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Anyone know if the Beginner Box Pawns are available for purchase separately? I am interested in having the various classes/races.

They are not. Believe me, a lot of people wish they were.

In a few months, there will be a Pathfinder Pawns: NPC Codex Box.

Auggies sells them.

That's good to know. The pawn selection is a bit limiting, unless you use stand-in pawns - only 2 orcs and a boss? And a goblin dog seems to have sneaked in there, but I don't see stats for it in the rules.

That is, indeed, good to know. It's a pity I didn't hear about anything like that a few months ago (depending on the shipping charges). I have sometimes wished for more of the commonly used ones. I was griping about it just last month. eakratz asked for much the same thing later in that thread.

As for the goblin dog, I quote Sean K Reynolds in this thread.

Sean K Reynolds wrote:
Though we didn't include stats for the goblin dog, they're commonly associated with goblins, and (1) if you wanted to, you could use a wolf's stat block and just say it's a goblin dog, and (2) the expectation is that people will transition from the Beginner Box to the Core Rulebook and Bestiary, so you'd get the stats for a goblin dog soon enough, and it would be nice to have a goblin dog pawn to use with that.

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