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Geri and Ulfrec:
The sheriff appears at your door and shanks his head. 'Early release boys, don't know how this happened. But I suspect someone tainted the food to cause this. Glad you are alright.

He opens your door and you can see there are several other cell door open and hacketed up veggie people, their hosts all seem to be deceased. Boris emerges from him cell holding the wooden leg of his cot. "Four of those damn things popped out.

That's a lot of Poke in one thought.

The sheriff shakes his head as if he was stabbed in his temple by the goblin's fang file."Huh?" A migraine is visible taking hold. "Shhhhhh just stop talking. Alright, alright just the dwarf, his wolf, and Boris spends the night jail." He waves to his squad to take Ulfrec. "10 Gold piece bail to be paid in the morning. You can get him at the sixth bell."

He sternly looks at everyone in the tavern, "No more mischief."

Poke Poke wrote:
Korg, minotaur wrote:

"Goblin...stop your hiding and get out from under the table."

Poke Poke comes out from under the table wearing the a wire bent and twisted to look spectacles and a dirty rag tied around his resembling a neck tie. He walks up to the minotar "Thanks the gods you arrived Mr. Long Horns. These long shank ruffians attacked my clients as they attend to the ailing old elder over there. Oh, where are my manners... Poke Poke fish a small tattered piece of paper out of his pocket and hands it toward the minotar ...Poke Poke, Esquire, Barrister and Attorney at law.

The paper has a picture of what looks like circular face with pointy teeth and long triangles for ear next roughly childish looking set of scales.

"My clients had no choice but to defend themselves. As for steal I feared for my life. Look what that one did to my foot with his vile spells. Even then it was just my teeth file. Poke Poke says as he points at thr cleric, then his foot, then pulls his teeth file out and presents it to the large bull.

Fantastic dice roll.

The sheriff gingerly holds the edge of the tattered paper...as if it could be diseased...then scrunches his snout. He hands it back to goblin. "You're an esquire, barrister, and attorney at law?" he asks doubtfully. "Are those three different things?" He scratches his left horn.

"So you DID stab him with your tooth file." There's enough goblins in the town that he is quite familiar with the weapon, plus his own horns are well groomed.

Ulfrec Aesgrim wrote:

Ulfrec raised his empty hands, palms forward.

He threatened my brother, ain't no way to tell if he's foolin' or intending t'kill us. All I did was ask him to come closer, because of the noise... I asked him if he was local.

We... have a contract with Mayor Featherton, just gathering information, before turning in.

But, someone tried to poison that man there, and we were trying to save good life. Don't know who he is. He indicates with a toss of his head.

"Gathering information with steel." he shakes his head "That's not permitted in town regardless for whom you work." He is not pleased. "You're gonna need a night in jail and make your bail."

He turns to Boris, "Does he speak truth."

The double oak with steel trimmed font doors swing open with gusto. Standing in the middle, filling the area, is a massive minotaur holding a shining double axe. The axe shines and is razor sharp. Behind the sheriff several humans ready to charge inside the tavern.


The sheriff and his squad enter the building and every patron stand straight up with their palms facing outward. The minotaur's nose twitches and he looks around. "Goblin...stop your hiding and get out from under the table."

He nods at Boris, 'hmm...figures," Your in the drunk tank for the night. "Who were you fighting with? I swear if you weren't my weren't married to cousin I'd kill you myself."

General Korg signals for Gilly to be raised one more time.

Anyone who wants to make a perception check can roll it.


Gilly's blade is raised a second time by two attendants. Then released. There's another Swoosh" sound. Then a Twack".

When Nym speaks in undercommon to Korg the minotaur simply shakes his head. He clearly doesn't understand.

"Pints are always good." He motions his constables to disperse. "Nothing to see here...scatter." He tells the curious town folk. Being an unusual resident of Fentonville himself he understands the curiosity.

The sound of heavy boots coming from the east thunder on the ground. A few sharp orders are barked. "Stand firm." Four more constables flank a towering man with a bulls head - the Captain of the Guard.

"State your business!" After he speaks his face softens a bit as she recognizes Grung and Desmond. "Oh...why did the alarm bells go ..." His voices trails off as she notices Nym.

You look'n for me!

Korg's heavy breath warms your spine Bri, as the fur on his arms stands up at the contact. "You've a sight for weary eyes. You smell flowery." He's a minotaur not a conversationalist, what do you expect him to say. His giant hand rests comfortably on the small of your back.

"Capt. Bethany has a fiery personality and an excellent sense of humor, but does not take kindly to disrespect. She enjoys appreciation of her beauty from others – and uses it well– but will not tolerate any remarks that belittle her position as captain." he snort a bit. "She responds to such insults with her rapier wit, and if that fails, with her rapier. She will not kill a man for insulting her, but she
will embarrass him by bettering him in a duel or slashing his belt right off his trousers. Everyone onboard Quell’s Whore knows she is the captain, and her word is stronger than the laws of heaven."

The minotaar hefts his heavy pick and inspects the markings,

"Truth in that...when you coming to see Quell's Whore? We share bottle of Brevoy ice wine.

Embrianna wrote:
It involves a ship you have for sale? Unless you've already taken one of those other proposals for it."

"No...we've turned two an offer." He replies sternly. 'Capt did not trust buyer...did not want ship to go back slaving."

Korg grunts and click deeply,

"Yes....guud mornin'"[/b] He moves towards Bri before he takes his new pick into this strong hands. "You've been well? I see some angry healing flesh wounds on your arms and thing. Busy you've been...Yes?"

A few minutes later the bell rings at the door and Korg, the massive minotaur walks into the shop. heavy pick on his back. He speaks loudly. In giant:

"Jaspar...my friend...is it ready."

Embrianna wrote:
Oh yeah, I still got a minotaur to bang on my list.

You can get on that today.

Embrianna wrote:

"Ah, if I'd have known that, I may have risked a wager on them. Do you and Jonah have any personal bets with each other over who's going to be right?"

And you were right to say Belok's back looks a little clawed up. I keep forgetting that I actually get claw attacks. Likely because I rarely get up close with anyone.

I thought that would make you smile.

Nah, one of us will be a big loser in the Jin fight tonight, regardless. No need to rub saltstick on the wound." He grins.

"They know each other, they're new in town. defeated their opponents yesterday easily in individual combat."

Korg appreciates Bri speaking in giant, "I put big bet Belok and big bet on two men fighting Jin." He shrugs that his bet differently than Jonah regarding Jin, and he tells you that "two against one is better than one against one in the ring. Especially, if they can flank and work like a team."

He grunts his hello back in giant. He's eying the fight.