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My favourite Cain is Duty Calls, The Emperor's Finest I don't even remember what happened

as for others I'm waiting for The End and the Death vol. 3, GW is really milking it, also Pandemonium by Abnett

not all are that forgettable, like Regill from Wrath of the Righteous or Arcanum gnomes

they also nerfed humans, I'll wait for a modded variant version

they probably changed the story over the years, similar to how they rewrote the companions, cause when I played early access at the beggining it did not seem to fit that well with the lore

as for ceremorphosis, I hope the implemented things like gnome resistance

it was 7 seconds in the trailer, when that nautiloid attacked Triboar (I think that was the city), for dramatic purposes

but in the game it will probably happen in act 3, at the end

I agree that Eisenhorn is probably the best choice, it could even continue with Ravenor and Bequin.

Gaunt's Ghosts you'd need to cut some massive battles, and the first book is not that good for an introduction.

My second choice would be the return of Gorillaman as Cavill cause his shock of what the Imperium turned into could also be an intro, tough that story would probably be very expensive.

Greylurker wrote:
Knoq Nixoy wrote:
I've never watched anything so bad

oh I've seen plenty worse things.

Adventures of Sinbad is one of the first things to come to mind if you want to talk about bad fantasy shows, but there are tons of shows worse than this

I mean if a show is bad you just stop, but in this case I continued watching cause of the source material and invested funds, expecting at least something decent, and now it hurts my soul, this sacrilege. I remembered one similar show, Shannara, but there I could stop after a few episodes of cringe.

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I've never watched anything so bad

my ending was really disappointing, that's what you get for trying to do good

and I was OK with Mass Effect 3 ending or Deus Ex, imagine if Deus Ex had all this time to develop

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I guess they released this movie to keep people out of theaters

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they are real apex predators

Planescape Torment remake, not just a remaster, but in a way they remade Resident Evil or Demon Souls

agreed, it seemed that Baldur's Gate is on the other side of the world to Amn

tough core FR is mostly city states

Possible, acording to the Illthiad it depends upon the presence of VITAL neurochemicals in the victim's brain; these neurochemicals act as essential chemical cues for the initiation of ceremorphosis. I remember from Ravenloft that vampires have no metabolism. Or it could be an elven vampire similar to a baelnorn. Only Ioulaum could transform into an undead elder brain.

Anyway the game looks really promising, but I wish they change the UI, inventory and ablilties/spells a bit so they don't look almost like Divitity:OS.

how can ceremorphosis affect vampires

Hazard is French in an another universe

if they adapt short stories from Magos there's one where they hunt a tyranid

small scale? imagine the cost of the Thracian Primaris triumph, but I guess they picked the best story to adapt

I kinda expected from the books for Dany to turn evil, or at least morally neutral, as Martin rarely writes pure good or evil characters (except Euron and Ramsay in later books), but the show simplified her and it seemed she'd turn out good then they had to do their ''subverted expectations''.

This is a minor problem, and the battle was way one-sided, but what about all other ruined characters, it's much worse with them, it started with Stannis, then Dorne, Arya's training was pathetic, Varys, Littlefinger, and Tyrion lost their intelligence which imo was the most interesting part of the show/books, Bran became boring which is quite an achievement for the most magical person in the world, Euron became a joke of a villain, not as intimidating as in the books, except when he had ballistae that could sink the Yamato. Jaime, in the end what's the point of him, what's the point of the Iron Bank, they've build up the Night King threat who doesn't even exist in the books, what for, etc. in the end most things don't make sense, the Dothraki and Unsullied resurrect themselves and King's Landing repairs itself when it's convenient. I liked the Clegane fight, and the build up to the battle of Winterfell, that's it.

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ever since Ramsay's ''20 good men'' scene HBO should have hired new writers

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I can't believe the story of ASoIaF ends like this

the writers turned it into some generic fantasy

The Faceless God is one of many avatars/masks of Nyarlathotep, it's very similar to the Many-Faced God the Faceless Men worship. I don't think they have a mortal boss, the Kindly Man or Jaqen, they are all ''no one''.

The World of Ice and Fire book added a lot of Lovecraftian places and stories to Essos.

that'd be interesting cause it's possible that the Faceless Boss is one of the forms of Nyarlathotep



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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (1966)

best characters I've seen in a movie, fun, and cause of its music

this movie is not so bad compared to The Force Awakens and the prequels, even The Return of the Jedi

I watched this interesting podcast few days ago, Stamets explains how they created the mycellium drive

Luke's now like Jonny Marcone from Dresden Files

no, it's 13/25 episode


the show so far is great, it should last at least until


Earth's destroyed
after that I lost all interest

I liked it except the villain is ridiculous, even worse than Thanos the mad

cool, tough they shouldn't spoil so much in the trailer

he wrote more words on his blog than in TWOW

Archons are also from gnosticism, always wondered how are they connected

sort of post-human utopias or near utopias like the Culture, Jean le Flambeur series, the Golden Oecumene, the Commonwealth Saga

when the last adventure path is going to be announced?

from what I remember from the book it was obvious the author wanted it to be a film someday

Synthesist Summoner (something like this for a sorcerer or pact wizard)
Qinggong Monk
Monk of the Mantis
Halcyon Druid
Skirmisher ranger

I enjoyed reading Deadhouse Landing, mostly because of previous books, new stuff added on to that is not really impressive

I remember the first novel is different, noir-ish

I think it's the best Netflix show so far, only faults the fighting scenes aren't that interesting compared to Daredevil, and too bloody for my taste.

I waited for this kind of book since Sigil

I wish I stopped with this series at the end of A Storm of Swords, the books and tv episodes after ruins it mostly

from this year

NieR: Automata
Torment: Tides of Numenera

the Animorphs?

what happened before the battle has nothing to do with the quality of battle scenes, not to mention how irrelevant those ''battles'' at Meereen and Griffin Roost are for the main story

what battle scenes, I don't remember any from the last book, just some cliffhangers, you are saying the Battle of the bastards is far worse than those?

Endless Space 2 soundtrack

they need to change Fury's weapon, to a spiked chain or something

Nicomo Cosca (Abercrombie)
Cugel the Clever (Vance)
Tehol (Erikson)
Rodrick and Hrym (Pratt)
Hoid (Sanderson)
Gully Foyle (Bester)
Jalan (Lawrence)
Jean le Flambeur (Rajaniemi)
Varys (Martin)

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