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Might need to go with a minor artifact, I'm not going to play out the whole 24hrs and it's mostly going to be cinematic after the first few rounds. That being said now I am curious how to avoid the issue with non-lethal, since I have one of my own characters who is an orc and I've never thought of it.

I was thinking along the lines of the 3.5 Persistent Spell, looking at the spell Deathless, though now that I think about it Rage and Haste would also be useful. This item will be for a character who is 100% going to die, so I planned on having the candle immediately kill whoever used it when the flame runs out, requiring at least True Resurrection or likely Wish/Miracle. I know I could hand wave it as some unique magic item, one of a kind but I prefer to have the mechanics support it.

Edit: The story reason I want to do it thus way is because the party will be escorting a village escaping the encroaching army through the mountains. There is a narrow pass which the paladin will stay and hold as his "Last Stand" to try and buy time for the villagers and remainder of the party to escape. I am a fan of cinematic moments like this and want it to be special

I am trying to figure out the cost of a custom magic item, what I am thinking is a candle that when lit activates a round per level spell making it last 24 hours (the time it takes for the candle to burn out), it is a one time use item and potentially very powerful but I cannot seem to figure out how expensive it should be

Belafon wrote:

The effectiveness of the Warrior Poet's Graceful Strike is dependent on how many levels of the class you have and what your strength is. It's at its best when your build is power attacking two-handed. For your particular build (several levels in other classes, not enough strength for power attack and not using two-handing weapons) Slashing Grace will end up doing more damage.

Agile (weapon ability) can only be placed on weapons that are usable with weapon finesse. The warrior poet gets the ability to finesse a katana, but it doesn't actually alter the weapon's properties "for the purposes of any other effects." In other words: the katana can't be enchanted with Agile.

Huh, I didn't notice that. Looks like if I want to do Dex to damage two weapon grace will be my go to.

VoodistMonk wrote:

If you are planning on dipping Bloodrager, understand you will need Mad Magic to cast Bard spells whilst Bloodraging.

Probably going to want Arcane Strike, and Blooded Arcane Strike, too. Buy or craft the Gloves of Arcane Striking... this setup will work no matter what weapon you happen to be using.

I am considering urban barbarian, not bloodrager. The idea is that he will act as an Archer bard but in a tight spot can show that he is a powerful samurai

Ryze Kuja wrote:

Use an Elven Recurve Blade, it's 2h and Finesse-able. Or, you can Custom Create your own Exotic 2h Weapon, call it a NotAKatana, and add the Weapon Finesse property to it for 3DP.

If you're going to invest that much into a weapon though, you might also consider doubling down on that investment with 3 lvls of URogue so you can do 1.5x Dex to dmg with 2h. Agile on 2h will still only let you add 1x Dex to dmg.

I'm not a fan of the "just reflavor" mindset, he is specifically going for a katana w/ wakizashi dual wield. I'm just looking for how to keep him somewhat effective compared to the rest of the party of mostly single classes PC's

First I know this isn't going to be a super strong build, but I like the character concept. I am currently playing a 2nd level spellsong minstrel bard in a RotRL game, and I would like to have him start taking levels in warrior poet samurai wielding a katana and wakizashi for background story reasons. The biggest problem is I'm not quite sure how I should do it considering his stats which are:
Str 10
Dex 17
Con 12
Int 14
Wis 9
Cha 15

My original plan was to go straight bard then eldritch Archer but after the game started and I was filling out backstory for him I liked the idea of a samurai background. Should I ignore the warrior poets Graceful strike and go Dex to damage with slashing grace and two weapon grace, which would be very feat heavy or increase my strength. I was considering dipping a level or two into urban barbarian in either case. Any advice or tips would be very appreciated.

Edit 1: Completely forgot about the Agile Enchantment, I'll probably do that instead of slashing grace

Michael Sayre wrote:
graystone wrote:
Yeah... a single bullet might break a single bone while a club could crush several because it hits a MUCH larger area. I'm with you on this.
That's actually why firearms have lower base damage dice but high damage dice criticals through fatal. I've got a fun bullet scar on my hip that was more annoying than anything else when I got it, my uncle has a bullet in his rump Forrest Gump Style and a scar on the bridge of his nose from a bullet deflecting off his rifle scope, etc. (I come from a military family where the majority of the last four generations have served). But if those bullets had been an inch to one side or the other, most of them would have been far more serious injuries (had a few of those in the family, as well).

