a couple of years ago, and the Paizo response was a resounding no, for the exact reasons given in this thread.

It wouldn't be too difficult to do it yourself (most of the actual work is done in OberonViking's link above): Add a couple of races and classes; level progression should follow the same pattern as the BB; a cut down selection of 4th and 5th level spells should be easy; a few more skills and feats, if you want to keep the rules simple then you shouldn't add many (survival skill is a glaring omission from the BB); about 50 more monsters would be needed (at a guess), picked from the bestiary so you have pawns available. Anything else?

I am currently writing a level 1-5 campaign for the BB which I might Kickstarter (if I ever get it finished and play tested). After that I was thinking of a level 5-10 campaign in the same setting using just CRB rules and Bestiary 1 monsters, but it might be interesting to write it for homebrewed expanded BB rules.

With a bit of hunting on eBay for a while I now have all the miniatures for Black Fang Dungeon. I picked up a Reefclaw cheaply just before Xmas which arrived on Friday. The only expensive one to get was the Black Dragon, but I got that with a bunch of miniatures in last years Golem sale. I also got the medium Black Dragon from eBay a couple of weeks ago so I have a choice of figures to play.

I would like to collect miniatures for all the monsters in the BB, but I don't think there is a regular Barghest available.

Now I just need the kids to go to bed at a reasonable time one night...

My sons are still a bit too young to start playing (nearly 3 and just turned 5) but my wife has said she's interested in playing over Christmas if we get time, so I am busy re-reading the Beginners Box to get ready.

I got the email to say my order from November 16th has shipped. Thanks for the hard work on a weekend!

Thanks for the update Sara Marie! My order is from November 16th so hopefully it will be out early next week.

I got mine from the Orc's Nest in London, but their website says it is temporarily out of stock. I just checked Amazon - wow! It's almost twice the RRP there.

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You: "As you enter the room a wounded goblin crawls across the floor and with his last breath reaches out towards a bedding pile and gasps 'My treas-argh!' There are 2 bedding piles in the room, one of them has a blanket on the top with a pattern that looks like 'hint, hint'. Someone has written on the wall in 6ft letters 'SEARCH ME' with a big arrow pointing to the bedding pile."
Party: "Ok, nothing to see here, let's move on quickly"

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I'm not sure if this is a question for the beginners box, but I think the answer will be the same anyway:

It does sound like your GM is being a bit mean with the gear/treasure. At level 5, in a regular setting, you would expect to have at least 10,000gp worth of loot ( r-wealth-by-level).
Also, a CR10 encounter is pretty tough for level 5, unless the GM really wanted you to run away.

Thanks Vic! I wasn't sure if they were Beginners Box content as they are in a slightly different format. That makes the rewrite a lot simpler.

Looks like I will have to rewrite my project.

I notice the PDF of Fangs From the Past does not use any of the monsters from the Beginners Box. Is that for the same reason?

Great site! I'm writing a campaign for the Beginners Box from levels 1-5 and it will be very handy to have all the information to hand when I don't have my Games Master's Guide and Hero's Handbook to hand.

In the full rules, when you use Disguise Self any creature you interact with gets a will save to see through the illusion. I don't see this mentioned in the beginner box rules. Have I missed something?

Damn you Paizo, you scurvy miniature producing dogs! Now I have to get even more miniatures!

Thank you! It's close enough - I had forgotten to add in the strength and dexterity modifiers. You know when you look at a problem for so long that you fail to notice the stupid mistake that you made at the start...

I'm writing my first dungeon and need to create an NPC fighter who will help the PCs in the last encounter. I'm trying to base the stats on the Evil Fighter on page 67 of the GMG. I would just use those stats but the party have rescued the fighter and so he has no weapons and armour (and part of the point of doing it is to help me understand the rules a bit better). I've worked out most of the stats, but I can't work out what the base stats for melee and ranged would be, given that he currently has no weapons, or why the evil fighter has melee +10 and ranged +5.
By my calculations the battle axe would have +1 for weapon focus, +2 for attack bonus for being level 3 and +1 for it being a masterwork weapon. I can't see where the other +6 comes from in the stats. Similarly for the ranged attack. What am I missing?

His final stats will of course depend on what 2nd hand armour and weapons the players decide to give him, and the fact that he is both shaken and exhausted.

That's good to know. The pawn selection is a bit limiting, unless you use stand-in pawns - only 2 orcs and a boss? And a goblin dog seems to have sneaked in there, but I don't see stats for it in the rules.

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I have a full set of daily deals so I have a shield mate place free.

I'm preferably looking for someone who will be playing evenings/weekends UK time so we can at least try to share the benefits of being shield mates occasionally.

Pathfinder Adventure Path #66: The Dead Heart of Xin (Shattered Star 6 of 6)?!? #64 hasn't reached my LGS yet :(

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Is there any chance that this will be reprinted as it appeared in Adventure Path 59: Skulls and Shackles, The Price of Infamy as the Theater of Corruption?

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Issue 1 of the Pathfinder comic has a 1st level encounter set in Sandpoint, along with a description of Sandpoint, stats for a couple of Sandpoint NPCs, a small map of Sandpoint, 1st lvl stats for 4 of the iconics (I haven't compared these to the BB stats) and a pull out map card. The comic itself has lots of Sandpoint flavour.

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Picked up my copy yesterday. I have to agree with some of the other posters - the art is a little off in places. I had to keep double checking panels to see who was who in some places. When you have to do that for iconics, something is wrong.

I liked the format and I'll give it a try for a few issues and hope that it picks up.

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My old laptop died, and my old-old laptop that I was keeping just in case looks like it might just last to the weekend, when hopefully my new laptop will arrive. Based on the fact I'll be coming back to playing MMO's I spent a bit more than I had planned for something that has an i7 chip rather than an i5, a bit more RAM and a better graphics card - Acer Aspire 5755G Core i7. I hope it will be enough to do the game justice.

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Valkenr wrote:
Due to the time requirement for skill training, I think your equipment will play a larger factor on how your character performs.

I'm hoping not, otherwise it just becomes an equipment race.

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This sounds very interesting! The mind boggles at the possibilities for massed armies marching out across the field of battle, rather than the (at best) skirmishing PvP of other games I've played.

I saw these in my LGS on Tuesday. It made me feel nostalgic and very, very old. I hope my copies are in a trunk in storage, but I worry that my mum threw them out in 1990.

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