A Blast from Gaming Years Past!


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Dungeons & Dragons First Edition Reprints Available!

In 1974, a very special guy introduced a very special game, and changed the landscape of hobby gaming forever!

Repackaged, rebound, and with special limited edition covers, the First Edition Dungeon Master's Guide, Monster Manual, and Players Handbook will have you breaking out your oldest set of dice, digging up your battered copy of "Keep on the Borderlands" and gaming the way Gygax dreamed of! The gaming nostalgia will be so awesome that you're going to have to make a save against petrification, but there's something else that you might not know about. Gygax's influence in the world of gaming goes well beyond Dungeons and Dragons, and the Gygax Memorial Fund was established to build a memorial statue in Lake Geneva. To help raise funds for the cause, Wizards of the Coast is donating a portion of the sales to the Memorial Fund to help craft a memorial worthy of the Father of Roleplaying Games!

Check out all of the Dungeons & Dragons gaming material available from Wizards of the Coast right here!

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I saw these in my LGS on Tuesday. It made me feel nostalgic and very, very old. I hope my copies are in a trunk in storage, but I worry that my mum threw them out in 1990.

The Exchange

And here I just converted Keep on the Borderlands to Pathfinder... sigh.

Still have my original DMG and PHB didn't get MM though:(

Have to say I'm curious and mildly tempted to buy these new editions.
Ahh nostalgia.

bodrin wrote:
Ahh nostalgia.

'Tis a powerful drug, that nostalgia.

Liberty's Edge

Jacob Blackmon wrote:
And here I just converted Keep on the Borderlands to Pathfinder... sigh.

Jacob, I did that about two years ago. (Check the conversion forum for the thread.)

It is good to see these books back, but I don't know what the hints at for D&D Next if anything.

I still have a set of 1st edition books, but I bought these partially for nostalgia and partially for the GG fund.

One thing of note though, they used glossy paper (gilded edges) which is nice, but as a result alot of the old pictures printed really, really dark.

I guess these will go in the bomb shelter as back up copies for the post apocalyptic gaming that we all know we will still be playing even if the world comes to an end. Gamma World anyone?

Those were great times. Still have all the books.

But "Keep on the Border Lands" was a Basic edition module, not an Advanced D&D module. Not that it stopped us from trying to convert it until some decent Advanced modules came out.

Gamma World !!! Luv the pyrokinesis and cryokinesis. And Star Frontiers, sonic devastator anyone!

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