This is actually why I can accept the damage as is, especially considering balance issues. However, the range of some of the weapons is horrible. The Arquebus for example when originally put to use was considered deadly out to 400 yards, as opposed to the english longbow which came close at 350 yards. Obviously we cannot use the Reas ranges but some of the long guns should have their ranges bumped.

Hey Sam,

I did receive the new confirmation email and I thank you for updating the two orders. However, as of today Order 8205006 still shows as pending. I was wondering if there was a reason for the delay?

Can I cancel Order 8187757, which still shows as pending and update Order 8205006 which has a duplicate of the items in order 8187757 and is also still pending

Both of my orders are showing as pending still and I have not received an order generation email.

Both of my orders are showing as pending still and I have not received an order generation email.

Same here, I would have liked to be given the option to split my order since I got nearly all of the PF2 items. I obviously don't need all of them right now, but at least getting the Core Rulebook and one of the adventures would have been nice while I wait for the rest to ship with the Lost Omens World Guide.
Order 7829121

I will be the other player, still working on my character but I am a drow blooded half elf wizard with the undead necromancer specialty. I will be taking agent of the grave and have a few levels of soul drinker, I will also have a cohort which I need to build that will be able to summon massive nbees of undead while I command a few high level intelligent undead. BUT the plan is for my character (who has convinced people he is already an undead god) to cask a custom ritual to have himself become reborn as a custom race with a custom template applied by the ritial, then he will becone a sangrolu, which I am trying to update for PF. After this he will have about 10 or so level adjustments from templates.

The reason for this is mainly for his storyline, the DM booted the character after he began his own cult and I had to roll another, but I convinced him to let me play out his quest to become a god. We will also be using mythic so that he can grant spells to his worshipers. Basically TaliesinCaster wants someone that will be able to wreck s*** and keep up with my sangrolu but be able to play from the start when we pick up ~5 years after the events of the last campaign, during which my character has been serving enslaved to an intelligent item building magical gear for the four horsemen.

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I have two Invites available, first two who PM me can have one.

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The figure falls back into a chair as a flash of deep red light flares from his forehead.

"He has found me. The Twiceborn, Nagar Lo'Razh The Unliving God makes his way to the River Kingdoms."

Sorry for the necro but finally got back to a computer where I can actually type.

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Lisa commented on another thread. Link

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Northern Michigan, Cadillac area specifically.

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Shane Gifford of Fidelis wrote:
Pretty please with a cherry on top, have a VOD on youtube or something for the livestream! I'm going to be working tomorrow while you're streaming. D:

This, I work weekends and will otherwise miss a lot of the streams.

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I did seriously consider that, but even it TT he is riding the line of breaking the rules. It is interesting though, because of a deal with a Thanadaemon he made at level 1 and a very unfortunate dealing with a Vampire later on he has the potential to become very OP. Of course then there was the Razmiran temple incident when he proclaimed himself a god to the city. He now is questing to fulfill his Daemon's contract as well as finding a way to actually become the god he claims to be.

I had to take him out of the game and roll a new character because my DM didn't want to deal with it anymore, even though he was the one that pushed me into every one of those situations.

It was a good time, I just am unsure how I would transfer it over to PFO. Of course declaring myself a god in game and starting a cult worshiping me would be fun I fear making myself a target of not only every good character but the other Evil Overlords who will wish to prove themselves.

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The three main ideas I've had are an arcane crafter focusing on making the best magical items, be it weapons, armor, trinkets or whatever. I've also had an idea for a Magus-type exiled noble (I've even got a nice back story for him) and I've toyed around with porting my Evil Overlord from TT. He came about quite by accident and I just rolled with it because it fit as a good background for an NPC I introduced some players to, really good story about him too but I don't think he'd transfer over very well right now.

I really just want to find a niche to fill and be really good at it, but I don't want to end up as just another dime a dozen character.

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So I've lurked around for a long time and have even posted a few times. I haven't joined any CC or Settlement yet because I just can't make up my mind about what kind of character I want to run. I knew that there would be a lot of PVP types, that has been a given and I have thought about doing that. I usually run a wizard in TT because I like the wide range of capabilities a wizard can bring, but I've also been thinking of having a crafter as my first character and I'm sure I could do any of them well enough to have fun yet I just cannot make up my mind.

So what is the spread looking like for the types of characters people will be making, we will need every class and they all seem like they can be fun plus you can cross train. I have a few specific character ideas I've been seriously considering and would like to decide before I join any group.

Does anyone have any thoughts about how varied the classes will be?

Edit: Didn't want it to look so much like one large block of text.

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I am hoping to start a stream with PFO, Minecraft and a few other games I play but I am waiting until I get a new computer before I do. Hopefully I will be able to before EE, but I will definitely be watching everyone I can who streams and does videos during Alpha.

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I'm wondering if the Horsemen will eventually available as a deity choice. IIRC they are powerful enough to be considered minor deities and grant domains, not really expecting them anytime soon but daemons are one of my favorite themes.

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Mark Kalmes wrote:

Kevkas, we'll actually be contacting you directly - anyone who purchased the EE directly from the Paizo Goblinsquad Store and didn't participate in the Kickstarter. It's a small number of accounts, and we will probably just hand port them over.

Expect an email this week or next with details.

Thanks for the quick reply. I noticed the new GW page and created and account before looking through the forums and although I used the same email account for both will the fact that I already created an account be problematic in any way?

Also I am surprised that there aren't more people like me who haven't purchased after the fact. I would have thought that there would have been nearly as many late-comers as kickstarter backers.
Tyncale, I too find it quite annoying. I tried to flag the first few posts but after that I just couldn't keep up. I don't know much about how bots work but I hope paizo can keep ahead of this one somehow.

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For those of us who missed the kickstarter or were unable to pledge at the time, how would we go about linking our accounts? I have since purchased EE and would like to get my accounts linked, am I unable to do so at this time because I did not back the kickstarter?

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I just found this, I'll definitely at least keep it open. I usually have a few channels open on espernet for minecraft. I am on my computer most weeknights since I work night shift on the weekends.

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Nihimon wrote:
I've already made Aliases on these forums with all the character names I'm likely to use.

I've done the same, I only have two names that I care about because I have a story behind the characters. Anyone else I create will be new.

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*Kevkas flinches away from Grol, hand dipping to a pouch at his belt reflexively, but stops as Grol moves on.*
"Well, it looks like a bit of excitement is manifesting itself. So I may not inquire as to your services of a song as yet, but do you have something of a more..." *Lowering his voice.* "...hmm, Malevolent mood, which you could use to accompany a speech I wish to present upon the proper moment?

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Lam wrote:
DeciusBrutus wrote:
leperkhaun wrote:
Drakhan Valane wrote:
And the DoD uses October as the beginning of their FY. It's a bit odd.
Nothing like being told "You cant put gas in your trucks and you cant order parts to fix the planes".
How about "You have to come in and work, but we're not going to pay you"?

Except to do so would violate the FAR (Federal Acquisition Regulations). They do make sense, given the proctive of US companies attempts to fraud the government.


We did have our pay delayed once, but the armed forces usually had their pay designated out separately from the rest of the budget. I think that was actually mad a law a little while back as well, wasn't it.

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I was actually thinking about which quarter it would be the other day, because of the different ways to divide the year. I worked logistics when I was in the Marines, it took a lot of getting used to trying to think of the year starting October 1st. Plus we used a different system to mark the date, I think it was based of the Julian date system but it's been a while.

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Kevkas approaches Jordon
You are a Bard, yes? he asks quietly.

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LordDaeron wrote:
I like "Tome of Ready Knowledge. Tork ".

I do as well, it has a nice ring to it.

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Bluddwolf wrote:

I have been playing EvE for over 9 years and I never once bought a Plex. It is actually more expensive to buy it with real dollars than just paying for a one month sub.

I have two years worth of pre paid time for PFO. After that I'll probably pay in 6 month increments.

What these things are actually called makes no difference to me personally, but I always like calling something which players have created and had come along organically.

I will always refer to them as Goblin Balls.

I have played occasionally, and I always used ISK to buy a PLEX if I needed it, for a few months I mined for hours on end to keep my account when I didn't have the money for a sub. I will probably do the same as you for PFO, and I agree that some of us will probably call them Goblin Balls. It will end up being sort of an inside joke years from now.

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I'll have a spiced wine, red and warmed, the darkest you have.
He places a few coins on the bar and looks about the room, searching for the darkest unoccupied table

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Just to pop in and throw my 2cp in, I like a lot of the ideas being thrown around but I personally would like something that can be used as both a verb as well as a noun. That is, in my opinion, one of the greatest advantages of how they named the PLEX. Saying that you need to PLEX your account, or that you need to buy a PLEX are both grammatically correct and I really liked that. Using GOBS, as an example, doesn't really have the same ring. I'll see if I can't think of something myself to add but naming isn't really my strong point.

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A darkly clothed, hooded figure walks into the tavern and cautiously makes his way to the bar while attempting to keep his face hidden.

A careful observer might notice a dark skin tone and elvish structure to the face.